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Author Topic: The Drawing Board ◦ F for M ◦ Threads of Blue  (Read 1970 times)

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Re: The Drawing Board ◦ F for M ◦ Threads of Blue
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2016, 09:02:59 PM »

Marvel ◦ Thor/Avengers/The Dark World/Ragnarok

While all of the variations of Loki throughout Marvel and its various mediums have a special place in my heart, the adaptation of him that I am most fond of is from the MCU.  That is the only version of him I am interested in starting a roleplay around, and the same goes for most of the other Marvel characters.  I'm fine with, and often do, flesh out backstories via what was laid out in the comics, because the movies do not span the breadth of information that I want them to, but outside of that I try to maintain the tone and feel laid out in the films.  If it will be difficult for you to separate the different versions of him, then we may not be a good fit for one another with this story...  This does not mean that we can't write together, this just may not be the story/pairing for us to do.

the desired pairingMCU Loki, the God of Mischief x Sigyn Iwaldidottir, the Goddess of Fidelity
story title ◦ Lokasenna
potential content ◦ Clothed or Dry Sex.  Risk of Being Discovered.  Learning and Inexperience.  Role Reversal.  Verbal Foreplay.  Making Use of a Silver Tongue.  Magic and Dexterous Fingers.  Begging.  First Times.

scenario ◦ The daughter of Freya and the dear younger sister to the fabled Idunn, the Sigyn in my head is a middle child with all the trappings of someone who never quite found their niche in life.  She’s a lithe thing, with pale blond hair often bundled messily at the back of her head, fair skin prone to flushing, and large, fog blue eyes lost somewhere between the vividness of colour and the indifference of gray.  Ever fond of soft, light-weight fabrics, her wardrobe is rare to have anything in it outside of long dresses with material loose enough to trail gently behind her as she moves, their sheerness something that would be dangerous to the imagination if not for the many layers...  Soft and warm, she’s demure but playful and altogether inquisitive, with a coy smile that shines through the air of naïvety that seems to follow her.

However, amidst her sweetness she has the habit for stubbornness that shows itself only when she’s confronted on something that she feels passionately about, because to those that have found their way into her heart of hearts, she is loyal to the point of foolishness…

Despite her tender nature, I imagine Sigyn as one of the few people forward enough to put their hand over Loki’s mouth and tell him to hush when he starts to get ahead of himself.  She would soothe and quiet the storm instead of his head with her presence while somehow still managing to ruffle his feathers more than anyone else ever has, he aroused by her both mentally and physically while still feeling nothing but frustration towards her.

She would bring out the emotional side of him, or, for those looking for somewhat of a darker story, the more possessive...

And for Sigyn, she would have been fascinated by the dark haired prince from the moment she first laid eyes on him when she was but a little girl, because he’d always been different from the rest.  Leaner, lighter on his feet, more talented with his hands and mind… with dark hair, pale skin, and a wardrobe always immaculate...   It would have been his moods she first wondered at -- the occasional looks towards friends that were less than friendly, quips that were never heard, but as she grew older, her attraction to him would have evolved with her...  She’d want to know what it felt like to thread her fingers through his hair, mussing it while leaving the rest of him a disheveled mess... and what he would look like after she’d finished with him...

location ◦ Asgard, the Realm Eternal, to anywhere else within the Nine Realms...
requirements ◦ I’m looking for an MCU Loki for this story.  Be sure to read my ons/offs before messaging me.
length ◦ Long-term, short-term, or a little bit of both...

other details ◦ I would love to put this pairing into motion as many ways as I can, and I’m very open to any and all ideas that would allow this to happen; however, to be fair, I’ll offer up the ideas I have below as optional springboards for lengthier discussions.  Take them as they are, leave them, or mould them together to make something entirely different...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

If Sigyn were unfortunate enough to find herself in Loki's path while his temper is still hot from something that had happened earlier in the day, maybe it would be her warm smile and gentle but insistent curiosity of him that would finally soothe down his bristles.  The cause of his mood could be an adventure-gone-awry while he was with Thor and his warriors three..  Perhaps it would have been something that could have been easily prevented had they simply listened to Loki and taken the more subtle approach, going about it with a lighter touch...  But instead they didn't and charged headlong into the fray, leaving Loki to bear the brunt of the fallout.  He would be angry and bruised, and Sigyn's would be the willing ear for him, his lips loosened for her by a well-placed bump on the head.  That bump would have him wobbly and still seeing stars, and Sigyn would have little choice but to shoo him back to the healers before he found a way to hurt himself further.

