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Author Topic: Dom/Sub Ideas (M for f)  (Read 1683 times)

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Dom/Sub Ideas (M for f)
« on: April 12, 2016, 01:32:34 PM »
Below is a list of dom/sub ideas I am currently craving. I will add new ideas as I think of them.

Detective Damsel Club (1950s or modern. Bondage)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Pinegrove Academy is one of the most prestigious institutes for law enforcement in the world. Those who graduate from the school go on to be the best detectives and private investigators in the world. The only problem with the school is that it is quite isolated, located on a remote little island with little to do for entertainment. About a generation ago, some of the students worked out a fix for such a thing, informally known as the investigation club. At least once a week, members of the club will set up an elaborate false case to be solved. There isn't really a prize for winning, but the school is small, and distractions are rare, so the club has dedicated members, despite the fact that faculty works hard to quash it. The only fee for joining is that each week the scenario will involve hostages. By signing up for the club, you are effectively giving its members permission to 'kidnap' you, binding and gagging you and using you as bait as the scenario unfolds. Given the number of people involved in the club, you never really know who is abducting you.

This could go a lot of ways, but ideally, your character would find that she enjoys being the damsel more than the detective. Maybe she unknowingly starts going out with her frequent abductor and the two arrange 'off the books' abductions in addition to the regular ones. Maybe the abductions start out as innocent as they are supposed to be, but over time her captor becomes a little more daring, and finds that she doesn't object at all when he starts to tease and touch her a little.

If I had a partner who was gifted at multitasking, they might consider playing a pair of members, which would allow one to be on the rescue party while the other is a hostage. Or both might find themselves abducted from time to time.

Distress Prone(Modern Superhero)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This would be set in an original superhero world, one without powers.

She fights crime legally by day, either as a police officer or a lawyer, and by night she puts on a mask and sends a message to those the system can't touch. She was the city's first super hero, and at first nobody in the underworld took her seriously. But now that she has taken out several important lieutenants, people are starting to pay attention. As people start to question the power the big families have left, they call in a team of professionals to deal with the hero. She was quite good at beating up thugs, even groups of them, but now she is facing people who have been practicing the art of battle for decades. They have tricks she hasn't seen.

One of the new hitmen overpowers her, but they have strict orders not to kill her. The big families want the city to see how insignificant she was, and that means capturing her. But before they can do much of anything, she's saved by the city's second hero, the Ghost. The Ghost was the son of one of these new hitmen, but your character inspired him to take the fight to them. They might flirt for a bit and long to see what the other one looks like without the costume, but neither of them can let their guard down just yet. So they both disappear into the night.

Effectively, I want this to become a pattern. Some nights she goes out and busts heads, but other nights she runs into one of the professionals. She might come to find the sensation of being helpless, then being rescued by her mysterious guardian, thrilling. There are a lot of variations with it we could try. Maybe one of the professionals figures out that she has a connection in law enforcement, and kidnaps her civilian identity to lure out her hero persona (not realizing they are the same person)

Obviously this would have a lot of bondage and distress in it, but I would also like to build up a slow romance between the two heroes, gathering to the moment where they can finally unmask to one another (and proceed to take off the rest of their clothing)

The King's Ward (Medieval. Submissive romance)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The king's ward, an 18 year old lady, has reached the age of marriage. Normally this would be a time of great celebration, but it has turned into more of a spectacle. Four years ago, her father led a revolt to try to overthrow the corrupt king and install a more humane leader, but the rebellion was crushed by the royal army. All of the nobles involved were put to death, but her father had gained enough popularity that the king feared that executing her would start another rebellion. Instead, he decided to show 'mercy' by taking her on as his ward. She has spent the last four years as little more than a slave, humiliated by those in the palace at every turn. Her engagement is no different. The king has brought in suitors from all over the world, and the one who seems most capable of controlling and dominating his ward will be the one given the prize.

Prince Vallen Tor is one of the suitors who has come to the palace, but his motives are more complex than the others. His true purpose is to assess the tactical situation in the palace. You see, his people helped fund the rebellion four years ago, and have been silently moving the pieces about to overthrow the king ever since. Vallen is to look over the tactical situation and decide if now is the time to strike. He had expected to care little for the king's ward, but he noticed a fire within her that he is drawn to. In turn, she recalls that Vallen's people helped her father, and senses a potential ally in him.

The first time they are alone, Vallen proposes a deal to her. He will help to remove the king from power and see her father's work done, but in return he wants the one thing that the other suitors can never have, her willing obedience. If she will swear her will to him, her father's work will be done, and she will have her revenge. In turn, her hand in marriage will help legitimize Vallen's claim to the throne and ease later tensions. It will work best for everyone, but first he must win her hand.

Mine for Five Hours a Day(Modern) CRAVING!!!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She has been a reporter for a little over a year, but she has started to accept that her career is going nowhere. There are simply too many people entrenched at the field, and none of them are welcoming of a newcomer with new ideas and drive to replace them. She thinks she has found her big break when she arranges an interview with Matt Ramsey, a young local billionaire who fascinates the public, but one of her superiors gets wind of the interview, arranging it so that one of the veteran reporters will get credit for the story. She is only asking questions for the research part of the story.

