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Author Topic: The Writers Desk (Open)  (Read 2076 times)

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The Writers Desk (Open)
« on: March 18, 2016, 06:59:17 pm »
This is a new thread for me. I am going to go out on a limb here. I am only interested in playing the MALE role. Any person, of any gender, can play the FEMALE role.

Newer Plots can be found towards the bottom of this thread.

To start things off simply, here is a partial list of pairings, etc, that I may be interested in.


Husband/Wifes Sister [Wifes Mother]
Husband/Wifes Best Friend
Wife/Husbands Brother
Wife/Husbands Father
Wife/Husbands Best Friend
Wife/Husbands Boss


Boyfriend/Girlfriends Sister
Boyfriend/Girlfriends Mother
Boyfriend/Girlfriends Friends
Girlfriend/Boyfriends Brother
Girlfriend/Boyfriends Father
Girlfriend/Boyfriends Friends

Friend/Friends Sibling
Friend/Friends Parent





Nerd/Popular Person
Hot Nerd/Bestfriend

Neighbor/Neighbors Daughter
Neighbor/Neighbors Son
Neighbor/Neighbors Wife
Neighbor/Neighbors Husband

Pornstar/Neighbors Daughter
Pornstar/Neighbors Son
Pornstar/Daughters Friends
Pornstar/Sons Friends

Teacher/Students Parent



Father/Daughters Friend(s)
Mother/Sons Friend(s)




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Re: The Writers Desk (Open)
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2016, 07:16:13 pm »
Fantasy Ideas

The Warrior and the Boy ~ Richard had tended to the travelers horses before following them inside. The hour was late but the Inn was mostly empty. Richard noted their dark garb and cloaks and how they seemed to huddle together as they ate their meal, in deep discussion. His parents seemed nervous around the men which set Richard on edge. He wasn't sure who they were but the man with the scar on his face sent chills down his spine every time their eyes met. If there was one thing Richard knew it was a bad man when he saw one. There was nothing good about the five men that had arrived at such a late hour.

Richard made his way back out to the barn and settled down in some hay, soon drifting off to sleep as he was no longer needed in the tavern. He was awoken by voices a short time later and the bustle of horses being prepared to ride. He was about to make his presence known when he heard the snippets of conversation. His eyes went wide at what he heard and he swallowed the lump in his throat. He started to move away from the front of the barn but a treacherous floorboard creaked under his weight.

Forced out of hiding, he approached the men who had drawn swords. He saw murder in their eyes - they could not risk what he had heard being passed on to someone else and Richard knew. As fast as he could, he rushed past them and out of the barn, heading for the Inn. A few seconds later, something sharp thudded into the back of his shoulder, sending him spinning to the ground. He could hardly breath as the burning pain shot through his body. Even as he struggled to remain conscious, he saw the fire start at the Inn then the barn, followed by the clop of hooves as the riders made off, leaving him for dead. Darkness soon took Richard.

She was hot on their trail and she knew it. The man that had killed her family when she was a child was perhaps a days ride ahead of her, not knowing that she was following. She had come along way since that fateful night, learning how to kill, now dressed in blood read leather armor to better mask the blood that often splattered on her - during combat or assassinations. It was a signature, of a sorts. She rode her horse, the smoke on the horizon her only guide.

She soon came upon the still burning Inn and Barn though much of it had collapsed. Hoof prints were easy to follow, trampled into the grass, but where there had been two sets there were now 5 - three more men to kill, she thought. Movement in the grass caught her eye and she found the form of a boy, the black shaft of an arrow protruding from his back. He was close to death and she knew she could not leave him to die. No, it was not in her nature. She would have to remove the arrow and stop the bleeding, making sure he would not die before she could move on. She cursed her morals, her upbringing, but quickly came to his side, wincing at the amount of blood that had soaked through his shirt, knowing that the barbed arrowhead on the other side had probably done more damage than she could heal.

The Western Lands ~ Konrad both coughed and gagged until he expelled all the salt water from his lungs and stomachs. His abdominal spasms didn't cease until his stomach had been emptied onto the beach before him. Only then was he able to breath with some semblance of normalcy.

He hurt all over, like he had been beaten every which way - which wasn't too far from the truth. The storm had come out of nowhere, so violent that it had torn the sails and a mast from the ship before they could be drawn. A nightmare had ensued and Konrad had certainly been beaten and battered as the ship was tossed side to side. He didn't remember much more then that, other then waking up a few moments again on solid land. LAND!

He looked up, astonished at the sight that lay before him. As long as they hadn't been blown back to their homeshores, they had finally found the fabled lands. If he wasn't the only survivor. Or had a ship to get him home. He slumped back to the wet sand in defeat.

Breeding for the Kingdom ~ The King and Queen are childless. All remedies are not working and the King is pushing 50 years old now. He has brought peace and prosperity to the realm since he took over at the age of 22 and while he is praised for that, he knows about the whispers behind his back, that he hasn't produced an heir, that his wife is barren. That he is barren. In a bid to disprove these whispers, and in order to produce an heir, the King has decided to take a mistress.

