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One on One RPs:

Currently Active:


A Talk with Teacher

((Incubus Teacher/Student Scenario with Flying Tengu))

Bargained Heart

((Original Vampire Scenario with Lingo))

The Taboo of Secret Seductions

((Incubus Step-Brother Scenario))

((Original Idea with/by CurvyKitten))

Me Best Friend

((Demonic Stalker Best Friend Scenario with Sephora))


Contract with a Demon Butler

((Demon Butler Scenario with LamentingQuill))

A Debt Repayed

((Incubus Mob Boss Scenario with Aurora Borealis))


Note: Any ideas that you may have besides these already pre-planned ones, are ok to discuss!

A New Brother
Well, after your mother/father divorced for some time, they finally decided to get married again! Well now that you've met your new father/mother, there couldn't possibly be any other surprises now that the two are getting married, right?


You find out that you actually are going to be having a new sibling, a new brother! Was it just you, or did he look really handsome?

((Elements: Non-Con, Dirty Talking, Pleasure Control/Denial, Corruption, Black-mailing)) ((CRAVING))

In Debt to the Mob
Your situation is dire; after borrowing money to pay off loans for your problems, the time has come for you to pay back what you owe to the mob boss.

Only problem is, it was a lot of money, and you don't think you'll ever be able to pay back the loan that you took out!

Taking matters into your own hands, you go to meet the mob boss in person to plea for forgiveness and for extra time to scrounge up the money that you owe. After silence, and careful consideration, the mob boss agrees.

On some conditions of his own, of course; whoever said you could pay back the debt with just money?

((Elements: Non-Con, Bondage, Master/Slave, Dirty Talking, Discipline/Reinforcement))

My Best Friend
Having moved to a new town was always rough, especially when you were the new kid on the block. At age 5 you were the shyest person around, and didn't know how to even get started on making all new friends, on top of having to go to an all new school.

That is, until your next door neighbor came to visit and meet you along with his parents. After a few hesitant responses, and talking for a bit, you started to get used to your neighbor, and as a result, made your first new friend. After that, you two always were together, when it was at home, or at school, the two of you were always seen together with smiles on you faces. Each year you kept having the same class together, eating lunch together, and even helped each other with your homework. As a result, your heart began to grow and grow even more, until one day you finally realized that your friendship had blossomed to a crush with your best friend.

But after a sudden turn for the worse, you found out that on the last of school that your dear friend was moving back to his home town in Japan, and that he may not be coming back. Grief stricken and saddened the two of you had a tearful and heartfelt goodbye, making sure to give each other your email addresses in order to contact each other and to keep in touch.

Months passed, and as you continued your schooling, you soon began to get strange gifts and letters from an anonymous person, telling you how much they loved you and wanted to be with you. At first you simply thought of it as a prank, but over time the letters kept coming, starting to share things about yourself that you never even told anyone, giving detailed descriptions of what you do on your days off. Scared, the police soon got involved, but unfortunately they were never able to trace the source of the letters and gifts. You later moved in another part of town, continuing school but still on edge after that.

Years passed, and you're now in your first year of college, grateful for keeping up your studies o get into the school you dreamed of. The gifts and the letters from the anonymous sender had slowed down for some time, still giving you creepy and eerie messages of their devotion for you, but you always hid them away, not wanting to see them. During one morning on your way to class however, an email popped up on your phone with a familiar email address you hadn't seen in some time; your best friend! Sending you a photo and a message that he would be coming back, your thoughts on school and your mysterious stalker had ceased for the time being, over joyed that you'd get to see your best friend again once more.

However, it didn't occur to you that it was a rather strange coincidence; around the same time that your friend was coming back to town, the stalker's letters and gifts had stopped coming...

((This story would be a bit darker then the ones that I have on my list. It would involve stalking and possibly non-con depending on what we want for the idea, and would possibly need us to RP NPCs for the sake of adding more characters to the story to makes scenes more interesting~!

((Elements: Non-Con, Bondage, Master/Slave, Dirty Talking, Discipline/Reinforcement, Stalking, Videotaping, Possible Murder)) ((CRAVING))

On The Run
You were only a little girl when you saw that frightening sight; a man, or more demon, on top of a woman's unmoving body as he sucked at an open wound on her neck, the monster's mouth covered in fresh blood. You had been playing in the forests nearby with a group of your friends when you had all seen it, and as soon as you saw it, you all ran back into the forests to get away, to find your parents or someone to tell of what you had seen. However as you ran, you and your friends had gotten separated, as their voices began to get quieter, dimmer, hearing them less frequently, until you found yourself on the other side of the forest near civilization, alone.

