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Author Topic: Folie deux (FxM and MxM)(lit/long term)(Very dark RP wanted)RETURN  (Read 2435 times)

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Offline ZellaTopic starter

So i've had a habit of dropping off of here due to RL. Its settled down finally but to keep myself from spinning out I'm limiting myself to only three roleplays.

Roleplay 1: OPEN
Roleplay 2: OPEN
Roleplay 3: OPEN

With that aside lets get to the fun stuff.

Hello! Thank you for checking out my thread.
Just a warning. I am currently Searching
for RP with Very dark themes

My Roleplay stats
High Literate (If you get to know me you'll find that works on two levels!)
RL age: 26
Post length: Prefers at least five paragraphs but can change depending on partner
Viewpoint: 3rd person
Genders played: Female and Male
Sexuality Played: Any
Ages played: Any (Preferred younger)
Mediums for RP: Preferred private threads (Will do PM's and Emails if needed.) Will also settle for Discord.
Role: Switch (I Like to scrap!)
Note: You are a fantastic person if you send something like this (above) to me if you choose to PM me!

The ability and willingness to write descriptive posts with a good amount of content. (I can mirror posts for the most part and can make my posts smaller. However I would really enjoy someone willing to reach the 5 paragraph mark. Don't be afraid! Challenge yourself!).

Active roleplayers who could post a few times a week. (Im open to discussion so if you can only post less then that just let me know.)

Friendly and willing to communicate OOCly. To aid story/world building and maintain an actively flowing story. I would prefer someone who is willing to keep an open communication with me. (For example, informing me if you will not be posting for some time. Speaking up if there is something in the story they are not enjoying and being willing to problem solve!).

An open mind to the direction of your characters and mine. Never holding the actions of my characters against me OOCly. (I would enjoy a long term roleplay that could span generations, someone who is willing to kill off characters and create new characters would be very appreciated.)

Someone who takes pride in their posts and content. (While I'm not actually going to turn down someone who doesn't make pretty layouts. I personally put a lot of thought into how my posts are both written and presented and would love someone like minded.)

Someone who can enjoy a deeper storyline that is not completely based around sex and is willing to invest into a possibly long time roleplay with a continuously growing world. I would love to find someone to really create a world with that many roleplays could take place in. (Sexual content is assured!)

Someone willing to play multiple characters and someone who is willing to lose their characters throughout a story or take on new ones. (Even better if you play 'Dominate and submissive', 'males and females' or 'Straight, Gay, Bisexual' of course any combination of these are welcome)

A creative and somewhat confident roleplay partner who wants to direct our story as well. (Not just someone who wants me to direct, I mean I love directing but I really want that collaboration feel)

Someone who can appreciate a slower pace of story but more so someone who values drawn out sexual tension! (because seriously, its the best!)

Someone who is also interested in exploring stories that are Dark/Violent/Intense. (I'm suuuure you're out there somewhere!)

Someone who will challenge me and make me think. I enjoy surprise twists and turns, sudden battles and terrible things happening. I absolutely adore problem solving in roleplay and really want someone who's not afraid to be challenged or challenge me.

Someone that can handle and enjoys written Drama.

Of course all of these things I promise in return. I'm pretty fanatic about roleplaying and like to conduct myself in a polite and agreeable manner!

Everything I have is open to your own influence. That is important to me!

Craving: violence, Horror, 'My own Micky Knox', Villains, psychopaths, abuse, drama, Being drugged, MxM versions of my plots!, Mid sci fi

CREATE A GOD DAMN WORLD WITH ME! - Throw yourself in for the long haul and make a friend for life as we embark on creating a world as we play along in it! Not for the faint of hearted but rewarding!

Note: Most of my stories suit a MxF and a MxM pairing, Despite the gender tense that the concept is written in. I will put some kind of indication on each plot idea, just to keep that clear!

Sexualities: MxF only! (For kind of obvious reasons)
Settings: Medieval/Historical/Fantasy(any kind)
Themes: Crossdressing(Female as male)/Slow building sexual tension/Heavy plot/Drama/Adventure/Action/Intrigue/Mystery/Romance
Concept: A Knight(Adventurer/fighter/Mage/Blacksmith/ect)(YC) finds himself responsible for a young 'boy'(MC) who wants to be trained by him. However It is not really a young boy at all. In fact the annoying scrapper is a girl, pretending to be a boy. The two of them struggle with their own secrets, their secret attractions and her secret true sex. As well as general trials of life as an adventure/whatever they are doing.