Details on who she is and her relation to him are to be discussed. However, she will be beautiful and in the 16 - 18 age range. She is a virgin and pure,  though is not unfamiliar with sexual acts. The King will take her, multiple times, and perhaps prefer her to his own wife. Exact details are to be worked out, but will involve impregnation at some point - and possible an affair for the Queen as well.
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Re: The Writers Desk (Open)
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2016, 07:16:21 pm »
Modern Ideas

Taking the Babysitter Andrew would be lying if he said his marriage was perfect. It certainly was not. Certainly not recently. He barely had sex with his wife anymore. She was always too tired. She was working later nights at the office or going away on business trips. Andrew was starting to think that she might be having an affair with someone at work. He could manage though - they had a pretty good babysitter they had been using for the last year and she was working out fine.

Until she told him she was headed off to college and couldn't babysit for them anymore. Andrew quickly went about searching for a new babysitter but luckily he found one in the girls younger sister. And Richard had to admit that her sister was smoking hot. She was unbelievably attractive and she knew it. She was overly sexual without even trying. And there seemed to be an instant connection between the two of them. How long before the growing sexual tension would become too much to resist?

The Rape of His Cousin ~ Andrew had a key to his cousins house. They lived in the same area, both in their early 20's and fresh from college. Andrew had long had a crush on her. She had always tried to play off the nerdy side of things, covering what he knew to be a beautiful up in unflattering clothing. She never had steady boyfriends either though he didn't know why. Lately, his lust had become too much and he decided to do something about it.

Wearing a ski-mask, he waited in view of her secluded home. He was glad for that. It would make things much easier. He waited for the lights to go off and waited even longer for her to fall asleep. Silently, he crept to her front door and opened it with the key. Maintaining silence, he moved upstairs and to her room, finding her fast asleep. He set his bag down and pulled out some rope.

B(l)ack in Action ~ Jamal lived up to all the hype about BBC - Big Black Cocks. Attractive and fit, his BBC was easily 12 inches long. Girls were either terrified of it or saw it as a challenge. And he loved the attention he got once the cat was out of the bag. White girls, Asian Girls, Hispanic Girls, Black Girls - they all wanted a piece of Jamals Snake. Even some of his teachers, too, once they learned he lived up to the stereotype. It was a no brainer for him to get involved in Porn and by doing so, it paid his way through college.

Jamal lived the high-life for many years before getting out of the industry and making an honest living, where he met his wife he was unaware of his past. Jamal is now in his late 40's and has a college aged daughter. Her friends have always flirted with him and one of the more adventurous of her friends has just discovered his porn-past. She can't get the pictures - or videos - out of her head and knows that she wants to take on his Snake, nor is she afraid to film it and share it with her friends. Jamals wife has always been intimidated by his size and its been a while since they have had sex. Will Jamal be able to keep his past quiet? Or will he have to do what his daughters friends want him to do? [Looking for College-Aged Girls of various races for this one.]
Jamal and the White Girl - Open
Jamal and the Asian Girl - Open
Jamal and the Latino Girl - Open
Jamal and the Black Girl - Open

Breeding the Wife ~ James and Sarah are happily married. Almost. They've been trying to have a baby for the better part of a year now. They've done all sorts of tests and treatments but nothing is working. They've just discovered why - James is infertile. Nevertheless, James still wants them to have a baby. But he doesn't want a surrogate or anonymous sperm donater either. He only believes in conceiving the 'natural' way. After discussing it for some time, they agree to ask their friend (Either James's Brother or Best Friend) to do them a favor and get Sarah pregnant.

Hesitant and unsure that this is the right way to do it, Sarah finds that there is an instant spark with the Stud who is impregnating her, enjoying every session they have together - and doing a whole lot more behind her husbands back.

The Teachers Pet ~ Ashwood Academy was a very prestigious all-girls boarding school. It was taught by an all-male staff, who ranged in age from 24 - to - 60, all highly regarded peers in their subjects. The girls, of course, got a very thorough, well rounded education. But like most places, Ashwood had a very dark, well kept secret.

One Girl, from every year was selected to become the teachers pet. It usually started with a seduction - either the student or the teacher - leading to a forbidden romance on the campus. She was soon made into the teachers sex slave, forced into submission - or showing it naturally - before she was shared with the other teachers. Holidays or special events would often result in an all-night orgy with the girls, taken by multiple men (both individually and at the same time) throughout the course of the night.

The girls were rewarded well, giving high marks and lots of praise, often attaining acceptance to the best colleges in the world.

Sharing the Wife ~ James and Sarah were happily married and had a good life. The sex was great and they rarely had fights. Sarah, it turned out, was turning into a natural submissive as she became more comfortable with herself and her role in life. James found her beautiful everyday and knew that by the way other men looked at her that he wasn't the only one. James was also the kinkier of the two in the bedroom but his greatest desire was to share his wife - to see her with other men, or to hear about what she did with them.

