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Author Topic: Moondrop's Story Emporium and Erotic Imaginarium  (Read 1603 times)

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Moondrop's Story Emporium and Erotic Imaginarium
« on: March 05, 2016, 10:42:40 PM »
Good day humble denizens of Elliquiy. My name is Moondrops, pleased to potentially meet you! If there is naught else you need to know of me known that I am an avid role player, voracious reader, aspiring erotic writer and self proclaimed pervert.

Welcome to my thread! You are about to embark upon a whirlwind tour through the landscape of my erotic imagination; I hope you find something to pique your interest. In this thread you will find the amalgamation of countless nights lost in deep a salacious thought or daytime pondering of smutty musings. From broad scope settings, scene and fleshed out characters I aim to provide inspiration that will hopefully sink its hooks in and spark a conversation between us. Below you will find ideas definined by type, kink and genre each with a short but sweet 'hook' that will give you a taste of the longer read to come. Have a perusal at your leisure and if any of the following catch your eye let me know! Furthermore I am an ardent world builder and all that is presented below is naught more than a nebulous collection of ideas, all can be twisted and changed and perverted to match our desire.

For the time being I will just be including the 'Hook' write up to each of my ideas. The reason for this is twofold, one I am just dipping my toe into Elliquiy for the first time and two many of my works are still in what I would consider a draft state. Once I have had time to edit each I will post them in full, in the meantime if any particular 'hook' piques your interest let me know and I will share all that there is to know about that particular person, place or plot. Near all settings, plots, characters have accompanying art so please ask me if you are interested in visual inspiration.

Without further ado welcome to my Imaginarium!

(Temporary - everything is a WIP beyond this point warning. I am actively working on the thread, likely as you read this!)

~ Table of Contents ~

  • Post 1 - Preferences - Ons & Offs - Interests
  • Post 2 - Fantasy
  • Post 3 - Science Fiction (Coming soon)
  • Post 4 - Modern / Modern Fantasy (Coming soon)
  • Post 5 - Characters (Coming soon)

~Roleplay Preferences~

General Preferences – I am a true switch through and through with only the faintest lean towards the submissive. I thoroughly enjoy playing both sides of the dominant scale and barring the whimsy of mood generally am eager to assume either role. Despite how oft overused or misunderstood the term is in these kinds of communities my sexuality is best described as pansexual. More often than the physical wit, ingenuity and creativity win over my heart and loins heedless of gender or orientation. Intrigue me, make my mind whir and I'll purr for you.

Post length- My post length varies based on situation and dynamic of a given scene. Though I am flexible you can expect multi paragraph play for me unless otherwise requested.

Availability - My PC resides in a fairly public part of my home. Living with two other people there are times I will only be able to pop online once or twice a day, other times when privacy permits I can be on for hours or even the whole day opening up availability for a more dynamic back and forth.

Where shall we play? - I am happy to take our role play to the forums, PMs or a messenger service, I believe there are advantages and disadvantages to each approach and depending on the points raised above in availability at times one medium may be preferred over another.

Spelling & Grammar - I am no stickler, people makes mistakes, so do I. If there is passion behind your words and creative flair the rest will fall into place. The only reason this is here is because of a bad habit of mine. If you message me and have not employed at least the art of capitolization you are doing yourself a mighty diservice. It is a knee-jerk reaction from me but if your first sentence in your opening message to me does not begin with a capitol,.. I wont automatically reject you but you better have something mighty compelling to say to keep me on the hook.  ;)

Message me - I just love talking with people in general and getting to know the Human condition. If I intrigue you but you haven't the time to devote to a roleplay or none of the below is your particular cup of tea shoot me a message anyway, lets have a chat, stir the melting pot of anonymous Internet culture.

~Ons & Offs~

For the time being the best and only place to get the full uncensored rundown of all of my ons, offs, deep seeded kinks and peculiar fetishes is on my flist profile found here:

If you are not a fan of the site I have filled on my Ons and Offs on Elliquiy, barring that just ask! I am an open book.

~ Interests ~


As a lady with a passion for books I firmly believe nothing sparks the flame of inspiration quite like a good novel. The following is a list of my favorites that I believe include rich and compelling worlds. Theseby no means encompasses the breadth of my library but are all worlds in which I'd adore setting a roleplay.

