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Author Topic: Get Sinful with Ace! [MxM, MxF, original, fandoms, fantasy, etc]  (Read 1324 times)

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Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

Hello! I've been gone from this place for a good long while now due to jobs and lack of interest in roleplaying.

Had a sudden urge to RP all sorts of things so I thought I'd throw this back up and see what bites!

Some more info
. I like M/M and M/F pairings. Most of my plots can go either way, though I do have a preference for M/M .
. When playing M/F I prefer playing the female role .
. I'm on GMT timezone and I work shifts, so when I'm online might be random .
. I'll always try to reply at least once every two days, but please understand if I'm busy .
. If you have an idea not listed but think I might be interested, please PM me! .
. A brief list of my kinks is below but please read through my O/O to get a full list .

General Likes
. M/M . M/F .
. Supernatural creatures .
. Furries . Anthro . Ponies .
. Bondage . Petplay . D/s .
. Modern/High Fantasy .

. Ons & Offs .
. Original Ideas .
. Fandoms .
. My Characters .
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Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

Re: Get Sinful with Ace! [MxF, MxM, all genders welcome,
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2016, 05:10:56 PM »
This is going to be a mix of what kinds of characters and pairings I like to play as or with, and any story ideas I have in mind.
Pretty much anything fantasy or supernatural related will be good to me.
Feel free to PM me with anything you had in mind too!

I prefer things to have a good mix of story and plot, but I'm not too fussed if it becomes more of one than the other.

Characters and Creatures
. Werewolves . Dragons . Demons .
. Monsters . Anthro . Furry .
. Knights . Mages . Royalty .
. Pirates . Mermaids . Adventurers .
. Cyborgs . Androids . Robots .

. Demon x Human .
. Werewolf x Human .
. Knight x Mage .
. Elf x Drow .
. Master x Slave .
. Pirate x Mermaid .
. Prince x Knight .

(More to be added later!)

. Bondage and Binding .
A guy need a roommate and quite desperately. He's struggling to pay his rent since his previous housemate had to leave and badly needs someone to move in and split the rent with him. He advertises everywhere, getting no luck with finding a decent housemate until someone finally answers. This guy is perfect. He's tidy, quiet, doesn't want to throw loud parties, and has a stable enough job that he'd be able to pay the rent. He asks him to move in almost straight away, and within a week the guy has moved in and is settling down. But both of them hold a little secret. They've both designated their rooms off limits to the other unless invited, not quite explaining the reasons why. For the first guy it's because he has a load of bondage gear under his bed and occasionally hung up around his room due to being heavily involved with the BDSM scene. The new guy's reason is similar but different, he too is involved in the BDSM, but he's also FtM transgender and is fighting to hide it from his new housemate. They don't realise they run in similar bondage circles, that their play partners know the other's partners. All secrets eventually come to the surface and make their relationship very interesting.
So basically I'm not looking for a quick fuck or smutty roleplay with this one. I want to explore the actual community behind BDSM, the relationships and culture involved in it, and basically be quite realistic about it. I want to play the FtM character as I'm hella craving it. Their relationship can either be where they're both switches, both doms and have to compromise, or have the FtM be sub and the other be dom. I do not want to play dom to a sub unfortunately because I struggle to get in that mindset. But this is a roleplay with a lot of story to it and I really want to explore it with someone!

. Red Riding Hood .
Red was always an adventurous person. Always running off, getting into trouble. They often took a long winding road from their home to their grandmother's place whenever they had an errand to run just so they could see the sights and take a break from their boring every day life. They long for adventure in the wide open world. They hear the exciting tales from the travellers from the local tavern and long to experience it for themselves. They're fascinated by wolves. Big, hungry, savage beasts, at least as far as the stories go. And there's apparently one lurking in the woods nearby....
Looking for a Big Bad Wolf to go alongside my Red. I can play Red as male or female with the wolf being male. Make what you will of the wolf, be he werewolf, anthro, or beast. I just really love Red Riding Hood and anything that can be pulled from this story will be amazing.
If male, he could be a normal guy, femboy, whatever. If female, I'm not fond of futas but anything else goes.

. A Classic Fantasy Adventure .
Two adventurers meet. It's the typical story of how they meet in a tavern, or are hired for the same job, but they have to work together regardless to achieve the same goal. Turns out they work very well as a team. What weaknesses one may have is covered by the other's strengths. Perhaps one is a mage while one is a fighter, or maybe one fights with a sword while the other is long-range with a bow and arrow, either way they carry on working together from their initial meeting. As time passes, they grow closer and closer, until one drunken night they end up sleeping together. This brings up feelings and desires they didn't realise they had before, or maybe they did only they didn't mention it for fear of losing what they already had.
Just a typical fantasy setting. I'm looking for dungeon crawling and romance. I'm happy to start from the beginning or from where they start having feelings for each other, preferably playing two males, but I can play a female if you want. Heavily based on Pathfinder/D&D but I just don't have time to make/play an actual game of it.

