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Author Topic: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)  (Read 1669 times)

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The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« on: February 16, 2016, 12:16:11 AM »
Some parents might have questioned the wisdom of allowing their six year son to witness the death of his beloved grandfather, but not David Bloom's. Alison and Peter Bloom knew that children were tougher than most people gave them credit for, and that they needed to learn early on that dying was as much a part of nature as living. Admittedly, they were a little concerned with what Archimedes Bloom might say to their son in his last moments. Archimedes had always been an odd sort of fellow. The sort of man who might spend his rent money on century old manuscripts, all bound in leather than you could only hope came from an animal. He'd only gotten odder ever since his wife's passing, the woman who insisted her son be christened with a name that wasn't an allusion to some old, dead alchemist. Hell, the woman who insisted her son be christened at all.

 After Archimedes' third stroke, he'd been forced to move in with his son and his family, and not a day went by where didn't loudly lament this fact. He'd been forced to put most of his unwholesome books into storage, including the really cool ones you could only understand when under the influence of  dubiously legal substances. Similarly, his awful nag of a  daughter-in-law had put a stop to his attempts to transmute lead into gold, for fear of them putting odd, unscientific ideas in her precious son's head.

Archimedes' grandson David was the only thing that bought the old man any joy in his declining years. When the boy wasn't romping with his friends, he was sitting on the floor of what his granddad charitably called his study. Latin, Enochian, and all other manner of obscure tongues were almost David's first languages thanks to Archimedes. Archimedes had considered initiating David into the occult as his father had, when he was almost grown, of course. Except, that was before Archimedes had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

"I want you to know, David, that you were a better son than your good for nothing father ever was," the old man whispered in Latin, trying to remain concious as the morphine worked its magic.

"What's your grandpa saying, David?" asked Alison.

"Uh," the little boy said through tears, "He says he loves us all loads."

"Tactful! I wonder how my life might have turned out, if I was ever able to master tact," said Archimedes, before dissolving into another round of coughing.

When it almost seemed like Archimedes would ride this coughing fit into oblivion, he regained nominal control of his breathing. "Listen, boy. The only reason I've been reduced to this, and incontinent old man, lying in a stinking hospital bed, is because I failed. Magic is an undertaking for children, because only you don't know what's impossible, and what's merely hard!" said the old man, still speaking in Latin.

David didn't know what to make of this. His granddad always made it clear that he wasn't "a pathetic magician" like his mom and dad always insisted, but he'd never said outright that he thought magic was real.

"When I'm gone, look under my bed, before your layabout parents can. You'll find a book, it's a lot thinner than most of my other ones, but every page is worth a thousand! Don't let age and death conquer you too!"

David was bawling at that point, wavy black hair sticking to his face with tears. "I love you, Grandpa!"

Archimedes sat up, and looked his grandson right in the eye. "And I didn't hate you either, David."

And with that, the old man died. 

It might be too surprising to know that the first thing  that passed David's mind was how he'd survive first grade without his granddad. Or what he'd tell his best friends tomorrow.

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2016, 12:51:58 AM »
It was early morning. The sun was barely peaking from behind the morning fog covering the sleep town. The birds were chirping sharply, as if trying to wake everyone in the neighborhood. But it was too late for one little girl who had been staring outside of her window and towards the sun. A crazy mess of red curls sat upon a wide eyed freckled face. Sharp green eyes looked around at the cars leaving their homes to deal with the days challenges. What those challenges were..She did not know. The sound of shuffling feet came from outside of her room caught her off guard as she turned to quickly try and duck back into her bed sheets.

"Time to get up, sweety."Came the tired voice of her mother. Her mother rubbed her eyes a bit before looking more clearly to see that her daughter was, what appeared to be, making her bed already. A smile crept onto her face. "Oh..My big girl.."She said and walked in to give her only child a hug. Abigale just smiled back and welcomed those warm arms around her. She had always heard whispers from other people about how young her mommy was. Why was age always a concern..? Was it that important when you become a grown up..? Little things like 'Where is that childs father..?' and She must be a slut..' were always mumbled from strangers. Abi didn't like to think of those awful things. She hugged her mom back and let her go. Her mom told her to get dressed and she would have breakfast ready for her in the kitchen.