(YC) is an esteemed an valued commander in an army deeply seeped in war. A new wave of recrutes brings (YC) a collection of fit young soldiers, however one sticks out among the others. (MC) is smaller then the other recrutes, less skilled and slow to learning. (MC) is a young 'man' falling behind the rest of the recites and  (YC) gains an interest (either out of annoyance, strictness or kindness) in finding out why.

Little does (YC) know the reason could be that (MC) is not a young man at all but instead a young woman, disguising herself as a man in order to join the ranks and fight for her people. Can he help her? And uncover her secret and can she learn from him, while keeping her secret hidden?


(YC) Is a well off business owner in a wealthy kingdom that treats woman as objects, with very little rights and reguard. (YC) takes on an apprentice (MC), eager to learn his craft, a young and pretty boy who in reality is actually a woman. It is unheard of for woman to learn any trade or 'Man's craft' and (MC) must do all 'she' can to hide her true gender, even as the two of them grow closer and get to know one another better. (YC) must fight the nagging realization in the back of his mind that he is attracted to this 'young man' and try to uncover what it is that makes 'Him' so undeniable and desirable.

Note: This roleplay is centered on a slow burn of sexual tension and confusion, if you're not open to a bit of 'Oh my god i think I'm gay, Hooray I'm not actually gay 'tension'' and incidents like that, probably don't bother with this one.

The Apprentice
The Apprentice
Sexualities: MxF and MxM
Setting: Modern/Sci fi/Cyberpunk
Themes: 'Supervillain/vigilante/Dark/Drama/Adventure/Romance/Abuse/Violence/Action/Non con/Training/Teaching/Conflict/Crime
Concept: Two worlds collide, leading a down right evil mercenary/Assassin(YC) to meet a smart tongued streetrat(MC). Seeing potential for a 'partner/apprentice' in her he takes to training her in the only way he knows how by the cruel force that he himself had, had to endure to get to where he was.

Notes: Don't bother with this if the idea of beating me senseless/physically, mentally (annd sexually) abusing my character doesn't 100% appeal to you

Bigger Threat
Bigger threat
Sexualities: MxF and MxM
Setting: Fantasy(Medieval high fantasy)
Themes: War/Intrigue/Interracial/Combat/Romance/Violence/Non con/Dark/Action
Concept: Two races have been fighting a war for generations over territory within the lush forest they both reside in. Two enemies (MC and YC) come together by chance, first fighting each other to near death only to discover a greater threat marching on both their sides them. Can they heal the wounds of war and hate and join both their people together to face the greater threat?

Notes: I would like this to be a little more slow paced in the long term, however I would enjoy if our characters could begin very rough, with fighting, potential rape and find romance whilst trying to save both their people. political themes and intrigue are my goal here, managing to balance both a lot of conversation with bursts of intense, action scenes.

Forced Prostitution
Seriously craving
Forced prostitution
Sexualities: MxF and MxM
Setting: Modern(Any)/Hystorical(Any)/Fantasy(Any)/Just Any
Themes: Higher level of sex/Dark/Drama/Twisted/intruige/Abuse/Violence/Humiliation/Posession/Underworld/Crime/Romance/non con
Concept: Either taken prisoner or just an unfortunate half of a pair (MC) Is forced into prostitution at the hand of another (Yc) together they traverse the troubles of the shadey life of the sex trade and other general dark professions.

Notes: I have Ideas for literally any setting whatsoever and this plot, seriously it works with anything and everything!

Seriously open to any kind of input into this!

really want people who are willing to play multiple characters and are willing to breeze in NPCs to act as clients, allowing for the explorations of many pairings and kinks! While naturally i anticipate this plot having a high amount of sex, I would prefer someone willing to also focus on drama and world/story/Relationship building.

*Please Consult 'Pimp'n'Fae' For a Modern Fantasy version of this concept!*

Heroes and Villains
Seriously craving
Heroes and villains
Sexualities: MxF and MxM
Setting: Modern/Futuristic/Marvel universe/DC universe
Themes: Superheros/super villain/anti heroes/romance/violence/drama/action/Abuse/Crime/EPIC[/b]
Please note! I don't  play Cannon characters and would prefer if we made all our own characters
Concept: Two flavors of this!