None of you friends came back, even as you waited, heart pounding.

Your parents didn't believe you, not until the next day when the police found all of your friends bodies the morning after, killed in different spots around the forests where you had been playing hours before. From then on, your family moved out of your home town to the city where they would be safe from what had happened, the news covering it as serial killings with only one survivor; you.

Now much older, those memories don't plague you as often, but you still get stares in your college class, whispers of what had happened to you coming and going as you lived out your life. However one day, out of the blue, a new student joins the college class that you're in, and for some reason, he seems rather familiar, for some reason. Do you know him? And why is it that you get an unnerving feeling everytime he gets close to you...?

((Elements: Non-Con, Bondage, Master/Slave, Demon))

A Dream Come True
It's been some time since you've gone out with your friends to hang out and do something exciting. After some convincing, as well as some cheers and begging from your good friends, they decide to drag you to a concert to see the newest male idol that's been the whole talk of the town lately! Being told of who he was, he sounded much like any other star; talented and with a nice voice.

However, what you never expected was that during the concert your eyes would meet; just for a split second, the two of you locked eyes, as if no one else mattered but the two of you.

From that moment on, you felt as if you had to meet him. And as if fate had aligned the stars to your destiny, the backstage security calls you over at the end of the concert, telling you the shocking news.

He wants to meet you. Now.

((Elements: Consensual, Oral, Anal, Bondage, Slight Exhibitionism))

The young male teacher has asked you to stay after class, but why? You haven't done anything wrong, have you...? You've gotten good grades and have stayed in class for every second without any absences; what could be wrong? And why was it that he insisted on the two being alone in the classroom of all places...?
((Elements: Consensual, Teacher/Student, Dirty Talking, Discipline/Reinforcement))

Sibling's Best Friend
Your sibling brings over their best friend from school, a rather handsome boy. However you begin to see that they like to spend a lot of time with you, giving you looks and special attention. Is this simply them being nice? Or...?

((Elements: Consensual/Non-Con, Dirty Talking, Exhibitionism))

A Butler's Love
You've gone to meet your grandfather you've never met before, until now, for a visit , only to find that he lives in a mansion, and has all kinds of servants at his beck and call! Startled by his wealth, he tells you that because he hadn't been there for you, he's promised to give you some of his fortune, and even the assistance of one of his most trusted and experienced butlers! Whatever you need, he can help you with, no matter the request~

Will you take up on your grandfather's kind and generous offer?

Or would be reluctant to have a handsome new stranger in your home, to serve you whenever you wished?

((Elements: Non-Con/Consensual, Bondage, Demon, Dirty Talking, Master/Slave))

Items That I look for in Writing Partners

Story in RPs: I love sex in my RPs, just like you all do. It's fun and that's why some of us have them in our plots, but I also do love to have some story in mine as well. The sexy stuff is fun too, but sometimes I like to have some romance and plot in my RPs just so the RP doesn't go stale, you know? I don't want any RPs to die off because the plot gets repetitive due to a jus ta bunch of sex everywhere, so if you can respect my wishes and try to add some plot and idea to the RP, then that would be awesome!

Post Frequency: Now I'm not asking for a post a day, because not everyone can do that; myself included! I can certainly try, but all of us have regular lives we have to live. If you can try to post at least maybe once or twice a week that would make me extremely happy, but I would be fine with a post every two weeks as well. Just please, don't reply and then leave for weeks without any sort of warning. I get nervous easily, usually thinking it's the way I write or such, when in reality you could just be extremely busy! To make things short and simple, if you can post, please do but you don't have to be frequent, and if you leave for quite some time or are busy, please let me know so I'm not waiting at my computer for you. lol

Communication: It's always nice to be able to talk with your partner about scenes or ideas you have without fighting or arguing. It's a better way to understand what your partner is looking for, and what you are looking for in an RP as well. Communication is key to making an RP fun and exciting!

Grammar: I'm not that great when it comes to spotting my spelling errors, but when there's an excessive amount of them in a post, it damages a post and ruins the flow of an RP. Please, I ask that people who want to RP with me have an understanding of grammar and know how to write without multiple grammar errors or issues.

