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Author Topic: Just a few ideas  (Read 677 times)

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Offline Adrian999Topic starter

Just a few ideas
« on: February 13, 2016, 10:15:52 AM »

The Wanton Wishes of Adrian

Having had several disappointments, I have decided to make a fresh start.  Far too many of my RP’s have disappeared into the ether for reasons I frankly do not comprehend.  How I wish people would actually TELL me why they have fallen out of love with our stories!  Thankfully, there are some which continue and how much I value them!  To find someone to share a story with and for that story to move from strength to strength is a wonderful thing!  But, I am greedy!  I want more!  So if you are looking for someone to share your RP’s with, read on!

So, about me.  I am a professional writer.  I enjoy writing – no – I LOVE writing.  I am that lucky man who really does enjoy his working life.  As a writer, I spend all day, virtually every day, at my desk writing.  An added benefit is that it also gives me the time to indulge my love of RP too.  I can, and often do, write several lengthy, detailed posts every day.  That does NOT mean I expect the same from my writing partners.  I fully appreciate not everyone is as lucky as I am to have as much times as they would wish to write.  I mention only to make it clear that I can meet other writers expectations in terms of frequency and length of posts.

My writing preferences

I only write in third person.

I will write in Forums or PM’s.  If you convince me, I will write in IM’s (YIM) or email.  Prior to joining E, all of my RP’s were in YIM or email but I have grown to enjoy the Forums and PM’s now and infinitely prefer them.

Generally speaking, I write as a male.  I can, and will, write as a female if someone wishes me to but the vast majority of my writing has been as a male.

As a male, I only write as a heterosexual.  I have nothing against gay men, it is just not for me personally.

I do not write fantasy, strange non-human characters or non-earthly settings.  I write as a normal human in realistic earth settings with a believable storyline.  Sorry but that is what I am comfortable with and enjoy.

I will write at least as much as my partner does, often more.  I do not enjoy posts of one or two sentences however.  The longer and more descriptive a post is, the happier I will be.  I have already mentioned that I can, and do, write several posts a day.  Give me something to write and I am a very happy chappy!


I am not going to bore you with reiterating my O/O’s here.  They are in my preferences and also you can see an expanded version in my F List at:

Story Ideas


A general practice doctor, in his late thirties, (MC), sees a new patient, an attractive young girl in her late teens/early twenties (YC) who complains of aches and pains all over her body.  He examines her and is somewhat shocked when she blushes but takes hold of his hands, as she lies in only her underclothes on his couch, and places them upon the intimate areas of her body.  She tells him that she has seen him on several occasions and she has fallen in love with him.  She is very attractive with a beautiful body and he finds it hard to resist her advances.  But things progress as she tells him how she longs to be his slave and to be spanked by him and pours out all of her fantasies.  Does he resist her desires?  I somehow doubt it!


Set in either a Hollywood film studio or Elstree studios in England.  A film producer (MC) is casting for a major new film which requires a beautiful female lead.  He wants a completely unknown actress and, following an advertising campaign, he decides to interview the applicants himself.  The applicants (one or more of which will be YC) are desperate for a chance of stardom, but will they go to the lengths expected by the producer to get the part?  That of course will be your decision!


MC places adverts in the local newspaper for a babysitter.  He gets numerous responses and narrows it down to a shortlist who he will interview (one or more of whom is YC).  The problem is, he is not married, lives alone and most certainly does not have a baby.  His plan is to abduct a girl and keep her as his slave.  Hence the criteria for selection of his shortlist were girls who were unlikely to have anyone looking for them.  Opportunities here for you to play multiple characters if you wish but that is not a requirement.


YC is a married woman (age can be whatever you wish as long as of legal age) who has run up massive debts from an addiction to internet auction sites.  The stupid thing is that the luxury clothes, shoes, and accessories she has bought all are hidden away and never used as her husband knows nothing of what she has been doing.  But it is getting impossible to hide the truth.  The bank have suspended her account, debt collectors are pursuing her the mail is full of demands for payment every day.  She owes in excess of £10,000 (or $15,000) and is becoming suicidal.  She confides in an old friend who says she has a contact who could probably help her raise a lot of money but it would involve appearing in porn films.  Eventually, out of sheer desperation, she goes to the address her friend gave her and is interviewed by the boss (MC) who uses her desperation to force her into more and more extreme films.  There story could then go one of two ways – either YC could sink deeper and deeper into depravity and come to love, not only the money she was making, but also the buzz she got from the sex.  Alternatively, she could rebel against it and try to escape the bosses clutches but be blackmailed by him threatening to send explicit films of her performances to her husband.  I am open to variations on this theme.


A husband and wife (MC and YC) have been married ten years and their sex life has become routine and boring for both of them.  The wife confided in one of her friends how unsatisfactory things had become and the friend told her about an Adult Club that arranged weekends for couples to get together with other couples and singles for all manner of sexual fun.  She said every fetish and sexual practice imaginable was available and she was sure that would help with her marital problems.  YC is wildly excited by the idea but first she needs to persuade her less than convinced husband, who tends to be more conservative and embarrassed about such matters than she is.  Using a mix of enticement, blackmail and subterfuge, she finally  manages to persuade him to at least go and look and, having got him there, proceeds to introduce him to every titillating diversion which takes her fancy!


This is actually a RP I was asked to do but then the other person changed her mind.  However, I liked the idea so I have added it here.

A married couple (both written by me) are each having a clandestine affair, totally unknown by their spouse, with the same beautiful young woman (YC).  What happens when their affairs become known?  As opposed to most stories I write, which have a 60% plus storyline to 40% smut, this one will be heavily weighted on the sexual content so, if that is not your thing, then this one is not for you.  I am, however, happy to modify it to suit the wishes of someone who can tempt me with a novel twist!


A beautiful and highly desirable girl (YC) plucks up the courage to go and see a professional hypnotist (MC) about some form of problem she is having (sexual relationships, confidence, you can decide what problems she has).  The hypnotist is smitten with her beauty and cannot resist taking some liberties whilst she is in a hypnotic state.  How this one progresses is up for discussion.

These are just a few ideas and the list is by no means exhaustive.  I am happy to discuss any human/real earth based story with you so please, if you are looking for a partner for a RP, please PM me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and enjoy your writing.

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