The first involves (MC) becoming involved with (YC) who is a superhero. The story centers around their relationship but also the dangers they put one another in by being involved together. He forces her to either keep their relationship secret or put her identity and herself in constant danger and the impact that has on them both. It would involve us playing various other heroes and villains is all. (I'll quickly stress that these would all be our creations and not cannon characters.) the idea being giving ourselves many awesome, intense and terrifying villains and characters in general to interact with and impact upon us.

The other (and my preferred one) Is a similar concept except (YC) is a super villain type character and MC would be either a villain as well, a victim that is captured by (YC) and ultimately succumbs to him and Stockholm (my preferred route) or is unaware of (YC's) super villainnry (less preferred but i think something cool could be done with it.) In this version we would make superheroes to be our challenges, as well as the law and morality in general.

Alternative: (YC) is a well known superhero, practiced in his craft and revered by the world. He acquires himself a spunky, young sidekick (MC) who embodies all he wants in a sidekick. However there is more. He cannot deny his attraction to her, despite how poorly acting upon it would reflect for him. He has to deal with training her, protecting her and desiring her. All the while always trying to do the right thing. Can he?

Notes: Anything and everything action packed, riddled with drama, violent and 'super themed  I really want to make this dark and edgy 'batman' edgy if you will. Is soooo welcome.

I can accept cannon npcs so we could potentially play in both the DC or Marvel universes. However primarily i would want the stories focus to be on OC characters.

Sexualities: MxF and MxM
Setting: Modern/future/post apocalyptic
Themes: Horror/Violence/survival/drama/thriller/romance/abuse/action/non-con
Concept: Two people meet on the fringe of the apocalypse, a virus has broken out, turning the dead into ravenous, flesh hungry beasts. Together YC and MC try to survive the new dangerous and hellish landscape, plagued by the undead and various living villains of our design, whilst trying to find a safe place to take refuge in and having to do things they never thought they would have to do


Its three years(timeline open to input) after the virus broke out, that turned the dead into a ravenous hoard. Most of the population has been wiped out and the zombie population has dwindled some. Those who are left are trying to rebuild some kind of civilization. Zombies are a threat still but perhaps not the greatest, a host of villains and madman will challenge (MC’s and YC’s) rebuilt quality of life, forcing them and whoever is with them to defend themselves.

Note: Happy with any kind of Horror Zombie story about survival, don't be shy about approaching me with ideas! I love the idea of taking tackier stories like this and writing them in intelligent and engaging ways!

An apocalypse
An apocalypse
Sexualities: MxF and MxM
Setting: Apocalyptic(Futuristic)
Themes: Violence/survival/Romance/Abuse/Non Con/Action/Dark 
Concept: (An amount of years) after an natural/nuclear Apocalypse, the remains of the human race have rebuilt a world far different from how it once was. Low on technologies and resources the world is a harsh, cutthroat place for those who remain. Together (MC and YC) Encounter one another and from there try to brave the harsh lands and those who dwell in them together. Can they truly be of help to one another or will cruelty rule them in the end as well?

Notes: Really up for influence on this idea as it is pretty fresh. Its inspired by things like 'Mad max' and its that kind of really harsh world I would love to play in.

Cold Blooded Killers
Seriously craving
Cold blooded killers
Sexualities: MxF only
Setting: Modern/Historical/Fantasy
Themes: Horror/Violence/Mental abuse/Physical abuse/Romance/Stockholm syndrome/action/Twisted/Dark/Murder/Crime/Antisocial behavior
Concept: YC is a cold blooded killer who has began a cross country killing spree. By chance he encounters MC along his way and instead of killing her decides to kidnap her and keep her as a companion. Together they travel a trip of pure psychotic violence, murder and abuse, his obsession with her puts them both at great risk and her weaknesses can serve as both a help and burden to him as they try and avoid capture.


It began as a joke really. She was someone to lure in, someone to sleep with. She was someone to pass the very few lonely moments of the day. However she became more. Despite not wanting to have created 'ties' to a woman. (YC) has grown use to and comfortable with his girlfriend (MC's) presence in his life. It began with the cooking, the cleaning, giving him more time to himself, for what he enjoyed and his 'secret' Bobbie. But became so much more, someone to vouch for him, an alibi, someone to worship and adore him. However as they've grown closer, things have gotten harder for (YC)

In a city of millions, he is one, one who takes pleasure in killing others. His habit is still somewhat new, beginning only a short time before he me her (MC) but now that his victim's list is building and his hunger for violence is only growing more and more insatiable. He is faced with the question of weather he should move his relationship forwards, continuing to hide his secret, or... to truely exude his confidence and pier and bring his 'beloved' into his world of twisted murder as well.

