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February 15, 2019, 03:39:21 PM

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Author Topic: Annie's Dark Desires- Multiple Roleplays (F for M)  (Read 418 times)

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Offline Annie HewittTopic starter

Annie's Dark Desires- Multiple Roleplays (F for M)
« on: March 22, 2016, 12:34:03 PM »
Yes, I tend to have a bit of a dark, and twisted mind. If you've opened this, chances are you do as well, or are at least a little curious. That's a good thing! Take a look at my ons and offs HERE just to make sure these are things that you're ok with- if so, by all means, read on!

Dark Desire #1: The Lebensborn (Loosely based upon the movie "The Spring of Life) This takes place in Nazi Germany during WWII. Women who are of pure Aryan decent are being sent Lebensborn homes throughout Germany. For most, it's an absolute honor to be chosen, for others, it's a nightmare. Regardless, you do not say no. No means death. It was certain that Gretka would be chosen, her father was a Generalfeldmarschall, and when the Gestapo showed up at their front door with the orders for Gretka to come with them to Isolade, it was no surprise. A young woman who had aspirations of being a professional ballet dancer were destroyed as she was taken from her family, and put on a train that would change her life forever. Once at the heavily guarded mansion in a secluded area owned by the F├╝hrer, she would learn her true fate- to be a part of creating the new "master race" for the "Thousand Year Reich".  If the soldier you were paired with didn't like you, it didn't matter, you didn't get a say. You simply must do your duty for your beloved Germany. However, if they didn't like you, or choose to sign your papers (marry you), your child belonged to Germany. You must keep producing children without question. Of course, everything was set up as if it were paradise. There were daily exercise routines, classes on how to be a proper German wife and mother, and while the rest of Germany was starving, the women and children at these homes never wanted for anything- the only catch, they could never leave. Realizing her situation, Gretka realizes she must find a solider who will fall in love with her, as she can't bear to bring a child into the world, only to give it away, nor does she want to be passed around from man to man, as she's come to realize some of the other women have been. But can she make this happen?

Dark Desire #2-  Caring Becomes Captive- Cinnamon Stevens is a nurse at the VA. She's recently been assigned to Darryl, a wounded veteran who's just returned home from Afghanistan. Many of the other nurses have refused to care for him, as he's been verbally abusive to them, and even struck them when simply trying to do routine care such as blood pressure checks. Cinnamon is undetered by his demeanor, and despite taking some abuse in the beginning herself, begins to slowly break through his shell. As Darryl's shattered femur begins to heal, his abuse takes a different turn towards Cinnamon, who has begun to find herself in a position she's never been in before- having romantic feeling for a patient. Things become very dark, very quickly. (I don't want to give away everything here- so if you're interested, please message me, and we'll collaborate from here!)

More to be added, soon!