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Author Topic: Cravings Within This Hour. {Star Wars, Fate and More.} (M for Anyone)  (Read 891 times)

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I am comfortable writing as any gender against any gender and all of my stories can be played as such. Please view my O/O's but know that there is very little I do not like and if it would fit well into the story I'll write almost anything, it's all about if it makes sense and would add a delicious flavor. I have one concrete story idea and quite a bit of pairings I would love to flesh out, if you've read my O/O's and my previous posts and would like to discuss something please PM me.

Now onto themes, ideas and settings I enjoy but by no means require...

Transformation,   Clothing Control,   Orgasm and Arousal Control,  Corruption,  Aphrodisiacs and Drugs,   Bondage and Toys,   Action, Mystery and Suspense,
 Loyalty and it's Repercussions, Unseen Twists, Incest and Taboo,  Prostitution, Crime and it's Lifestyle and Repercussions,  Power Struggles and Shifts in Power,  Legalized Slavery

To Buy a Sibling - Incest/Prostitution/University Setting
tl;dr: YC is a university student desperately in need of money and finds a website where they make a sketchy but legal contract to give themselves as a slave for a period of time. MC is a professor at YC's university and has an add on the website for a year of service in exchange for the money YC needs plus change. However after the contract has been signed and they begin to get to know each other, YC finds out MC is their older brother they haven't seen since YC was young.

YC Finds themselves out of employment with the written two weeks warning that the small restaurant they worked at in the evenings and late hours between classes will be shutting down due to lack of popularity with the campus students. Thinking things would get no worse, when they return to their dorm room they receive a letter that states in a very matter of fact few lines that their tuition will be tripling in the next year. Faced with the fact that they still have two years left in school and were counting on barely being able to pay the next year they begin to look for alternative methods of employment.

A friend suggests to them that because they've always had an alluring beauty they should model or dance in the local gentlemen's club to pay for their inevitable crippling debt. With no parents left to loan them any money and the fact that they've been separated from their extended family for most of their life they begin to lose hope thinking it their only job. Deciding to dwell on it with a glass to their side and the soft glow of their laptop during the mid hours of the night they stumble across a website they had heard mentioned but never taken seriously.

Men and women alike post out contracts  for another of their interest to be taken for a period of time where they are shortly enslaved, giving their free time over to another for the written guarantee of cash up front. YC, having nothing better to do, clicks away at the possible contracts seeing most are simple transactions. One or two days of work for a week or two of pay given by contractors shelving their interests to be surely unleashed upon singing. At the first crack of dawn however, they find a contract for an entire year that would pay enough for their entire tuition throughout their education written by a professor at their very university. Pursuing the professor's profile they find him straightforward and honest in wanting a plaything and pet for a year and decide to meet to discuss payment and coffee at his house.

Things take a turn for the strange however after only a few hours of accepting the contract they find out the professor is actually their older brother, a person not seen since YC was barely old enough to remember his teenage grin and tear filled eyes when their parents split with no intention of ever seeing one another again.

Lot of places this could go. Do the two grow close in a romantic relationship even though YC is technically contracted as a slave in their free time? Does it grow darker, MC forcing interactions hidden in shadows on campus grounds and decides to try and break and abuse YC for the year long contract? I'd be interested in hearing what thoughts you have if you made it this far and are interested.

I would love to play out a game between a Magician and a Demon. Does the magician know what they are summoning, and are they powerful enough to keep it from destroying themselves? I can't see a demon being happy to be in the service of another, nor would I expect a happy ending, but a shorter story would be fun and if it ends up going long term somehow even better.

Star Wars games are always fun. A Sith Lord, tired of politics who throws himself to a far off world and plays the people there as pawns only to find someone worthy of their time. A bounty hunter being sent off on a difficult mission with the only one person they can actually trust being their contact once landing in a world where if either of them were found out everything would turn inward on them.

I love playing out incest stories, any and all kinds whether they're happy and romantic or dark and forceful or something in between. Uncle/Niece and Brother/Sister with the brother being older are all time favorites, but I'm more than open to others.

Playing in a world where slavery is legal and expected would be interesting. Having many slaves is thought of as a position of power and that your nobility could be questioned by how obedient your slaves presented themselves. You could have someone extremely rich with many slaves, or it could be a simple story between someone who chooses to buy a slave paired with someone who was coerced into it, knowing it was the best choice but wishes there was another way.

I also have a craving to play out a Vampire story, perhaps a vampire kidnaps a blood doll of his own only for them to find out that life within the walls they must not leave actually is a beautiful place. Or they hate it, rebel against it and attempt to escape only to be punished severely.

Elves are another favorite, the political intrigue, how haughty they are and how wise their words can be. Simple things like a Dark Elf against a Elf is always fun if their societies are forced to hate one another, or having an Elven Prince take an interest in an elf who has had their place in society taken from them and are about to be cast from society with warning of execution if they remove for the evil they have committed.

Lastly, a simple Master/Mistress and submissive story would be fun to write, though with how open ended it can be it'd be up to us to talk out how we wish it.

An unforeseen situation… An unexpected turn of events… In the face of those, you too will face your true self.
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Re: Cravings Within This Hour. {Star Wars, Fate and More.} (M for Anyone)
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2016, 12:00:43 AM »
Added two fleshed out ideas.

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Re: Cravings Within This Hour. {Star Wars, Fate and More.} (M for Anyone)
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2016, 12:43:39 AM »
Added To Buy a Sibling.

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Re: Cravings Within This Hour. {Star Wars, Fate and More.} (M for Anyone)
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2017, 11:53:23 PM »
Looking once again for another story to write. If you have an idea of your own and you think you would like to write together, please contact me.