"Ok!"Abigale said gleefully as she bounded over to her dresser and decided to pull out more then half of the clothes that were inside. She decided on wearing her new Frankenstein T-shirt, a pair of over-alls and her purple rain boots. It wasn't raining or anything..She just really liked them. "Abi! Time to eat!"Her mother called out from the kitchen. She left her room for the delicious smell of burned toast and butter. The whole place was lined with different posters of horror and gore films. Her mother would often let her watch some with her but had the tendency to try and cover her eyes on the really fun parts. Those were Abigales favorite nights..

Her mother greeted her with a smile. One hand with a coffee mug and the other a plate with two pieces of buttered toast. "Are you going to show your new shirt to your friends..?"She asked as she took a sip of her coffee. "Uh huh!"Abi said with a giant smile and grabbed her toast and started heading towards the door. "Be careful, baby. Remember to come straight home after school!"Her mother said before reaching out and kissing the top of Abigales head. "I love you baby.."She said softly. "I love you too, mommy!"Abigale said before giving her one more big hug before running outside.

The crisp air felt so good on her face. "Oh wait! You forgot your bag!"Her mothers voice rang out as she held a small neon green back pack out for her from the door. "Thank you!"Abigale said as she ran back to grab it and started head off to school. It was a good thing she lived nearby to it. She was pretty sure if they didn't live so close, her mother wouldn't let her walk to school. 'I can't wait to show David my new shirt..!'She thought to herself gleefully. As she walked on, she passed by the playground that laid right between her home and the rest of her friends. She groaned a bit. How she wanted to go play on the playground instead of going to school..But if she went there..She wouldn't get to show off her new shirt! With new vigor, she began to sprint the rest of the way to the school.

((We can skip the school day and just go towards the end..? Sorry mines a bit shorter then I wanted it to be..))

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2016, 12:58:30 AM »
((We can skip the school day and just go towards the end..? Sorry mines a bit shorter then I wanted it to be..))

((Sure, also, do you think four kids would be better than five?)))

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2016, 12:59:37 AM »
((Sure, also, do you think four kids would be better than five?)))
((Yeah. Even numbers are always best in my book <:3 ))

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2016, 01:02:02 AM »
((I probably won't be able to post mor RP for the next twelve hours or so, do you want to go next or wait?))

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2016, 01:07:20 AM »
((I can wait. I'm getting pretty sleepy anyways. Night.  O:) ))

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #6 on: February 16, 2016, 11:10:04 AM »
((Two things. One, are you okay with short posts? Two, should we both do Finley and Jeanette bits? Like joint custody? Also, I suspect my posts will be this rp's weak link compared to your lovely stuff. :-[))

First grade wasn't proving a good fit for Finley and Jeanette. The twins hadn't been thrilled with the rules and structure kindergarten had imposed on their lives, but at least most of their day had still been spent playing with their friends. So far as they were concerned, first grade was some kind of torture chamber designed to bore them into submission. It wasn't that the twins didn't like learning per say, it was just that they preferred the kind of learning you got from catching tadpoles down from the river, or listening to the mad, wonderful things their friend's grandpa liked to ramble about. Before first grade, the twins' parents had allowed them to express themselves in almost any way they had wanted; being forced to wear the same clothes every day and allow their dyed green hair to return to its natural blonde did not agree with the twins one bit.

Jeanette and Finley might have been able to cope with the tedium of first grade if their best friends since babyhood, David and Abigale, had been there to endure it with them. Sadly, the twins' parents had deemed it necessary for their children to attend a private school on the other side of town. They had tried to explain their reasons as best they could, but the twins didn't care about having better learning environment, or being "gifted"; all that mattered to them was their friends. Being separated from them made the twins want to recreate some of the stuff they had seen in Abigale's DVD collection with their parents...

As soon as the twins returned home from school that bright summer day, they stripped off their hated uniforms and donned their most well worn sets of play clothes. If they could be thankful for one thing, it was that  their parents had never insisted on buying them matching wardrobes. Perhaps it was because they already possessed a stronger resemblance to each other than most fraternal twins. Indeed, some of the less than bright folks around town had occasionally asked if Jeanette and Finley were "identical". It was for this reason Jeanette had insisted on letting her hair grow to her waist, it was a loud a declaration of her girlhood as she could muster.

