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Author Topic: Dungeons, Damsels, Debauchery?! ( DnD / fantasy/ish + naughties!) ( 2.0 )  (Read 528 times)

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Offline Mia SaisyuTopic starter

Hi! My last round with this thread went a little bit, but things didn't get very involved, so i'm trying again! I also took off for a small's try this once more!

I have a few characters that are looking for a good ( or not so good ) home! I'm ideally looking for a game with equal parts naughties and normals! Basically, I like smutty situations being involved..
I know 3.5, 4e, pathfinder, and 5E!

I like solo games, but adore group games! Either is fine! I also love the traditional fabled "naughty dungeon crawl"!

Here are some ideas / sort of the stuff i'm looking for.

Scenario 1:
A character breaks off from the group and is subjected to slave training by bandits after capture. It may take a couple of weeks for them to find her - that is, after having been subjecte to several tossed will saves, sitting and leaning next to a gentleman's legs in harem gear. Drama ensues..

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Scenario 2: Party ends up fighting some giant plant-monster thing that swallows one character whole. There's a trick to beating the thing up though, every time the person inside doped up on pollen gets off, it regenerates a huge amount of health. Pervert rogue had actually seen the person get snatched up earlier, but decided to watch instead.

Scenario 3 : A face-off with a perverted evil sorceress who decides to subdue characters by various naughty means mid-combat - summoning a slime onto them in combat that quickly works to dissolve armor / do naughty things. Then disables another party member with a masturbation spell. Then disables another one inside of his own mind with an illusory harem.

Scenario 4: Party member is sent to infiltrate a harem and get secrets out. Doesn't come back overnight. Eventually a rescue group finds her tied to the bed, complaining about being rescued.

Fiana Delatore, clandestine "knight" of the royal guard with shaky allegiances.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Fiana Delatore

Not every knight of the royal guard was a heroic, chivalrous sort.
Fiana was a street-dwelling child with a penchant of constantly getting in trouble with the law - being caught, thrown in the dungeons for a good few months, and somehow managing to always escape.

Eventually, these frustrations led the guard to offer Fiana a job - training and the chance to live a better life, in eventual service of the kingdom. Years of training and clandestine investigation followed, until the day of her introduction to the Silent Blade. There were strange, and untold tales that stemmed from the kingdom's underbelly. Monsters that lived on the essence of females, conspiratory plots, a rogues guild that threatened the existence of the very kingdom from deep within the bowels of a brothel.

Elite, trained, and full of bad habits from a past life, Fiana pretends to be prim and proper, but struggles with her allegiances to the kingdom.And yet, her past of perversions and debauchery calls to her, despite her present.




Eve Arinstrel, Modified Magic Soul
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide






A woman of noble birth - Eve grew up as a happy, intelligent child, her parents wealthy tax collectors in the land. Their prowess in magics gave them complete control of the treasury - using their magics to survey wealth, and report to the royal treasury.

However, such dealings led them in more trouble than they'd care for, in the evening, Lady Alfana Arastrel was kidnapped - and the noble was thrown into panic. Without her, and without their status, they'd lose their wealth, and status.

In exchange, led out under magical sleep, Eve was offered in Alfana's place as a slave - and as such, the girl was led out, into the life of a slave.

But the slavers were not your typical run of the mill bandits who plastered girls to walls and then did what they desired. Under the work of a harem master - Eve was "adopted" into a harem of a powerful wizardess, who used her freshly bought goods for magical experiments.

Unlike many of her "subjects", while in the harem , Eve managed to stay alive - while becoming a magical experiment, going through extreme mental anguish as magics altered her body, tampered her mind. To this wizardess, Eve was another human catalyst - one with a particular knack of having magic channeled through her body.

After being used, her body magically tainted - and presumed most likely dead due to extreme exposure of magics - her limp body was tossed out, smattered with the remnants of the evening's liquids on her body.

Though, unlike the rest of the bodies - Eve woke up, the next morning.

Those same pretty little eyes lifted her fingertips to become emblazoned with magic. The spells that had been used to drain the feyweave around her had instead backfired - a protective spell her mother had left on her before she was kidnapped. Though, now her body had been tainted - her spirit was ever stronger..though, the mere feeling of a tongue between her legs would drive her insane.

This of course, led to hedonism - the girl thinking she were powerless..until a certain wizardess wished to reclaim the magical energies that she took. However, she was ..suppressed. The magical energies hard a difficult time materializing true energy and the like. Instead, they were better suited to be used reality in itself. And while this led to her getting whatever she wanted, while pursued by the wizardess - it didn't work so well with her pursuers.

Eve is confined to a life of low profile - never to understand the dealings of those bandits who kidnapped her mother and forced her into this situation, and even more, the wizardess whom tainted her body - Taria Ketrel.

But fate would have the feyweave that she held near to her would show that her destiny was more than to be a simple tavern dweller..more than a simple bar wench who knew magic tricks.

Serena Lamelle, Average-girl-turned-druid and plant whisperer.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Not all druids are chosen at birth. Some fall to circusmtance.
Serena Lanelle was the daughter of a peasant farmer on the outskirts of a castle town. Tasked with household chores, she became "one of the boys" as she grew, until it was made known that she was a lady and destined to help her family.