She might even offer to take over the task of tending to him herself if he promised to make himself more agreeable for her, her method and manner leaving him vaguely curious about the daughter of Freya -- probably much to the relief of the healer who is often left to deal with the dark haired prince...

(optional pairing for a long-term, short-term, or side story) MCU Loki x the healer who is often left to deal with him

The bump on his head would have him still seeing stars, which would be why she'd be quick to shoo him back to the healers.

the desired pairingMCU Jötunn!Loki, the God of Mischief x Sigyn Iwaldidottir, the Goddess of Fidelity
story title ◦ Jötunheimr Blue
potential content ◦ Mild Temperature Play.  Foreign Anatomy.  Heavy Seduction.  Dubious Consent Leading to Begging.  Making Use of a Silver Tongue.  Magic and Dexterous Fingers.  First Times and a First Time with Different Anatomy.

scenario ◦ While I’m definitely interested in Loki and Sigyn dealing with the emotional half of his Jötunn heritage and how deeply it’s rattled him raw, I’m more interested in having them deal with the physical side of it.  He would be fundamentally the same and yet vastly different than anything she's been told to expect from a man....  The subdued blue of his eyes would turn to a bloody crimson, his pale skin too shifting from a milky white to a dark blue while becoming much colder to the touch, and its texture would be far richer with the webwork of designs running the length of him.

...Her wandering fingers would only be able to discern one intended purpose for them; the building of a maddening friction between him and the person he's buried in...  What he's sensitive to and the sensations that he would feel would be different for him too, his desires heightened and balanced on a hairpin trigger compared to his usual restraint and reserve...  He'd be hungrier, but overall he would still be her Loki, and Sigyn, once her dismay had faded after hearing of his Jötunn heritage, would be overeager to explore every inch...
  She would want to be the first to feel him, and were he to hold himself back from losing himself within her embrace, she would try her hardest to drive him mad with temptation until he finally broke down and overwhelmed her, leaving the both of them exhausted and panting against one another.

The dialogue between them would be one of frustration, Sigyn trying to lure out that side of him, and Loki trying to resist her because that's not the sort of thing she should want to lie with...

Or maybe instead of a dialogue between them, that side of him comes out all at once, surprising the both of them...  One minute she’s staring up into a pair of hungry blue eyes while his desire presses hotly against her, and in the very next moment those pale blues have turned crimson red under the strain of his mounting passion, his warm body suddenly cold between her thighs.  More interesting still were it to happen to them in the dark...

location ◦ Asgard, the Realm Eternal, to Jötunheimr, the Home of the Jötunn.
requirements ◦ I’m looking for a Jötunn!Loki for this story.  Be sure to read my ons/offs before messaging me.
length ◦ Long-term, short-term, or a little bit of both...

other details ◦ Do I think that Loki can shift freely between his blue skin and his pale at a whim, illusions aside?  Sadly, I do not, but it’s one of the simpler methods to turn Loki “blue”, and I’m not at all bothered by its use.  However, I leave the differences between Loki’s Aesir and Jötunn appearances to the liberty of my writing partner as long as they remain within reason, and those differences needn’t be limited to only the cosmetic.  Also, though I would be more than happy to do this as a short-term story if someone were to find themselves interested in it, I would love to build something more long-term between these two, because there's a lot of material that I'm very interested in covering... starting with the history of Borr's wife.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This is a story that I've been desperately craving for a long time, but it's something that wouldn't follow the storyline laid out in the movies, and it would give my writing partner a bit of freedom in regards to Loki and his personality.  Overall I'd like for him to still be the same character, but... like I said, there would be a lot of freedom.  The only reason that I never bothered to write this down is because I figured that it would be too difficult to find someone interested in it, but, well, here it is...  I would love to do an AU story between Jötunn!Loki and Sigyn Iwaldidottir where Loki was never brought to Asgard as a baby.

He would have stayed behind on Jötunheimr, because he was either never left out on that frozen rock to die as a baby... or there was someone else there to save him before Odin would have found him.

We would have to work some things out, such as why Sigyn would even be paying that frozen world a visit, and if they would stay there for the duration of the story...  or would she intend to take him home with her, saving him from a world that offers no kindness towards Jötunn that don't live up to the meaning of name with their overall size...  Plus there are the Jötunn themselves to work out -- what would their culture be like?  Would it be primitive and violent, or would there be a frightening level of intelligence woven into all of that horror?