The twins raced out of their house, deliberately ignoring the three worksheets they had been given as homework. The twins' mother was hard at work in her art studio, and their dad had raced back to work immediately after dropping them home, so they weren't able to object to such a dereliction of scholastic duty.

The twins headed towards their neighbourhood park, a place they had spent so much time with their friends, it felt more like their home then their house. They argued almost every step of the way.

"We would've stayed with David and Abigale if you hadn't showed off so much!" shouted Finley.

"Says you," retorted his twin, "at least I didn't do big kid maths where I knew Mrs Adams would hear!"

Finley didn't respond for a little while, simply staring at the pavement. "I think Mom and Dad were gonna make us go somewhere else anyway," he eventually blurted.

Jeanette raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"I heard Mom saying that we needed to make more friends than David and Abigale."

The very idea baffled Jeanette. Who needs more than two friends when they're the best ever? The four of them shared everything, even a birthday. "Grown-ups are dumb," opined Jeanette.

The twins eventually reached the park, still with plenty of daylight, but not enough for their tastes. The old playground seemed to be abandoned, which struck the twins as odd. Usually, Abigale would be already be there before the school bell could finish ringing, or even before.

After mucking around the climbing equipment for a few minutes, the pair decided they both needed to go to the bathroom. Since the public toilets at the park had always given the kids the creeps, they both went into the women's toilet together, hoping their twinhood would somehow excuse them if they got caught. It was only after they had finished their business that they heard a familiar giggle coming from the end stall.

"Abigale!" shouted the twins in unison.

Abigale emerged from her stall, not looking like someone who'd just gone to the toilet. "Hi guys, how was kid jail?"

"Bad, what about you?" replied the twins in stereo. Sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason.

Abigale flashed the twins a devious grin. "Oh, I didn't go to school today. I'm pretty sure they're looking for me, so I thought I'd play here till dark. Do you like my shirt?"

While Jeanette quickly said "yes" without much thought, Finley pondered the question a little. Finally, he declared that while Abigale's Frankenstein shirt was super-cool, it wasn't nearly as awesome as her Gill-Man one, but still a tiny bit more so than her Dracula smock. The twins were about to ask where David was, till they heard him calling their names outside.

Running out, the three saw that he was carrying a thin book, no thicker than your typical notepad, which was covered in strange, almost haphazard looking gold letters...

((Do you think this was in character for Abigale? Feel free to mess around with David or the twins, too.)) 


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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #7 on: February 16, 2016, 11:41:01 AM »
((Short posts are fine with me. Don't doubt your beautiful work. Your writing style is awesome!))

As soon as she had gotten close to the school, her breath coming out it little burst of white smoke from the chill, she stopped and looked around. Usually David would already be here..He'd either be standing nervously by the front doors or in the field by the school playground. 'Where is he..?'She thought to herself. Her skin had began to prickle with goose bumps by the chill she had almost forgotten was there. She rubbed her arms for a brief moment before turning and started to head away from the school. This year had been so bad..She had always been told that school would be fun and that she would make a lot of friends for her to run around with but it seemed that nobody wanted to play with her. Most of the other kids had already began to mock her for her 'crazy' hair and her unstable bursts of energy.

She wished the twins hadn't been placed to a new school..Abigale couldn't remember a day without them or her friend David. They used to run around with one another at the playgrounds. Taunting each other into dirt fights and playing hide and go seek. She did remember that one time she had made David cry. They had been playing with dirt clods that day and she hadn't realized the one she had just thrown towards her friend..Had a large rock in it. Abigale felt so bad. She did her best to comfort him as did the twins. Eventually everything simmered down and they were at it again.

A smile crept onto her face as she bounded back to the old playground. She could handle another lecture from her mom and school. After all..Without David..What was the point of going back to that school..? As she reached the playground, she threw her bag to the ground and started running as fast as she could to the other side of the field. It always felt so good to run..To feel the wind on her freckled face, the sun beginning to give little kiss's on her as it began to rise. Everything about being outside always felt good. Once in a while she would see squirrels making a run for it. "RAAAAAAWWR!!"She would yell as she brought her arms in to imitate a T-rex and chase them about. It wasn't until late afternoon that she finally sat down on the grass and took a breather. Not a care in the world ran through her head. It wasn't until she heard the Twins voices nearby that she got back up and decided to play a little game of hide and seek with them.

