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Author Topic: Plots and pictures, take a look! [F for M]  (Read 1217 times)

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Plots and pictures, take a look! [F for M]
« on: February 29, 2016, 10:23:02 PM »
Hello fellow roleplayers! Welcome to my thread. :)

Below are rps that currently strike my fancy, pictures to inspire plots, and kinks. Feel free to check out my f-list and on/off thread in the side link or signature. If a plot doesn't strike your interest but I do send me a pm and maybe we can come up with something!

 1-3 paragraphs. No one liners please, and lets not write a novel either. I enjoy a happy medium :)

 Forums or email

A note on D/S relationships: I enjoy dom/ sub relationships, but of course those relationships can take many flavors. I like some pain, but the scales should definitely be in favor of pleasure. Positive reinforcement over negative if we do a master x slave rp, for example. I find degradation, humiliation or name calling to be a turn off, so dom/ sub relationships that are negative or cruel probably won't work out.

Anyways those are just some things to know before the fun stuff, but now that its out of the way onto the plots! (craving in red)

:Perks of being a Pokemon trainer: ~Inspired by FurredMonster's original prompt~  Pokephilia, Con, Size Difference, bondage
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She was quite a talented pokemon trainer, sporting many badges and a wide array of pokemon from all over the world. However, she doesn't travel much any more, but instead owns her own ranch where she lets her companions roam free, outside of their pokeballs, enjoying the weather and playing with each other. Some are used for breeding, others for show competitions, and occasionally still others fight. An observant person might notice she almost only has male pokemon, though no one has really ever called her out on it. Truth be told, she has a secret- it's the reason her pokemon are so loyal and so happy. She figured it by accident, but it keeps her and her pokemon quite happy indeed.
NSFW Insp 1

Welcome to the club A BDSM adventure
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She's read about it all online, in books, fantasized about it. Bondage, toys, exhibitionism, voyerism... but she'd never do anything like that in real life right? She's never been forward about her desires, and all her relationship have petered out because something's just 'missing'. Then one night she hears about a BDSM club in the city, and decides to check it out. That's where she meets him. Maybe he's the owner of the club, or a regular, or another first timer like her. But they immediately hit it off. How far down the rabbit hole do they end up going together?
NSFW Bedroom

The Haunted Mansion
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Every town has that house, the one they tell stories about. The house where things go bump in the night, somebody was killed years ago, or the owner never shows his face and just seems strange. Well, in this town, the mansion on the hill has been dark and shuttered for years. Weeds grow with abandon, and nobody dares enter. However, the tales that do drift out of that house are a little unusual from the normal lot... stories of a ghost that likes to grope and tease any woman that enters the house, or the room in the basement filled not with torture devices persay... but old time items of bondage and pleasure. One story tells of an old doctor from the 1800s that used to live there, who worked to cure female 'hysteria' back when the solution was bringing them to orgasm. Yes, very strange stories indeed... but are any true? My character decides one night on a dare to go up there and find out. 

Why is a raven like a writing desk? An Alice in Wonderland spin off- Bondage, d/s, tentacle, aphrodisiacs
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I was thinking that Alice could have visited wonderland as a child, as the story goes... but when she visits again as a young woman wonderland is quite different from what she recalled. Not in that it is darker and more dangerous, though that is true as well... but that it is also much more sexualized. Perhaps wonderland is really just a reflection of her, and as she matured wonderland did too. Either way gone are the innocent tea parties and cakes- replaced instead with wild orgies and aphrodisiacs. What happens to Alice this time as she wanders through Wonderland? Will she even want to get home after experiencing the pleasures and freedoms this new world has to offer?

This roleplay can just follow her adventures with different characters being played by my partner, or we can roleplay a relationship between Alice and the hatter, who I figure in this grown up world of wonderland might be into some pretty kinky stuff while still being rather crazy.

