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May 25, 2018, 11:37:11 PM

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Author Topic: American Revolution RP (F seeking M character)  (Read 1090 times)

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American Revolution RP (F seeking M character)
« on: March 16, 2016, 12:30:36 PM »
The American Revolution

Themes: Age difference. Blackmail? Betrayal of loved ones. Corruption. Historical. Love/lust/hate. Manipulation.              Power imbalance. Seduction. Spies. War

She (My Character) just wanted her life to go on as before, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. Her father, one of the most important men in town, had been arrested with his closest friends at a rebel meeting, her house taken over as headquarters for the redcoats. She had been allowed to stay, as well as the servants, managing a very full household while barely feeling home anymore.

She was never that political, her dislike for the English soldiers an afterthought, and no desire to take risks until this happened.
There were plenty of opportunities to snoop around in her father's office, now belonging to the superior officer, and report to the resistance. Some of them were counting on her, as the daughter of one their leaders.

Except she had been warned very clearly that if anyone in the household was making trouble, her father would pay dearly. Her father, an older man in a small cell with too many of his companions, and who may end up hanging anyway.

The officer/general/major (Your Character, Your Choice) was a cultured British aristocrat, a worldly man who served in India... She couldn't avoid the redcoats forever and as time passed she found herself increasingly curious and fascinated by his exotic tales, and by him. This was very unfortunate, as her father's fate seemed darker and darker and her fiancé, also a patriot, was pressuring her to do something already.

What now?

Ashamed of finding him lacking in comparison, maybe she recklessly tells her betrothed everything she finds out after a snooping spree, making it very easy for the officer to understand where it's coming from, and giving away that she has closer ties to the rebels than he thought before - something he could use to his own advantage, if he doesn't mind toying with her a tad. Maybe she trades information about the resistance in exchange for a more lenient treatment of her father, or simply to not be suspected while trying to figure out the officer's bigger plan. Maybe she does nothing of that, but is it possible to basically live with the enemy and stay idle?

She probably doesn't fully grasp the extent of what she is, or is not, doing, until it turns sour.

I've received a few pms asking me if this could involve historical characters, so the answer is sure, why not.
I'm also being asked who the "hero" is. That's actually a good question. There are probably lighter and darker grays, and no black and white, which is just so much more interesting.
I can handle the father and the fiancé, or you can, or we share as needed - no big deal!
"not straight to smut" doesn't mean G fade to black mega romantic all the way
Pics are for inspiration not mandatory LOL
As long as your character is male, you can be male, female, space cactus, Cthulhu (please be that)
Absolutely no kik, one liners, stereotypical villains, over the top anime type actions...

You don't need a history MA but I like some realistic plot and setting and not just jumping to the juicy stuff... The Revolutionary War is such a classic, with many plot opportunities.

You have to be comfortable writing a character behaving as stated above and not all cute and sensitive inside, and be familiar with social rules especially between men and women. Basically not 2016 teens or emos with costumes. I didn't think it would be so hard to find!

I'd rather do pms or emails.
Please contact me with your ideas if you are looking to start now, and can post 2 to (ideally) 3 messages a week as an average (I understand huge or complex ones may take longer, so depending on your style and on the need it may be just 2 - basically not a very slow speed).

I left your character rather neutral so you can build him the way you want. It is done on purpose.
If you want to insert more battles, spying, duels, military... into the plot, it's all possible too.
I just ask that if we start RPing you don't disappear or confess that in fact you will not be able to post quite as often as I thought...

My Ons and Offs are detailed in my signature, please check and let me know if you have any question! :)

*The Themes above are by no means the only themes in the RP. They are only there to help you decide if you are interested. If you like them, check the thread and my O/O :) If you can't stand the themes, skip ;)

TAKEN - but if you have a real craving and a good take on this, please come to me :)
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