. Cowboy Space Pirates .
The captain of a ragtag crew aboard a spaceship was once a well decorated officer in the Imperial army, but after finding out a big government secret and disagreeing with it entirely, he deserted them and fled. He stole one of their spaceships and one of their enslaved Volterrans; a race of beings who seem to have electricity running through their veins which people had used to power ships as a much cheaper alternative to power rods. Now on the run, he's acquired on his crew an ex-soldier who used to fight on the opposing Unified Colonies side, but fled just like he did, along with an engineer running away from a high status family who won't let them be who they want to be, and an android fighting to stay 'alive' after killing their previous owner after refusing to be abused any longer. Now they must fight for freedom as space pirates, avoiding being captured, and trying to stick together as a team despite obvious personality differences.
I'm looking for someone to play the captain of the ship opposite myself playing the Volterran. They are the only couple on the ship, and we can split the rest of the crew between us. I left them blank and vague so we can input our own designs onto them. This is a really good idea to world build on together, and I see it more as a slice-of-life and relationship building kind of thing first. Yes, this was originally based off of Firefly.

. The Club .
This thread started by my friend is set in a world we created.
Demons walk among us. They sleep, eat, wake up, hop on the bus, and generally act as humans do. They have been secretly integrated into human society for as long as anyone can remember. Their disguises are near flawless, and they very rarely attack humans. Our world exists parallel to theirs and has done so for a long time.
There are, of course, a few demons of a more Chaotic nature who attempt to take their place at the top of the food chain. These demons are usually taken out by humans who have demonic blood - Demon Hunters. Demon hunters are the result of a demon mating with a human a long time ago. The nature of said demon depends on the characteristics that manifest inside the demon hunters. For example, a werewolf having mated with a human would mean that their children either suffer the curse themselves or become immune to the curse altogether, retaining a few animalistic characteristics. A person with a strong succubus or incubus bloodline may find themselves obtaining a powerful and seductive aura. Some demon hunters control elemental magic; others can speak a range of demonic languages.
In this particular City, in this particular timeline, there is a club. A club that is considered neutral ground in all affairs where demons and humans go to work or to enjoy themselves. You all know of this club. You all frequent there after a long days work of hunting and restoring the balance. Whatever your particular fetish, whatever your wants, there is sure to be a demon or demon blooded there that caters to your needs.
It is run by a particularly strong Demon Hunter family; one with a strong Succubus/Incubus bloodline. The family have run this club for what feels like an eternity, adapting with the changing times. The current owner is known as Avaline and she seems happy enough to use her bloodline to ease the aches and pains of demon and demon hunters alike, while her ever-present guardian, a Werewolf known as Seb, keeps watch.
Whether male or female, you have all been welcomed by her in some way or form.
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Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

If you're into any of the fandoms listed, just message me with any ideas you have!
Bolded things are stuff I'm CRAVING.

Interested in
. Undertale. Pokemon . One Piece .
. Harvest Moon . Digimon . Cardcaptor Sakura .
. My Little Pony . Sailor Moon . Legend of Zelda .
. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure . Phoenix Wright .

(These are only vague ideas of stuff I'm looking for so far)

. Undertale .
My newest obsession. I love pretty much all the pairings in this game so I don't mind what to play.
I have more experience playing Sans, Asgore, Mettaton, Frisk, and Muffet.
Would really love something that's equal parts smut and story.

. Pokemon .
To put it bluntly, I like Pokephilia.
I'm looking to play the Pokemon in a Trainer/Pokemon relationship, either as a gijinka, anthro, or feral, but the basic idea is that the Pokemon does belong to the trainer.
I'll happily play either male or female or anything in between, and as more or less any Pokemon.
Also wouldn't mind doing Trainer/Trainer stuff or Pokemon/Pokemon stuff. And I don't mind if this goes on the smuttier side of things but I would like a little bit of a story to go with it.

. One Piece .
I want to play canon characters only, and my main ships are ZoroSanji, CrocodileDoflamingo, EustassLaw, SmokerAce, and FrankyRobin.
I'm happy doing AUs or stuff that sticks more to canon, whatever we do is fine really.
Some AUs in mind already are modern day settings, one where they're all supernatural creatures of some sort, the typical coffee shop or bar AU, etc.

. Harvest Moon .
Imagine the plot for one of the games, however instead of 'wooing' the opposite gender, the characters are gay instead.
I wouldn't mind playing any of the existing characters but I'm mainly looking to play the Farmer character who falls for one of the Bachelors.
I'm familiar with most games so just throw me some ideas!

. My Little Pony .
Either anthro or simply as ponies, I wanna play two OCs in any kind of setting.
Another where I mainly have smut-driven ideas for it but I really wouldn't mind something story-driven either.
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Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

My Characters

I've made several characters over the past few years that have kinda just been left to the wayside. So I figured I'd bring them back here to see if anyone wants to play with them.
I have to admit most of them are for M/M pairings but please feel free to message me regardless if you have something M/F you'd like to do too.