And how would Loki himself have faired...  Would he have felt as alone living there as the Aesir-raised version of him felt living on Asgard...?  Would Sigyn's presence be seen as a welcomed relief to what would have maybe been a lifetime of solitude... or would the man she finds in that world of ice and snow be someone who fought his way to the top of the food chain?

I would love to do an AU story between Jötunn!Loki and Sigyn Iwaldidottir where Loki was never brought to Asgard as a baby.

the desired pairingMCU Loki, the God of Mischief x Darcy Lewis, Research Assistant and Intern
story title ◦ Even a Black Heart Beats
possible content ◦ Clothed or Dry Sex.  Someone Getting in Over Her Head.  Overwhelming Stamina and the Exhaustion that Follows.  Verbal Foreplay.  Making Use of a Silver Tongue.  Magic and Dexterous Fingers.

scenario ◦ Darcy Lewis is a lady of many talents.  She lives and works as Jane Foster’s research assistant and intern, makes horrible coffee, watches over Erik Selvig on his off days, documents the progress of their research through what she lovingly calls her ‘unofficial field photography’, has warm hugs on the ready for anyone who looks as though they might need one throughout the day, and she doesn’t know when to drop something if she feels that it’s somehow important.  She has an internal filter that occasionally disappears on her, deals with her stress and worry in ways that are sometimes imaginative, and... she has the very bad habit of both finding trouble and trying to bring it home with her...

And the trouble that I want her to find for this story would be tall, dark, and every bit from a different world.  There are many ways that this could happen, from an ill-timed fall to Midgard to Loki deciding to introduce himself to the new friends that his brother has become so fond of… to Darcy happening upon him while he’s on Midgard -- maybe even finding herself in a situation where he’s the one to stop something dark befalling her in the place of Thor.

Whatever method we decide to use, what I want is for Darcy to become a distraction for him, a diversion if you would, and I want for Loki to have to deal with that and all of the various frustrations he would be left feeling because of it.

This doesn’t mean that I want them to fall into bed with one another immediately, but rather that I want her to become an emotional balm for him.

Her presence would be warm and comforting to him, something that he would be wholly unfamiliar with having, and to her, he would be positively fascinating, more so once she figures out where he’s from.  She wouldn’t think differently of him for all of the oddities that left him feeling so very alone for most of his life.  His magic would be enthralling to her, his lithe build, dark hair, and overall pallor as attractive to her as Thor’s defined physique, and with her he would feel needed... like he wasn’t sharing her affections with his brother despite her fondness for the both of them...

Darcy Lewis would be hands-on with helping him sort through everything that’s been bottled up inside of him for so long, even more so once she realizes how very obstinate he can be about the things he believes to be true, and were she to get close to him I don’t think she would want to let him go.

location ◦ Midgard, the Blue Planet, to anywhere else within the Nine Realms...
requirements ◦ I’m looking for an MCU Loki for this story.  Be sure to read my ons/offs before messaging me.
length ◦ Long-term, short-term, or a little bit of both...

other details ◦ I'm open to discussions about anything and everything with this pairing.  If you feel like we're looking for the same thing be it mildly angsty fluff to something a wee bit darker, drop me a message so that we can talk about it.  c:

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Re: The Drawing Board ◦ F for M ◦ Threads of Blue
« Reply #2 on: April 05, 2016, 09:03:50 PM »

The Strain ◦ The Fall ◦ The Night Eternal

With Dutch being a made-for-tv character, I’d like to base this story more on the television series than the novels.  I feel that the character development is much stronger there, and even though I read the books and loved them, they disappointed me over and over again by not letting Fet, Quinlan, and Setrakian work and grump together, whereas the television series has gone above and beyond in that department.  <3  That being said, I wouldn’t mind erasing the episode “Dead End” from Dutch’s backstory, because of several reasons I won’t go into here.

