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Author Topic: ~A Slice of Heaven: The Angel's Price~ [closed!]  (Read 431 times)

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~A Slice of Heaven: The Angel's Price~ [closed!]
« on: February 29, 2016, 09:48:32 PM »

Content: Ideally MxF, Light to possibly light consensual BDSM.

I could be persuaded to do MxM with this as well. I do tend to write MxM a lot, and I really enjoy it.

I really only want light consensual content. Sex is not a priority for this story, though. I cannot emphasize that enough.

I would also be potentially interested in the female love interest being a transwoman. Not a futa or fetishized entity, please, but a transwoman. If you aren't sure what the distinction is, then this is not the option for you.

Genre/Setting: Contemporary. Modern earth with supernatural elements!

Themes: Christian religion, gothic overtones

Notes: Your gender as a writer does not matter if you are willing to write a female character I find compelling. Slow posters preferred, heavy-plot long-posters preferred, at least for this idea. I'm trying to push myself to write more. This should go in Light or Bondage depending on what we work out for our story. I also adore characters of any ethnicity! Characters should be 18+, please!

My character: The male angel!
Your character: The love interest!

The rough idea of this is that an angel has come to earth. This angel has always been fascinated with humans, but with each trip he makes to Earth, he loses a hint of his divinity. Mortality is terribly addicting, worse than a drug, and he can only be around mortals for so long before they begin to affect him, necessitating him returning to Heaven.

In this instance, though, the angel Uriel will not be able to return. His pathway will become mysteriously blocked, and his only message from God a whisper in his mind that tells him that he must not return home until he understands what love is. Uriel, affronted that God thinks he doesn't understand love when he has had his whole immortal existence to understand God's unconditional love, will not initially take being on Earth very well. He will be abruptly trapped in whatever identity was given to him during his last major reason for being on earth; I'm thinking he'll most likely be a medical doctor of some sort.

Then he'll meet your character. We can decide why they continue associating--maybe it's love at first sight, but Uriel is too afraid to commit, lest there be some sort of catch he doesn't understand. Maybe our characters will hate each other immediately, but as they grow to get to know each other, they become friends and perhaps more than that. Or perhaps Uriel did not come to Earth alone; perhaps God and the Devil are in a contest to determine which of them better understands human nature and who has better educated their servants...and Uriel either must compete with a demon for the affections of his love interest or....worse, he unknowingly falls in love with the demon...or the demon with him!

There will be no easy roads. Will the characters find salvation? Or will they be damned? Or perhaps, just perhaps, will they find an iota of happiness?

For those curious, I will provide a small sample of writing for Uriel. I will probably write more than this during the RP. To be honest, with this RP, I'm wanting a lighter fare than what I'm normally interested in. I want romance. I want drama and conflict, but I also want to see how the characters grow and change...and I want to see if my character will truly understand what love means, or if he finds that he is truly a flawed angel after all. I would be happy to have this writing sample even serve as an opening post.

Click for my writing sample/possible opening post: Slice of Heaven
The blinding light of the holy spheres of Heaven; Uriel was lucky that as a seraph, he had his massive multiple wings to protect him from the truly awesome and powerful light of God himself. He heard the heavenly chorus sing...and as a seraph, he, too, was expected to sing the Lord's praises. But there was something about today, something about the way the light hit his wings, or perhaps it was not the light. Perhaps it was a shadow that had wormed its way into his otherwise perfect spirit, so lovingly crafted by the Creator. He felt...empty. It was not a massive emptiness, but a little emptiness, the type of emptiness that was easy to pretend did not exist. It was the sort of emptiness that humans spent a lifetime carrying around with them, not noticing it, but as a seraph, Uriel was unable to ignore it. How could he feel empty with God's light and love so close to him?

