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May 20, 2018, 04:45:25 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking GM or Fellow RPer for Sexy Gynoid Adventure! (And/Or Assassin Too)  (Read 723 times)

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Offline KeelanTopic starter

Okay, so I have two ideas, NOT necessarily mutually exclusive. Would like a solo rp - system negotiable, no specific one in mind either - but could work for a group game if you think she'd be a good fit (whichever/whatever she that may be). Anyway so...


Whether it be a pleasure-bot reformatted to be a more subtle - and attractive - assassination and assault bot, or a military combat bot converted into something more sexy for slightly-less conspicuous defense and bodyguarding purposes (as well as 'added benefits' *nudgenudgewinkwink*), the idea is the above image. Something cyberpunk or outright sci-fi would be in order, but I've also toyed with steampunk or a clockwork origin, or even a tech-fantasy sort of deal where she's some sort of 'golem' or whatnot. All sorts of fun relating to how she was programmed or built or where certain sensors were placed, or upgrading her and etc. I think it'd be neat!

Again, this can also be combined with the next idea...

Professional Assassin

As the name might suggest, after a certain anime I watched recently (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu), I have an interest in making an Assassin. Not a fighter, not a brawler, not a soldier, but a consummate professional killer with a natural talent for the job with the appropriate hunter's instincts. This is not someone who is a combat mastermind, able to take out a hoard of knights with a sword and a knife in a fair fight; this is someone who would run from said fight, and then either engage in asymmetric warfare to take them out one by one as she was chased, or even just run because shit who's gonna pay me to kill a bunch of nobodies? This is someone who would wait until the end of the day to go after a wizard, if she didn't bother to just poison him instead that is, and would grapple and keep stabbing until he stopped living, preventing him from casting whatever paltry excuses for spells he may have left. This is someone who'd assault a fellow rogue with overt, brutal violence rather than try and rogue-off against them...

This is a professional, trained, talented, and precise. This is someone who cheats because she cares more about the goal than the method. What is 'honor' if you fail, or 'fair' if you lose? She's not some sociopathic mass-murderer either; there is something to be said of professionalism and work ethic after all...

...anyway, yeah, interested in playing, could also be convinced to a group game if this idea works. Also works with the above idea for a gynoid too, fyi.