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Author Topic: Birthday Wish  (Read 431 times)

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Birthday Wish
« on: March 05, 2016, 03:33:54 PM »
Well, since it is my birthday(today) I had a few kinky ideas revolving around it!
Much gratitude to anyone who wants to help me out with these!
Seeking some one to play the FEMALE role in these! Details, names, ages, etc can be discussed!

Birthday Wish #1 The Happy Ending Massage
-Treating himself to a birthday massage, Andrew found a very attractive Asian Girl waiting for him. The massage was sensual and hit all the right places, leaving him rock hard under the towel that covered his waist. Apparently his arousal hadn't gone unnoticed, as the Asians hands worked up his thighs, sliding under the towel, one hand massaging his balls and the other stroking his shaft. His eyes sprung open at the sudden move, only to find her smiling right back at him. "Birthday special." was all she said and needed to say before removing the towel completely, followed by her clothes...

Birthday Wish #2 Happy Birthday to You...
-Andrew looked at his girlfriend with a look of confusion. She had just told him that his birthday gift was waiting in their bedroom. However, she was already dressed in lingerie, greeting him at the door with a wet, sloppy kiss as he had arrived home from work. Not sure what she meant, given her current attire, he set his briefcase down and hastened upstairs. Opening the door to their bedroom, he paused, stunned. His girlfriend slid up behind him, pressing her body against his, sliding her hands down the front of his pants to his growing erection. Standing at the foot of their bed, wearing a matching ensemble though white instead of his girlfriends black, was her beautiful best friend with a wry smile on her lips. Andrew was finally going to have a threesome!

Birthday Wish #3 A Perfect Gift
-Andrew was saddened. It was his birthday but no one was home when he got there after school. Being a bit of a loner, he didn't really have any friends so didn't really have any plans for his birthday. Sighing, he headed up stairs and entered his room, head downcast. He shut the door behind him and then froze, noticing someone else in his dimly lit room. His mother(or sister) lay on his bed, in a sheer nightdress that left little to the imagination. She smiled at him as she spread her legs, showing him her glistening, smooth pussy. "I am yours for the next 12 hours - you get to do whatever you want to me." She said. "Its a family tradition and now its your turn."

Birthday Wish #4 High Class Escort
-Andrew, a widow, had decided to treat himself for his birthday and hired an escort for a night of fun. When his doorbell rang he was shocked to find his daughter-in-law standing there, wearing a trenchcoat. He had long lusted after her, flirting with her, being teased by her, hugs that lasted a little longer, hands that stroked a little lower. His look of confusion clearly showed on his face but she smiled at him. "I was coming over to give you your present and sent the other girl on her way." She said, glancing over her shoulder before opening her trench-coat, flashing him her naked body before closing the jacket. "Richard is away for the weekend so I am all yours."

Birthday Wish #5 Teachers Pet
-Andrew had never been held after classes before. He had never been in trouble with a teacher before. He was a straight A student and hadn't failed his last test. So he was sweating, waiting for the other students to leave, waiting for Miss. Anderson to let him know what he had done wrong. She was his favorite, of course, a teacher he draw doodles off in his notebooks. All the guys wanted to bone her of course and she always dressed the part - always in dresscode but always sexy, almost revealing. Once the class had cleared she strutted over to the door, closed it along with the blinds and locked it before turning back to him. "Andrew," She said and he nearly jumped in his seat at the sultry tone of her voice. "You decide an aware for being such a good student." She started moving towards him, unbuttoning the front of her blouse as she did so. "And since its your birthday, you can an extra special award." Andrew swallowed the lump in his throat as her last button sprung free, her blouse opening to reveal her perfect breasts, her hands already moving to unclasp the bra that confined them.
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Re: Birthday Wish
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Updated with taken ideas.