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Author Topic: Time to play in the dark of the eclipse! (F lf M) (Long Term) (Plot Driven)  (Read 1067 times)

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Offline LunarEclipseTopic starter

Hi! Welcome to my request thread. I'm LunarEclipse, but you can call me Lunar.  Or...Hey you! works as well. 

So, need to know a little about me I take it.  Well, let's see. I've been roleplaying for about 10 years or so.  I consider myself a decent writer.  I often write anywhere from 2-5 paragraphs, often going by my partner.  The more you write, the more I'll write in return.  I'm not into one liners, or even just a few sentences.  Give me detail! What is your character thinking or feeling?  Describe our surroundings.  Let me feel like I'm actually in the scene.  With all of that said, it's pretty much the reason why I like roleplaying.  To me, it's like reading a really good book.  The awesome thing is, though, is it's a book where the story is always changing.  You never know what your partner might throw at you in the next post.  The suspense is what keeps me going!  I look forward to getting responses and adding to the mystery.

What do I want in a partner?
  • I'm looking for someone who can add to the story.  If we're both roleplaying together, we both should make an effort to add twists and turns and awesome surprises.  I don't like carrying all of the weight.
  • I want someone who can understand that I do have a busy life.  I'm a college student, I work part time, and I'm a mother and a wife.  This is what I enjoy doing in my down time.  Some days, I can respond quickly.  Others, I might only get a post or two in.
  • I'd like someone who is literate and has a good grasp on the english language.  Trust me, my writing is never perfect, and I don't expect perfection.  But, I'd really like to be able to understand what you are trying to say.
  • Someone who is alright with rping over threads, pms, or emails.  I cannot do IMs as I am not often at my computer enough to get back to a response immediately.  Some days I might have the time, but not usually. 

**A little note**
I do prefer plot over smut.  Do not dismiss me for a potential partner yet!  I like the why's, the how's, the where's, the who's, all of that in a story.  I want to know what happens before and after, as well as during the fun and kinky times.  Let's build a world, not just a scene.

If you've made it this far, then maybe we could be a good fit!  Check the sections below for ideas, inspirational pictures, and check out some of the characters I play!  If you're interested, just shoot me a PM with any plot ideas you liked, or pitch me some of your own!

Ons and Offs
Plot Ideas
Inspirational Pictures
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Offline LunarEclipseTopic starter

Ons and Offs
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2016, 06:11:58 PM »
So, you've decided to see what sort of things I like? Well, that list is fairly large. So, here's what I'll do.  I can give you a good summary of things that I enjoy in a roleplay.  My offs are things that I absolutely under any circumstances will not do.  If you don't see it listed, I might consider it, or I just forgot to put it on the list.  You won't know unless you ask, though!

A little note, all of my characters are straight females.  I have nothing against writing with a female who wishes to play a male.  I just don't participate in female on female roleplay.

  • Medieval, Post apocalyptic, Modern, Realistic, Fantasy
  • Fantasy Creatures, Humans, Magical, Supernatural
  • Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Horror
  • Dominant males
  • D/s, M/s
  • Force, Non Con, Con
  • Bondage, Whips, Chains, all that fun kinky stuff
  • Realism, Fantasy, Pregnancy

  • Watersports, Scat, Vore
  • Unrealistic body sizes
  • Smutty stories with no plot
  • Excessive cum
  • Age Play
  • Femboys

Characters I'll Play
  • Human
  • Vampire, Werewolf (Or other shifter)
  • Victim, hostage, submissive
  • Drow, Fae, mermaid, siren
  • Younger female (Of legal age)
  • Witch, sorceress
  • Angel, Demon
  • Barbarian/Viking, Princess/Queen

Characters I'll Play With
  • Human
  • Vampire, Werewolf (Or other shifter)
  • Dominant/Master, Criminal
  • Drow, Fae, Orc, (maybe alien)
  • Older Male
  • Wizard, sorcerer
  • Angel, Demon
  • Barbarian/Viking, Prince/king

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Offline LunarEclipseTopic starter

Plot Ideas
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2016, 06:23:13 PM »
Here's some of the plot ideas that I've had brewing in my mind.  All of them can be tweaked.  I am not that attached to where everything is set in stone.  More will be added as I think of them!

