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Author Topic: The Last Stand [Crazy Multifaceted Apocalypse Roleplay] [Interest Check]  (Read 578 times)

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Offline TorterrableTopic starter

It Is Over. We Have Lost.

No one was prepared for the apocalypse. How could they be? Even the worst Doomsday scenario could not compare to what happened. No one even knew when it happened; all hell broke loose in moments, and the entire world seemed to go dark.

It was everything. Nuclear warheads exploded seemingly on their own, decimating and irradiating massive parts of the world. Nuclear winter descended. A virus, or maybe ninety, escaped every single safeguard and confine, turning people and animals into shambling undead. The suburbs became feeding grounds, and, eventually, graveyards. Some sort of AI system, developed by the military, went awry, and the grid became unavailable as it mobilized advanced weaponry to turn on its creators. Thousands of years of technological advancement finally rebelled against oppressive, demanding creators.

Portals opened in major world centers, spewing out hellish beings beyond imagining. Entire cities were reduced to rubble by inhuman monstrosities. The seas churned as some leviathan mobilized from the very depths of the ocean. Rising with it, its children, massive, brutish fish-men, imp-like kobolds and more, which had only previously been imagined in fantasy. Earthquakes, tornadoes, and wildfires abounded, tearing through whatever weak human forces tried to stand against nature. Behind it all, one could feel some sort of malicious elemental force.

The apocalypse had come and it was far, far worse than anyone could have ever thought. Humanity as we knew it was...


Somehow, people managed to band together. Within twenty four hours, most of the people on earth were completely wiped out. The last survivors found themselves guided, oddly enough, to come together in one city. Seven billion people were now represented by but a few hundred. Still, their tenacity was impressive. Even as the very world seemed to shake with rage at their survival, they came together and formed the Enclave, the last bastion of safety, the last remnant of humanity. Each day was a new struggle for survival, whether it be shooting down drones flying over to firebomb them, forcing back the zombies threatening to tear down their walls, or simply raising enough food to feed everyone. Despite their best attempts, they still lost people every day. Despite dwindling numbers, the last vestiges of humanity held together closely, awaiting the inevitable end.

The future was bleak, and completely nonexistent for humanity. Until they arrived...


Heroes. In the bleakest moment humanity had ever seen, where every single worst-case scenario had come true, another portal opened. In the Enclave, saviors arrived. These were not one's typical, every day heroes. These were the legends of their own dimension, those who would be forever preserved in literature. These were the dragonslayers, the Death Star destroyers, and the supers. Whether called by glory, a sense of duty, or random obligation, they arrived in force.

Suddenly, the future looked less bleak. With these heroes on their side, perhaps they could actually beat back the darkness. The world would never be the same, but at least there was now the hope that humanity could be reborn again, better, stronger. It would be a long journey back into the light, but with heroes like these, anything was possible.

The Enclave

The last haven of humanity. No one knew how thus small urban center had escaped most of the attention from the apocalypse. Yes, everyone was dead or a zombie. Yes, places were looted, destroyed, infrastructure torn down, signs destroyed. Still, to the last remaining survivors on Earth, this nameless little city in the middle of nowhere was bright with hope. It became their new home, the Enclave.

The Enclave is a small, nameless city now adapted to the needs of the last survivors. Most people have taken up dwelling near the town hall, a big, surprisingly untouched governmental structure in the middle of the town. The generator, run off of any oil that can be scrounged up, is there, as well as "emergency" supplies such as medicine and food and water. The Council, a group of seven survivors, has taken leadership in order to ensure fairness.

Much of the city is untouched and safe to just hang out in. Sure, the mall's lights are dark and will probably never be lit again, but at least there is a mall. There's a gym with a pool, for those who decided to wait until Judgment Day to exercise. All the luxury penthouses are abandoned, free for the taking. It is almost pleasant at times, until one realizes what circumstances caused the city to be left like this, a ghost of what it was, what it might have been.

Important OOC Information!
Summary: So, what exactly is this? This is a roleplay set in a post-apocalyptic Earth dimension where all hell has, almost literally, broken loose. I've tried to include all of the biggest apocalypse scenarios in there; I'd love to add more if I missed any. There's zombies, nuclear winter, monsters from the sea, demons, technological rebellion, and forces of nature.

The roleplay itself will take place after humanity has been forced to form the Enclave, and the heroes start rolling in. Basically, as the last lights of humanity seem to dwindle out, a portal appears that suddenly starts spawning the good guys. That's where it all starts.

Characters: A character doesn't actually have to be "good" to appear in this roleplay; in fact, the more complex characters are more fun. However, the character should be invested in the survival of the human race in this dimension. I've left the idea of hero deliberately vague as to let you (the players!) run wild with them. A half-cyborg with an arsenal stored in his body? Great. A wizard who can make the very earth shake with his spells? Awesome. Superman himself? Why not?

There will be limits on how overpowered your character can be, of course, but I'm very lenient on that. After all, it's not like the characters are fighting each other; they are fighting legions of zombies or sea beasts, or powerful nature elementals, or the very best in military tech. Without some semblance of superhuman ability, there would be no chance to beat back the apocalypse.

While most, I assume, want to play heroes, there will also be spots for those who want to play the mundane, the last survivors of humanity who are in the Enclave. While these people are technically normal, they've been through and survived a lot, so keep that in mind. It wouldn't be hard to imagine that most are traumatized. I myself will be playing some of the more important ones as NPCs, though more information needs to be developed about the world and the Enclave first. I am open to taking on other players as key characters!

Setting: The starting point would, of course, be the Enclave, but from there on out, it will be pretty free world. Explore the last city on Earth, or go out and try and find another that can be used for human habitation. Are there survivors out there? Doubtful, but maybe. There will be all sorts of apocalyptic scenes for the characters to explore, whether they mean to straight up kill bad guys, or simply scavenge for useful materials. The game itself will be loosely guided by me, the GM, but hopefully mostly filled with freeform, player-driven plot ideas.
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Offline AndyZ

Just watched One Punch Man a week or so ago ^_^ Definitely keeping an eye on this.

Offline TorterrableTopic starter

Just watched One Punch Man a week or so ago ^_^ Definitely keeping an eye on this.

Thanks! I almost wrote it off as dead and forgot about it!

Doesn't seem like the time for a roleplay like this, sadly.