Notes: This is seriously dark and violent, unless you're cool with killing a lot of NPC's and playing the kind of character who's 'into' that, this probably is not for you.

Sexualities: MxF only
Setting: Fantasy(Modern)/Fantasy(any)
Themes: Higher level of sex/Dark/Drama/Twisted/intrigue/Abuse/Violence/Humiliation/Possessive behavior/Underworld/Crime/Romance/Comedy
Concept: (YC) A young, homeless burnout happens upon a strange young woman one night. (MC) He befriends her, captured by her beauty and upbeat attitude. The two of them quickly become best friends and tha'ts when he begins to notice that something is a little off about her. One night he is offered an offer he can’t refuse and agree’s to sell her off for some ‘fun’ to a group of interested men. He tricks her into allowing the men to have their way with her, collecting his payment and his battered and bruised friend afterwards. He feels guilty for taking advantage of her naivety and swears never to do such a thing to her again however she reveals to him an ability to heal faster then a normal person and a very strange understanding of the concept and of the world of sex. She offers to help him by ‘working’ for him and the two of them begin their business venture. Not only is YC new to the world of crime and sex trafficking, he also becomes aware of the mystical world of the fae and the supernatural that live among the humans. Together they try to dodge the troubles of both worlds in hopes of raising to the top.

Note: Please ask me more about the kind of 'Fae' I would be playing before disregarding this. They are not little winged people and they are not little mary sues.

Again I like the idea of both of us playing NPC clients to shake up smut throughout the story and explore different pairings/races/kinks

Wooing the undead
Wooing the undeadSeriously craving
Sexualities: MxF only
Setting: Fantasy(any)
Themes: Dark/Drama/Adventure/Romance/Violence/Action/Abuse/Dark/Magic/Emotional/Adventure
Concept: An undead lich (Or whatever really as long as its 'Undead')(YC) is tracked down to the ruins he inhabits by a woman who he had once adopted for a short time back when she was a child.(MC) She is starry eyed in her adoration of him and the memory of him, despite his undead state and an assumed inability to love or feel much of anything in return and eagerly endeavors to not only make him feel something, but also to feel something for her.


In a dark forest, described by locals and myths as 'evil' right in the center is a large cult of necromancers, working together to build an army of undead, so large that it will threaten to devour the world, it is only a matter of time. However a strange thing, a stroke if weird magic has lead to something incredible. One of the undead minions (YC) seemingly awoke one day, whilst standing in the ranks of his undead brothers, to realize that he was suddenly... more aware than he should be. With a newly developed free will (YC) sneaks out of the undead hoard and ventures off on his own, intent on leaving the forest and 'seeing' the world.

A young witch (MC), the daughter of a high witch who's coven in located on one of the outer edges of the dark forest is kidnapped by one of the dark creatures that lurk within the forest and carried in deeper where she would be imprisoned or worse killed. The same creatures, happen upon the 'newly awoken' undead (YC) and obtain him as well. Fate brings (MC) and (YC) together and when (YC) escapes, he is forced to help the young witch escape as well. Together they endeavor to escape the forest as (YC) has to deal with memories and feelings from his old life and the strange fact that this witch seems to 'make him feel more alive'

Notes:I'm a little picky about the degree of 'undead' that I want. So I really would like to discus YC's appearance!

The Avatar of Madness
The Avatar of MadnessSeriously craving
Sexualities: MxF or MxM
Setting: Fantasy(any)
Themes: Religion/Cults/Dark/Drama/Adventure/Romance/Violence/Action/Non con/mystery/intruige/magic/Insanity/Imprisonment
Concept: A young man (YC) is seeled to his fate to be partly possessed by a god, long since cast from the main faith of the realm after falling into madness and now revered by a cult of devoted extremist. Filled with a new power but also an ever growing madness, he and his warden/guard (MC) are given the task to take him across the realm to the mad gods resting place where he will bring the revered mad god back to life and usher in a new age. Many men and wardens have been sent before MC and YC, none have ever made it and it is unknown why.

Notes: REALLY WANT TO DO MxM FOR THIS (however i'm more then happy to do FxM as well!)