The Kingkiller Chronicle - Patrick Rothfuss     Mistborn - Brandon Sanderson

The Stormlight Archive - Brandon Sanderson     Red Rising Trilogy – Pierce Brown

Dresden Files – Jim Butcher     A Song of Ice and Fire - George RR Martin

Xanth Series – Piers Anthony     The Night’s Dawn Trilogy – Peter F Hamilton

The Void Series – Peter F Hamilton     Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

Takeshi Kovacs – Richard K Morgan     House of Suns – Alistair Reynolds

Malazan Book of the Fallen – Steven Erikson     Magic Kingdom of Landover – Terry Brooks

Pen & Paper

What kind of roleplayer would I be without some time spent rolling dice? What kind of world builder without experience mastering dungeons. Here are a number of pen and paper games I either actively enjoy or have been passionate about in the last few years.

Unknown Armies • Dresden Files • Eclipse Phase • Numenera • Apocalypse World • Shadowrun
Dark Heresy • Star Wars Edge of the Empire • Pathfinder • Fiasco • D&D 3.5  • D&D 5th

Other Media

Bit of a nerd all round I enjoy video games, manga, movies, comics and anime among a number of other hobbies; here are a few that possess facets prime to twist into something more naughty. Note that these are listed here mostly to give you a sample of my tastes, I do not role play fan fiction very often but can certainly be convinced given some inspiring ideas; I'd be happy to build a role-play around any of the following.

Video Games

Minecraft • Black Desert • StarBound • World of Warcraft • Wildstar • Diablo • Smite • Borderlands
League of Legends • Half-Life • Bioshock • The Witcher • Guild Wars • Wildstar • Path of Exile

Comics / Manga / Anime

DC Universe • Marvel Universe • Naruto • Bleach • Steins Gate • Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo • Death Note • Parasyte • Fullmetal Alchemist • Assorted Studio Ghibli Works

TV & Film

Banshee • Game of Thrones • Firefly • Battlestar Galactica • Shannara Chronicles
The Expanse • The Walking Dead • Suits • Vikings • Rick & Morty • Archer
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Re: Moondrop's Story Emporium and Erotic Imaginarium
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2016, 10:43:06 PM »
Realms of Boundless Imagination ~ Fantasy Themed Ideas

Fantasy is the quintessential brush strokes painted by a whimsical imagination, a boundless mind space where law of logic or sense of science can be readily tossed to the wayside in favor of the wildly weird or extravagantly exotic. These are the musings of an unshackled mind.


(A map of scintilla and the greater detail on how each of the nations within piece together to create a coherent world will be coming soon!)

Scintilla is a realm of fantasy of my own devising; a divergence from the Tolkeinist influence on pop culture present in the genre defining Dungeons and Dragons or on the pages of so many Forgotten Realms novels. This is a passion of world building, a project that is always expanding to encompass new facets each born of inspiration garnered from near every roleplay venture into Scintilla alongside a compelling partner. While I am thrilled to play any flavour of fantasy most roleplays I broach below are likely to be set in Scintilla, that said, if we do venture into Scintilla it not important to know any of this world's intricacies or lore to enjoy a Fantasy themed roleplay with the likes of me. Each setting below is entirely self-contained with Scintilla serving as the large picture backdrop in which each is nested, each setting a small portion of the greater whole. 

So why do I even mention Scintilla? I develop and give this world life here because world building is one of my passions. For the few who share a fire for creation and whom might enjoy the ramblings of a realm born of a quirky imagination I would jump at the chance to both share it and hear you feedback.  For the rest, argueably more sane among us, feel free to skip over this and peruse the plethora of more focused material below.

The Never Never

Hook – Beyond the reach of our mundane senses exists a realm akimbo our own and as boundless as any Mortal’s imagination. Most can only experience this world’s ephemeral embrace in the depths of our dreams, during a drug driven dalliance or while indulging the ravings of madness.  The Never Never is a world born of a sympathetic link between Mortal emotion and the power of imagination to create. Our minds shape the realm’s lurid landscape and breathe life into its exotic denizens but with the link goes both ways our world and theirs affecting one another in equal measure. The Never Never is home to creatures that either influenced modern legend or were directly born of it, creatures that sparked the fire of imagination in those that have spun Fairy Tale, Folk Lore and Fantasy throughout the centuries. The Never Never and the denizens of its wilds are collectively known as The Fae'; a people as diverse as they are enigmatic.