He brings it up with her and though reluctant, she agrees to it since she knows it will make her husband happy. James invites his best-man over for some drinks, knowing that he has a crush on his wife, slowly encouraging him to hit on his wife and pursue it, before watching his wife have sex with another man for the first. [Further details are to be discussed with interested players]
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Re: The Writers Desk (Open)
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2016, 07:16:30 pm »
The Party - Father enters daughters room after orgy party and makes her his sub.

A father [MC] and daughter [YC] have a fairly good life in a large house, with the father being paid quite a large amount for his job. As they have lived on their own since she was a baby, they've grown quite close - enough that the father respects the daughters decisions, no matter what they are; so long as he doesn't find out about anything that happens in the bedroom, so long as she wears protection. Deciding to have a large birthday party, she invites schoolmates, friends, and people she enjoys spending time with, and as the party progresses, it gets more and more adult - with her father having already gone to bed, not wanting to be one of those overbearing parents - the party turning into more or less an orgy (or something of the sort). The party ends up with her being handcuffed/tied to the bed, at some point a blindfold being added. She falls asleep as the party is winding down, and the party-goers leave (including her boyfriend, if she has one). The next morning - father expecting the large party to have had at least some alcohol, and enters her room. Seeing no empty beer cans or bottles of drink, he turns to leave before seeing her tied up to the bed, the sheets pulled down to her hips, revealing everything above her hips to him.

The Dating GameFather interviews sons girlfriends and scares them off or solicits them, scaring them off, until his current girlfriend who plays along.

A father [Player A] happens to be rather wealthy - I originally assumed this would be from some international multi-billion dollar technology firm, but he could just as easily be a mob boss, or something. I suppose, he doesn't even have to be rich, but it helps the idea a little - wealthy enough that the idea of needing to have a talk with his son's girlfriends wouldn't seem too out of place for security risks. The son wouldn't have ever been let in on the informal interviews, but the girlfriends wouldn't ever have stayed with his son long after, and neither would they ever have given any real reason why, neither would they ever have divulged what went on in the interview, so the son wasn't ever aware that the father was soliciting the girlfriends. I imagine the interviews would start off innocent enough - generic questions about the person, slowly elevating into more private and personal matters, eventually with him asking her to do specific things right there. Eventually though, the son brings home a new girlfriend [Player B], who goes through with the interview and comes out of it with even more of an interest in keeping the relationship alive.

Once a slave, always a Slave Daughter is kidnapped, and father finds her being sold on the slave market years later.

The infant daughter [Player A] of a wealthy and successful businessman [Player B] would be kidnapped. The police are called upon in an attempt to search for the child, despite their assumption that the kidnappers want money. When no ransom note appears, the police step up the search, calling upon the local community and spending hundreds of man hours searching for the daughter. With not one scrap of evidence, the cost of searching begins to vastly outweigh the possibility of finding anyone, and the searches are reduced before stopping completely. Not satisfied with this, the businessman hires some private investigators to try and track her down, but as the years wear on, even he begins to lose hope of her still being alive, and eventually even he calls off the search.

More years pass before one of the investigators contacts him, letting the father know that he is fairly certain he found the daughter being sold in a slave marketplace.
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Seeking a Harem
« Reply #4 on: April 07, 2016, 05:23:21 pm »

I am seeking a person to play multiple characters in a 'harem' for me.

The general idea would compromise of this:

Older Male + 3 - 5 Females between the Ages of 16 - 21

This could be a Father/Daughter(s) + Friends, or Teacher/Students, or Older Man/Neighborhood girls etc. Quite open really.
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Re: The Writers Desk (Open)
« Reply #5 on: April 17, 2016, 12:37:29 pm »
The Three Stepdaughters Three sisters all have desires to be with the stepdad and go about sleeping with him behind their mothers back.

Daughter 1 - Daughter 1 and her Stepfather have always gotten along extremely well with innocent flirting involved
Daughter 2 - Daughter 2 has discovered her Stepfathers Porn-Past and is interested getting into the business herself
Daughter 3 - Daughter 3 has a BDSM fetish and goes to her Stepfather soon discovers this.

Ages for the 3 characters are negotiable, along with all involved kinks and play.
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Re: The Writers Desk (Open)
« Reply #6 on: April 23, 2016, 11:42:34 am »
Seven Minutes in Heaven - A Guy and a Girl play Seven Minutes in Heaven at a party.

As the title states, I want a 'Seven Minutes in Heaven' encounter. I can play the guy one of several ways and here are suggestions for the girls:

Girl 1: The popular/hot girl
Girl 2: The Wallflower/Nerdy girl
Girl 3: His Bestfriend since Childhood
Girl 4: The Goth Girl
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Re: The Writers Desk (Open)
« Reply #7 on: April 25, 2016, 08:45:18 am »
CRAVING is still open, along with a new idea.

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Re: The Writers Desk (Open)
« Reply #8 on: April 27, 2016, 08:05:07 am »
Added 'Seven Minutes in Heaven'