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Author Topic: A new friend.... Kinda'....  (Read 1442 times)

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A new friend.... Kinda'....
« on: March 31, 2016, 07:28:24 AM »
[This is a short drabble I wrote for a guild I was with in a certain MMO a few years ago. Lately I've wanted to do kind of an "Extended stories" featuring the guild, which has long since disbanded, and figured I'd start with this, and if the concept goes well, I'd love to expand it!]

   The rattling from the trash bin outside had been persistent, and Dante was getting fed up. Throwing down his journal, he grabbed a broomstick and stormed outside, determined to chase away whatever stray animal had gotten into his garbage. The light spilled into the alleyway as he stormed around the corner, brandishing his improvised weapon and trying to look as intimidating as he could. Dimly, Dante could see the row of bins, one wiggling slightly as bits of paper and food wrappers were thrown over the edge, floating to the ground. Dante crept closer and, with a the most ferocious war-cry he could muster, slammed his broomstick into the bin, sending it flying. As he glanced up to see what he had just hit, the dying sun flashed in his eyes, giving Dante's target a chance to flee between his legs. Whirring around, Dante caught a flash of tentacles scurrying around the corner. With another yell, he decided to give chase. This thing, whatever it was, wasn't getting away that easily. He grabbed his broomstick again and rushed around the corner in pursuit.
   Running through the deserted streets of downtown London, Dante had to focus all of his energy just to keep pace with his target. Every time he thought he had it, it would slither away. Under cars and benches, around bushes, up and over and around all over the park. After a time, even Dante had to admit defeat; collapsing in front of the rusted iron fence leading into the park. Panting, he heard a slurping sound. There, on the front of the catwalk, sat a small, bulbous creature. It made a small slurp again as the realization dawned on Dante.
   "So you're the little bugger, eh? Where'd you come from, mate?"
He made to take a step towards the thing, but it slid back with a pitiful cry, looking at the stick still held threateningly in Dante's hand. Realizing what it meant, he slowly put the stick down and extended his hand to the creature, slowly stepping forward again.
   "There ya' go," He said, as calmly as he could, "I'm not gonna' hurtcha'."
The creature slowly crept forward, cautiously eyeing the broomstick. Working up the courage, it began gently nipping at Dante's fingers, making him chuckle.
   "That's it, it's all right. Now, you don't look like you're from around these parts, so where'd you come from?"
Just then, a nearby truck rumbling past caused the creature to let out a startled yelp and scurry behind some boxes. Peeking back out, Dante could see that it was shivering. He cooed again, slowly moving closer.
"Bet you're cold, eh? Well I don't know what you are, but you look like you could use a place to stay and some food."
At the mention of food, the creature inched towards Dante, cooing happily. As he reached down and picked it up, he noted the slight odor of fish pervading the air around the creature.
Back at the apartment, things were not going easier. The creature had refused to touch anything Dante put in front of it, save for some steak and an uncooked salmon that Dante had forgotten in the freezer. Letting his head fall into his arms, Dante let out a sigh, staring at the creature, which had been busying itself with cuddling up against his's favorite pillow, leaving it coated in a thin layer of slime. Sighing, Dante sat down next to it.
   "I guess you'll need a name, then. How about...." He paused thoughtfully before running a hand cautiously over its smooth, round, bulbous head (Or at least, he thought it was its head.), "How about, 'Aang?' I mean, you have the head for it, at least!"
The creature deflated slightly;
"Okay, how about.... Cthulhu? The resemblance there is pretty good, right?"
The head deflated further, as if a sign of distinct disapproval.
"All right, all right, no comparisons to the Old Ones..." Dante muttered under his breath. "Maybe..."
He paused, bringing a hand to his chin as he pondered, searching for a name. His eyes scanned the room, seeking something, anything, to give him inspiration - The TV, his computer, collection of books on magick - Wait.... Magick? That was what he needed!
With a grin, Dante rested his hand on the creature's head. (It was a head after all, he decided.)"What do you think about the name, "Llŷr?'"
Finally a name it liked. The thing sprang up and, to Dante's surprised amusement, actually managed to perform a small flip - its tentacles wriggling in midair. It's name decided, Dante reached for his laptop, which he kept hooked up to the television.
"Well Llŷr, looks like this is your new home. At least, until the Agency figures out what to do with you. Just what are you, anyway...?"
Taking out his phone, he snapped a quick photo of the two-foot high creature now leaving slime trails all over his apartment, and wrote a brief memo to his coworkers, making sure to attach the photo.

Dante Belle wrote:
Found this little bugger wandering around outside my place. Any idea what the hell it is?

With nothing left to do, the pair quickly settled down to watch movies late into the night.