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May 24, 2018, 07:52:55 PM

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Author Topic: Original Plots, Ideas, Pairings and Fandoms [ M seeking F]  (Read 369 times)

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Offline violeliaTopic starter

Original Plots, Ideas, Pairings and Fandoms [ M seeking F]
« on: March 12, 2016, 05:18:03 PM »

Recently back from a long hiatus, I'm looking to pick up a few stories. (Original settings / Star wars & comic universes.)

Do take a look at my Ons / Offs to see if we're compatible.

Please do not post in this thread, if you're interested in an idea or two, drop me a PM instead!

Idea 1.)

British author x Hollywood actress

My character, is something of an eccentric recluse, a world famous author, penning over dozens of bestsellers and award winners. His books have been reprinted in dozens of other languages; he had secured tens of millions in book sales and movie deals; along with awards most prestigious.

The thing most peculiar, is that no one actually knows who he is. Each story is written under a different pen name, pseudonyms he created for each book or series, imaginary writers, fictitious men and women that he created, that took both glory and recognition for his work.

Recently however – after writing behind a false image for years – his work had unexpectedly started to decline, his books falling rapidly from the bestsellers list, his writing losing its original flair, his work was starting to become… average. By then, he knew he needed a change, to step out from behind his many facades, to reveal his true identity.

That is where your character comes in. She is something of a failed actress, not entirely worthless nor out of a job, but nowhere near where she had initially envisioned herself to be. Instead of attending her own red carpet events and leading the runways of Paris’ fashion circle, she instead spends her day scouring for any acting jobs she could find, while working as an unhappy and underpaid barista.

She would stumble upon a job flyer one day, looking for actresses around her age, with most specific requirements: educated, well-articulated, (color of your character’s hair), height, etc etc. After an intensive audition process and background checking, she’ll eventually end up in a room with my character, where she’ll learn of the role she has to play.

He wants her, to become him. Her name, her image, her public persona.

He’ll publish under her name, and she’ll attend all the events and book signings and interviews that were extended to him. She’ll greet the people that he has to meet, and accept the rewards that he had won.

He’ll remain as mere words, but to the rest of the world, she’ll become the author.

The story takes place around his estate, and the city where they'll travel to for certain events. 

Setting wise, I like the idea of a seaside British town. Cold, beautiful and lonely, a complete contrast from the busy Californian streets. It’ll be a most foreign sensation, to move from a huge city into a small coastal village, a Victorian mansion by the sea. And him too, will be the strangest, and at the same time, the most intelligent and charming person she’ll ever meet.

There’ll be certain stipulations in their contract as well, other than the usual non-disclosure agreements. I had the idea of him using her as his “muse,” and having her act out certain scenes which he’ll use in his stories. Like jumping off the cliff into the ocean, or to model for him in a tight fitting corset. 

Idea 2.)

Human scientist x Sentient android

The story takes place a few years in the future, a period of time known as the golden age of science. Many of the ideas once thought unachievable, were now on the verge of discovery and breakthrough. With the dismantling of military budgets and having billions of dollars moved into the science sector instead, the world quickly changed in its entirety. Medicine and civilian technology started to advance faster than any recorded period in time.

Men and women of science became celebrities; they had sponsors, commercials, even starred in movies. 

The Global Research Organization’s grants are now known as the highest of achievements, given only to members of the scientific community with the ability to advance humankind towards a better scientific tomorrow.   

Your character could be on the verge of a scientific breakthrough, the first major scientific advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. She designed, coded and created a machine that looked exactly like a human being. From emotions to thoughts, and even hunger, it was something that would have gotten her tons of praise from the rest of the scientific community. Except for the fact that dozens of companies were attempting the same, companies with thousands of employees and an unlimited budget.

She needed to do something different from the rest; so instead of creating the perfect system, she created a blank slate. A machine without an omnipotent brain, a machine that could learn instead.

I like how many different ways we can take the story in. The idea I had was for her to “educate” him, to explain and for him to experience the many things she could show him. He has a powerful processing system, but they’re all just a bunch of numbers and codes, he’ll need an actual person to show him the world.

Idea 3.)

Human x Elf

An idea quite heavily inspired by Lord Of The Rings, though this will be played in an original setting.

The story takes place in a medieval world, one inhabited by humans and mythical creatures alike; elves, orcs and dwarves to name a few. The humans ruled the inhabited lands, shared in commerce with the elves and the dwarfs. The kingdom ruled by a high-king, in command of a powerful army, strong enough to march across mountains if need be.

The elves ruled the Grand-Forest, a stretch of land that was said to never end, green that dawned ceaselessly over the horizons. Different races and factions of elves lived in different parts of the forest. The ones that lived near the edge interacted with the humans and the dwarves, often in trade, and sometimes even in marriage. Others lived deeper within the endless forest, separating themselves from the rest of humanity, closing their doors to travelers, be it due to prejudice against humans, or simply choosing not to involve themselves in the other’s affair.

The dwarves came from the mountains, and they cared neither for politics nor the fight for control of lands. They’re only interested in gold and drinks, plenty of their race seen in both human and elven lands, working as either merchants or blacksmiths, as neutral as can be.

The orcs were a hostile race, once sharing the lands with the humans, they raged bloody wars in order to satisfy their bloodlust. Defeated by the great human army, they were driven into the forest’s depths, where many of them were killed by either elves or the creatures that lived within. There were tales of some that managed to trek onto the other end of the forest, settling down and slowly creating another army in order to wage war once more.

Your character belongs to one of the elven factions, one that lived within the forest’s heart, in a land untouched by human presence. Ruled by a king with an immense hatred for humans, those that stumbled onto their lands were either killed, or imprisoned till they died of old age.

