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Author Topic: ShadowRun / CyberPunk / Android / AI / (M for F)  (Read 302 times)

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ShadowRun / CyberPunk / Android / AI / (M for F)
« on: April 30, 2016, 07:09:15 PM »
Hey, thanks for checking out my request.

This idea is for what I believe to be an intriguing ShadowRunesque/cyberpunk-themed story. The basic gist is that my character is a `Runner, part of a small team who took a job to steal a Very Important Hi-Tech Thingy from a remote lab. However, when he goes to nab the 'VIHTT', he discovers what they were using it for: to develop a fully-functional, independent AI; something that is supposed to be highly illegal, (not to mention highly dangerous.)
As our story goes, he drops the current `run that he’s on, informs the team, and decides to make off with the all-but-complete android instead.

And that’s where you come in! =D You’re free to develop the AI character however you’d like, who she was/is, her look/feel, and what her `personality’ programming may be like. Some of my original thoughts were that she was essentially abducted by nefarious means, and turned into this android, so some of those memories may be cropping-up at some point like a 'ghost in the machine’… But she was to start out as a 'blank-slate’ AI when she’s first activated (very clinical/robotic…) before her personality programming activates and begins to develop.

Some of the influences: “The Animatrix”, “The Machine” (fantastic movie and great inflection of the AI voice,) “Ghost in the Shell”, “Video Girl AI”, and Aya from “Green Lantern: The Animated Series”.

I’ll include an example of what a first post might be like because I feel that it does help to set the stage and explain things a little. (But anything can be changed about it, of course.) If you feel like this is something you might be interested in, please private message me. thx for looking!

He made it. Well…home anyway. And he’d be relatively safe there. For the moment at least.
Kair0 [kahy-ROH] turned off the lights that had automatically turned on when he entered. He activated the blackout shading on the windows pattering with rain that comprised the facing wall. He easily moved one of the gliding chairs to the center of the room and gently set up his take from the evening in it.
He contacted Twitch, who should just about be there by now. He needed a way to secure this thing, and he just didn’t generally have a need to keep that caliber of equipment on-hand. He removed his armor-lined trench-coat revealing a vested bodysuit underneath and threw it over the sofa while he waited for the confirmation in his comm-link.
He wasn’t exactly wealthy…but he had a lot of nice `toys’, a few of which made all the difference to what may otherwise be a lackluster condo unit. The tall, white walls gave way to a vaulted ceiling which made a few things possible, like having all the doorways to the other rooms look more like high, ornate archways. Definitely not something you’d expect to find around the lower streets of Seattle. They were all just 3d-printed fakes of course, but no one who didn't have an eye for interior design would know the difference anyway.

The run had gone off without a hitch. Until Kai’ decided to go off-script, that is. He was tasked by his Mr. Johnson to `acquire’ a bleeding-edge, top-rated, military-grade piece of equipment that would allow a user to perform CyberLogician implants. The item was located in a remote warehouse in The Purlieu – a mostly-barren district on the outskirts of Seattle. The job was easy enough, mostly because there wasn’t a lot of security on the place. (Kai’ recalled Twitch referring to the security as “cute”.) It was obvious that whomever the warehouse belonged to was employing the `security-by-avoiding-detection’ mentality. After all, the bigger the lock you put on something, the more expensive the thing you’re trying to keep protected looks to others, and the more inclined they’re going to be to find out what it is.
It had certainly piqued Kai's interest. He was curious as to what they were doing in there that they would try so hard to keep a secret. But he never would’ve expected that what he would find would be her...
When he notified his small team of the magnitude of his discovery and that he would be aborting their original mission and diverting his efforts into retrieving her instead, they all knew they were in over their heads. Damn the Mr. Johnson – or rather, whomever the benefactor was who had ordered the job in the first place – for putting them in a predicament like this.
Kai’ said he completely understood and absolutely wouldn’t hold it against any of the team if they decided to slot-&-run, and com-Bo and pixL did just that. Twitch had remained, but mostly just to be Kai’s eyes & ears until he got back out.

His `link notified him that someone was at the front door. It must be Twitch because Kai’ wasn’t foolish enough to so much as order food for delivery, to the extent that he always doubled-back when he did go out for food, and even used a jammer on the local security retrievers. The few people who knew of this place would probably be dead before they’d tell anyone about it.
He flipped-on his vid-feed. Yep. Unless it was some other portly, awkwardly-dressed tech-head, then it was Twitch.

Kai’ went over to the door and keyed the lock. He cracked the door and said, “Were you seen?” Twitch snorted a little and just looked at him with a “Really?” look on his face. Then he craned his neck, trying to look past Kai’. “You got her in there?” Kai’ closed the door a little more.
Maybe,” he said, deadpan.
Come on. Lemme in.
Absolutely not, Twitch. I don’t want you any more involved than you already are.” Twitch looked at him for a long moment. But, realizing that Kai’ was right, he nodded.
"Didja stuffit?"
"What?! No! Nothing like that. Besides...that's like taking a Westwind sprawling, right?"
"Psh. With you maybe."
Did you bring the bolt?
Yeah, here you go.” Twitch pulled it out of a satchel and handed it to him. “Just apply the bolt, and that should take care of it. And even if it fails, the power-draw will make it leak like a sieve.”
Thanks. Alright, needless to say, you never saw me…and I’m probably going to have to go off the grid for a little while… I’ll contact you again once it’s clear.
Alright. Be safe then.

After Twitch had gone, Kair0 pulled up a chair and sat directly in front of her, the new centerpiece in the middle of the room. He leaned forward – his elbow just above is left knee, the other hand just above his right knee – and really examined her for the first time.

She was exquisitely built. He reached out and touched her face. Incredible. They had done an impeccable job and clearly spared no expense in time or creds. And she was extremely attractive. She was clearly made to be able to exist in high-profile environments, among the elite of bourgeoisie.
He reached down, around her thigh and connected the restraining-bolt. He did so slowly, as though she could spontaneously activate at any moment. He wasn’t sure why he was acting so trepidatious.
He sat there for another long moment, looking at her. –-It. Drek. He kept doing that. Why did he have such a problem with referring to it as a “her” anyway? After all, most people referred to their `decks as females and gave them female names. But then, most `decks didn’t actually look the part so well. And weren't naked.

Had he lost his mind? This was the kind of thing that would go up the ladder. All the way up. Like the kind of ripples that would put you on the radars you didn’t want to be on and didn't even know existed. And they wouldn’t stop until they had recovered what they had lost…and gotten rid of the evidence. All the evidence. So he hoped this worked.
One thing he knew is that he didn’t regret it. He knew that if he would have just left her there that he would have regretted it, and he made a point of living his life with no regrets.
The timing had also been key. Had they executed the run a week sooner, she may not have been anywhere near however complete she was. A week later, and she could’ve been gone altogether.

Well…there was no more putting it off… Even with all the precautions he had taken, he could still be found-out at any moment.
He took a cleansing breath, reached up, around the back of her neck…
…and activated her.

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