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June 18, 2018, 12:41:28 PM

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Author Topic: Doms wanted for breeding, enslavement, and inflation! (F for Futa/Male)  (Read 1181 times)

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Offline DizziedTopic starter

Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I played on E, but I'm looking to give it a try again. Below are some plot ideas I'd love to play out, but before going on, let me highlight a few of my favorites. In all of these stories, I'll be hoping to include some form of non-consensual, be it soft or hard in nature. Pregnancy, impregnation, and breeding are also big on's for me. Some form of enslavement and domination are almost always welcomed, and last but not least, surreal sexual elements are common in most of my writing(see my profile for more info on this). While I don't expect to include all of these in every story I write, they are things I like to include if my partner is amicable to them, so it's good if you enjoy them too. :)

For a more in-depth look at my likes and dislikes, please check my ons/offs page, where you can find a link to my f-list.

Now then, onto the story ideas!


Phoebe Brooks is a young woman, fresh out of college with a sociology degree. Her parents are well-off, enough that she's never had to work a day in her life, and she doesn't owe a penny in student loans. Nor does she have to worry about rent. She has great looks, although she's a little frustrated that she's still getting carded when she goes out. To most, she looks like a high-schooler.

While a lot of people her age would be ecstatic with their position in life, she feels like she needs to give back to society in some way, which is why she's signed up for social work. She used to  babysit for her neighbors and parents' friends in high school, and kids always seem to like her. It seems like the perfect way to give back.

What she hadn't expected was that the agency would send her a strapping young man, taller than her, who could throw her over his shoulder. And while he seems nice at first, she can't help but feel like her life is changing with him around.

For this story, I'm looking for someone to play a young man or futa who is adopted by my character. Naturally, we'll be following site rules, so they will be 16 years of age. I'd like for the story to revolve around this young adoptee slowly turning the tables on their new foster mom, and taking control of her life. It should start with subtle assertion of dominance--switching their guest bedroom with Phoebe's master bedroom, for instance. Throwing out any of her clothes that he doesn't like, and deciding what new ones she'll buy. Driving her car without asking her permission, and eventually keeping the keys and giving her a ride only when she asks for one. Later on, he can take control of her bank account without her knowing, and start paying the bills for her when she complains about her payments not going through.

The end-game should turn sexual, but how we approach that is up to you. I'd like something where he's made a new identity for her as a school student, and either convinced her to attend, or forced her to go. Then, how does she pay rent for the home she lives in? She'll have to find some way...I'm not set in stone about where the story has to go yet, so if it interests you at all, message me and we can work out the details.

Getting Schooled
Rookie Cop Anastasia Koriskova has been selected for a special undercover mission. There has been an ongoing drug and prostitution ring centered around Kastella's School for Wayward Girls. This remedial facility is a boarding school for girls, age 16 and up, who find themselves in difficult walks of life. Most of them are either convincted criminals or bordering on it. But despite years of outisde investigations, no one on the force has been able to figure out how the drugs are getting into the school...or how the prostitution ring is being run.

Agent Korsikova was hired almost entirely for this role, due to her youthful appearance. At 5'0”, with an energetic smile vibrant posture, she's often mistaken for a teenager, and carded whenever she goes out, despite being 22 years of age. However, will she be able to accomplish her mission at the school? We'll have to see.

For this story, I'm looking for someone to play a role opposite of Anna—a young futa at the boarding school who runs the place, possibly playing other characters at the school if that appeals to you. While most of the school is female, I see there being a secret circle of futas that run the place, enlisting the female students in prostitution and other illicit activities. Anna is undercover, and it's not easy for her to call for help. I'd like to see her face all sorts of obstacles during her investigation, including enslavement, training, some minor drug use, maybe even a little psychological conditioning if you enjoy that. Maybe she's trained so well that she forgets this is just an undercover identity for her...?


Seed Ship Demeter
For this story, you'd play a genetically-enhanced character on board a colony 'seed' ship; a starship filled with personnel who's mission is to create a colony on a far-off planet. Naturally, this will involve populating it, to some degree.

The way I see it playing out, your character will be genetically enhanced to maximize their breeding potential. They can be male or some variety of futa. I see the ship operating in cycles, where some crew members are frozen in hypersleep for long periods of the journey to minimize food and energy expenditure on the ship. Maybe once they are a few years from the destination, these breeders are brought out of hypersleep and integrated into the ship's population, where the breeding begins.

My character is flexible here, but I primarily see myself playing a ship-board security officer, who's job is to see to your character's successful integration into the ship's society. She sees her role as only being there to help your character along, but your character sees her as another potential breeding target, perhaps the best one on board.

More ideas will be posted as they bubble up. :)