Story idea, seeking dominant M or F writer (TS/TS See inside)

Started by Far eyes, March 13, 2016, 12:06:29 PM

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Far eyes

This is one of those ideas that has been nudging at my muse for a while now. The story in its intent can be light-hearted or darker in tone though i would not like to go to sinister with it.

YC: Dominant though i am very open top different types and styles of this, she appears female but still has her penis. She has lived like this for years and is all those things MC would love to be, she is graceful sexy and self secure. I am quiet open on the looks and a lot of the specifics the roll dos call for a bit of an age difference but we can keep it low or we can make it more distinct.

MC: A young man to start with, quiet shy and keeps to him self mostly. One day his 'secret' comes out, he has been cross-dressing and taking medication for a while now but has been keeping it quiet leading a double life. I am open to both the idea that he comes out to you, or that its more of an accidental discovery.

- This is a very basic sketch of the story idea
Basic story concept: At some point YC decides to pick somebody to rent a room of her apartment to, the place being to large for her after her friend decides to move. She mostly decides with MC because he is a slight and nonthreatening looking guy, he proves to be quiet a bit shy and mostly keeps to him self either working or being out for the most part. You do not see him much at all really, after some weeks he comes to you some what embarrassed telling you he had lost his job but he would find another and that there should be no problem with his share of the rent. He keeps going out saying to look for work, at some point you either catch him dressed in female clothing or he comes out to you perhaps the medication he has been taking working so well its hard to keep hidden (Or perhaps he had an operation to get breasts?)

I would like the story to be more then just the sexual, a sort of mix between a D/S relationship, a kind of almost teacher/student relationship as YC teaches MC how to act, behave and dress basically forming her to her own preferences. This can be darker or more light-hearted, i am willing to be quiet flexible on this. This is obviously a very basic skeleton of a story, thats because i am more interested in working out something more tailored with a partner rather then writing a short novel here.   

What i am looking for: I am looking for a writing partner male or female dos not matter to me as long as they are interested in the RP and like writing longer stories. I am looking for somebody interested in writing at least 3+ decent paragraph posts. You can check my own O/O under my RP Pref.

PM me, do not post in this thread     
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