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Author Topic: A variety of characters & plots with a variety of kinks  (Read 457 times)

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Offline SmokingCamelsTopic starter

A variety of characters & plots with a variety of kinks
« on: March 05, 2016, 08:33:29 AM »
So okay, this is my first advertisement post to try and get some bites.  I apologize in advance for not having many graphics to look at and be all pretty with.  I'm sure we can find some though!  Also, take a look at the O/O I have.

YOU CAN'T BE A MATRON WITHOUT... F/M+, Submissive Dark Elf / Humans, & Impreg

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Rez'ya has spent a great deal of time in the Underdark as a tough as nails warrior.  Forget the clerics.  Forget the wizards.  Magic is for those too weak to fight.  Weakness is a flaw that get you killed.  At least in drow society.  After just more than two centuries in her house proving she is in fact, a drow noble, Rez'ya is ready to take the next step towards becoming a matron.  However, to do that, she must have a child.  Drow males are so weak and pathetic.  They're small, skinny, and frail.  Rez'ya is tall, lean, and mean.  She needs a real man, or at least a strong man to give her his seed so that she can have a strong child.  So she cooks up a plan to visit the slave market incognito.  There, she finds as many large, rugged, strong, and intelligent human males as she can, and pays for them, but only for a night.  In an act almost unheard of, Rez'ya dons the drow slave collar without revealing who she is, and submits herself to the men, letting them take their turns with her, until all are satisfied again and again.  The idea and concept here is that my writing partner will take on the role of at least one human male whose purpose is to breed the slave in order to receive his freedom.  Naturally every male is trying to get her pregnant.  They don't know why or even care, so long as they are freed.

SUCH A TASTY MORTAL... M/f, Vampire/young mortal, No-means-yes-nervous-coercion, & preferably Asian, Redhead, or Caramel skinned virgin girl

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This one is pretty straight forward.  Looking to play a Tremere (warlock vampire) that seeks his newest embrace.  He's been studying the files and seeks a young girl with an inquisitive, curious mind, but who is also a little nerdy, shy, and naive.  He lets her figure out that he is a vampire on purpose, but because she knows, he gets to bite her.  But that little bit turns into a little more, and soon the girl finds herself going further and further.  Eventually she can no longer resist and accepts the embrace.  This is a dark seduction story.  It can take place over a period of a few nights until the girl is embraced.  There is room for several kinks but it's even more of a turn on if she's being seduced while her parents are asleep in the next room.

YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!!! M+/F, Light Non-Con, Strip-tease, Cuckold, No Protection Allowed

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I am seeking to play a bad guy with enough money to book a stripper in a VIP room for at least himself and probably a couple of his buddies.  He knows the bouncer.  He knows the bouncer is head over heels for the new girl.  The new girl has only been working there a few months and hasn't done a VIP party yet.  While the bouncer is called to stand watch outside of another area of the VIP, his girl goes to perform the required lap dances... only to realize too late that the bad guy had fished himself out of his pants while her back was turned.  The stripper puts up weak resistance while the bad guy gets inside her.  Before she knows it, the bad guy is finishing his first round and letting the stripper go.  It only dawns on the stripper that she just had unprotected sex with a complete stranger, at work, with her boyfriend not more than 50 feet from the location, and nobody seems to have noticed.  Once she feels the cum sliding down her thigh, it dawns on her...and it turns her on.  The stripper gets into it, unleashes her aggressive side, and becomes a willing participant for the rest of the night...


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
CJ Wong just turned 18.  Yesterday.  She is a spoiled brat.  She's also a genius with an IQ of 177.  She's in her senior year of school.  She has her letter jacket.  She ran track, was on the swim team, played volley ball, won a medal in gymnastics, is a 2nd degree black belt, and can play the French Horn, Alto Sax, and bass guitar.  She is fluent in 5 languages, not counting her native Mandarin and English, and scored a 1592 on her SAT.  She was accepted into Harvard Law School and will be graduating Valedictorian.  She is absolutely loathing the whole idea!  CJ wants to have some FUN before she loses the chance to have it.  So she does the unheard of.  She skips town for the weekend, heads to Vegas, and decides to do something outlandish!  She finds the first "modeling" agency she can find, gets high, and pretends to be an airhead, quickly signing her name on the dotted line to the highest paying porn contract she can get.  Her virginity goes to the guy in front of her, the casting director, who naturally has to sample the brand new 18 year old Asian girl.  No protection.  Internal cumshots.  Multiple partners.  Anal too.  There is no limitation to the number of men or women CJ will have sex with.  I am looking for a writing partner to take this through multiple "porn shoot" scenarios.  Be creative.  You're controlling the cast.  Avoid too many toys, ATM, and heavy S&M (and other things on my off list) though.  Annnnnddd... it all starts NOW!

I think 4, with an even split between guys and girls, fantasy, supernatural, and normal human is enough for me to start with.  I'm sure I will have more ideas as they cross my mind.  I'm also open to suggestions and ideas.  Just shoot me a PM!