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Author Topic: DarkPrince's Smut Kingdom (M f F & maybe a M)  (Read 415 times)

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Online TheSithChickenTopic starter

DarkPrince's Smut Kingdom (M f F & maybe a M)
« on: March 04, 2016, 02:21:03 PM »
I am looking for a single story of a different nature than I normally do. Most of my ideas run heavy towards the story end of things with smut and sex just a thing that happens as part of the process. That is not what I am planning on advertising here. I want one raunchy sex filled story to play around with. Something that I - and my partner - can use to work out some kinks and have some fun. So below I will lay out the basic guidelines for what I am looking for and then some ideas. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. If you have an idea that might meet this desire send that too. The plots below are just off the top of my head.

What I Am Looking For In A Partner:

- Someone willing to play a Female character plus maybe a Male as well. See below.
- Willingness to play by forum. No PMs or IMs.
- Someone who likes communicating. I am big on communicating with my writing partners.

What I Am Looking For In A Story:

- Smut with enough story to intensify the scenes.
- Some part of the Taboo (noncon, incest, monsters, beastiality, etc). Just what flavor is up for grabs.
- A lack of euphemisms in description.


Note: The listed kinks are just what I am thinking about. I am more than open to adding in others and discussing the ones already there. I'm friendly. Just ask.

Not An Angel - Noncon, D/S, Bondage, Graphic Talk, Fantasy or Modern or Historical

MC (My Character) is a priest. Well respected and considered an upstanding member of the community. But he has a secret. There's a demon in him. A thing of lust and hungers that overwhelms him at night. He's been fighting it. Doing everything in his power to keep it under control. That's where YC (Your Character) comes into it. A young nun just transferred to his church. Succulent young flesh calls to the monster inside him and he gives in at night - only to feel the guilt when he regains control. A guilt that lasts till it takes over again.

This is not meant to be a seduction. The demon takes the nun. Makes her his plaything. What all he does to her is obviously up for discussion. As is how she reacts to it. Maybe she grows to enjoy it or sees entertaining the demon as protecting her fellow nuns and the flock or decides to give him other women to satisfy him rather than be used herself or any number of other things. One thing I am looking for in this story is for the demon to be very graphic in his talk and action. Crude and lascivious. No euphemisms. No purple prose. Just hardcore, very adult speech from the demon. This is a darker story.

The Labyrinth - Noncon, Monster, Fantasy

The people gave a single sacrifice to the the beast in the labyrinth every year to sate it's lust and keep it from preying on the townsfolk. Fearful tales of the beast and what it does are popular in the town. The sacrifice is chosen by lottery and this year it's your turn. They cast you into the labyrinth to face the beast.

Simple enough, right? What the beast is and what we do after it finds you is up for discussion. It could be a minotaur and go the classical route or it could be something else. Whether you simply are it's prisoner or whether you come to enjoy it or whether you decide to set it loose on the people who cast you into the labyrinth in the first place or something else is up to you.

Familial Blackmail - Incest, Reluctance, Sex slave, Modern, Fantasy, or Scifi

The base setup is simple. MC and YC are family. Father/Daughter or Son/Mother preferably. MC catches YC doing something bad or secret- preferably something sexual like cheating on her husband or sleeping with her boss/teacher for a promotion/better grade or being a hooker, etc - and gets evidence. Then uses that evidence to blackmail your character into being his sex slave. Lots of different ways this can go based off who they are, what the blackmail evidence is, and the setting.

Forced to Porn - Reluctance, Blackmail, Group Sex, Open to M/M with forced gay or bisexual scenes, Modern or Scifi

MC is whoever. A generally masculine guy who can be tailored to the scenario we come up with together. He does something stupid and gets in debt to the wrong people. A debt he can't repay. So he gets forced into porn of shall we say... dubious legitimacy. YC is the one forcing him into porn as well as his fellow performers..

Now this can get dark or extreme. It's up to you really. If you want to involve incest or beastiality or the more extreme elements of bdsm we can. I'm wiling to try a lot of things outside my normal interests for this. Or if you just want to use him and leave him dripping after a gangbang video that works too.

More to come.
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Online TheSithChickenTopic starter

Re: DarkPrince's Smut Kingdom (M f F & maybe a M)
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2016, 10:36:08 PM »