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Thank you everyone for your interest!

Feel free to look at my o/o's page. I am open for rps at the moment. I am not often open and I tend to post once a week or more often if I can. I also understand people have a life and may not be able to post right away. I do tend to lose interest in a rp if it's been more than three weeks sense posting (sometimes I don't though but your warned about my fickle muse  :P ) I like smut and I like detail and I like story and I like character building. So, if you like anything you see or have another idea then feel free to message me   ;D



These are the characters that I am most interested in playing at the moment.

Armitage Louise Borinski

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Description: Our boy Armitage is an immature, reckless, irresponsible, love sick fool. Very rarely intimidated, he doesn’t tend to take anything very seriously. He’s kinda like a puppy, cute and well meaning but he still peed on the carpet and chewed up your favorite slippers. He falls in and out of love more often than a teenage girl but don’t let that put you off. He’s never cold or uncaring with his lovers. In fact his emotions and intention to commitment are as genuine and real as he can feel them. However, he’s got a problem with cheating and he never means to do it but it seems to happen and before he knows it he’s caught up in two relationships instead of one, which always ends badly for him. It’s not that he doesn’t love his partners because he does but he has trouble with commitment and once things start to settle down in a relationship and it starts to feel a little like a ball and chain he starts to get nervous, asking himself if it’s really what he wants. He enjoys freedom and, parties and, he enjoys group sex. Things tend to get complicated for him as he doesn’t always choose the best partners.

Age/hight: 6’0” Athletic build. 22-27

Sexual preferences: Armitage is truly Bi and truly a switch. He likes to dominate and enjoys being dominated just as much, even better if he can do both with the same person. He is a bit too laid back to be a leader outside the bedroom as his life often tends to be a mess.

On’s: Anything go’s with character. He really loves biting, scratching and dirty talk, maybe a little sensual wrestling before the main event.
Off’s: For this character not really much of anything is an off for him. (check mine)

Partners: I like to see him in interesting relationships, possibly destructive ones, or a possessive, possibly dangerous lover. Maybe someone sweet and understanding, patiently tying to change his wayward lover. Maybe someone strict, a neat freak or a wealthy man who likes control but admires the wild freedom Armitage manages to embody. Maybe a military man who wants to make Armitage into all he can be.

Rp settings/Ideas: I could see him in pretty much any setting but he tends to do well in modern settings. I like to use him in rps that have a lot of potential for character building. I would like to see him come to the realization that he has a problem with his sex addiction and avoidance/fear of responsibility. I’d like to see him struggle to try to improve himself, fail, and keep trying. It’s not going to be easy for him but I’d like to watch him tackle those personal challenge’s. Dysfunctional relationships could be fun to throw in there too.

Marcos Loris Berathin
Nick named, The Bull (I’ll let you figure out why)


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Description: Marcos is a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. His disposition is calm and he is a patient, hard but fair man, often more stubborn than his charges. He enjoys teaching and takes pride in his work and career. He is able to stay calm under pressure or stressful situations due to his extensive military experience. However in private he enjoys being a bit playfully sadistic with his slaves as he bends there will and enforces there obedience. He prefers that his slaves come to love him in time but ensures that the hand they receive pleasure from is also the hand they learn to fear if applied to punishment. he may seem like nothing more than a dumb grunt on the outside but he has a lot more going on in his head. He can be romantic and down right sweet to his lovers, even though he’s somewhat embarrassed about it. he has some faults too, old injuries tend to make him want to drink and on certain nights he finds himself looking for answers to questions about long lost lovers and soothing old woulds of a different sort. For this reason he is affectionate with his lovers but he tries to guard his heart too.

Age/Height: 6’2” Muscled. 38-47

Sexual preferences: Firm Top. Gay, enjoys extremely feminine partners as well as masculine partners. I like to play an age difference with him being the elder man. He likes to control the situation and his partner so Master/slave situations work best with this character. He likes to be in charge in and out of the bedroom and while he’s not a cruel man he believes in punishment and discipline for the greater good, obedience and spiritual growth of his slaves.

Ons: Spanking is a big fetish for him. Non-con is also particularly fun for him. He likes bratty, mouthy subs who are stubborn and strong willed as he finds them adorably delicious when they squeak in pain or moan in pleasure. He may also be intrigued if a slave decides to take the upper hand in bed and may indulge his pet for a time before taking back control and letting them know who’s really the one in charge. In short he loves a slut with attitude and would never seek to entirely break them of that fiery will. It should also be noted he has a huge cock.

Off’s: He will never allow himself to be penetrated as he does not enjoy that aspect of sex. Extreme violence to a slave/sub is not his cup of tea.