The Big Bad Wolf
The Big Bad WolfSeriously craving
Sexualities: MxF or MxM
Setting: Victorian/Steampunk/Fantasy(any)/Open
Themes: Con Artistry/Deception/Violence/Drama/Mystery/Romance/Stockholm syndrome/Insanity/Non con/intruige/Abuse/Crime/Obsession/Age differences
Concept: A rich lord dropped out many years ago from the public's eye. Something had driven him to abandon his once lavish lifestyle and cruel, selfish ways. He became a hermit, locked away in his expensive manor, amassing his wealth. He was rarely seen and even his staff were eventually dismissed, hardly needed to tend one man who wanted to be left alone. A clever thief/Conman (YC) happens upon the story of the rich and reclusive lord. His skill in deception as well as his and the lords 'similar age' allows for a daring plan to be executed. (YC) breaks into the manor and kills the reclusive lord, taking his identity, life and fortune for himself.

After an adjustment period (YC) ventured back into the public eye and the public, having not seen the reclusive lord for such a long time, assumed he was, who he said he was. Those who said different will surely have to be dealt with however, right?

Little did (YC) know however that across the country, word his reappearance had spread and his name had come to a family in desperate need. A man and woman, with four children of their own had adopted the daughter (MC) of the woman's dead sister . The daughter is said to be the bastard daughter of the reclusive lord and hearing about him, (MC's) aunt and uncle send her off to live with her father, in hopes he will take her in and allow her a better life whilst also alleviating some of their own financial burden.

(MC) who has never met her father before does so for the first time. However her father is long since dead and of course the man she actually meets is an impostor. Will he allow her to know, will she find out. Or will he try and keep the facade? All that is certain is that he cannot send the young woman away.

For he has fallen madly in love with her at first sight, surging with a need to possess her as well.

Notes: I have a few ideas in ways for this to go in the long run. Feel free to ask if your interested. (YC) has to be an older character (40's or so)

Relations - The incest den
Relations - The incest den
Sexualities: MxF or MxM
Setting: Modern/Fantasy(any)/Open
Themes: Taboo/Incest/Violence/Drama/Conditioning/Romance/Stockholm syndrome/Insanity/Non con/Cruelty/ verbal Abuse/Physical abuse/Obsession/Age differences/Twisted
Concepts: Concept one: (YC) finds out his younger sister (MC) is curious and has harbored feelings for other woman all of her life. Disgusted at this he seeks to set his beloved sister back on the 'right' path. 'Conditioning' her into 'enjoying' the touch of a man instead, using his own touch, his own body. Can she endure her twisted, sick brother, get away from him or will he break her and only use her more?
Notes: REALLY STRONG HOMOPHOBIC THEMES WITH THIS ONE! so if you don't like that stuff then this isn't for you.)

Concept two: Drinking lost him his job, then his house, his marriage soon followed. All that (YC) is left with is his daughter (MC), a burden, another thing to have to look after, despite him barely being able to look after himself. His inability to look after his daughter leads her down the 'wrong tracks' and eventually child services are called to attention. (YC) is humiliated, scantly managing to keep his child and shamed. His drunken, broken anger is directed towards his daughter, a rebellious young woman and his new disciplinary actions soon take on a perverted and twisted turn. Could this new relationship, blossom from something, dirty and abusive, into something that could save themselves or will such debauchery only drag them both down a darker more destructive hole.
Notes: SSSSSSUPER abusive stuff here folks, move along if offended :D if not though, ohhheheehee

Concept three: It had started off as an exciting dream, a few months of begging their parents after (MC) and (YC) finally get to go on the road trip they've been so excited about. Little does (MC) know that her 'dream' will soon become a nightmare. Once they are well on the road she falls victim to her older brothers twisted (or desperate) plans and their 'road trip' becomes a trip funded by (MC's) body whilst her older brother (YC) pimps her out across the country


This will update, check back if you can!

A place for things I want and desire, but have not yet managed to work into a plot as well as I would like to. Think of it as 'starting off ideas' Or a little 'Brainstorming session'

  • Something set in the fallout world where (YC) is a smart mouthed, adventerous, drug taking ghoul. (Why yes I am a Hancock fangirl!)
  • Psudo incest where an adoptive father feels a growing desire for his adopted daughter.
  • Romances with killers, psychopaths and thugs
  • Something where we can have a twisted little family!
  • Be a bad guy!
  • A romance where (YC) is a tough, no shit taking android
  • I'm writing a graphic novel of a Sci-fi fantasy world that is my WHOLE LIFE! If you can deal with the overly passionate lore and explanation's I would so very love to RP in it.

