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June 29, 2022, 01:09:19 am

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Author Topic: Looking to Play Oliver Queen (M for f)  (Read 1016 times)

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Offline jacobjonTopic starter

Looking to Play Oliver Queen (M for f)
« on: March 01, 2016, 08:03:44 am »
The title kind of says it all. I'm looking to play Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, either from the tv show or the comics. I've listed some ideas for both below, categorizing them by their source material. In both cases, the source material is more of a starting point than anything else. I don't want to get mired down in canon.

Arrow TV Show

1. Year One (Arrow/Felicity)

Oliver Queen has returned from five years on a hellish island, and now seeks to use the skills he learned there to bring justice to his city. The problem is that while the island might have taught him how to fight and shoot, it gave him no information on how to hack into databases or track a foe's digital movements. In order to complete his mission, Oliver is forced to recruit someone with the skills he lacks.

His search ends before it ever really begins. While walking home, Felicity Smoak is attacked by a mugger, only to be rescued by the Arrow. Oliver recognizes her as an employee of the company, someone with unrivaled computer skills. Bringing her into the fold puts her life at risk, but it means protecting the rest of the city.

I would like to see this develop into a loving romance that is mixed with action. The two have to learn how to deal with their significant other being put into harm's way, and have to consider that even together, they may not be enough to save the city.

2. Training Day (Arrow/Laurel)

After a personal loss, Dina Laurel Lance is determined to become a tool for justice, something that can make sure others don't suffer her same loss. With limited training, she has success against isolated criminals, but finds herself overwhelmed in the face of the more organized, violent criminal element.

During one of her less successful encounters with organized crime, she runs across the Arrow, Star City's other vigilante. The Arrow has been in action longer, and knows his training could be a valuable asset to her journey to reach her full potential. Unfortunately, the Arrow isn't looking for a partner, and instead warns her to get out of this life while she can.

Rather than give up, the Canary continues to put herself in dangerous situations, forcing the Arrow into a reluctant partnership, since letting her go untrained will clearly get her killed. While he starts out seeing her as a disruption, over time he starts to warm to the idea of a partner. Eventually, he starts to wonder if she might be something more.

This one could be reworked to have certain “damsel in distress” elements, as Canary could find herself in situations she simply isn’t ready for. It would depend on my partner’s interests.

Green Arrow Comics

1. Claws and Arrows (Green Arrow/Catwoman)

Gotham has gotten to be a chaotic place as of late. Not only is the Batman keeping tabs on things, but there are a number of costumed criminals who make it progressively more difficult to steal an honest living. After a close call with law enforcement, Catwoman starts to wonder if maybe a change of scenery is in order. It is well known that Star City's only real guardian is a man with a simple bow and arrow. How hard could it be to elude a guy like that?

I like the idea of Oliver and Selena having their duel lives interact with each other. Half the time he is in costume chasing her, but perhaps he meets her at a party when they aren't wearing the costumes and finds himself taken with her. Eventually I would like to see them team up against some bigger foe that challenges Catwoman's morality a little.

2. I'm Here to Kill You (Green Arrow/Felicity)

In the comics, the relationship between Oliver and Felicity starts out quite different. Felicity is a well known hacker who sells her services to the highest bidder. One of those bidders hires her to learn everything she can about the Green Arrow. She is to find out who he really is, where his bases are, and where he is vulnerable. Given her technical aptitude, Felicity finds all of this, but in the process she discovers that the Green Arrow does a lot of good for the city. Realizing that her employer plans to kill Oliver once he learns everything, Felicity changes sides, instead telling Oliver everything she knew about her employer.

I really like the altered meeting between the two. Felicity isn't recruited, she simply forces her way into Oliver's life. Perhaps she arranges to meet him at a party while she is trying to decide what she knows about his identity, and sees something in her eyes that makes the choice for her. Of course, there is also the matter of what her former employer will do once he realizes Felicity has switched sides. She is about to become one of the most hunted people in the world.

3. The Unlikely Pair (Green Arrow/Black Canary)

I always liked the classic comic book pairing. I could go a lot of directions with this. Maybe unlike the Arrow pairing for these two, Canary is the more experienced hero, resentful of this newcomer moving into her territory and making a mess of things. Or maybe they started at almost exactly the same time, and neither of them really has any idea what to do with the other.

As you can see, I don't have a firm idea for this one, but I really like the pairing.

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Offline jacobjonTopic starter

Re: Looking to Play Oliver Queen (M for f)
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2016, 08:04:00 am »
Added a third comic pairing.