Paragraph Length: Now I get it, I'm a writer that can't churn out a five to six paragraph post in one go, because that just takes a lot out of me. However, I do expect RP partners to write more then two to three sentences at least. If the sentences are short and don't have much detail, the scene could go stale and the RP will have trouble in regard to how to approach something in a scene with little to no detail or ideas.

Please write more then two to three sentences at the very least, and give detail as well. I love detail in writing! And if you happen to write more, even a few paragraphs, that's fine with me! I may not write as much back because writing really long posts is challenging for me, but I'll try!

My usual post length is around 250 to 300 words, depending on the scene. It could even be more, depending on what's happening in what particular scene.

I prefer to RP in Threads on E.


Originally Created Character I Play:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ai Haruno: Dominant, Seductive, Sadistic


Apparition: Due to being an Incubus, and in extension a Demon, Ai has the ability to apparate into a smoky like substance, being able to flow through objects such as walls and brick buildings, even metal surfaces. He can even use this ability to apparate through objects in case he needs to escape from any sort of danger, would could easily happen if any sort of church or religious figure were on the hunt for him.

Voice: Being an Incubus has it's perks, especially when your magic can give you special abilities, such as the manipulation of their voice from his 'mothers', The Succubi. In the case of Ai, he has the ability to manipulate his voice by infusing magic into his vocal chords, allowing him to hypnotize and charm women into following him into unsuspecting places. It works especially well when his voice is broadcasted, which is why Ai uses this advantage in the music business, doing as many live concerts as he can to target new girls.

Shape-Shifting: An Incubus needs to be able to blend into the human world, no? Ai usually keeps his human form as his go to, but on some occassions, he'll shapeshift into animals to watch victims unsuspectingly, or to get away from sticky situations involving certain death; however for Incubus, death isn't that much of a concern.

Devouring of Souls: Ai's usual preferance of choice for feeding time, he has to devour souls of humans in order to stay alive; most specifically the souls of women that he's visted. He can do it multiple ways; simply killing the victim and taking their soul is always a fine idea but it's a bit too laid back and simple for Ai's tastes. Prefering to play with his food, he takes the route of seducing and giving his prey some final bit of fun before he takes their soul, plus it's always fun to let his prey scurry off in a  false sense of escape; that especially gets his blood pumping. He always has the alternative of slowly sucking the soul out of them bit by bit, allowing him to keep their victim alive for periods of time until he can find another food source. Eating human food is also an option, but that's no fun, is it?

Black Magic: Being a demon can always has its perks, but the magic that comes with it is even more valuable. From simply being able to cast spells to aid himself, or to simply conjure up items or people out of thin air, Ai can use hs magc to do all sort of things. From having objects appear before him, to using black magic to create chains and barriers to trap his prey, it's usually his must have when he goes on the prowl for his next victim; it always seems to make things a bit more interesting as well...

Doppelgangers: Using his magic, Ai can make copies of himself, as many as he wanted actually. It takes some energy out of him, so he can't do it often, but hey, it always makes the hunt more fun when you have more of you.

Ai is an individual who no one should ever mess with. Despite looking rather harmless in his human disguise, he's more dangerous then anyone could imagine, with schemes and plans running through his head in order to enact whatever sick and twisted desires he has set for that very moment. Due to his role as an Incubus, Ai is known to prowl around towns and cities, watching people go about their daily lives. However, for his personal enjoyment, he'll sometimes choose to go after a victim personally to feed on and have his way with. To victims, it should be an honor to be chosen by him; that's something Ai believes whole-heartedly.


True Nature: Ai Haruno is a devious, conniving, sneaky, and resourceful Incubus that will use whatever trick and method he can to get his next meal. He's cunning when it comes to his craft, using his innocent human disguise to get in good with human girls, while he uses his methods of black magic to trick and charm them to follow him to places of a more sinister nature. He can be sexy, alluring, confident, and he always knows when he's got his prey right where he wants them. With his blackmagic and cunning at his disposal, Ai is a force to be reckoned with. Money, possessions, wealth, and most importantly, all the women he can partake in are his goal. If anyone dares get in his way, either from personal choice or trying to seperate him from his prey at any time, you'd better start running, because getting in Ai's way is the most foolish mistake you could ever make.