RP settings/ideas: I often like to play him as a high ranking military officer/commander. Fantasy or medieval settings work best but I could also do modern and futuristic ones too.

Jimmy Sheridan James

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Description: Jimmy is, a rebellious little punk who enjoys blowing shit up and, happens to be a genius. He is a rebel leader of a cause usually and doesn’t believe peaceful protest is worth anyone’s time. His political statements carve a swath of destruction strait to the heart of the issues at war with one another. While his methods are a bit extreme and very illegal he tries not to kill anyone in the process of his statements. However once things start to really get going he knows it may be inevitable and further more he may not be able to stop it. Not that he cares but it tends to take away from his message if people die as the idiots tend to only focus on the poor sob and not the message. that and it’s bad PR. It’s not like he doesn’t have emotions, he just finds them inconvenient. Normally he’s calm, cool, authoritative and a little cold. He doesn’t let anyone in because he knows no one thinks like he does and he knows they may not like what they see… not to mention the fact that he doesn’t like what he sees at that sort of level. He can have a violent temper that usually finds him destroying furniture or rearranging some unlucky sob’s face. It’s not all bad though as he’s brilliant, intellectual, and deeply sensitive. So much so he’s afraid to let anyone in because he knows they could absolutely ruin him if they do. They could take him apart and everything he built and worked so hard for and that’s his greatest fear. He views it as a sacrifice to his work and embodies the phrase, it’s lonely at the top. He is obsessed, and that obsession will either kill him or drive him to the top.

Age/Height: 5’0” Athletic, wiry/lean build. 19-25

Sexual preferences: He is a very dominant type person and he likes what he likes and he will get what he wants regardless. You don’t like it get the fuck out. He likes to receive anal sex but that doesn’t mean he hands over control to his partner, oh no, they better do exactly as he says or they might find themselves in some very hot water. They also better not kiss and tell as he’s a very creative individual and can most likely think up a variety of ways to torture a disloyal past lover.

Ons: Rough sex, leaving marks on his partner, rimming his partner until they squeal and moan for mercy, finger fucking and fucking virgin jock top types, tying up someone larger than himself and having his way with them. Light his cigaret for him get him a drink your his fucking bitch now.

Offs: Thin skinned or sensitive people, mostly because he tends to accidentally crush them. Guys that are too submissive or meek are boring to him. He enjoys a challenge.

Partners: Someone more in touch with there emotions who can get through and win his love if not his trust. He won’t necessarily fall for someone who is as intelligent as he is but being a dominant personality he likes people who make themselves useful to him. Maybe he’d like someone who makes him laugh. He enjoys sweet, romantic, persistent, and thick skinned people as his first reaction to someone giving him some roses would most likely be “what the fuck is this? Get this crap off the table and get me my coffee.” but inside he would think it was incredibly sweet and might, when he thinks no one’s watching, smell and admire the roses. He has a soft spot for art and the romantic.

RP Settings/ideas: Modern settings.

I could see a story where a spy infiltrates his organization and there mission is to get to know him and make him fall in love so they can undo things from the inside out but things don’t go according to plan...

I could see him falling for a musician, particularly a violinist. Jimmy attends a few of the violinist’s concerts and falls deeply in love with the soul of the man behind the enchanting music. Jimmy tries to distance himself but he finds he can’t stay away, and when the violinist wishes to join Jimmy’s rebellion, his efforts to keep work and pleasure separate fail completely when the violinist unintentionally provides opportunities for Jimmy’s rebellion group to really take off with support from powerful people and opportunities to access key political figures standing in his way. The violinist perhaps has no idea about the doors he can open for Jimmy. This makes him both an object of his affection and an important member of his group, but things start to get a little murky when the violinist questions whether Jimmy loves him for him or for what he brings to the group. I could see things getting complicated in this one.

Jimmy picks up a biker to have fun with for a night and things go well, really well and he ends up seeing him on a regular basis, slowly becoming more aware of one another’s lives. Just when the bicker is starting to mean a little more to him than just a string of one night stands he gets kidnapped and held for random by a rival biker gang and Jimmy has to save him.

Jimmy accidentally becomes involved with a police officer/investigator and it becomes a game of cat and mouse to try and keep his lover from finding out the truth about who he really is. Eventually the man finds out who Jimmy really is and things get interesting from there, either jimmy kidnaps him and takes him prisoner or they both struggle with the moral codes they are bound by or both maybe the man escapes but doesn’t report Jimmy. Jimmy then struggles with the questions of how much he can trust his lover who belongs to the very people he’s trying to take down.


