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Author Topic: Manda's list of wanting-dos! (F x F primarily)  (Read 1226 times)

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Manda's list of wanting-dos! (F x F primarily)
« on: April 24, 2016, 11:41:05 PM »
Hello world, it is I, Amanda! Rejoice! For I have come bearing requests! Here you will not only find a few plot and pairing ideas but also my current cravings, kinks and do’s n don’ts that probably will (not) be updated periodically with new information. First and foremost, here are my criteria:

LITERACY! Spell check comes standard with your word processor so put it to use!

POST LENGTH! No one-liners. Period. They are incredibly hard to respond to and lazy on the writers part. Please post at least two good paragraphs. Violators of this rule shall be ignored/blocked/sacrificed to a Lovecraftian horror

PLOT! I value story over smut and believe in building a cohesive narrative and crafting a world with believable characters before all else. If that doesn't appeal to you and you want to get right into the 'action', close the thread and have a nice day. Don't bother to PM me thinking you can persuade me and change my mind, this is nonnegotiable. Hey, no harm, no foul and we didn't waste each others time :-)

CHARACTER SHEETS! are not required for any of my ideas but if you want to go ahead and post/send one then feel free! As long as YOU have a good understanding of your character, that’s all that matters.

COMMUNICATION! Before you message me or respond do anything on my list, please be prepared to start a dialogue and work out details and plot progression regularly. I find that keeping channels open helps keep the story alive in the player’s mind and can curve creative stalls. Basically, be open!

See? That wasn’t so bad! If you read all that and are still here, your chances of starting an RP with me have increased exponentially! Now let’s move onto fandoms. I have a spare few and can typically churn out pretty good canon and original characters for any given scenario. Those interests include:

Various Fandoms:
Spider-Man (please note that in this situation, I would be playing the web-head)
Final Fantasy
Pacific Rim
Harry Potter
Game of Thrones
Star Wars
I am Jazz
Walking Dead
Attack on Titan
Cowboy Bebop
Armitage III
Anything by Studio Ghibli
Batgirl/Bat Family
Devil May Cry
Resident Evil

Random Pairings:

Vampire/werewolf/preternatural beastie X Hunter/Human
Spy X Spy
Mom x Daughter
Older Sister x Younger Sister
Adopted/step-sister x Adopted/step-sister
Cop/Agent x Criminal
Exorcist x Demoness/Succubus
Samurai x Ninja
Pirate x Pirate/Captive
Prostitute x Client
Boss x Employee
Assassin x Target
Female x Futa
Futa x Futa
Transman x Female


King of the Mountain

SHE is a street racing hell cat who's carved a reputation out of a local trail that winds dangerously through the local mountain range. Illegal Street races are the #1 source of entertainment in these small town parts; entertainment that’s caused more than a few accidents and near fatalities.  SHE is the no nonsense cop determined to catch the wayward, wild woman and bring the insanity to an end. Kind of a Smokey and the Bandit gig...except with WAY more lesbian sex

Untamed Youth-

Story is that the younger sister is somewhat of a rebel with her parents desperately trying to deal with her. The last straw is when she is caught behind the gym with her boyfriend smoking pot. At their wits end, their parents send the younger sister to live with her older sibling in hopes that some of the responsibility and level headedness will rub off. Plenty of opportunities for hijinx and hilarity on this one as the two very different sisters reconnect and become friends…and realize that they may have stronger feelings than that. All characters participating in sexual activity will adhere to the forum age rules, of course


Okay! I’m a nerd! Sue me! There aren’t nearly enough super hero rps going on here so I aim to change that! I’ll be playing Spidey/Pete to whomever you wish, be it hero or villain and since the plot would heavily revolve around the character my potential partner selects, we would have to work together to come up with something. I've wanted to do this idea for a looooooooong time, so it's going at the top of the list. Please keep in mind (and I cannot stress this enough) I WILL BE PLAYING PETER! Kthanx!

Twysted Treatz

Mary is just your typical thirty something small business owner, just trying to make it in the big city. Her bakery Twysted Treatz is quickly becoming the hottest ticket in town with a reputation for the tastiest sweets. You name it, Mary can bake it! Says so right on the take out bag and boxes! What makes these Treatz Twysted? The recipes are mostly standard. Mostly. Flower, sugar, milk, butter…cum? You see, Mary isn’t a typical girl at all. In fact, she has one very large…problem. Life is complicated enough for a futa regularly mixing her unusually sweet semen into her food but when she takes on a young apprentice to act as her ‘official’ taste tester? IT’S A RECIPE FOR WACKINESS! (Kinks here would obviously be more extreme and include cum swallowing, oral, exhibitionism, orgasm control, food play, etc)