What I am not interested in playing

Not looking to create stories with someone who 'doesn't like to share' This is mostly due to the fact that I only do 1x1 roleplays, so the concept of someone not being able to encounter my character (be attracted to, have flings, have sex with, become involved with, stalk or rape my characters with two differing characters) REALLY confuses me because its like 'dude... you're sharing me... with yourself, like... what?'

'Gender war' focused stories. (Mostly because I don't like playing a 'warrior woman' type of character.)

'Warrior woman' type characters. (While I love fighting in my roleplays I do not like playing your typical kind of warrior woman. eg. Amazon women, Wonder women. I really enjoy exploring characters that want to be like that, but are dealing with a great many flaws that stop them. Genrally, less 'a-typical'

Any cannon characters. (Could rp with them or in an established world, but I can't  do cannon characters myself.)

Just sex, all sex, nothing else. Even in my higher sex themed roleplays I prefer the ratio to be 60(plot)/40(Sex) Though I'm much happier to go further in the plot direction!

Muscular women (the best i can give you is a toned dancer physique)

Futa's - If you want me to have a dong, I'm way better off playing a dude.

Yuri/FxF - No real reason for this, Its something I do, do. I'm just not in the mood for it.

Zella's On's and Off's

If you are interested, let me know and please include a short description of yourself and your roleplay style (Roleplay samples are appreciated) as well as any of your own personal ideas that you would like to tell me (I love hearing others ideas!) or any of my ideas that you are interested in.

This post will likely change (Gain more plots and information) As I pretty it up. So tune in if you're undecided!

Thanks for checking this out!
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Update log: 4/3/2016

  • Updated three new plots. (The Apprentice, Wooing the undead, The Avatar of madness)
  • Removed plot: The Warlord
  • Added some new details to the list of 'what I want'

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Update log: 5/1/2016

  • Updated one new plot. (The big Bad wolf)
  • Added new details to 'What I'm not interested in playing'
  • Added an Alternative plot idea to 'Heroes and Villains'

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Update log: 5/20/2016

  • Updated one new plot. (Relations - The incest den)
  • Added 'Sexuality descriptions' to each plot
  • Added an Alternative plot idea to 'Misadventures' and 'Cold blooded killers'
  • Added new craving indications
  • Added 'The scrapbox'
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Update log: 6/20/2016

  • Updated one new plot. (Relations - The Incest Den)
  • Updated one new plot. (Wooing the undead)
  • Updated one new plot. (Misadventures)
  • Updated 'What I'm not looking for'
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Update log: 10/25/2016

After a lengthy break due to the death of my beloved computer I have returned with a new computer and a new lust for some Roleplay!

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Re: Folie deux (FxM and MxM)(lit/long term)(Very dark RP wanted)RETURN
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Update log: 21/3/2017

Happy new year everyone yadda yadda yadda moving sucks but I'm looking for roleplay again.

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Re: Folie deux (FxM and MxM)(lit/long term)(Very dark RP wanted)RETURN
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Update log: 1/14/2018

Back at it again with the Roleplay!

Offline Heedlessx

Re: Folie deux (FxM and MxM)(lit/long term)(Very dark RP wanted)RETURN
« Reply #8 on: January 13, 2018, 08:30:54 AM »
I fucking love forced prostitution.

I blackmail your character into working a gloryhole. nobody see's your face, nobody can possibly know its you so you do it for a few hours.  Then I show you that I've obviously recorded the entire thing!

You can be a woman afraid of losing her rich husband to the blackmailers video...

or a girl not wanting her friends and family not knowing what she's been up to and get's in way over her head

would to chat and discus plot and do's and dont's. not too many dont's here as long as it doesn't ruin the RP.

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Re: Folie deux (FxM and MxM)(lit/long term)(Very dark RP wanted)RETURN
« Reply #9 on: January 15, 2018, 01:51:08 AM »
I fucking love forced prostitution.

I blackmail your character into working a gloryhole. nobody see's your face, nobody can possibly know its you so you do it for a few hours.  Then I show you that I've obviously recorded the entire thing!

You can be a woman afraid of losing her rich husband to the blackmailers video...

or a girl not wanting her friends and family not knowing what she's been up to and get's in way over her head

would to chat and discus plot and do's and dont's. not too many dont's here as long as it doesn't ruin the RP.

Yeah for sure I would love to chat some about it! Thanks for contacting me :)