If we decide to leave in what happened to Dutch, she’d probably be a little hesitant to warm up to Quinlan, maybe even a bit put off by him at first, whereas if we decide to omit it, I can easily see her being inquisitive and kittenish with him once she’s figured out that he’s not dangerous to her.  If there’s a preference on this, I’m comfortable with either option, but if there isn’t, I’d prefer to leave it out...

the desired pairingQuintus Sertorius, Quinlan, Mr. Q x Dutch Velders
story title ◦ The Longest Night, the Darkest Day
possible content ◦ Clothed or Dry Sex.  Risk of Being Discovered.  Verbal Foreplay.  Heavy Seduction.  Begging.  Light Bondage.  Rough Fingers.  Touch-Starved.

scenario ◦ Quinlan is a dated figure with a history that stretches back for thousands of years, encompassing the rise and fall of empires, the armies he’s led, and the wars that he’s been a part of.  He’s the most dangerous member of the Strain’s rag-tag band of heroes, and yet... we’ve never seen him behind the wheel of a vehicle.  It’s a small detail that I’ve probably looked too far into, but it’s made me rather fond of the idea that he’s never bothered to learn how to drive... amongst many other things involved with the modern day.  He navigates the digital age well enough all on his own, but the possible handicaps that go hand-in-hand with being a man out of time, however small, are what made me want to throw him in with Dutch.

He’s the vampire who believes in monsters and is halfway one of them, while she’s the modern girl watching her world be ripped out from under her by those nightmares made flesh, and somehow, someway, I would like for Quintus Sertorius to find her, either by design or unintentional blunder.

Maybe he finds her barricaded in her apartment, terrified, alone, and doing her best to avoid the notice of several whatever-the-hell-those things are.  Dispatching them for her, he’d take a moment to talk with her through the door, maybe sharing a bit on how to defend herself, and Dutch, ever the bright individual, would recognise him as someone who knows what’s going on.  In an attempt to get more answers out of him, she’d tear down her barricade and follow him, the situation becoming a bit more complicated once she finally has a look at him.  ...Or he could be there because he was looking for her specifically, her name turning up as the one responsible for bringing down public access to the internet.  A gift from the Ancients.

Another possible direction is for her to bump into him while she’s out foraging for food and supplies.  He could show up just in time to save her from several Strigoi, and one or two bullets and several dead Strigoi later -- all by his hand -- he’d have her gun and a terrified Dutch on his hands.

location ◦ Borough of Manhattan.
requirements ◦ I’m looking for a Quintus/Quinlan for this story.  Be sure to read my ons/offs before messaging me.
length ◦ Long-term, short-term, or a little bit of both...

other details ◦ While there’s never been a definite answer for this, I’m of the firm belief that the Born is well-equipped for bedding the object of his desire.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe it’s just wistful thinking on my part, but I’m not looking for stories that don’t run the risk of things becoming impassioned and desperate between Dutch and the Born.  That might even be something that she would become curious about...  A bit of training gets too heated, bodies get a bit too close, and suddenly she’s wondering what the Born has hidden inside his trousers...

To be frank, I’m looking for tension and frustration between these two.  Quinlan has seen the world at its worst, and so he’s become pragmatically hardened to it, whereas Dutch lets herself be led freely by her heart, even going so far as to leap out of a vehicle to save three strangers.

I want for their differences to become a problem, something that they would go round and round over until that mounting frustration finally boiled over, leaving them little more than a breathless tangle of tired limbs...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Dutch met the Born for the first time in the episode “Collaborators”, and I’m very interested in exploring that initial reaction a little further, nevermind the sound that Quinlan made when he stepped over to look her over...  I’ve been excited about having those two on screen together since we first met Quinlan, and “Collaborators” didn’t disappoint me in that department save for the briefness of their little adventure... that’s why I want to lengthen it into something that spans a few days.  It wouldn’t take much to have Eph stay at home instead of making the trek with them, and were they to become stranded or lost for some reason, they might find themselves outside the line of safety for the night with little choice but to hole up somewhere instead of risking the danger of travelling after dark.

They would be in for a long night of little more than waiting and talking, and Dutch having the booze that Eph found at the airport all to herself would undoubtedly help to drum up some interesting conversation from her side of things...

There’s also the option the take things up mid-season-three shortly after Dutch met the Born for the first time.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The option is always there to do a story where Dutch is the one who saves Quinlan, but if I’m honest, I have no idea how or why he’d need saving outside of the handful of instances it’s happened in the story.  If Dutch found him unconscious somewhere, either hurt or merely knocked out, I’d like to think that she wouldn’t have it in her to dispose of him...  Maybe because it’s still too early for her to have a real grasp of what’s going on with people, or because she has the experience to notice that he’s somehow different from the other Strigoi roaming around indiscriminately feeding...

If she stumbled into him close enough to ‘home’, be that her apartment or somewhere else, she probably wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she left him to the mercy of whomever happened upon him after her, which would leave her with little choice but to figure out how to drag him home with her.