Other plot ideas

Wicked Boys

Boys boarding school:
Content: Student/Teacher, spanking, corporal punishment, caning, taboo student teacher relationship, romance.
Seeking: Teacher

“Mr. Baines, You will give this wicked boy a first class thrashing!"
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This idea is about a deeply troubled boy who is brilliantly smart but is not only failing in his classes, but failing at life. He plays pranks and his authority defying is a habit if not a bit of a guilty pleasure, but most of all he doesn’t seem to care. His personal relationships are non-existent as he seems to keep everyone at a firm distance. His teachers are at the end of there rope with the boy. A new dean (YC) is hired by the school and he quickly takes an interest in the boy, especially when he finds out about the boy’s troubled home life and suspects possible abuse. The new dean takes matters into his own hands to try and save the boy from destroying himself. He sets up a private class for just the two of them and attempts to get through to the boy. All attempts fail until one day the dean decides to use corporal punishment, not out of anger, but to help the boy let out his deep seeded masochistic needs in a more healthy way. It works. Progress is slow but improving.

I would like this to be an exploration into the world of kink and male/male erotic ventures... and a bond that leads the two of them into closer and more passionate explorations as the boy learns to trust not only himself but someone else.


Immortal/Human, or anything you want to be.

Content: My character, an immortal, is deathly afraid of water after a bad experience. Plot heavy, character building, comical at parts and dark in others, possible drug/alcohol abuse, D/s, bondage. Your character and mine will be chasing after a third evil character in order to stop them from acquiring the final pieces of the key to immortality and everlasting youth.

Seeking: (willing to do any roll in the bedroom) Strong, spirited, self-assertive, tenacious type. They don’t have to be big and brawny as short and scrawny with a fiery attitude does just as well. For this rp I was thinking of playing a physically fit, strong, young man of about six foot. That is subject to change upon discussion.

What I want: Basically I’d like to explore my character’s fear and put him in situations that force him to confront it and his various reactions to that forced interaction to his fear. I’d also like to develop a friendship/relationship with your character as they chase mad men all over the globe and get chased in return. I also like and enjoy smut so that’s not off the table. I’m looking for a strong, spirited character here (not necessarily a top in the bedroom but I can think of quite a few fun situations as I play all rolls well). As far as the setting/time period I was thinking around the time when automobiles were still very new and horses were widely used, perhaps set in London at first.

What is man and What is beast?

Werewolf/ Human or Werewolf

Willing to play: Either. I would enjoy both roles just as much.

Content: Master/slave, bondage, discipline, punishments, confinement, control, non-con/dub-con. I’d like to rp a setting where one of our characters is charged with trying to tame and humanize the other as the other has, due to a near death experience, become too reliant on the animal part of themselves; they want to be and think they are a wolf. The other character, is charged with trying to bring the man out of the wolf. I’d like this to be set in medievalish time.

If your going to play the wolf (slave) I want you to be aware of what a wolf’s natural instincts/behaviors are and tell a detailed story from that perspective. Wolves are not dogs and so I’m expecting a more violent/wild animal at first. he may be inquisitive, stubborn and difficult to tame, pushing and testing limits and boundaries at every opportunity, but not untamable and certainly not without rewarding moments.

If you want to be the Human/Other Werewolf (Master) I’d like you to be able to be as firm as necessary but also be creative in your approach. You have to draw the human out but you also have to tame the wolf. I am seeking an older male as i’d like to see an age difference here but not too wide of one as they would need to be physically able to handle the werewolf. It won’t be easy for you to subdue a wolf but it can be rewarding.

The Werewolves: I’m going to go with something a little different here. Werewolves can change from human to wolf at will and at times may exhibit mixed attributes such as being in human form and having wolf eyes, tail or ears. This slip of form happens under excitement or can be stress induced. They can turn into a fully wolf form or a humanoid wolf form. At the time of the full moon they are forced to change and remain in the wolf form. The change is not painful and at times can be barely noticeable, requiring a werewolf to focus and practice keeping control of his form. Werewolves are born not made. Silver stops them from entering the wolf form fully if it has contact with skin. A collar for instance would force a werewolf to remain in mostly human form and become painfully agonizing if they were to try to turn into the wolf form. they can heal very rapidly, usually within a few minutes but healing is slowed with silver. At the time of the full moon a werewolf experiences a desperate need to run, wild, under the moon, hunt and acquire mates and express deeply primal wants and desires without the usual human restraints. A confined werewolf may experience nervousness and growing unease, frustration, anger, desperation and may turn violent in an attempt to escape.