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Teenage angst-In this RP scenario, Madalyn, a senior in highschool, is preparing for college next year after graduation. Being a straight A student throughout highschool, she's taking easy elective classes during her last semester, giving her plenty of time to chat online. While at school in the library, she begins chatting with a guy online. Scott, a senior in college, has a reputation as a party animal, typical beer drinking one night stand frat guy. He's experienced the party life, but after talking with Madalyn, realizing she's inexperience and naive, he becomes enticed by her. Discovering they live within several miles from other, he invites her to a frat party of his. Wanting to maintain her grades, but also desiring to experience some excitement, she's troubled about what to decide.

A Daughter's Curiosity -Ronald, a middle aged ex marine, has begun dating. After his marriage of 15 years failed due to infidelity by his ex-wife, it's taken some self-reflection and courage to venture into the dating world once again. After signing up to an online dating site, he meets Rachael, a clinical nurse. Rachael and Ronald are in similar situations in life. Both have experienced failed marriages due to infidelity from their former spouses. However, unlike Ronald, Rachael had a child from her previous marriage. She has a daughter named Alexis. Her daughter is a 19 year old college student studying nursing. Throughout the year, Alexis is mostly away from home, but during the summers, she travels back to her hometown to visit family and friends. After several months of Ronald and Rachael dating, they decide to live together. Rachael has mentioned to her daughter about Ronald, and Alexis is delighted to hear her mom happy. While visiting one summer, Alexis finally meets Ronald. Taking back by his handsome appearance and charm, Alexis begins to develop passionate and sexual feelings towards Ronald.

Ambitious Starlet-The scenario is mostly based on this situation.
However, I want to begin the rp during the preliminarily stages, mainly the process of arranging the filming. I admit that this rp is not really developed, but hoping to find someone to discuss more ideas to expand the scenario.

Mother and Daughter Competition Here, Veronica and Alexis are related mother and daughter. Veronica, an attractive real estate agent, has been divorce for five years. After such a long period of the single life, at her middle age, she's wanting to begin dating again. Alexis, a young 18 year old who works at an adult novelty store, has been highly promiscuous and daring since she was 16. She often uses dating services to hook up with guys for sexual flings. However, she meets a man named Donald. Don is a well paid insurance agent in the town. He's middle aged, never been married, and absolutely loves the bachelor life. He lives comfortably in a two story house and drives a lexus. Though he is quite busy during the week, during the weekends, he also uses dating services to hook up with various women. Just so happens, he ends up hooking up with both Veronica and Alexis within only two weeks through a particular dating services. However, after a visit to Veronica's home, everyone quickly realizes the situation. Not wanting to lose contact with Donald, both complete viciously in order to have him.
In this scenario, my partner has the option to choose either female character.

Start up business-In this scenario, Ralph, a recent college graduate, is experiencing difficulty finding a decent paying job. In the meantime, he's working as a delivery driver for a local pizza parlor at meager pay. With repayments for his student loans looming, he's very distress about his financial situation. During a casual conversation with his friend Jennifer (a friend since highschool) she mentions the idea of beginning an amateur porn site. At first, Ralph laughs at the idea, but quickly realizing Jennifer is in the exact situation he's in, both start to consider the business venture seriously.

Assassin's Delight Sapphire, a rogue international assassin, is on the run from the Iranian government after assassinating a top scientist in charge of their national nuclear program. Throughout most of her career, she's worked alone, but with the Iranian and many corresponding Arab governments seeking her death, she's desperately in need of a partner which can provide some protection. Agent Marco, a secret intelligence operative from the U.S., who's been working in the middle east for years, contacts her after hearing about the assassination. After finally meeting, they're planning a covert escape from the region, but while pursuing this task, both develop strong sexual desires for the other.

Lively Sex Couple-Davin and Lucy, a seemingly average couple, have been together for nearly five years. Both have an average apartment located downtown in the city, and they can see a hopeful future with another. But, unlike many other couple, they have a forbidden secret. They're secret: Both love to have public sex during funerals, memorial services, or any form of remembrance ceremonies.

Although the plot isn't really developed, with some creative suggestions, I can see this scenario becoming very adventurous. :)

Online Dating-Here, my character signs up to various dating service sites (mostly for sexual flings.) My character simply prefers dating and living the bachelor's life. However, one day after coming home from work, he signs on to one of these sites and finds a message sent by a female member. After exchanging several messages back and forth, they meet at a hotel and have phenomenal sex. Little do they know, they begin develop romantic feelings for another, but are unwilling to admit to it. Both have never been in a committed relationship and struggle desperately to decide what to do in their situation.

An everlasting friendship Devin and Sandrah, both dated three years ago. Although the relationship was brief (it only lasting four months) that sex was incredible. Immediately after their breakup, they had a mutual friends with benefits arrangement, but after Sandrah got herself into a committed relationship, that arrangement quickly ended. Fast forward three years, Sandrah is a struggling graduate school, working three jobs in order to stay in school. On the other hand, Devin is a successful investment broker. However, suddenly, Devin's life takes a turn for the worst. After a public affair, with huge media coverage, many of the companies associated with Devin's investment firm quickly opted out of business with him. During this time, Devin and Sandrah unexpectedly encounter one other in a coffee shop. With his life sinking downward, and his bank accounts diminishing, Devin desperately attempts to get back with Sandrah, however, she does not accept any of his offers. With feelings of loneliness and sexual frustration, Devin offers her money for particular sexual favors. With graduate school tuition increasing, and the prospect of her fully concentrating on school without working, Sandrah might consider taking him up on his offer.