She’d store him on her bed or in a quiet room, somewhere where he could sleep off whatever had happened to him, though ever the clever the girl, the blanket that she’d give him would be paired with a set of restraints, possibly even a muzzle just in case...  The discussion that would follow his return to the waking world would be an interesting one...

Dutch would have questions, and it would be up to the Born to reassure her that he means no harm...

Or we could do something where Dutch is the one who saves Quinlan somehow.

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Re: The Drawing Board ◦ F for M ◦ Threads of Blue
« Reply #3 on: April 05, 2016, 09:04:16 PM »

Various Fanbased Pairings

the character I am looking for is in bold x the character that I wish to play is in italics

Marvel ◦ Thor/Avengers/The Dark World/Ragnarok

Final Fantasy XV

place holderArdyn Lucis Caelum, Immortal Accursed x (the older) Iris Amicitia
Ardyn Lucis Caelum, Immortal Accursed x Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Ardyn Lucis Caelum, Immortal Accursed x Aranea Highwind
place holder

Daredevil/Jessica Jones/Defenders

place holderMatt Murdock, The Man in Black x Darcy Lewis, Research Assistant and Intern
Matt Murdock, The Man in Black x Jessica Jones, Private Detective
Matt Murdock, The Man in Black x Karen Page, Investigative Journalist

Matt Murdock, The Man in Black x Selina Kyle, Catwoman
place holder

The Strain ◦ The Fall ◦ The Night Eternal

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Re: The Drawing Board ◦ F for M ◦ Threads of Blue
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2016, 09:04:49 PM »

Various Original Pairings and Other Things

what I often put in female characters
  • Modest layers to soft dresses that are easily pushed up and out of the way.  Bodices, bustles, garter sashes, and other various lacy things.
  • Fair endowments are often more modest, moulded into shapely contours only with the help of lacy intimates... or by their absence.
  • Tactile creatures who have the bad habit of wandering touches, warm embraces, and threading their little fingers through locks of hair.
  • Small, fine-boned things or tall and waifish.  Pale skin.  Bright or vivid eyes.  Soft hair.  Warm hands.  Pouty Lips.
  • Observant of those near.  Warm.  Willful.  Soft.  Somewhat Stubborn.  Assertive.  Coy.  Mildly Navïe.  Overly Empathetic.  Comforting.  Tactile.
  • face-claims I'm fond of: Felicity Jones, Claire Foy, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Liv Tyler, Emily Browning, Elizabeth Olsen.

what I love to find in male characters
  • Long coats, gloves, and layers enough worn beneath to beg being rumpled...  Sweater vests to the finely pressed suit complete with matching tie.
  • Emotionally distant characters who are the unwilling victims of finding the one person that they can't get out of their head...
  • Those who walk the lonely middle road between good and evil, never quite finding their way towards one side or the other.
  • Lithe and lean or whipcord thin.  Pallid.  Fine-boned, dexterous hands with long fingers.  Tall.  Dark hair long enough to be gently brushed aside.
  • Dry.  Moody.  Impassive.  Mildly Possessive.  Intelligent.  Sharp-tongued.  Feel too much.  Dangerous.  Obsessive.  Vulnerable.  Touch-Starved.
  • face-claims I'm fond of: Richard Armitage, Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Hugh Dancy, JJ Feild, Michael Fassbender.

favourite themes: Hurt/Comfort ◦ The Otherworldly ◦ Monster x Maiden ◦ Horror ◦ Vampires ◦ The Victorian Era
favourite bedroom themes: Dubious Consent ◦ Dry or Clothed Sex ◦ Reluctance ◦ Virginity and First Times ◦ Desperation
want more than anything: Devil's Threesome/MFM

the character I am looking for is in bold x the character that I wish to play is in italics

place holder(m) the lord of one of the Faerie Courts x (f) the human maiden whose bedroom mirror he shares
(m) vampire addicted to Fae blood x (f) the Fae from the Seelie/Summer Court that he's found
(m) the dark Fae who once required half a life for a magical feat x (f) the maiden whose life he was promised

(m) vampire lord in hiding x (f) the human who unwittingly discovers what he is

(m) the vampire lord with a mortal ward x (f) the young ward trying to tempt him into taking her
(m) vampire lord x (f) the fair maiden he finds lost in the snow during a winter storm

(m) vampire found lost in the snow x (f) the maiden who unwittingly brings him back to her dwelling to mend
place holder

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Re: The Drawing Board ◦ F for M ◦ Threads of Blue
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Visual Inspiration and Moodboard

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