Type - Setting

Content - Exotic Fantasy Species, Exhibitionism, Sexual Freedom and Excess, Magic Made Lewd~

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A treatise on the deviant immortals known as ‘The Fae’ and primer to the ephemeral realm in which they dwell, ‘The Never Never.’

-The following codex has been compiled from fireside stories, historical tomes, expeditionary research as well as the personal experience of Archivist Dahlia author of this work.

There is another world out there akimbo to our own. This realm is place has come to be known by many names. The Faen, The Fair Lands, Midsummer, The Faded Glade, among countless others. To the denizens of this fabled place, however, it is known as The Never Never, Grand Kingdom of the Fae peoples. It is a land hidden away from sight and sensation by a gauzy veil cast over our senses; a tenuous, fragile thing but one seldom waived aside. This other world has been there since the first mortal dared dream.  The Never Never always just out of reach but close enough to be glimpsed in the periphery of thought and sensation, to infringe upon adventurous minds as much as those same minds etch their maker's mark on The Fae Folk.

"So why has no one noticed before?" you might ask, well, many have, but the vast majority of Mortalkind are far too busy or skeptical to put it all together. Mundane lives devour and demand the complete attention of all five senses leaving nothing to touch, taste, smell, see or hear what may lay beyond. So many blind deaf mutes buying in to the distracting machinations of life, failing to look up from a plethora of pathetic problems long enough to take notice. Paradoxically, others look too closely, straining their senses with ravenous expectation as to be blinded by the fervor of their search.

There are countless ways for a mortal human to transcend The Never Never's ephemeral borders. One steeped in fiery passion or overflowing joy is akin to a siren song to many of the Fae, drawn to extremes of emotion. Another may dare let their imagination run wild and free, so rebellious of thought that mortal civilization would oft brand them insane but The Fae are drawn like moth to flame. Dreams are the most common contact mortals have with the denizens of the Never Never; ever had a Dream you could have sworn was real? Don’t simply write it off as a flight of fancy, the Fae may have been whispering and watching. The dreaming mind grants a fuzzy and distorted vision of the Fair Lands as if viewing through the ever shifting spectrum of a kaleidoscope. Furthermore the drug taker's addled mind, the Wizard's true sight and the depths of Hypnosis all burn away the fragile facade separating worlds like the sun might the wispy clouds after a springtime rainfall. In truth it doesn't take much to chip away at the tenuous boundary, one just needs to know where to swing the proverbial pick ax.
Born of emotion, imagination and Magic, the denizens of the Never Never.

So what of the The Never Never's immortal denizens, the Fae? Mischievous, audacious and endlessly diverse these are the beings that have given like to fireside tales, legend and fable since mortals began weaving story and myth. Many are better known by Mortal given names such as Saytrs, Centaurs, Sirens, Pixies, Nymphs, Elves, Llamia and so very many more. It would be an impossible task to catalog all the forms Fae kind assumes. Instead know that if it has been told of in Fairy Tale or brought to life in the pages of a novel it is likely that a Fae creature influenced such creativity, or perhaps it is very much the opposite, a mystery among the many I doubt I will ever resolve.
Naming aside it is perhaps far more educational to discuss how the plethora of species collectively known as the Fae behave. The truth is however, they are as ephemeral to mortal understanding as the mysteries that lay beyond the veil of death. These are truly creatures of whimsy and impulse living moment to moment, no future, no past, only the now. Law has no place in the Never Never, timeless immortality harkens no necessity for rule giving rise to a society without concept of consequence. Many of mortal kind would dub it a land of anarchy but that is far from truth. There is order to the Fae but it is their making, it is not my place, not our place as mortals to guess at their minds and laws.