My character, is a prince,  a successor of the current High-King, who was dying of a mysterious illness. Even after years, there were no cures to be found, the king would soon be dead.
As an adventurer / traveler, my character was not near the capital when he received word of his father's death. Making haste in the direction of the kingdom, it was a dark winter's night when his caravan was attacked by orcs that recognized his banner. His men were all killed, and before he was dealt the finishing blow, he saw an arrow piercing through the orc's chest. Followed by an entire volley as the elves of the forest arrived.

The prince would be saved by your character, who will bring him back to her land, where he’ll be imprisoned without trial and left for dead, like all the others before him that set foot upon elven land.

She was supposed to dislike humans, but having lived a sheltered life within the forest, your character would be intrigued by his travels, and in exchange for his many tales, heal him back to life.

Through their many conversations and hours spent together, they quickly started to enjoy the other’s company. He’ll hide his identity from the elves, especially their king, but when eventually confessed to her, they’ll start to plot their escape.

Ideas and thoughts could be easily added into this plot. Though I do prefer a more matured elf, one that knew of the outside dangers, that would never hesitate before putting an arrow through another’s skull. Not one of those cute anime sort.

Idea 4.)

Best friend x Best friend

I love best friend falling-in-love-plots. We can certainly come up with better ideas if you so desire!

1.) I like the idea of playing a rich playboy, someone who seems to not give a care about the world, who spends each night with a different woman, yet is still insufferably in love with your character. She’ll be someone who lives in a world completely different from his, perhaps someone juggling multiple jobs in order to put herself through school. They have almost nothing in common, except for the day their fates entwined when she rescued him from drowning in kindergarten, and they've been best friends ever since

He's always trying to get her to be his girlfriend, constantly fooling around with her, teasing her, telling her he likes her, yet she always rejects him. They both always joke about how he isn’t being serious, but what she doesn't know is that deep down, he truly is. There were many times he came close to truly confessing his feelings, yet each time he couldn't, be it due to his pride or his nervousness, eventually brushing it off as a joke, telling her that it was just his personality as a player acting out.

She likes him a lot, but due to different circumstances, they’re not together, nor did they confess their feelings. He’ll tell her plenty of times that he loves her, and he’ll treat her as his girlfriend, but he’ll always do it in a joking or playful manner, and she’s never certain whether he’s being serious. There are times when she sees the real him, and she wonders what it’ll be like if they’re together, but then she’ll see him with another girl the next day, and berates herself for even having such thoughts.

2.) Best friends that are sexually attracted to one another, but neither making a move in fear of hurting their relationship. I like the idea of them being trapped in a snowstorm, with the electricity completely cut off. Having nothing else to do, one of them suggested playing a game of truth and dare, which quickly escalates into an intimately playful situation.

Star wars plots.

1.)Your character is something of an experienced Jedi, not a naïve Padawan, but a warrior, a master, perhaps even a war general; always on the front lines, a symbol of incorruptible power, an inspiration to many. Which makes it all the more challenging (and fun), when she’s eventually captured by Imperial soldiers, and being left at the mercy of a powerful Sith – one with the ability to break even the strongest of Jedi. It wouldn’t be long before she finds herself being consumed by the dark side, as even the slightest of his touch, has her trembling and begging for more.

2.) Your character is a bounty hunter, and this plot would play out in a similar way as to the above, but instead, she is hired to assassinate my character, not knowing of his identity as a Sith lord. Quickly overpowered and captured, he chooses to spare her instead, wanting to corrupt her, and to break her into his newest plaything.

3.) Your character is a Sith, with hundreds of Jedi kills under her belt. It’s quite unlikely that she'll end up as a slave, but she did. Knocked out by poison due to her own arrogance and hubris, she was transported to a planet that absorbed the Force itself, nullifying her abilities, leaving her powerless, just another slave. There, she was sold to a crime cartel kingpin, who would soon start breaking her apart.

4.) Your character is a Padawan, one that strives to become the best. Every year, a galactic ranking is held, and the Padawan at the very top would win an internship with one of the grand masters, something she wanted more than anything else. In her study trips down to the archives, she found an ancient tomb, a dark holocron disguised and forgotten as a simple datacron / scripture. It'll slowly start to corrupt her, in every way possible.

Pairings without plots
My roles are listed on the left.
* Means that I can play either roles.

Student x Teacher*
Master x Slave*
Client x Prostitute*
Human x Demon*
Viewer x Camgirl.
Villain x Policeofficer
Superhero / Villain x Superhero / Villain. *

Master x Slave.
Pretty straightforward. I can play either role.
1.) You're a submissive slave whom I'll break and bend to my liking depending on your kinks.
2.) You're a dominant slave whom I'll break and turn you into my submissive toy.

Human x Demon.
1.) You're a demon who has full control over me, in both pleasure and health. What would you do?
2.) You're a succubus, trapped and or captured by me. You'll grow weaker as time goes by, starving unless you can have a taste of a male's essence, one which I just might deny you of.

Viewer x Camgirl.
We met on an online chatsite, where I'll pay you to perform for me; from strip shows to mutual masturbation, eventually deciding to meet up in real life and take it from there.

Superhero / Villain x Superhero / Villain.
1.) You're a superhero, I'm a villain, I've captured and decided to break and turn you into my little slave and newest henchwoman. We can exchange roles.
2.) You're a villain, so am I. I decided to capture you and show you who's the evilest of them all.
3.) I'm a superhero, you're a villain. You're beautiful yet evil, and I just can't seem to stop letting you get away.


Star Wars.
Comics - DC / Marvel.

Tv Shows.

Into The Badlands.
- Anyone x Lydia / Widow / Zephyr
Flash / Arrow
Agents Of Shield.