A marriage was arranged, and plans were set. However, whispers of the fae were to change a young girl's life into a different destiny.
"Are you content? Is this what you want?" the voiced led deeper, and deeper into the forest as fog grew thicker. Steps led to an almost unnatural forest - beautiful, strange colors swirling, tree bark made of rainbows, and plants of varying colors.

And then she met the thing that would change her life. A beautiful, blooming Alraune - ushered her into its petals with alluring pollen.

It lasted for weeks. Serena lost her mind over the course of the ritual. Her hair tinted an unnatural shade of green - her fingernails, and even her lips. It had been overwhelming. By the end, she was willingly submitting to its whims.

It was a blur, that period of time, and when Serena was released, she came out of the forest in an unfamiliar area. There was a certain supernatural awareness of magics dwelling in her, and as an animal attacked - Serena manifested claws, and turned into a cat-human hybrid to protect herself from her predator. However, she quickly discovered another animal trait. Catgirls, like cats, go into heat..

Serena could hear whispers of the forests, and now had to deal with the conflict of having no identity as a person, and being a woman riddled with magic.

Will she find her way back into the wilds whence she came and lose herself once more, or will circumstances draw her into a larger conflict as she finds herself penniless?

Melisande Renrunner, aspiring medival popstar with a curse
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide




Melanie(Melisande) Renrunner
A noble girl trained as a musical artist - Melisande grew up in an atypical high house, eventually slotted for an arranged marriage. There was more to life than what her parents gave her, and the songs that she'd displayed during elegant performances in the coliseeum and amphitheatre. To Melisande, music was moreso an expresion of self enjoyment - not a tool of her father to gain high standing amongst the other houses by impressing fellow nobles with her daughter.

It was at this point, Melisande had decided to run away; to chase a life creating her own music. Melisande "borrowed" a large sum of money from her parents and fled overseas with her lute. As a classically trained noble with a voice that could touch a man's soul like a brick wrapped in silk - Melisande quickly gained quite the following with her dance and song, eventually starting up a traveling troupe of sorts.

After a while, the aspiring medieval pop star quickly found that maintaining the nobles' lifestyle while singing was difficult. She'd turned eventually to dancing in seedier bars.

Melisande's final concert was given to a talented sorceress with her troupe. While the rest of her troupe were beginning their display in the wizard's honor, Melisande instead had opted to try and pilfer an expensive magical artifact that was rumored to be in place - a ring of invisibility. However, magical wards caught her, and soon enough she was trapped.

Melisande was then given a tattoo - a little heart-shaped print on one buttcheek. If one knew her name, they could utter any one command, once per day, and she would have to obey. This was disastrous, as she'd find out on stage one day during a performance with her troupe. The "performance" quickly became much more lewd, very quickly.

Her career was ruined - those who knew Melisande's name had her at beck and call - even kept as a personal sex pet for a week once by an "adoring" fan. It left her no choice but to abandon her troupe and flee across the ocean once more to a new land - one where nobody knew her name. There was a certain sting knowing that nobody would know her real name - as well as the magical taint lingering on her body that kept her uneasy. With no choice but to try and make money somehow, Melanie ends up taking odd jobs - though her love of performing does distract her - there's a certain hit to her pride that drives her to find a way to remove the curse, while having enough money to survive..

Revi Aterra

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide




Revi was a child who was born into a lineage of mercenary shop owners and alchemists. The Aterra family had several different shops in the region, called "Soldier's Rest" that sold traveling supplies, and dealt in special and magical items.
The pretty, upon reaching the age of adulthood, was literally given charge by her parents to nurture a shop and make it grow - flock it with magical items, as well as supplies, and make money from the region. Being a pretty lass herself certainly helped the cause, as well - a few travelers
came and stopped specifically to see the charismatic shopkeep. However, in a trade with mercenaries for goods, Revy picked up a certain scroll. A blueprint for a magical ring that allows anyone who can place the ring on another - to be utterly and completely enthralled, and owned by that person, forever, forced to obey all commands.
Such an item would change the face of the world forever, or so Revi thought. However, the blueprint wasn't complete - it required several rare gems to refine - and even at that, it seemed that about half of the blueprint was still missing.

Her first mistake was talking with a rather pretty girl while drunk at the local tavern late in the eve. Smitten by a gorgeous redhead, Revi blabbed about the entire thing as she was led  home..seduced, brought to a mess on the bedsheets...

..and then found the blueprint missing. Research found that the girl who'd made off with her blueprints was a very prestigious brothel owner..who'd no doubt have an infinite amount of "employees", were the blueprints to fall into her hands completely.

With this, Revi sets out to find the rest of her blueprints - and somehow make her store prosper, at the same time..[/spoiler]

Interested? Great! I'd ideally like to play with dice on - but any program you like is fine! I'm not picky!

My heart desires a game with multiple players, but solo will be fine since beggars can't be choosers!

Please no forum-based! It goes so slowly. ; - ; That's my only request.

<snip> No personal contact information in the public threads, please! -Nic

Or VIA pms here!
Thank you!
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