Beyond ephemeral legalistics the Fae disobey the natural law of entropy as well. Their bodies are enchanted, for lack of better terminology, indestructible, immortal suffused with Magic. Pain is simply another sensation to these creatures, immortality quelling Mortal anxiety. Harm can be inflicted but it is only ever temporary. A Fae's life cannot be snuffed by Mortal or kin Fae their boundless magic fueling astounding regenerative properties always returning to their natural state, pristine perfection.
Deviance and exemption to the realities of Moral existence has forged a society that shares little with our own appearing utterly bizarre to any looking in from without. For example considering the anomalous properties of the Faerie brood chronicled above and adding to them feats of high magic as exotic as teleportation, shape changing and everything in-between it is easy to extrapolate that the Fair Folk cannot be forced into any situation in which they would not wish to participate. This makes the implications of extreme circumstance, such as rape, confusing and foreign concepts to them. Rape is used here as an example to illustrate just how vast the gulf between our species is; Mortal races find rape among the most abhorrent of acts after all. It speaks to the truly alien nature of these creatures that they do not find this and similarly offensive acts so. As creatures of mischief and theatre and ruse many Fae actually seem eager to take on deviant roles that embrace such themes oft delivering a thoroughly convincing performance in doing so.

All of the previously mentioned influences culminate in a society populated by beings that doggedly pursue an alien definition of pleasure. They pluck ripe all the fruits life has to offer savouring the intense emotion and exquisite sensory delights that accompanies each indulgence. The Faerie Folk act without inhibition or even concern for a newly discovered playmate, they are seldom coy, if one appears so it is safe to assume a theatre act. They take a mischievous pleasure in luring mortals to salacious acts, encouraging hedonistic desires or luring out the depraved and buried depths of mortal imaginations. To hear the siren call of the Fae, to be their quarry of flesh is to experience perfect execution of purest seduction. These seductive lures have been the cultural roots of legend and Fairy tale for years. The Sirens call the song of the pied piper and countless more.

Kingdom of the Lotus

Hook – The Kingdom of the Lotus is a utopia, an island of opulence, pleasure and peace nested in a world boiling over with conflict. Love, lust and happiness are the creed of the Kingdom’s people, beliefs only bolstered by the will of their immortal Goddess Queen. With a preeminent aptitude for magic and enchantment the Queen’s will is made manifest and permeates the Kingdom stilling aggression whilst emboldening desire. Advised and supported by the infamous council that doubles as her personal harem the Lotus the Queen has ruled without contest for over 700 years. Each member of her royal court born was born of her womb, each the product of her mating with one of countless exotic mates and each infused with the arcane energies that mark her as a God. The Lotus is a place of sexual freedom and excess populated by the most diverse and fantastic creatures the fantasy genre as a whole has to offer. The Lotus is inspired by Egyptian and Greek themes, fueled by the opulence and excess people of those kingdoms legendarily enjoyed and then spiced to perfection by the whimsy of high fantasy.

“Feast like a Sultan she do on treasures and flesh never few.”

Type – Setting

Content –Harem, Breeding, Exotic Studs, Fertility Goddess

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Coming Soon - ask me about it!

Empire of Liore

Hook – The Empire is a classist society the upper crust coveting opulent excess. The Empire’s aristocracy enjoy pampered lives of unending pleasures while the peasantry live in comfortable envy of their betters. Inspired by France’s historical ‘Debutante Balls’ women of the gentry are trained in arts of propriety, pomp and pleasure each destined to be made spectacle upon their public debut where they will be expected to win the attentions of a future husband.

Type - Setting

Content - Exhibitionism, Sexual Freedom and Excess, Objectification.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Liorian Empire was born on the bed of excess. Ruled by a debonair and indulgent aristocracy the Empire is a society rooted in classist hierarchy. The lower class live comfortable but hard lives ever in envy of their societal ‘betters’. Proud, pomp and plump the gentry of Liore enjoy hedonistic lifestyles unparalleled across all of Scintilla. Even when compared to the freedom of lust and love enjoyed by the denizens of The Kingdom of the Lotus the debauchery and addiction driven fervor with which Liore’s upper class pursue pleasure cannot be matched.

No singular event encapsulates nor exemplifies the excessive pursuit of smut or the lascivious culture of Liore quite like the infamous Debutante Ball. From a young age the nubile noble men and women of The Empire are instructed in the ways of the court and prepared for their entry into the public eye, the politic melange and competitive forum that is high society. Etiquette, decorum and the salacious arts are the focus of their training, each weapons they will need to survive the dangerous politic landscape of the gentry. Upon the flowering of adulthood the graces a Lord or Lady has mastered are to be put on public display in a formal event known as their Debut. As new adults they are to be introduced to society via a formal "debut" presentation often known as the ‘Debutante Ball.’