Quickly she ran into the bathrooms and hid in the last stall. 'They'll never find me!'She thought excitedly. It took a bit, but they finally came into the bathroom. She couldn't hold her giggles down and eventually, they called her name. Abigale emerged from her stall, not looking like someone who'd just gone to the toilet.

"Hi guys, how was kid jail?"

"Bad, what about you?" replied the twins in stereo. Sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason.

Abigale flashed the twins a devious grin. "Oh, I didn't go to school today. I'm pretty sure they're looking for me, so I thought I'd play here till dark. Do you like my shirt?"

Her smile only brightened at their answers. She knew they would like it just as much as she did! "Huh..?"She said quietly when they heard David calling out for them. "DAVID!" They all yelled in glee and ran out from the bathroom. But when they saw him..Jeanette and Finley paused for a moment to see their friends face looking slightly red and moist. They exchanged looks before running after Abigale who had not noticed anything strange until stopping in front of him. "Where have you been? We've been waiting!"Abigale stated with an angry huff before looking down to the book and back to his face. "What's that?"She pointed.

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #8 on: February 16, 2016, 11:55:14 AM »
((Might as well try for rapid fire.))

"It's-it's," David gave up on what he originally planned to say, "Grandpa's dead."

Abigale and the Twins didn't say anything for a long time. David's granddad Archimedes had been like a grandfather to all four of the children. Abigale had never even met any of her real grandparents, even though she knew all four of them were still alive. Sometimes she suspected her mommy didn't talk to them any more because of her somehow...

The twins' love for Achimedes was no less strong. He'd often sat them down on his lap and told them about all the a-cult properties of twins, and how they and their friends were somehow of the most magical youngsters he'd ever seen. They had never quite grasped what he had meant.

David swallowed a few times, holding back tears. His grandfather wouldn't want him to cry about him leaving that rotten old shell of his, not after living had been robbed of all joy for him. "You can't tell anyone about this," said David, "but I think this is a book of proper magic. Granddad left a note inside it."

David pulled the little piece of notepaper that had been sticking out like a bookmark, and begun reading. "My awesome little man," David recited in his best imitation of Archimedes. "This book contains a re-tool that I think would be perfect for you and your little mates," Achimedes had come to America from the British Isles many years ago, "if you don't want to worry about ending up like me, or even having to grow up at all if you don't want."

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #9 on: February 18, 2016, 09:41:23 PM »
Abigale stared at him, blank faced. She had never actually close to anyone who had died before him. The only information she got about death was from the horror films her mother watched. Her cheeks went red at the idea of the old man being gone. He was the only one who would ever come over to their place. Who would treat them like they weren't some kind of freak show. He treated them like family. She never knew her father or her grandparents so he had been the only one she had ever known as family.

She gripped the bottom of her shirt and looked down. Tears were welling up but she didn't want to show it to them. Abi quickly wiped her face and looked to the twins. They looked as if they were about to break down themselves. 'Stay together for David..'Abigale thought to herself as she looked back to him and his strange book. Quickly she nodded her head and moved to stand close to his side, looking down at the page before them. "Re-tool..?"She asked between sniffs and wiped her nose with the back of her arm.

'Not grow up?'She thought to herself and looked up towards the others. They seemed to be as interested as she was. "Not grow up? Does that mean we could always be friends and hang out?"Jeanette asked with hopeful glint in her eyes. "I think so!"Finley said excitedly as they both huddled about the book. "Go on, David! Read the rest!"Abigale said and nudged his shoulder.

((Sorry for the shortness ;-; ))

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #10 on: February 18, 2016, 09:54:20 PM »
David continued reading. "Granddad says if we do the things it says in the book, we can do whatever we want, won't have to deal with death, and will be the strongest things ever," David looked at his friends expectant faces. "All we have to do is 'sacrifice our humanity', whatever that means."

Finley seemed to be getting excited. "What do we have to do?" he asked.