Vikings at War
Vikings and barbarians weren't at all the way we think of them.  Long ago, they were slaves.  They lived in colonies heavily guarded to prevent an uprising.  It was the Elven that ruled the world, using their magical abilities to manipulate those around them to gain power.  Enslaving the vikings, they were forced to produce food, weapons (Though they were rarely needed), clothing.  Our characters are apart of the colony.  One day, the ruling court comes to call upon a shipment that had been placed from our colony.  Of course, they enjoy their time humiliating those in the village.  An uprising occurs, members of the court are slaughtered, and there's a bounty out for those with blood upon their hands.

You can't Change Destiny
Every werewolf goes through their turning at different times.  Often, it happens when their birthday falls upon a full moon, or their 21st birthday.  No one quite knows why.  It's no different for this new wolf, who is about to turn 21.  Her 21st birthday happens to fall upon the full moon, which is a big deal to the local pack.  It was said that the Alpha's mate would be turned upon her 21st birthday when it fell upon a full moon.  However, there's only one problem.  This girl doesn't know she's a wolf, has no idea what was about to happen.  The alpha sets off in search of his future mate, and when he finds her, has a short amount of time to convince her to go away with him.  On top of it all, he has to convince her that werewolves are real, and she was about to face the worst night of her life.

When Worlds Collide
The Gods have always been experimenting with humanity and other creatures far longer the records may show.  Often, they enjoy playing little games, making bets, holding contests to see who can influence a certain race the most, or do the most destruction.  We are nothing more than a very elaborate board game, with our fates resting in their hands.  What happens when the gods decide to try a new venture, pinning the forces of good and evil together in a union that cannot be broken?  One Angel, One Demon, bound together for 1 years time.

Is Revenge Sweeter?
The king was dying, his daughter was left to take over the kingdom.  However, she wasn't set to be wed.  This posed a problem as every Queen must have a King.  To find a man worthy of her hand, a tournament was set.  Men from far and wide were to battle and show off their skills through a series of events.  The winner would earn the crown and the hand of the Princess.  The kings enemy got wind of the happenings, and chooses to disguise himself and enter the tournament. Expecting to win and kill the Queen, he had no idea there would be obstacles in his way.  For one, the Princess wasn't at all the way he thought she'd be.  For two, she had her own dark secret.  Will he succeed in his murderous plot?  Will he discover her secret and shun her from the kingdom?  Or perhaps he falls for her, developing a deep respect and trust.  The fate of the kingdom can go many ways.  It's up to us how it ends!

Your Mind is a Dangerous Place
Mind control is not at all a new concept to those with abilities to use them.  They are often corrupt beings that dabble in the art of taking over another persons mind, tweaking the way they are wired so they complete the darkest tasks.  One day, a girl traveling is discovered by a lone male, who immediately finds her the perfect specimen for his latest needs.  Haunting her mind, he slowly makes himself known to her, manipulating her thoughts and actions until he's molded her into the perfect "pet" to carry out his dark deeds.(Can be done with any supernatural character)

Game of Thrones
 I am in love with Drogo and Daenerys.  While I don't play canon characters, I'd love to do a story in this setting with similar characters.

There's a Plague Among Us
Vampirism is not at all what we thought it was.  In this world, it's a plague, accidentally created by man.  It's spread not by a bite, but my the transfer of blood from one to the other.  If a human is exposed to enough of the infected blood, they will go through a very painful transformation that leaves their veins hardened, kills their organs, leaving them eternally thirsty for the only thing that can sustain them.  A vampire who denies their thirst suffers a fate worse than death....slowly rotting away in the worst pain possible.  The remaining humans have been forced out of most cities, except for those who have been allowed by the vampires to act as breeding grounds to maintain a good blood supply.  Those that have been driven out have formed rebellions against the creatures.  Everyday is a war filled with bloodshed and disappearances.  One person leads the rebellion, a female warrior determined to exterminate their enemies.  She's watched too many men die, or forced to feed off the infected and struggled to survive the change.  The only lab that worked on a cure had been destroyed, so all that was left to do was destroy the enemy.  What happens when she's taken captive by the leader of the vampires?

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Inspirational Pictures
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2016, 06:36:44 PM »
Plot Pictures
Need some good plot ideas and can't think of anything?  Sometimes pictures are a great way to generate ideas.  Here are some of my favorites!  More will be added.






Character Pictures
Pictures I've often used for my characters.  None of them are tied to a specific name, though I do have a set few names I often do use.

Black Hair

Red Hair

Blonde Hair

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Offline LunarEclipseTopic starter

Added pictures and character interest