The Fight for Her Soul
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
They are two young people, deeply in love. Maybe they're even engaged. He has always been strong and protective to her... but even he is not prepared for this. For a demon has set his eyes on her. A demon of lust and desire, the demon comes to her in the night, or when she alone, and attempts to seduce her. Sometimes she resists... but maybe sometimes she does not. The demon is enticing, and hard to resist. But she loves her fiance, and he loves her. Together they fight the demon, or at least try. Will they succeed?
(In this roleplay I will play the woman being seduced, and you will play both the demon and the boyfriend. We can discuss the balance over PM. This can be set in medieval, Victorian or modern times. )

Welcome to Farm Life
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Variation A: Romance

After many years working hard in the city, she felt tired. Not 'need more sleep' tired, but a deeper tired. The city was too dreary, too fast paced. So she packs up everything and moves out to the country, buying a small plot of land with intentions to farm, or write... something. It's a small town, and newcomers always attract attention, especially young beautiful women. How many of the young men in town will end up pursuing her, and will any of them catch her interest? (this can be one on one romance, or we could write a string of episodes between her and multiple men.)

Variation B: The Cow-Girl

She was a minotaur, or cowgirl. Covered in white fur and black spots, small horns and a whip-like tail, she definitely stood out from the crowd, especially with her large chest and generous curves. She tried to make a living in various places, but never felt right. Eventually, she sees a wanted ad for a farm out in the country, asking for help managing the livestock. She accepts the offer. However, what she does not know is that the farm has hired her because of her race, for minotaur milk is quite rare and exotic. They already have a small stock of other minotaur women, but are looking to grow their operations. After several years running the farm, they know the tricks of the trade, including how to get the best milk from minotaur women, which mainly involves arousing them like mad before milking them.

The Experiment

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Mad- Scientist. It was a term that got a lot of grief... but all it meant was that you were coming up with ideas that weren't exactly normal. Not bad, not good, just different. They might call the man who invented the first vibrator mad, but now it was one hot selling commodity. Somebody had to invent them. Your character puts on a front, working at a research lab, but in his spare time he invents instruments of pleasure, chemical mixtures to arouse or increase sensitivity, mechanical items to stimulate. But he needs a test subject. Maybe he decided to pick somebody up at a bar, or hires a research assistant. Maybe he uses the one that already works at his side. Either way, it'll certainly be an enjoyable set of tests, once one gets over the strangeness of it all.

After the Battle
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was a long, grueling war. She was a commander of hundreds of fighters. She had to keep them alive, had to win the day... romance? Friendship? There was no time for these things.  But now, suddenly, the war is over, and she must return to civilian life. I'm interested in rping more of a romance here, where a guy wins over this tough commander and shows her what it's like to relax and enjoy herself, and show her that she doesn't always have to be the one in charge.
Is he interested in her for who she is, or what she has done? Is he just using her for fame, or is he maybe a former comrade who always cared about her? Pretty much open to many directions for this one. Also open to any level of kinkery here.

Mass Effect Variant: The plot above, but I play commander shepard, who somehow survives the final battle and slowly has to return to civilian life. Will she finally get a shot at happily ever after with Garrus or another squad mate, or even start fresh with a new romance?

The Vacation
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She had just gone through a bad break up. She needed to get away for a bit. Her friend suggested a resort in the Caribbean, on a private island. Kama Springs. It was a singles resort. She had never heard of it, but it looked gorgeous so she decided to go. However, this resort caters to hedonistic and sexual pleasures of all tastes, and encourages letting lose. Themed rooms contain tools for various interests, such as bondage or voyerism. A number of the people at the resort enjoy a good amount of exhibitionism and public sex is not frowned upon. Libations flow freely, and some are spiked with chemicals that encourage wanton behavior. Of course, she shows up knowing none of this, but it doesn't take long before she begins to figure it out through first hand experience.

Craving these Kinks/themes:
Toys/ machines
aphrodisiacs/ drugs/ heat
Any one shot with a vampire, demon or other supernatural being
Playing an anthro/neko/ pokegirl

NSFW office pic
NSFW Bedroom
NSFW Real life bondage
NSFW School image
NSFW Riding
NSFW party
NSFW bound
NSFW toys
NSFW numerous restraints

If any kinks or images inspire you we can come up with a plot around them.
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Re: Plots and pictures, take a look! [F for M]
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2016, 09:36:22 PM »
Removed several rps and added in the Mass Effect variant of 'After the Battle'.

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Re: Plots and pictures, take a look! [F for M]
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2016, 11:01:22 PM »
Added "Fight for her Soul", removed Vacation for now. Looking for one or two, preferably active partners.

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Re: Plots and pictures, take a look! [F for M]
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2016, 10:50:54 AM »
Added in the Haunted House

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Re: Plots and pictures, take a look! [F for M]
« Reply #4 on: April 30, 2016, 03:42:21 PM »
Added the pokemon trainer one.