David lipped curled in concentration, reading his grandfather's handwriting could be tough, especially when it wasn't in English. "We have to sacrifice some things that are like treasures to us, and then sacrifice one of our enemies."

Abigale thought for a moment. "Do we have any enemies??

The twins scowled. "Our parents," they both declared.

"What about me?" came an an aggressive sounding voice from behind them.

The four children turned around to see Keith, an older boy who lived close by. "And what are you little shit heads talking about?"

((Is this length okay?))

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #11 on: February 18, 2016, 10:12:42 PM »
Abigale listened closely. "Sacrifice..our humanity..?"She said quietly to herself as she slowly looked over the excited faces of the twins. She couldn't quite place which movie she had heard a line that sounded like that..Maybe Frankenstein..? "..I think it means to give up part of what makes"She mumbled quietly to herself before looking quickly back towards David when he mentioned that we would need to sacrifice an enemy as well. That got her thinking..'Do we have enemies..?'She thought to herself.

Nasty neighbors and people raced through her head but she had never wished any harm onto any of them. Maybe to go away or reveal their true monster forms but not any harm. "Huh?"Abigale breathed at being shaken from her thoughts at the aggressive voice coming towards them. "Keith.."She muttered as she glared at the older boy. For as long as she could remember, he had always tormented them in some way or fashion. He was a couple of grades higher than them. Once in a while they would see him with other older kids but it didn't seem like they were his friends. Maybe his older brothers.

She stepped in front of the group and crossed her arms over her puffed out chest. "Nothing that concerns a dingle berry like you!"She huffed. The twins had fallen back behind David. Whispering quietly to one another.

"He's the worst that we know.." Finley whispered just loud enough for David and Jeanette to hear. A smile had crept onto Jeanettes face. "We can sacrifice him"She whispered back and made a slight gesture towards the older boy.

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #12 on: February 18, 2016, 10:25:14 PM »

"He's the worst that we know.." Finley whispered just loud enough for David and Jeanette to hear. A smile had crept onto Jeanettes face. "We can sacrifice him"She whispered back and made a slight gesture towards the older boy.

David couldn't say he didn't like the idea. Keith had picking on him and his friends pretty much since they could walk. Once, he'd even knocked out one of Finley's baby teeth. They had told his mother that he'd banged his mouth against some playground equipment, for fear of Keith or the big kids he hung out with taking revenge on them for tattling. The only problem was, Heath was big, and they were little, so how were they going to sacrifice him?

"Give me that faggy book!" shouted Keith. David didn't quite know what the word "faggy" meant, but he thought it had something to do with having more girl friends than boy ones.

Keith grabbed the book out of David's hand, and to his horror, started trying to pull pages out of it. They didn't budge. "What the hell is wrong with this thi-YOOOW!" Keith screamed like he'd be stabbed in the thigh, because that was exactly what had happened.

Abigale pulled the dull, bloodied carving knife out of Keith as he fell to the ground howling in pain. Finley and Jeanette covered his mouth. "I knew keeping this in my bag was a good idea!" declared Abigale gleefully. "What else do we need to do, David?"

David swallowed, worrying about the trouble they'd get into if a grown up or even another kid stumbled upon the scene. "Well, we can't do the re-tool till the sun starts setting, but that shouldn't be too long. Uh, Abie, it says here that we need to decide what we'll look like..."

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #13 on: February 18, 2016, 11:11:14 PM »
Abigale had never hated anybody before..But Keith..Keith was a different story. She had always tried to defend her friends but with how much bigger the boy was, she was usually shoved aside. Once he had even put gum into her hair. It was part of the reason why she had decided to keep it so short. Though her mother wanted her to grow it out, when it reached her shoulders, it was time to go.

"Hey!"She shouted as he pushed her aside and went straight for David and the others. Faggy? What did that even mean? All she knew was that it was supposed to be mean. Her face reddened once more but out of anger. As he was distracted with the others, she sprinted to her bag and quickly drew the old knife out from it.

She had found it under the dirt in the field nearby and had decided to keep it..Just in case zombies ever came to eat their brains. Keith was going to be the closest thing she would find to a mindless creature. She turned her head back to the others and noticed Keith had grabbed the book and was attempting to rip the pages from it.

