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June 21, 2018, 01:39:37 AM

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Author Topic: A couple of random ideas {Seeking F}  (Read 245 times)

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Offline CeronTopic starter

A couple of random ideas {Seeking F}
« on: March 20, 2016, 07:35:57 PM »
Welcome into the realm of my twisted mind. Had a couple of ideas and will eventually throw them into my main plot thread but for the time being have a craving to do these so figured I would just post it into its own thread for now.  Also I lock the thread to keep it neat. If you are interested please PM

The first idea.
Title: Life in the big City {Heavy bondage to extreme depending on partner}

Pairings: MC Futa twins x Yc female

YC is fresh from some small mid west town to follow some big dream or maybe just got tired of the small town corn fed life style. Yc has a drop lined up as a waitress or some other minimum wage type job. Also before leaving YC was able to find a place renting a room from MC. Well actually I will be playing two characters twin Futas , which ofcourse YC doesn't know they are. Actually the only reason YC parents were even partially willing was because you were able to find a place with other females.

The first few days after moving as you get your room unpacked things are going good. Then the first day on the job YC gets fired for whatever reason <dropping to many plates, Perhaps YC quit cause the manager kept touching YC ass } So the twins offer you room and board in exchange for being their maid. The outfit they give you is to small, showing your assets but you take it not wanting to go home a failure. From there other things happen where you become further in debt to the twins and also their own life style starts to come into play. They party hard and a lot slowing bringing you into it as it starts with alcohol and things start to spiral from there. Soon they become more demanding of YC in what YC wears and the twins start to use your own actions as blackmail to your parents .

Well just basic ideas in that one , open to suggestions as well to help the plot along to go with the fun stuff.

2nd idea

Never take life to serious {Bondage up to extreme depending on partner}

Pairing: MC Dj (futa) x YC Promotor or bodyguard

Yc just hired by mine to fill an open position. Mc is starting to gain in popularity and following within the city she is working in but as YC quickly finds out she parties hard, fast just like the music she mixes. In this will the lure start to tempt YC, or perhaps its the excitement of the lifestyle. One thing YC notice is as hard as MC parties you do not see her with many people sexually.  Then one day you come to her apartment to make help get ready for the next gig when MC has you dress up in something she had picked. Then that becomes the norm. Yc starts to realize why Mc goes through so many before you but YC needs this job for whatever reason. so as the demands become more personal and controlling pulling YC deeper into the lifestyle Is she secretly enjoying it , willing or perhaps a few lessons might be in order.

Again willing to entertain thoughts on plots, desires within the r/p and such.

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