Originally Debutante Balls were thrown to showcase young woman newly eligible to marry, to eligible bachelors the whole affair designed to maintain the purity of regal bloodlines. In modern times, however, the Debutante Balls have evolved into parties of unbridled indulgence each noble house competing for favor of the richest among them through acts of sheer glut. Vogue fetish and exquisite excess of ecstasy are valued above all other acts, girls capable and eager to participate in such defilement destined to be marked the most desirable brides amongst the gentry. Year on year the celebrations grow more ostentatious each family seeking to outdo the next in search of fame, power and prestige.
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Re: Moondrop's Story Emporium and Erotic Imaginarium
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Into the Future ~ Science Fiction Themed Ideas

Below you will find role play hooks built upon the foundations Science Fiction. Each takes place in a vision of the future born of my own predictions of what the future might hold tempered by the inspiration of a choice few novels of the genre. This is a universe that diverges from many of the most popular examples of the genre, one that attempts to remain grounded by of our current albeit possibly infantile grasp on the laws of our Universe. Transhumanist Science Fiction is the font from which I draw a great deal of my inspiration as I firmly believe we will master the insular reaches of our minds and the Human condition well before we break the shackles of light speed’s hard limit. The shattering of the mental and physical limits of the Human condition broached by the genre truly intrigue me and such a setting enables the creation of truly compelling characters. In an effort to keep the plot, setting and character outlines presented below concise as possible here is a quick primer I'd like to share with all interested in this flavour of Science Fiction.

We have not mastered the stars. Science Fiction seeded grand expectation, Humanity would spread its seed across the vast reaches of space to claim their birthright in the Milky Way it said. We were destined to ply the stars and build implacable Galactic Empires, such wild dreams destined to disappointment. The gulfs of infinite black between celestial bodies proved simply too great. The Math, the Physics, as we understand them anyway, prove unequivocally that light had discovered the hard limit well before we did. Even at the 0.99 lights, the fastest velocity ever attained by a celestial object on record much less achieved by a manmade vehicle, voyages to even the most neighbourly of star systems was best measured in generations rather than years. The dream of colonizing the stars was all but dead but Humankind’s unrelenting ambition and impetus for the enrichment of our race was far from defeated. Attentions shifted, cast inward and away from the infinite beyond of the final frontier t ourselves. Instead of the stars Humanity would come to master our mortal bodies and fragile minds bold enough defy both evolution and our own mortality. Artisans of our own destiny we would transcend to paw at the domain of the Gods sculpting ourselves into something new, of our own design ascending beyond what we once were.

Long Haul

Hook – Ferrying freight across vast swaths of interstellar space is a long and lonely endeavour. Payload Inc. is an innovative, family oriented operation captained by a Father, Daughter duo. They are a team like no other, natural born spacer stock through and through. Their livelihood brings seclusion and cramped spaces, the pair oft finding themselves spending more time together braving the solitary reaches of deep space than mingling with the masses.  With civilization all but a distant memory, the law an afterthought and not a pair of eyes to judge for hundreds of thousands of kilometers in any direction it is easy to lose ones selves to burgeoning desire born in claustrophobic confines. It won’t be long until the spark of mutual lusts ignite passions as hot as a raging brush fire, wanton need escalating beyond the bounds of the taboo of incest. Daddy and daughter are quick to discover the best use of the fruits of their labour, a top-end suite of his and her improvements exploring the realms of genetic manipulation, cutting edge organic enhancements and enthusiast implants.

Type - Plot

Content - Incest, Seclusion, Trans-humanism, Body Modification, Corruption

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Even ships fitted with sophisticated slingshot drives balk at the inconceivable distance between the motes that gift light to our Galaxy.  Like the ocean born explorers of old those who wish to brave the boundless reaches between ports of call pay their toll in time. For Genevieve Kavanagh the long, lost and lonely inky blackness of the long haul is all she’s ever known. Weightlessness in zero gravity was her playground and their starship’s database, updated at every system stop, her teacher. Their ship, ‘Bertha’s Bravado’ is home, and the void their limitless backyard. Out there, it was always just the two of them Father and daughter together for months and weeks on end. The pair were natural spacer stock through and through, a team like no other, both far more comfortable plying the isolation of the void than with legs on planted on planetary soil.