Abigale gritted her teeth and ran full force at him and plunged the blade into his thigh. Her breathing came in short puffs as her smile remained. "I knew keeping this in my bag was a good idea!" declared Abigale gleefully. "What else do we need to do, David?"

She glanced back down at the blood pooling around the boys legs and the twins holding their hands tightly over his mouth. So much adrenaline was pumping through her that she couldn't help but be giddy. "Oh! I know exactly what we should look like!"She exclaimed happily and got onto her knees in the dirt next to the crying boy and started to trace out four different looking monsters.

"This one is going to be you!"She pointed to the bat like monster and then pointed out to the goat like monster. "That one is going to be me!"Abi said happily before pointing out a tiger looking monster to Jeanette and a snake looking monster to Finley.

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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #14 on: February 18, 2016, 11:51:32 PM »
As the sun set over the children, David started to get excited. He knew the creatures Abie had drawn would be considered ugly, but that didn't stop them from being totally awesome. "Okay," said David, a grin breaking out on his face, "now we need to each sacrifice something precious to us."

His friend's high spirits faltered for a bit. Finley was the first to speak. "Me and Jeanette could sacrifice our stuffed animals," his twin glared at him, "I know it sucks, but our stupid parents said that we were getting too old to have them anyway."

Jeanette considered this. "Okay," she sighed.

"I could sacrifice my Frankenstein shirt," declared Abie, "I mean, it's really cool, but being a real monster would be even cooler!"

"But what could I sacrifice?" asked David, "my mom and dad never let me have stuffed animals or anything like that!"

Abigale stepped over the Keith's crying form and put a hand on David's shoulder. "Do you have anything else of your grandpa's?"

Tears begun welling in David's eyes again. "Just his old medallion," he said, pulling a necklace out from under his collar. It was a silver chain, with a large but delicate looking blue bauble hanging from it.

"Then you'll have to sacrifice it," said Abigale sadly, "Your grandpa wouldn't want you to miss out on being awesome because of something he gave you."

David nodded sharply. "Okay, we need to really break the sacrifices."

Luckilly, Abigale's knife was still sharp enough to cut through fabric. The twins tore their precious teddy bears to pieces, and dumped the remains on Keith, as per Archimedes' instructions. Abigale stripped off her overalls and shirt, ripping the latter into as many pieces as she could, before also depositing them on Keith. David managed to take a lot of pleasure in placing his grandpa's necklace on Keith's back, and jumping on it as hard he could.

"Okay, said David, it says we have to rub what's left of our sacrifices all over itself, so we'll have to be undressed," said David.

The kids were not embarrassed by seeing each other naked, not after many shared baths, or the countless hours spent running through the sprinklers together. It was decided quickly that Abigale would finish sacrificing Keith. It was a strange sensation, plunging a knife into another human being's throat, and a lot physically harder than the movies she watched made it look.

"Quick," said David, "rub the fluff and...stuff all over before it dries."

When the gang looked like a gaggle of Martians who'd just finished shearing some sheep, David beckoned them all to stand in a circle around Keith's remains. He spoke in words that made their teeth hurt, in a voice that almost sounded older than it should.

The children stood there for a few seconds. "So what happens now?" said Abigale.

"I don't-hey," said David. All of a sudden he felt really, really good...


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Re: The Great Young Ones (TeaCupDucky and Superloser)
« Reply #15 on: February 19, 2016, 07:19:29 PM »
It didn't take very long for the group to decide that Abi should be the one to end Keith. It wasn't a hard decision either. She had always wanted to cut another persons throat. More or less she would have rather had it be a zombies or a monster but beggars can't be choosers. It almost took all of her strength to plunge the blade into the older boys throat. She stared at the blood that began to ooze out and listened closely to him choke on his blood.

Her eyes darted towards his face and gazed at him. His face was becoming more and more pale and his eyes were beginning to role to the back of his head. But strangely..His eyes didn't close. 'I thought they closed when you died..?'She thought to herself before looking back to the others.

Standing naked with blood and fluff all over their bodies made it feel like it was Halloween. Her smile just could not be dropped as she looked the others over and listened to David. "This is so exciting!"She exclaimed as she felt a sudden tingle over take her body. "Oh!"She gasped as she looked down to her hands. Her body was slowly taking on darker shade.

