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December 03, 2016, 03:46:00 AM

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Author Topic: Cravings Within This Hour. {Star Wars, Fate and More.} (M for Anyone)  (Read 402 times)

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I've added a few fleshed out ideas now after having let them roll around in my mind, let me know if you like them. I've been inactive for the past year due to spending time in the hospital, but I'm back and wanting to get into writing again and have been met by old friends who were more than happy to resume our games, and I thank them.

I am comfortable writing as any gender against any gender and all of my stories can be played as such.

Now onto themes, ideas and settings I enjoy but by no means require...

Transformation,   Clothing Control,   Orgasm and Arousal Control,  Corruption,  Aphrodisiacs and Drugs,   Bondage and Toys,   Action, Mystery and Suspense,
 Loyalty and it's Repercussions, Unseen Twists, Incest and Taboo,  Prostitution, Crime and it's Lifestyle and Repercussions,  Power Struggles and Shifts in Power,  Legalized Slavery

World's I would like to play within:

To Buy a Sibling - Incest/Prostitution/University Setting *Craving*
tl;dr: YC is a university student desperately in need of money and finds a website where they make a sketchy but legal contract to give themselves as a slave for a period of time. MC is a professor at YC's university and has an add on the website for a year of service in exchange for the money YC needs plus change. However after the contract has been signed and they begin to get to know each other, YC finds out MC is their older brother they haven't seen since YC was young.

YC Finds themselves out of employment with the written two weeks warning that the small restaurant they worked at in the evenings and late hours between classes will be shutting down due to lack of popularity with the campus students. Thinking things would get no worse, when they return to their dorm room they receive a letter that states in a very matter of fact few lines that their tuition will be tripling in the next year. Faced with the fact that they still have two years left in school and were counting on barely being able to pay the next year they begin to look for alternative methods of employment.

A friend suggests to them that because they've always had an alluring beauty they should model or dance in the local gentlemen's club to pay for their inevitable crippling debt. With no parents left to loan them any money and the fact that they've been separated from their extended family for most of their life they begin to lose hope thinking it their only job. Deciding to dwell on it with a glass to their side and the soft glow of their laptop during the mid hours of the night they stumble across a website they had heard mentioned but never taken seriously.

Men and women alike post out contracts  for another of their interest to be taken for a period of time where they are shortly enslaved, giving their free time over to another for the written guarantee of cash up front. YC, having nothing better to do, clicks away at the possible contracts seeing most are simple transactions. One or two days of work for a week or two of pay given by contractors shelving their interests to be surely unleashed upon singing. At the first crack of dawn however, they find a contract for an entire year that would pay enough for their entire tuition throughout their education written by a professor at their very university. Pursuing the professor's profile they find him straightforward and honest in wanting a plaything and pet for a year and decide to meet to discuss payment and coffee at his house.

Things take a turn for the strange however after only a few hours of accepting the contract they find out the professor is actually their older brother, a person not seen since YC was barely old enough to remember his teenage grin and tear filled eyes when their parents split with no intention of ever seeing one another again.

Lot of places this could go. Do the two grow close in a romantic relationship even though YC is technically contracted as a slave in their free time? Does it grow darker, MC forcing interactions hidden in shadows on campus grounds and decides to try and break and abuse YC for the year long contract? I'd be interested in hearing what thoughts you have if you made it this far and are interested.

The Game
The lights flickered within the room to reveal white washed walls on all sides. There were no windows, no sign of life apart from a pair of double doors for all of them to see. Their eyelids began to flutter awake as they attempted to move before feeling a clasp around their neck that restricted their movements.

"Welcome... To My Game." A voice spoke as they all stared confused. There were three other people in the room yet they did not know where they where or who the others were. "The four of you have been... Selected. You are the embodiment, the avatars of the Seven Sins.You have been chosen to play My Game." The robotic voice said over the speakers as they all looked around nervously.

"The game will begin and you will be released from your chains shortly. I will give you two pieces of advice... You must be either embrace your sins and walk out of here an avatar of your crimes, or you must cast aside your evil and walk from here a new person. Reborn from the flames of this test. This facility will test you, break you and birth you anew... Or you will break it, destroy it and walk from here a stronger person than ever.

The second piece of advice... Your safety and chance of escape relies in the three people around you. Do not trust in them for they are as wicked as you, but know that you must work with them if you are to leave.

I look forward to the show."

The simple synopsis of this is that there are four people trapped in a large underground facility, fit with white washed rooms and puzzles/tests littered around stopping their escape unless they work together or betray their companions. For this game I will say you have to be able to play multiple characters, or specifically, two characters. I envision four people in total, two males and two females.