The Skeptic-

Marnie Shipka is a journalistic powerhouse among her peers, a veritable who's who of reporting with numerous non-fiction books and a syndicated column dedicated to exposing the untold stories behind rock n roll legends, political figures and historic events. At only 33 years old, she had conquered the field and enjoyed a life of quiet dignity, won numerous awards for her written work and sought after by talk shows and film world wide. It was during one of these press junkets that she made an off-hand remark regarding the BDSM community. The comment, meant entirely in jest, started an online backlash against her, leading to protests and calls for boycotts against her work. Never one to back down from a challenge, rather than cave to their demands, she phoned her publisher and pitched a new work that would be guaranteed to be a million seller. Riding the wave of controversy, she would write an piece regarding the BDSM community and expose them for the perverted sadists that they are. They are nervous but agree and she sets her plan into motion, scheduling an anonymous appointment with a madam who is well known to be a dominant. the two converse at length over the course of many days/weeks until slowly, Marnie is coerced into experimenting as the woman's bottom. Though she would never admit it, she secretly relishes the feeling of powerlessness, something so totally alien to her since Marnie would have had total control over her life for as long as she could remember. Where does the story conclude? Well, that is where you could potentially come in! I am looking for someone (preferably a female player) to take on the role of the dominant madam and flesh her out from there.

The Meeting -

A good mom/daughter plot: Ellen is an older working woman with little to do during the afternoons now that her teenage daughter is nearly grown up and spends more and more time away from the home and out with her friends. When she IS home is usually locked in the confines of her bedroom and only reappearing for meals. Their relationship is becoming strained with Ellen feeling more and more like she's living with a complete stranger and roommate rather than her flesh and blood. Seeking comfort, she braves the unfamiliar waters of the internet chatrooms and strikes up a fast friendship with a young girl. The two become fast friends, having so much in common! They like all of the same foods, the same movies and share the same sense of humor! They could very well be sisters Ellen likes to tease. The two even exchange numbers and share the occasional text message. Ellen then discovers that her new found friend is very much into women. Older women. At first Ellen is put off and tries to downplay the attraction but the teen is persistent, eventually sending provocative pictures (face obscured each time). Ellen had always thought her heterosexuality was unwavering and would never thought herself gay or even bisexual yet the chemistry is undeniable. After a night of sexting where Ellen sends a few pictures of her own, the two agree to meet up neither realizing they have more in common than they think!

These are obviously the slowest of the slow burn Rps, so if you're looking to jump right into the sexy time, you'd best look elsewhere. For everyone else, I'd certainly appreciate a little knowledge of the fandoms the story is set in but it isn't a requirement. And as always, my RPs are a collaborative effort and I welcome any and all input!

Leave a comment or send a PM if interested :)

If you have any suggestions or questions or comments, feel free to PM me and I’ll be happy to address any concerns. As you might have gathered, almost all of my ideas are FxF and it is certainly my preference but I'm up for negotiation for alternative ideas.  In the meantime, pleasant screams!
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Re: Manda's list of wanting-dos! (F x F primarily)
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2016, 08:01:39 PM »

The Ratling despised being saluted. Pontius was reminded of his pleasure with such sentiments as he waddled past another officer, whom technically outranked him, but nonetheless presented a crisp gesture. “Good afternoon, sir,” the nameless, faceless soldier of rank spoke. His gaze was fixed dead ahead, one arm raised to brow while the other remained stiff at his side. If one more gave him such a greeting, he would make a point of giving them a swift kick to the shines. Any violence against a commanding member of the military would certainly earn him a harsh reprimand (not to mention a spell in the brig) but it would be worth it, just as long as word got around that nobody should salute him again.

Pontius ambled past, not bothering to acknowledge the man’s presence, making his way down the dim corridors of the massive flagship toward the Commodore’s quarters. His diminutive size barely brought the crown of his head to the locking mechanism fixed into the frame. He rapped smartly against the steel surface with a gnarled fist. “Oy, your highness is needed at the bridge!”

He shuffled his bowed legs irritably within the polished leather of his boots and adjusted the stuffy waistcoat the navy forced him to wear. It was all so stifling and uncomfortable that it only served to fuel is foul mood. The arrival of another vessel was, in his simple eyes, quite trivial but the naval was nothing without pageantry and this new captain must be greeted formally by all those in command. A large meal would no doubt be prepared for the evening to welcome them into the fold. Pontius of course knew this meant more uncomfortable formal dress clothes, forced pleasantries and bothersome table manners. He knocked on her chamber door more forcefully.

A moment later, the door slide aside and he lumbered inside. He found the commodore pacing through the middle of her room, a scroll of paper held between two hands that her one good eye was fixed upon. She glanced up at his sudden appearance, unsurprised to see him. “Has the Spear of Night arrived?”
“Aye,” he snorted, rubbing at his nose with a grubby finger. “Just completed the jump from hyper space. They need you on deck.”