[All art is my own]

|| Sci-fi || Fantasy || Modern ||
Jasper "Jazz" Mortimer
A jack of all trades and a master of none, Jazz has made a small name for himself being a bounty hunter and a gambler. What he makes up for in the lack of skills and strengths, he makes up for in charisma and luck. He's mischievous, stubborn, and very flirty. The kind of man you can rely on if you dare trust him, and the kind you really don't want to get on the wrong side of. While he is very easy going, if you manage to somehow anger him, he can hold decades long grudges.
Jazz was originally made for a sci-fi setting, but he's easily re-worked into a steampunk, fantasy or modern fantasy setting.
He likes both men and women. But my own personal preference is to play him paired with a man.

|| Sci-Fi || Fantasy ||
Gareth Blackmoor
No one knows about his heritage, the one that gives him the soulless black eyes and gaunt skeletal appearance. Gareth doesn't talk about it either, simply sitting there with a cigarette permanently in his hands or between his lips, smoke curling around his fingers, almost as if under his control. You'll find him most likely working as a mortician, possibly being an alchemist and apothecary on the side. He barely talks about himself, focused on the tasks at hand, quiet and mysterious with a low hollow sounding voice you're not entirely sure comes from the nicotine.
Gareth comes from a modern fantasy setting but can be reworked into Sci-Fi and normal or high fantasy easily.
He shows no indication of sexual preference, but does prefer males.

|| Sci-Fi || Fantasy || Fandom ||
Rave Montgomery
Rave isn't his real name but it's the one he'll give you. He's a perky kinda guy with a sarcastic kind of attitude and hates staying in one place for very long. He loves neon colours, if you couldn't already tell. Depending on what time of his life you find him in, he'll either be going to rave parties as much as possible, or have given up the scene entirely and just wears the clothes now. He still loves glowsticks though. You'd most likely find him working as a barista but you'd find it hard to recognise him without those signature cyberlocks tied into his hair.
Rave was originally made as a Pokemon trainer OC many years ago, but he fits into any sort of Sci-Fi, Modern, or Modern Fantasy kinda setting. But I'd be happy to throw him into any kind of fandom setting too.
He is pretty much outright homosexual.

|| Demon || Fantasy ||
Lady Luxuria
In the world I created her for, she's the physical representation of the Sin of Lust. She's the Matriarch of a hive of Incubi and Succubi, all linked to her via a hive mind. She controls them to her whim, and gains the power they drain from people when they feed on their sexual energy. She comes across as a dominant bitch who always gets what she wants, but at the core she can be quite childish and pouty. She's the mother and mistress to her subjects, and while she can be exceptionally cruel (turning people into living furniture is one thing), she can also be very kind and caring if you get on the right side of her.
Her true form isn't the beautiful woman she appears to be, but she prefers taking on at least half-humanoid forms for the sake of ease and the fact it's most people's preference. Due to her nature of catering to anyone's fetishes and likes in order to get the most 'energy' from them, she can change her form at will to look like almost anything you desire, from simply her hair colour all the way down to whatever gender and genitals you want her to have.
She fits in very well with any kind of Fantasy setting, either Modern Fantasy or High Fantasy.
She prefers males but honestly doesn't care at all at the end of the day.

|| Modern || Fantasy || Sci-Fi ||
Russell Wolfe
Flynn is fairly obviously moody. He's not had the best upbringing, having a family filled with hate for the world will usually impart some of that onto you too. He honestly wants to be a decent person but when your parents belittle you and tell you not to do so many things in your life you kinda just follow along to get them to shut up. He's a young man that wants to break out of the mould he's been forced into. While he's grumpy and grouchy and appears not to like many things, he does have several passions that really light him up. He loves to bake and cook, and loves to draw even if he's not great at it. He just needs someone to show him the world isn't as bad of a place as he's been made to believe, someone who will let him spread his wings.
Flynn is so underdeveloped he can be fitted into pretty much any setting, though I have a preference for him to be in something Modern or High Fantasy.
He's bisexual so he can be paired with anyone, but he was originally written with a werewolf partner so I'd be really interested in that.
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Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

[Update 22.04.2016] Added more characters, more plots, more fandoms!

Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

[Update 30.04.2016] Added Red Riding Hood plot and added more pairings.

Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

Re: Get Sinful with Ace! [MxM, MxF, original, fandoms, fantasy, etc]
« Reply #6 on: June 05, 2016, 06:00:34 AM »
Bump! Not looking for anything major but I have a few cravings.

Offline MidnightSpadeTopic starter

Re: Get Sinful with Ace! [MxM, MxF, original, fandoms, fantasy, etc]
« Reply #7 on: June 16, 2016, 03:46:26 AM »
[Update 16.06.2016] Added another Original idea, added more Fandoms, fixed a bit of layouting