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December 14, 2018, 10:54:12 AM

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Author Topic: my story....was not sure what to name it.  (Read 1278 times)

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Offline shashaTopic starter

my story....was not sure what to name it.
« on: March 17, 2016, 11:08:36 PM »
The sky was ablaze with flames, it was night time, but the fire roared through the sky brightening the world up making it look more like dusk then night time. I was one of the few lucky ones, my Master and Mistress left the window opened and I was able to jump out it before the fire got really going around the houses and tree's. As I run down the street, I see others running to, but not all of us are lucky. Some of us are locked in our Masters or Mistresses houses, with now way out, others of us are chained or locked up. 

As I get about two blocks down I see Duke, I always liked Duke, I call out to him but he keeps running, with all the other's calling out he, don't hear me,  I go to run across the street but a car comes screeching around the corner, I barely get to  run back to the side way where I was just at. As the car goes by and I look up Duke is gone, this time I look both way's to make sure it is clear. I run across the street as fast as I can.

Al I look down both sides of the street not seeing Duke, My instincts tell me that he went behind the houses through the back yard, I run that way, the fence as a small link fence not very tall I leap the fence with ease. as I run through back yard I can hear in the house cries for help, but I can't help them, I don't know how to help them. I leap the other side of the fence, this I land in as no fences on the other side so I run I see Duke up a head I call out to him but he still don't hear me.

As we cross the into the next yard, this yard as a big fence of wood, as I near I try to run faster knowing I will need the speed.  I see Duke up ahead I watch as he leaps the fence up ahead. I watch as his muscles in his shoulders ripple and flex as he goes up and over the fence, the way his back bends and arcs, and all of them really nice muscles flex down to his stomach and legs.  As I see him leap the fence with ease, as I get closer I jump, I am not sure if I just to late or just not high enough but I smack right into the fence, as I hit the ground the wind gets knock out of me for a few second.

As I lay on the ground feeling a sharp pain in my right legs and chest I notice the sky is getting dark again, and the smoke is getting thicker, I get up with a small yelp. I look at the fence and decide I won't be able to get over this one, I start to run along the fence hoping for a hole I can get through, no luck. As I go round to the side of the fence and run along the side still no holes in it. I do see a crack and stop to look through it I don't see him. I keep running I have to go through several yards and make my way back to the side way.

A run a few more blocks when I see Duke again, it looks like he meet up with Angie, she a tramp that runs through the street at all days and nights, her Master never keeps her lock in or chained, but he also never loves on her, and barely even gives her food or water, but I don't feel sorry for her, part of it is I don't really like her that much, and she always goes back to him.  She could find a new Master. it seems  like they stopped running to talk, this give me the chance to get caught up.

As I get closer I call out to him again this time he hears me and turns, it takes him a few seconds to see me but once he does he runs towards me, we great for a minute or so.   Angie ask "where is it safe?"
I just look at her, part of me don't want her to go with us, maybe I am a bit jealous. the other part of me as no idea where it is safe so I can't answer,.  Duke looks around then say, "out of the city" 

We start running towards the outskirts of the city, we mostly try to stay by the side of the houses away from the roads. As we travel through the city we see a lot of carnage and screams of pain. we run we see others like us dead, we see Masters and Mistresses dead on the ground some look like they died from being burned others I can not tell from what. as we run for a long time, Duke stops at a fire Hydrant, the water is gushing out of it, it looks like a car crashed into it then bounced off and crashed into the side of a building. The water is fresh, cool and crisp, it taste like heaven. we drink and rest for a little bit. Then we start running to the forest. we run for a long time.

As we near the outskirts of the city Angie stops, she is gasping and heaving, Duke stops to check on her, I Keep moving, I slow my pace, but I know that Duke and Angie are faster then me and they will catch up.  I am not sure how much longer we travel, but I finally get to the forest, I slow to a walk and look for a place to rest, up ahead I smell water, so I travel that way, before I get to the small river, Duke and Angie catch up to me. We drink from the water, it was a small burnt taste to it, after we drink some we hug and kiss in excitement and celebration that we made it to the safe place.

When we calm down we all lay by each other by the river.  my tongue burns and aches, my legs are on fire. Angie falls asleep first then I am not sure if it was me or Duke next but we both fall asleep laying against each other.  I am not sure how long I was asleep before but I wake to the sound of whistling, the  same whistling I hear before the Sky was on fire. I Stand up fast and start to yell for the other to to get up. They where already getting up as they heard it to.  As we get up we look around to see where we need to go. we hear the loud bombing sounds like before but they sound closer.

Duke takes off running, Angie and I start to fellow. not sure where we are going, but we are heading deeper into the wildness.  The whistling noise gets louder, my ears start to ring and hurt, Angie yelps out several times,  we keep running but the noise makes it hard to concentrate on anything, I feel the temperature raise, as I look back I see........

Hi am Nancy Smith reporting from London England, this is the BBC update on the bombing of United States of America, we just got word that the second bomb strike it the New York Central park, killing thousand of people and 10,000's of wildlife and family pets that was trying to found safety....

We will report any further updates when we get a confirmation, on the carnage and how many survived the attack.

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Re: my story....was not sure what to name it.
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2016, 11:23:44 AM »
So well written