She could feel her skin begin to tighten as her body began to morph. Nothing was hurting..Strange as it didn't hurt. It felt more like being tickled a lot. Laughter began to fill the air as the children began to change form. She kept her eyes on the others as she felt her body grow.

The twins were taking the forms that she had drawn out! How exciting to see their gleeful child like faces turn into such monstrous creatures! Their colors were a vibrant purple and blue but their forms were so different. She couldn't help but stare at their faces.

Between her giggles, Abigale began to feel her face and head and discovered two large horns had sprouted in place of her hair. Her teeth had become much more jagged and sharp. A loud thump echoed through the park as a tail grew from her bottom and landed hard on the ground.

Her once sparkling green eyes were now small and blood shot. Abigales once gleeful child like laugh had now deepened into a hardy cruel laugh. "I can't believe it!"She shouted as she looked to the excited faces of the twins and looked back over to Davids new form. "We're monsters!"She roared happily.

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David couldn't be sure how tall he and his friends had become, but they were definitely many times larger than any of the buildings in their little town. He gave a mighty screech, stretching his leathery wings, wondering if they would actually let him fly...

The abominations that were once the twins were roaring at each other, trying to stand back to back and see who was taller. "THIS, IS AMAZING! Thank you David, thank you, thank you!" the two of them declared, bursting the eardrums of some unfortunate motorists who'd stopped to try and comprehend what they were saying.

"What should we do first?" said Abigale in her newly deepened voice, which still somehow sounded girlish and innocent.

David's monstrously elongated lower jaw prevented him from truly grinning, but he felt like he was. Though the transformation had left him and his friends as tall as skyscrapers, he still felt like the little six year old for whom right and wrong were merely suggestions. "Well, first..." David bounded over to Abigale, and rubbed his clawed hand all over her face.

Abigale tried to scrap the slime off from around her beady eyes. "EWW, EWW, that is so...COOL!" she screamed, "Seriously, what do you want to do?"

David remembered the kids at school who teased him and Abigale, and the teachers who insisted playtime should have an end. He also remembered the other school that had taken the twins from them.

"I think," said David, slime gurgling from his mouth, "that we're late for school.."

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Jeanette and Finley couldn't take their eyes off of each other.  Both of their eyes were sparkling with joy as they watched what made them so similar morph into something different. This was what they have been wanting their whole lives! To change! To be different! No more twin jokes. No more mixing them up! No more of any of that junk! Jeanette looked down to her feet to see that they had become more scaley and huge..With large claws digging into the dirt. It was such a tingly feeling, that they couldn't help but laugh along with the other two. She looked down to see that her regular hands had transformed into two sharp claws. Pretty close to a T-rex. She twisted her body to look behind her to find a long cat like tail covered in more bright scales come up. Jeanette then felt her face. It has elongated into a snout. Small dagger like fangs shot up here and there from the outside of her lips.

Finleys heart was racing a mile a minute as he watched his sister transform into some kind of neon tiger-crocodile monster! It was awesome! Abigale always had the best ideas. He couldn't wait to see what he would look like. With laughter escaping him, he flung his arms out to watch either side of him. His body also began to grow bright scales. At first a slight panic ran through him at the idea that Abigale didn't give them different forms. But it subsided as he noticed that he still had all five of his fingers, they just had smaller claws on them. He stuck out his tongue and realized just how long it had become. He could taste the air! What a different feeling! Finley looked down to notice how long and thin his legs had gotten and the webbing that had happened between his toes. "Cool!"He shouted as he looked back to the others transformations. They all looked so..So..COOL!

Abigale ran her paws over her face to try and wipe whatever slime was left on her face as David gave a suggestion on what we should do. A devious grin spread wide on her face as she turned to look where the school was. How crazy was it that they could see how small their town really was..She could hear police alarms coming towards them but paid no mind to them. "Come on! Let's show everyone what we look like now!"She bellowed as she began to head towards the school. The giant ball on her tail dragging behind her and leaving a large ditch carved into the dirt as she ran towards the school.