Swaddled in the naivety of youth Genevieve could never have hoped to comprehend what the future had in store for her, the reality of her home planet veiling the greater wonder of the Galaxy. Gen’s life should have been so different but among the stars she was destined to dance. Until age four Genevieve Kavanagh lived planet bound with her Mother denizens of a humble hamlet upon a world named ‘Norfolk’. An agricultural world Norfolk represents an alternative way of living in an era of interstellar travel. The planet’s constitution forbids the use any device that utilizes electricity making the acetylene lamp perhaps their most sophisticated tool, shunning high technology in favour of a pastoral lifestyle. Most who call the planet home have never experienced the shuddering power of an internal combustion engine much less the spectacle of a starship’s engine shattering the will of gravity. Understandable then that those born on Norfolk and subject to the mental shackles of an utterly circumscribe world view would find it near impossible imagine the splendor of a starship.

So it was that when disaster struck at a culture that cherished simplicity the Norfolk populace found themselves ill-prepared. A sickness took root, a malady so virulent that infection rates burgeoned to full blown epidemic levels within 52 hours of the first recorded medical case. Thankfully medical technology was one facet of Galactic life not entirely shirked by Norfolk, after all, they were not fools just humble folk that cherished the simpler pleasures life had to offer. Sadly, it was too little too late, relative isolation kept them from far from the bleeding edge of medical science the disease was claiming 9 out of every 10 lives on the planet.

When news of the plague came to Gen’s little village on the expedient wings of horse drawn carriage half of the local population was already sick, her Mother included. Desperate to spare her daughter the same fate as the people of her planet the girl’s Mother turned to a device illegal on Norfolk, an object she never thought she’d use again, an interstellar communication console left buried in the depths of a dust covered hope chest in their attic. She called Gen’s a father, a man absent from their lives since the pregnancy having chosen the wonders of Galactic life over what he considered a mundane existence. Gen’s Mother knew that the only hope for her child was this man and the medical miracles the worlds he belonged to offered. Luckily Gen’s Father was close at hand the man having made a tidy profit off the products of the planet he had abandoned since his departure. When her Father’s ship landed some three days later his once Wife was on her death bed dying but still with enough will to starkly refuse his   pleading offers of salvation. This was a Woman of belief, one that had known the implications of the life she had chosen for herself able to embrace the life or death that decision brought her. At four years of age Genevieve was far too young to make the same decision so it was that her Mother trusted her only daughter to that mad world in the stars above.
Years pass, Gen growing from girl to troublesome teenager to blossoming adult.

The cargo hauler ‘Bertha’s Bravado’ was an old vessel but one with a storied history and all the character that comes with. To the sentimentality of Father and Daughter she was a ship like no other, near and dear to their hearts. They took care of her and her them. Bertha was hearth and home, their meal ticket and faithful steed; the ol' gal full of piss and vinegar ever eager to spirit her two charges far and away across oceans of star dust to any of the millions of exotic planets the Commonwealth had to offer.

Genevieve had seen countless oddities both grandiose and strange in her 18 years of life. She’d marinaded in the exotic spices of a hundred cultures, each human and each as alien as the next. Even with the promise of new and wondrous cultures waiting to assault the senses at each and every port of call it was the serenity of deep space that had the greatest impact on the girl’s development. Those long lost lonely reaches of the long haul, weeks or months spent traveling in a ship that offered no more than 90 squarer meters of open space between cold metal bulkheads. Out there it was just him and her and the hum of Bertha’s engines. When one spends 90% of their away from any vestige of civilization or the influence of Humanity’s chaos their development can become a touch stunted. Sure Gen had the limitless database of the ship’s computer, updated at every station stop, as teacher and companion but even sophisticated AI can only offer so much. Seclusion softens the mold of civilization offering opportunity to sculpt a nubile and impressionable young individual into whatever form their lone remaining role model might desire.