Despite her frustration, she goes forward with the interview. Rather than stick to the questions her superiors want answered, she asks a little about a series of expensive bets that Matt has been part of. Matt denies knowing what she is talking about at first, but then admits that he has a little experience with what she is talking about. In college, he bet a girl that she couldn't go a year being his for five hours a day. The deal was simple. At any time during the day, from midnight to midnight, Matt could approach her and request anything, as long as his requests didn't take over five hours during a single day. There were no questions asked about these requests, and they could range from the mundane to the erotic. If she could have sustained this for a year, Matt would have given her ten million dollars. Unfortunately, the demands of college overwhelmed her, and she was forced to back out. Sensing some interest in the deal, Matt admits that he has been looking for someone else to try the game with. He has refined the deal in his mind since his college days. The two start to discuss it almost jokingly at first, but the more they talk about the specifics, the more she discovers that she wants to try it.

Eventually, the pair agree on a list of rules.

*Neither party is allowed to share any details of the bet.

*Matt cannot ask her to do anything illegal.

*Every morning, she will receive an outfit  Matt wants to see her in. Outfits that will be worn in public cannot be intentionally scandalous.

*She will be given a special watch with a receiver in it. When her time with Matt starts, it will glow green and start to count down how much time Matt has left of his five hours for the day. Instructions will follow at once, either verbally or through text.

*Matt is not allowed to do anything to put her in a blatantly publicly humiliating position, but there is some wiggle room to this rule. He can, for example, spend some of his hours during the day in her office, as long as the door is closed, or ask her to do things that coworkers wouldn't be aware of, like wear a silent vibrator.

*Unused time carries over, but cannot go beyond the month it came from. This frees Matt up to take long weekends with her, if he hasn't used all his time earlier in the month.

*There are penalties that add time to the day. If she doesn't greet him as 'master' when the watch is glowing green, time is added. Failure to obey a command adds time as well.

*They agree on a span of two years for the bet, instead of the original one. However, for each month of service, Matt will arrange for a special interview with a VIP specifically for her, something that will progress her career. At the end of her first year of service, Matt will buy her company and ensure she is given the promotion she deserves.

This would be the essence of the story. Additional rules could be worked out, as well as the kinds of things that would happen during the five hours a day. I would like to see it include a great deal of bondage, and I'm open to other kinks as well.

System Game (Modern, Fantasy, or Superhero) CRAVING

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This idea is going to be a lot more vague than the others, but I would like to try an abduction themed game that is based on a dice rolling system. Nothing like D&D, but a system we agree on to determine whether an action is successful. I think this would make it more exciting to see if an abduction was successful, but also more exciting to see if an attempt to escape meets with success.

I don't have a particular setting in mind. It could be a heroine trying to clean up a city, an adventurer looking for riches, or anything else. I just want to try my hand at a system game.

The Trophy Queen (Fantasy)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Her father, the king of a small nation, had ruled with honor for much of his life, but as he got on in years, his mind became paranoid and irrational. His distrust eventually led him to order and unprovoked attack on one of their neighbors, which started an intense and bloody war. Towards the end of the war, he lost his battle with illness and left it to his young daughter to rule the war-torn nation.

With the enemy advancing at every turn and her people suffering endlessly, the queen was left with no choice but to surrender. The king of the other nation, a man only a little older than her, arrived at the palace with a list of demands before he would accept their surrender. He wanted gold, land, and a number of treasures that were dear to the queen's people, but most of all, he desired her. She would come back with him and become his wife, though he made it clear she would have no rights as a queen. She would be a trophy to show how far her people had fallen, a slave. The idea of her sitting on a throne beside him, bound and helpless as he made his judgement, was endlessly appealing to the young king.

During the trip back to her new home, she is assigned a personal guard from her husband's forces, though the guard is mostly tasked with making sure she doesn't escape. He sees her bravery and willingness to suffer for her people, and can't help but want to help her. He starts to offer her small mercies when the king isn't looking, and before long, the two have started a loving relationship in the midst of her cruel new life.

(I"m looking to explore two different relationships here. The queen would be expected to submit to her husband, who would take great pleasure in showing her off as a captive and a slave. There would be a lot of bondage and control in those areas. The rest of the time, I would want to explore a more light and caring relationship between the queen and the guard.)
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Re: Dom/Sub Ideas (M for f)
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2016, 11:19:30 AM »
Added a third idea.

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Re: Dom/Sub Ideas (M for f)
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2016, 07:05:45 AM »
Added several ideas and removed a taken one.

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Re: Dom/Sub Ideas (M for f)
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2016, 12:22:00 PM »
Added several ideas.

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Re: Dom/Sub Ideas (M for f)
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2016, 03:09:27 PM »
Removed a taken idea and added a new one.