Looking for some fun MxF

Started by Quindaro, May 04, 2016, 02:10:39 PM

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Welcome to my Request thread, Right here I'm just going to list out a few vague ideas that I want to do, though I'm open to many more pairings, even though I may not list them.

These are the following scenarios:

OC x Engineer
Bartender x Customer
Human x Succubus
Demon x Human
Robot x Creator
Alien x Human (X-COM)
God(dess) x Human/Sacrifice
College Scenarios
Vampire x Human
Mercenary x Civilian
Demon Hunter x Demon
Original Steampunk Universe
Original Cyberpunk Universe
Original Fantasy Universe
Metal Gear Solid Universe
Ghost in the Shell Universe

If any of these spark your interest, I hope that some do ^_^ please PM me if you are at all interested.
Here's my ONs and OFFs Sheet for more details.