Disguised Nature: As his human disguise of a college student, Ai is rather friendly with anyone he meets, especially the female variety. Coming off as a warm and inviting person, he acts gentlemanly whenever he can, watching from the times changing that women do in fact prefer a gentleman, despite what some idiotic men have said otherwise. He goes out of his way to help people, feeling that whatever he can do to help can get him one step closer to his goals, and to his next victim. However, once he has a target in his sight, he'll become helpful, friendly; he'll begin to flirt and give compliments, but not too many that it seems pointless or fake. He knows what makes girls swoon, and he uses to to his advantage at any chance he can get.

Deep down, Ai Haruno is a sadistic and lustful incubus born from the lusts and sinful thoughts of humans during the medieval era, as well as concocted from bits and pieces from other demons, including Devils and Succubi. During his first hundred years, he terrorized village after village, taking his time to sample every women he could find, allowing his magic to mature until he began to utilize it to its full potential. From hypnotizing groups of women to do his bidding, to starting the witch trials in Salem from his terrorizing of small towns; Ai is manipulative, cunning, and simply one that wishes to spread chaos by any means.

Appearance ((Human and Incubus))

Human: Ai in his human disguise is a young male that stands at about 5'7, with a lean yet toned body. His skin color is white, however not to the point that he's ghastly pale; just the right balance pale and tan. He prefers his appearance being of Asian descent, due to most of his life being around the areas of Asia such as China, Hong Kong, and Japan. Taking this into consideration, Ai comes off to the human public as a young asian man, around the age of 23. He keeps his hair short, with a striking jet black colorthat he usually styles either straight, or with gel or product for his own personal use. His eyes are a warm chocolate brown color, and he doesn't have any distinguishing features such as scars or moles; he prefers his skin to be smooth and flawless, and with his power to shapeshift, it's never a problem. When in his human disguise, Ai normally wears clothes that appeal to him and his appearance, such as preppy looking clothes or clothes that feel comfortable, but still are appealing to the eye, most notably female.

Incubus Form: In his true form as an Incubus, his appearance doesn't actually seem to change all that much then what his human appearance appears to be. His skin becomes a shade paler, as well as his eyes becoming an alluring and equally sadistic blood red color. He also has a pair of horns that grow on his head, that curl at the midsections, however with hs ability to shapeshift and the like, he can choose wether to have them appear or simply leave them be, as well as a tail that has a triangle shape point at the end, mucbh like the scriptures and paintings that depict Satan. In his Incubus form as well, he wears more dark and sinisters clothing, his signature look being dark jet black clothes, as well as his trademark leather gloves ((pictured up top ;3)).

In his disguise, Ai Haruno looks like an average male to the everyday human. Currently enrolled at a local University, he takes on the roll of a college student and tutor to others. He uses his abilities in dark magic to give him an edge, such as utilizing his abilities to change his looks to give himself flawless skin and an innocent appearance for others to admire, which gave him the opporitunity to gain a career in modeling as a job to earn money. He also dabbles in the music business, giving himself an alluring voice that attracts people to him, both figuratively and realistically, through the use of his black magic.

Basic Info:

Actual Age: Around 500 years old

Apparent Age: 23

Eye Color: Brown/Blood Red

Hair Color: Jet Black

Occupation: Student/Tutor, Model, and Singer

Ai's Preferences~

What he likes:

  • Anal Sex (Giving)
  • Biting
  • Cock Worship
  • Corruption
  • Dirty Talking
  • Discipline/Reinforcement
  • Ear Play
  • Fellatio (Receiving)
  • Hair Pulling
  • Humans ((Mostly going for Humans))
  • Hypnotism/Mind Control
  • Immobilization
  • Inexperienced Partners ((By this I mean your character's experiance in sex))
  • Leather
  • Master/Slave
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Photography/Videotaping
  • Pleasure Control/Denial
  • Scratching
  • Strip Tease
  • Teasing
  • Titfucking
  • Vaginal Sex (Giving)
  • Voyeurism/Exhibitionism
  • Young Female Students

And more, all you need to do is ask if you have questions regarding certain kinks!

((If you have any questions regarding what he's into, just message me! :D))

What Ai is not into:

  • Death
  • Dismemberment
  • Men ((He likes women the most~))

Note: When RPing or discussing plots for scenarios, Ai doesn't have to be an Incubus, demon, or any sort. He can also just be a regular human, depending on your interests and what we want for the RP's story!


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