These characters would all have their faults, their weaknesses and their vices. They are not the bottom barrel of society, but they have been chosen because they embody all of the seven sins in one way or another. Of course, each character would have one sin that they strongly focus on more than others.

This game would take a lot of discussion with my partner. How sexual would it be, how dark it would be and whether or not the characters attempt to escape peacefully as a group or betray the others and try to leave alone depends on us. I want this story to be an equal work between us, and be your story as much as mine. I do not mind which characters you wish to play, whether it's Both F's, Both M's or a mix of both, just that you understand that these characters are in their very nature, the essence of the seven sins and are being watched in this game because of it.

I have many ideas for tests, traps and possible scenarios that I will discuss with people who share interest.

Star Wars:

Seduced by the Force
Nar Shaada was a place of crime, lust, love and credits. For many it was the dream of dreams, a place for them to unwind after a long month of business or a place to unload and unwind after a big job. Rumors had spread in the past few years however of a Sith Lord who had taken up residence in a certain district and taken a tax on all business done in his sector. Spice, women, men or Pazzak. It didn't matter, you either paid the tax or you suffered the consequences.

The consequences were the important part: People started dying. Rogue agents who wanted to sell their spice, guys who wished to make some easy credits off their girl... It didn't matter. Soon enough, everything seemed peaceful as business went as usual, but the word was that you paid the tax or you felt the consequences. That was, until they showed up. They were new to the streets, headstrong and rough around the edges. They thought it was a simple turf war that could be settled with blasters and enough men. How wrong they were.

It didn't take long for them to earn the attention of the Sith Lord. Business was being cut, there was wars on the streets.. It was a royal mess. They expected a war, they expected an army. Instead they found an enemy they didn't stand a chance against. He cut them down like dogs against an army, one after another until the only person left drawing breath was Them.

The Sith moved to end their life and return the sector as theirs as he held a lightsaber to their throat... until they found Their power. They were oblivious of it, but they were Force Sensitive. Not only that, but they held great potential within the Force. It was then that the offer was made. "...Serve me until the end of your life and I will let you live. I will give you half of everything I have, but you will do anything and everything I say. I will take you as mine. I will take you as my apprentice."

For this game I'm looking for someone to play the ambitious crime lord opposite my Sith. They would be headstrong and used to the ways needed to survive on the streets and lead. However once under my Sith's control, he would use their body and resources for his own goal. It would not be a Non-Con story, but at first I could see that They would not enjoy what was being done to them. However with the offer of sheer power, of control and the tools to follow their dream they would obey.

Fetishes and the such would be talked about in PM's, but I can see a lot of things going on. Forced skimpy outfits, a BDSM relationship, darker elements of sensuality.. It's whatever we agree upon.

The Sith and the Jedi have been at war for so very long, and Jedi turning to the dark side is the greatest fear of the Order. However there are those Sith who seek redemption in the Jedi code and wish to find peace... yet can they be saved when faced with an old ally and are reminded of the only truth? Peace is a lie...

Credits are what matter, right? They pay your bills, pay for your gear and put a roof above your head. However if you're given a job that promises enough to retire on for the rest of your life on Nar Shadaa of all places... Just who are you hunting, and how deep does the hole go?

Being a slave is about as low as you can go on this shithole of a planet, but when a stranger offers to take you with them in exchange for your service the thought is at least tempting, right? They're even promising to teach you a few things and take you somewhere nice. How bad could it be?


Perhaps within Zero Ryuunosuke never reached his goal and ultimately met his end before events could unfold and another mage took his place within the summoning of Caster... Who would this mage be and what Noble Servant would be summoned to their aid?

Staying with Zero perhaps the Matou's were too slow and a rogue mage, so desperately needing power to fulfill a wish that only the Holy Grail could. They call forth a Heroic Spirit tainted in blood of the summoning to call Berserker... Would they be able to control a madman and achieve victory for the only thing that mattered to them with a new ally?

Does the English school of Magi decide that they will win the Holy Grail no matter what the cost and pull forth a plan to crush the Mage Houses once and for all? So much could be done...


Elder Scrolls

And more available upon request.

Now some simple pairings that I always enjoy...

Light Elf/Dark Elf

An unforeseen situation… An unexpected turn of events… In the face of those, you too will face your true self.
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Re: Cravings Within This Hour. {Star Wars, Fate and More.} (M for Anyone)
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Added two fleshed out ideas.

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Re: Cravings Within This Hour. {Star Wars, Fate and More.} (M for Anyone)
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Added To Buy a Sibling.