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May 25, 2018, 03:53:54 PM

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Author Topic: The size of love in the darkness (M for F) looking for halfling girl  (Read 851 times)

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This is an idea I had a while ago and attempted it before my partner had to back out due to real life issues.  I'm hoping to try it again.

The story revolves around my character Rokyn, who at a young age is best friend's with a young and adventurous halfling girl.  Growing up together all they ever did was get in trouble and seek out new ways to explore the expanding world around them.  YC is also friends with my sister the princess of the kingdom as we are highborns. The years pass as we grow into young adults, your size never changing due to your race. As we mature Rokyn let's his feelings for your character slip to his sister who then slips to you. 

Weeks of awkward hellos pass before one evening the kiss of their lifetime happened.  She was all he wanted in life and he needed to find a way to make her his.  However, as the darkness pressed onward in the world her family upped and moved on, away from the kingdom.  YC just disappeared, unwillingly of course, which destroyed MC. 

So the story will pick up at MC sisters wedding.  A lot of things have changed in years and they've all become adults. How will things fare between them when they reconnect? What will the darkness do when and if it finally breaks the shielding kingdoms of the free worlds.

Bellow is a snippet of the previous attempt, hoping to keep the into / beginning relatively the same.

"Power can only be obtained by those pure enough to respect it, controlling is the issue men seem to forget when seeking how to bend the will of the multiverse around them." --- High Cleric Alrex Travv

Since the beginning of time, man sought nothing more than to gain control over what they seemed to be "power".  Some do it in the name of peace, others for love, and some even for greed of wealth.  Yet even the best of intentions can go awry when most seek it for nothing other then vengeance.  Love is a tricky and cruel mistress, more so when it is ripped from the grasps of those who don't deserve to be pained like such.  A broken heart, and a devoured soul is what truthfully brought the darkness on.  Or was it those that caused the pain, the ones whom destroyed the love they saw unfit?

Rolland Armeth, a high sorcerer of the Elite Magi Towers, fell for a commoner of the villages bellow.  A simple woman, with simple plans in life.  Day in and day out Rolland learned his spells and perfected his technique, only to return nightly to the woman of his dreams.  He teased her and wooed her with small incantations.  Something the Towers of the Magi's seemed to care not for, however they never seemed to do anything about it.  Rolland was to good, to strong, and to much of an asset to the Magi order, the ignored the small childish actions.  AS the years went on his love for the girl grew stronger and eventually said love formed life anew.  Rolland was a happy father to a happy woman and child, all seemed right in the world.  Until the pillages began, and the wars started.  Man against man, the swords clanked and the magic whizzed by as nations warred on over land and so called "peace".

The village was lost to the fires of war, and Rolland, well he was locked up in a cell for treason of fleeing during the battles.  He whimpered night and day over the lost of the ones he loved.  A dark pit in his stomach began to form, and vengeance for his loses began to brew.  The towers dismissed Rolland, and the man disappeared into the mountains never to be heard from again.

That was until years later.  The darkness burned away the mans essence, everything he held dearly was lost, and the world would pay for what they had taken from him.  In the mountains Rolland had searched for years to find the artifacts that he needed, and after 10 years, his plan would come to light.  As he arranged the small crystals and golden objects around on the floor of some ruins he had called home, he began to chant the words aloud.  His echoes filled what was once the anti chamber of a great hall that now lay in rubble.  As he lifted his hands, the sly smirk on his face widened as he saw the objects glow and the vortex opened.  The things that came through though sent shivers even down Rolland's spine.  As the Demon he sought after stepped through the gate into this world, Rolland fell to his knees asking the great lord for his services in claiming this land.  Yet what was once a great plan went south quickly.  The demon prince laughed at the humans foolishness, and within moments Rolland's life faded from his eyes as his skull laid cracked in the Princes hands.

That was when the darkness entered the world. 

Yet today was a different day.  Today was the great day of a great feast of the heavens.  Today was a wedding day!

The bells rang aloud across the kingdom of Val Core in honor of the princess and her beloved prince of the WaterGardens.  WaterGardens was a unique town as it held no gardens at all.  It was a huge city, divided by two flowing rivers, both miles long and miles wide.  But the city was named from the unique blue flowers that grew from the river banks giving the white marbled city a garden like feature.  The Prince of WaterGardens was a young and well loved soul and suited the Princess well.  The unity would break an age old feud over the water ways that lead to the south. 

Val Core was a grand Kingdom, and one of the last few to stand in the way of the darkness that came from the east.  Val Core's reach was once a glorious one, but the Kingdom has definitely dwindled in size due to the outlining villages being attacked from the hideous monsters of the night.  Vial creatures, skeletal warriors, that seemed to burn within from a fire of hatred and disgust. The Kingdoms were once defenseless against these creatures.  That was until the high clerics found a relic, a disc from an ancient god, a disc that opens the minds potential only to the purest of heart.  Few were able to harness the power.  Rokyn being one of them.

Rokyn Vystrum, is the middle child of 3 to the King of Val Core.  When was young he sent away into training, and after many years of this he came out a changed man.  Each of the three remaining kingdoms to defend the west held special forces made up of these Psychic Warriors.  Val Cores was lead by Rokyn, the heir to the throne and hopefully one of the keys to success in ending the war of demons.

The bells continued to ring aloud as Rokyn galloped softly and quietly up the cobble stone streets of his home.  People were cheering, and kids ran about playfully.  Today was a happy day, a day of peace and love, a day not of those things that dwell in the darkness.  A soft cool breeze lifted his royal blue cap causing it to flutter behind him.  His silver armor shown brightly in the midday sun as his soft green eyes peered upward, through his visor of his helm, ever searching for trouble.  The warhorse he rode upon towered over elves and humans alike, children and half folk ran about trying to prepare as the bells bellowed out another notification of the wedding about to begin.  "Yes, I know I am late" he muttered to himself as if talking to the bells. 

After moments of slow strides he finally arrived at the church steps.  Approached by fellow knights he was saluted "you highness, your father and sisters await you!" he nodded as he pulled his helm off handing it to one of them.  The wind cooled his head through his short cropped blonde hair as he ascended the steps.   

His entrance was met with a scowl from his father and older sister and her husband, the duke of Briarwood, the third in line of protection from the east.  However his eyes fell on the bride to be, his youngest sister.  She smiled gleefully as innocence washed over her face.  She wanted this wedding more then anyone, even though the marriage was arranged, she welcomed it with open arms.  Kneeling before his sister he spoke softly "Pardon me, I feared one last search of the city to be cautious sister."  She snickered as he rose "Rokyn, you need not kneel, I am your sister not queen of WaterGardens" he smiled and nodded "no, not yet" he winked as he fell in line near his father. 

The churched bells rang one last time as the doors to the grand church were opened to those of the citadel who wished to view the royal wedding if they pleased. 

As I said up above. What I'm looking for is someone to play a halfling girl to interact with my character. We can work together on their past and how their paths cross again.  Nothing is set in stone truly.
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Re: The size of love in the darkness (M for F) looking for halfling girl
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I've really been wanting to do a halfling character. I would be more than happy to play.

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Re: The size of love in the darkness (M for F) looking for halfling girl
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Bump!  Looking to do this story again!!!

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Re: The size of love in the darkness (M for F) looking for halfling girl
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Had story going for a bit, then sadly partner had to call it quits.