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November 25, 2020, 04:42:41 AM

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Author Topic: Streets of Sluts ( 2-d beat-em-up inspired hentai game thing! ) (F x F/Futa )  (Read 3461 times)

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Offline Mia SaisyuTopic starter

In a not so distant future past, corrupt politicians have let the world degenerate into a crime-filled wasteland. Humanity started a revolt against sex androids, and traditional couples ceased to exist. However, those sex androids decided they stopped wanting to be slaves, and started *wanting* slaves instead. Some of humanity decided to join with the androids and sexbots, to maintain a new world order. Gangs formed and roamed the streets, forcing people to hide inside. Mina is one of those people who decided to take the future into her own hands and try to stop it..only to find out the streets were now far sluttier than imagined....pretty little gangsters look for girls to claim, and skilled sexbots lurk the streets, rumored to be talented enough to get girls off in thirty seconds or less - and being held by one for too long can make you lose your mind..

Hi! I'm looking for an RP inspired by Streets of  Rage or Final Fight

Don't understand the idea? Click this link to play a game sort of similar to the idea i'm looking for! This! Final Fight adult!

Or like this! Final Fuck
Or Paperheads!
I'm looking for a more female/futa type bend to the idea, to fit in a world full of sexbots, gangsters, and other naughty things on the streets!
I especially like classic characters like Poison and Linda from Double Dragon Neon!

I'm looking for a sort of side-scrolling RP with my character able to  subdue enemies that are sexbots with hacking tools - or dealing with wild gangsters!

Possible "mechanics" include maybe pouncing on enemies to restore health? With "game over" scenes ending exceptionally lewdly?
Gang members having their way with someone who's a bit low on health? or maybe selling them on the slave auctions?
"Losing" health by getting vibrating panties strapped on?
"Game over scenes involving multiple gang members / sexbots?
Traps put in place around the alleys and streets to "catch" wanderers?
Or "tentacle" traps set up to catch unsuspecting wanderers and tease them repeatedly near orgasm?

I have lots of different images for Mina, all with different stats / health / orgasm bars! Heehee. If you RP with me, tell me which "version" you would like me to play!

Most of my characters will be nonviolent! Blades will be laced with  corrupted code to hack enemies, and bullets will be either sleeping darts or "viruses" to disable sex bots!

Check this F-list profile for the original idea and kinks , and many possible character images!

Interested? Message me here, f-list,


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Offline Mia SaisyuTopic starter

Still looking! Images added! Responses for this are hard to come by..!