Hook – Mortality has been mastered. The elderly are retiring their used up bodies in favor of youthful, healthy replacements. Aged souls brought so suddenly back to the prime of life, hormones rampaging through virile bodies are certain to want to experience the thrills of their glory days. Understandable then that the average person is touch ravenous to rediscover their sexuality in the process of rekindling the flame of their long lost youth. Now sleeved into potent teenage bodies these wizened souls cannot deny the building pressure brought on by years of celibacy and with a lifetime of experience and fetish matured as surely as a well-aged barrel of single malt, well, the world better watch out!

Type - Plot

Content - Transhumanism, Body Swap, Mature minds young bodies.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Coming Soon - ask me about it!


Hook – With the advent of full dive virtual reality and the digitization of the Human mind a new and insidious category of crime has emerged. Despite developers claiming the iron clad security of their networks the mind can be vulnerable to the ingenious predator when one invests their consciousness so completely into a computer simulation. Those with the skill to pull off a ‘Mind Hack ‘are exceedingly rare for the Human mind remains incredibly resilient to tampering even with the sensorium all but hijacked already by a world seeming as real as any other. At least one person has devised a way burning down the safeties to access the raw melange of ‘code’ that makes up the greater whole that is the digital mind. Such access would allow unprecedented power over a person, the veritable ability to rewrite a Human being, modify memory, tweak even an established personality and even assume control of motor function. This individual scours the net seeking that one perfect victim to make their plaything, their internet doll.

Type - Plot

Content - Mind Control - Virtual Avatars - Body Swap - Body Modification - Gender or Gender Identity Reassignment - Reprogrammed Personality - Group Sex - Public Sex

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Coming Soon - ask me about it!

"Project Mother"

Hook – Earth is lost, the stress of the Human parasite a terminal cancer. Fourteen gargantuan colony ships left our world braving the darkness of space upon the wings of sub light drives. Each sets its course for a different star, our closest neighbors, hoping beyond hope to find a world even vaguely suitable for Human life. Mother-Class Colony Ship "Anastasia" was 300 years into her voyage when disaster struck. Facing catastrophic systems failure the ship's AI was forced to make pivotal decisions, staking Human lives against the value of her primary mission. The mission won, sacrificing the masses to save the few only the most virile specimens were chosen to live all remaining resources diverted to their well being. The Motherly AI set about preparing a veritable Garden of Eden in an uncompromised section of the ruined ship, the mask of utopia to greet their eventual awakening.

Type - Plot

Content - Seclusion, Breeding, AI, Robotics, Manufactured Utopia.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Coming Soon - ask me about it!

The Xanth

Hook – A fledgling colony on planet Silfen has been founded by the ‘Mother Project’ Colony Ship "New Oxford". After making landfall on the alien world colonists discover a number of gelatinous, globular lifeforms native to the world, these lifeforms are dubbed 'The Xanth'. “New Oxford” was a ship largely populated by members of old Earth’s scientific community. Ever curious the newcomers establish a research facility in close proximity to one of the largest Xanth specimens in hopes of studying the exotic species. Early reports from project personnel claimed feeling a preternatural draw to the lifeform accompanied by a sense of overwhelming euphoria culminating in unexplainable affections towards the entity. These mental pushes, among other manipulative memetic influences, seem to grow in intensity.  Several weeks into the project personnel have begun to go missing only to be later found submerged in the alien specimen’s gelatinous form tendrils invading or encapsulating their sexual organs. Those drawn to the Xanth find themselves in a dream like state that is shared with any other victim submerged in the lifeform’s gelatinous body. This dream is an unconscious experience seeming as acute and tangible as reality, more potent than any lucid dream, within all natural senses seem heightened to unnatural extremes and all who experience it feel an undeniable drive to procreate.

Type - Plot

Content - Exotic Aliens, Aphrodisiac, Dreamlike Experiences, Tentacles. 

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Coming Soon - ask me about it!
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Re: Moondrop's Story Emporium and Erotic Imaginarium
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Re: Moondrop's Story Emporium and Erotic Imaginarium
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Re: Moondrop's Story Emporium and Erotic Imaginarium
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Updated with several new Sci-fi themed ideas as well as preferences, availability and all round general insight into my own tastes.