There was a soft hum within his heart; he had another mission on Earth. He reluctantly departed from the Lord's side, leaving sweet choirs of his brethren singing in his wake, and with the tiniest of gestures, he fell through the stars, through void and blackness, through the stratosphere, invisible to any mortal eye, and in a burst of energy, he materialized on Earth. It took a moment for him to orient himself; he understood his mission. God did not need words to tell him what to do--today was simply a matter of observing a very important clergyman. He was to appear briefly, just for the tiniest moment, before leaving again. It was important that people had something to hold on to, but they had free will, courtesy of the Tree of Life. They could not be coddled or carried. They could only be loved as best as the Heavenly Host could manage. With the sheer amount of humans existing in the year 2016 A.D., the angels were dreadfully overworked as it was.

A brief appearance before the priest at Santa Maria then--the cathedral was a tall one. Uriel barely knew where he even was. But lo and behold, there was an old man, and Uriel reminded him of things beyond this life. Uriel departed soon after. He couldn't show his angelic nature too powerfully when on Earth; most humans were not equipped to handle it. It would frighten them too badly...and Uriel's powers were limited in this mortal shape, so he did not wish to antagonize the children of Adam and Eve.

The town was devastatingly beautiful. Uriel had an appreciation for architecture; it was amazing what mortals could build. They built skyscrapers meant to kiss the bottoms of clouds, they built churches with stained glass so poignantly beautiful and colorful that it was as if they had imprisoned rainbows in the structure itself, and they made homes so opulent and decadent that sinking into a four poster bed with a downy comforter was almost as good as feeling the gentle embrace of another angel. The thing that excited him most was that these were just the bare beginnings of humanity. They were readying themselves to journey to the stars; they had already touched the face of the Moon with their tender toes.

But his mission was completed; he was ready to return. He briefly spread his wings from the handsome human form he had, one set bursting forth in a hail of feathers and down, and he prepared to launch himself back through the ether to Heaven.

~No, my darling one. You must know of Love.~

He felt the power of Him. He felt the pure energy lash out and deny him. Uriel felt back onto the grass, stunned at this rejection. His eyes filled with tears; what had he done? Was he going to Fall? He knew what happened to the poor pathetic souls that fell--their limbs wrought, their faces twisted, their souls forever marred from the denial of Grace. Uriel let out a sob at the thought this would happen. He implored the Lord to tell him more....but no answer was forthcoming.

I must not stop believing that this is for a purpose, the angel thought desperately. I must believe.

Quickly he retracted his wings and pulled out the things the Lord had provided for even the briefest time to be spend on Earth. His name was Dr. Uriel Landon, and he was a radiologist at Mercy's Walk Hospital. A doctor, a healer, someone who mended the broken? This was....unpleasant. Uriel was not known for being the friendliest of God's angels; he was a watchman. He was the angel who had brought death in Egypt, the angel whose quiet blade stole the existences of demons who attempted to push their way into Heaven--now he was to be expected to do more than watch or kill? He

He felt sick to his stomach. The ID had an address; he could go home. His wallet contained numerous other details--it had his place of work's address, insurance, all manner of things.

This is good; the Lord didn't leave me with nothing, he reassured himself.

And the angel took his first steps into a mortal life that he could not escape from until he fulfilled his divine directive. Little did he know what lurked on the horizon for him.

For those that need it, this is an example of an ongoing MxF RP I have where I feel I'm writing particularly well for the male character--just linking it as another example of my writing/range.  :-)

PM me if interested. I only play on-site and in threads.
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Re: ~A Slice of Heaven: The Angel's Price~
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2016, 03:33:39 PM »
I forgot to add--and since this elaborates a bit on my idea, I figured I would make a second post. I'm not 100% committed to using the above image for my character's appearance. I thought I might leave a variety of looks here to give an idea of appearances I'd be open to for my character. :-)

I'm open to having my character Uriel having had a more extensive time on Earth than my writing sample shows as well; perhaps he's come to Earth many times in different guises (perhaps all of the above images have been him at one point!  ;D )...and perhaps each time he has encountered your character, for good or ill, and that shared history is what draws him to your character when he can no longer re-enter Heaven.

Edit: I've gotten a couple of bites, so I'm closing this. :)
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