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Strangely enough, David was the first of the children to taste human flesh and bone. As the gang ran to Abie and David's school, he took to picking up the cars attempting to flee town, and crushing them between his powerful jaws. He loved it when the passengers sometimes tried the fleeing their cars, on to find themselves stumbling about his wet, toothy maw. He found it odd, but extremely cool that metal tasted good to him now, and that he could swallow it without any problem.

The trip to the school had quickly devolved into a game of tackle tag, dozens or hundreds of people being squashed to death every time one of the children was knocked  down by another. Once, when Jeanette had her brother pinned to the ground, Finley used his long, thin tongue to scoop a whole family into his mouth, enjoying how they squirmed before he crunched down.

When the kids finally reached the school, David was the first to act. Flapping his great wings, he created a wind that actually managed to knock down part of the building. Luckily, this didn't include their old classroom, where many of their peers had sort shelter in. Abigale ripped the roof off the classroom, and started to speak. However, all the human far below her heard was a horrific screeching, that caused many of them to go into seizures.

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Thought they knew they were laughing, it sounded like hell itself had risen from beneath the crust of the earth. Letting millions and millions of blood thirsty demons into their world. Sadly though that was not the case. Maybe if it had been millions of demons, they would have all gotten to die a lot faster and a lot less painful. To Abigale, the others all sounded about the same. The tones had changed a little bit, but she could understand every last little thing that they said to one another. It was so nice to see how happy they were. Since the twins had left, David hadn't been smiling as much. It may have also been caused by the chaos in his own home. They never knew that Davids grandfather even knew how to do this kind of stuff! She knew there was another reason why she liked the old man so much.

It was hard for her to hear all the people screaming and the occasional gun shot that rang from someones backyard. To her, it felt like nothing. Maybe like a twig scraping against her pants but nothing painful. She was surprised to see how much faster David and the others were then her. Usually she was the one sprinting about, but with her new form, she couldn't go as fast. For a moment she stopped and looked down between her hooved feet and saw all the people scrambling around to run away from them. "They look like ants!"She growled gleefully and leaned down to pick up two cars. Her grin must have been terrifying because all at once, everyone in the cars passed out. She chuckled before inspecting them a little before tossing both cars into her mouth. To her, it had a weird taste..Almost like that of a metal snickers bar. She liked it.

The twins were quickly rolling around with each other nearby, destroying down town. She looked over to David to see him just throwing people into his mouth and chowing down. This was so much fun! It felt so good to be with one another again. Abigale ripped the roof off the classroom, and started to speak. However, all the human far below her heard was a horrific screeching, that caused many of them to go into seizures. She tilted her head in confusion at this. "Hey! I don't think they can understand us!"She called over to the others before puffing her cheeks slightly in agitation. If they couldn't understand, then they would be considered food. She brought her head into the building and began chomping down on everything and anything that moved.

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When all David and Abie's teachers and classmates were well and truly dead or devoured, and the school building smashed into dust, the four monstrosities found themselves at a loss for something to do. They considered doing the same thing to Finley and Jeanette's school, but they had absent mindedly obliterated the place while tussling.

"I think we should head into the city," announced Finley, smearing and enormous handful of humans onto his sister like war paint, "we can climb the buildings like King Kong."

This idea received instant approval from the rest of the group, though Abigale had her objections. "I think we're a little too tall for that. Maybe we should go to New York after we've finished here!"

 Nevertheless, the gang all begun heading into town, a little more casually than when they had dashed to the school. Jeanette and Abigale stuck together, seeing who could kick houses the hardest, while David and Finley chatted a bit.

"Hey, Finley," said David, "Do you think we're still actually boys?"

Finley looked quizzically at his friend, which was interesting when your face looked nothing more like a snake crossed with a fish. "What do you mean?" Finley tried to say through a mouthful of children.

David pointed at Finley's mid-section. "Well, boys are meant to have..." David was about just say "you know", but he decided being rude was no longer a concern, "Weenies, but I don't think we do any more?"

Finley laughed as only an immature six year old could, and it quickly spread to David. "I'm more worried about whether we still need to go to the toilet, but..." He picked a few fleeing humans off of the ground, and dropped them screaming into his mouth. "I think we'll find out soon!"

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