From Housewife to Whorewife (Seeking Wife)

Started by Jester, March 21, 2016, 08:55:36 AM

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It has been a difficult few years. Unemployment is at its highest and inflation keeps on going up. Every penny has to be watched and recorded and any chance to make more money has to be grabbed.

This is the story of a very happy and traditional couple. They have always lived an idyllic life but recently it has got tough. The wife is the perfect housewife and has never needed to work. She tries to get employment but due to her lack of experience she has no luck. Her husband is a proud man though and he hates to see his wife go to interview after interview with no luck. Something has to be done.......

I have several ideas of how this could go...

1. Wife by night. Whore by day: Dressed in her pinny the wife waves her loyal and loving husband from the door. The smell of baking already present in their cosy little home. However when she watches his car turn the corner she rushes upstairs to change and prepare for client number one. Not Long later she answers the door dressed in PVC......

Its the contrast here that I would really like to show. She is normal when her husband is around but glamorous the rest of the time.

2. A problem shared is a problem halved: The loyal wife sees how tough it is for her husband and makes the ultimate sacrifice. She will let her husband sell her to friends and clients. She will do anything that will make them some extra money. But she wants him there with her......

However i think the wife will begin to enjoy having her husband watch as she gets pounded by a big black cock or his best friend...... Are those screams of pleasure really faked?

3. The Internet is for Porn: The couple learn about the internet and the power of the webcam. They start of slow and the wife does the odd striptease but soon she has loyal following. The demands and requests become kinkier and the wife finds she is enjoying it more and more. Soon she is not just doing webcam stuff but entire porn videos are being filmed with her as the star. Its not long before she is an internet sensation. And the "Housewife" is the most watched porn series on the internet!

I am thinking her loyal clients will be able to make requests and it will be interesting to see how crazy she goes.