“Very well…” She made no move to put her work aside however and instead returned to her over-stuffed desk and began leafing through more documents. The fact that she was completely naked was never acknowledged by either of them. Even her trademark eye-patch was resting on a hook above her desk lamp. Pontius certainly did not show any attraction or even revulsion to the sight of all that naked flesh but did express interest in the work Anashula was conducting. It usually meant battle and battle meant fighting and fighting inevitably led to his favorite activity of all: killing.

Ana herself was equally unperturbed by the ratlings’ presence and treated him seeing her nude body with little concern. In short, Pontius was so physically and sexually nonthreatening to her, it was just as innocent between them as a house cat sneaking a peek.

“What is all this then?” Pontius wanted to know, rising up onto tip toe in order to see onto the desk.

She fixed him in the gleaming white brightness of her bad eye and presented the pages she was pouring over to him. “The file on the woman captaining the Spear of Night.”

Pontius felt himself losing interest already. He spared a glance at the profile picture and rudimentary information before waving it away. “The communications tech humbly requests the commodore cease disabling her com-link and I, frankly, agree. It means I don’t have to play messenger boy and collect you for the bridge.”

“It also means I’d never get a moments peace to formulate battle strategy.”

“Is that what you’re doing now? Going to war with our new captain?” he smiled wryly at his own humor.

Anashula tossed the information back onto the desk, scattering pages. “Some cushy aristocrat’s daughter. Given her own vessel to command and sent out here to the boonies of the universe, thinking that hovering idle over this backwater planet would be an easy assignment.” She wrinkled her nose at the idea, as if it tasted deplorable in her mouth. “She’ll learn. They all do eventually…or better yet, die and save us all a lot of grief.”

Ana snatched her eyepatch free from the hook and fixed it on over her right eye. Her formals, a pair of white trousers and suspenders, ruffled shirt and jacket (complete with forked tails) were draped over the bed. Below, her prize snake-skin boot, polished to a mirror sheen. She dressed quickly and soon the curvaceous, bronzed skin was covered and presentable for a woman of her station.

The march to the bridge was brief and done so in silence. She immediately sent word of greeting through the ships communications officer, fixing her own earpiece mic into place over her ear and lips whilst awaiting reply.

“Ahoy, Captain Dahler,” she replied neutrally. She ignored the gushing compliment and pressed on as if no such greeting had been given. “Allow me to be the first to welcome you to Amerigo and to the fleet.” She cringed internally for what she was about to say. “I am confident that your command will be a valuable asset to the war effort and request you join myself and the rest of the officers for an official meeting this evening. Dinner will of course be prepared and my crew shall be prepared to receive you and yours.” Pontius chuckled at her side and Ana had to resist the urge to show the ratling the underside of her boot. “I look forward to greeting you again, face-to-face.”
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Re: Manda's list of wanting-dos! (F x F primarily)
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2016, 09:22:52 PM »
Kriss Kross will make yah thread BUMP! BUMP!

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Re: Manda's list of wanting-dos! (F x F primarily)
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2016, 05:48:19 PM »
Long overdue BUMP :P

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Re: Manda's list of wanting-dos! (F x F primarily)
« Reply #4 on: July 01, 2016, 10:02:44 PM »
Another bump, nothing to see here! Move along, move along :P

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Re: Manda's list of wanting-dos! (F x F primarily)
« Reply #5 on: July 04, 2016, 11:01:19 PM »
Updated and expanded :D

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Re: Manda's list of wanting-dos! (F x F primarily)
« Reply #6 on: July 07, 2016, 12:48:46 AM »
The GREAT WAR has been claimed! Which one shall be next?

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Re: Manda's list of wanting-dos! (F x F primarily)
« Reply #7 on: January 06, 2017, 12:15:21 AM »
Hey, all!
I've been semi-inactive for some time now and want to get back into writing with everyone <3 My time is still a bit limited and i can only actively post on Monday's and Tuesday and the occasional sporadic post on the weekend, but if you're interested in any of the above plot-ideas or want to pitch something new, then feel free to shoot me a PM :D

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Re: Manda's list of wanting-dos! (F x F primarily)
« Reply #8 on: January 09, 2017, 12:41:56 AM »
Slight mod and bump :D

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Re: Manda's list of wanting-dos! (F x F primarily)
« Reply #9 on: January 11, 2017, 11:32:07 AM »
Dear Manda..

Are you still looking for someone to do a nice romantic Yuri rp (with a nice story to go with it)

If so, maybe we could discuss some ideas of what to play?

Please let me know. ^_^