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Started by Solaris Corp, February 12, 2016, 04:01:21 AM

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Solaris Corp

Preserving a Legacy

Verse: Star Wars
Theme: Adventure/Romance
Characters involved: OC X OC (Various side characters) M/F

Plot: The days of the Old Republic are gone. Time has long since rid the Galaxy of thoughts and memory of Dark Lords of the Sith, such as Revan, Malak and Malgus. A new time has arrived. The Dark Side is silent and the Jedi's numbers swell. Defending the Galaxy is the Republic, a much beloved fleet that proudly crushes any threats to the inner and outer rim. All entirely unaware that one Sith controls the strings, blinding even the Jedi to his whims. Yet even unknown to Darth Sidious, an ancient relic of the past awakens, seeking the Lord that has long been lost to time.

This Galaxy is new and unknown but to this ancient Sith, a connection remains to his time. Though Lord Revan had fallen, his legacy is passed on in an heir. She/he is no Sith, nor even a Jedi. A young senator, seeking to bring balance to their territory on the Outer Rim. They have potential, so much, the Force rippled around them ready to be unleashed.

This person needs protecting. Their blood, sacred. Their destiny, great. Devian Solaran had not been able to become the Sith his Lord required but perhaps now, he could be the shield his heir needed...

Silver Tongues Merc

Verse: Star Wars
Theme: Adventure/Romance
Characters Involved: OC X OC M/M M/F

Plot: A mission gone awry. Who knew a Sith could move like that!? Damn, it had been a Hell of a battle but that fancy lightning trick had totally fried his equipment. Embarrasing, to be caught on his knee's at the tip of a lightsaber! He'd have laughed at his overconfident arrogance, had it not meant his throat would be cut by the dazzling beam of red that only just grazed and burned his flesh.

"Wait! Wait..." The flash of murder in his foes eyes was painfully clear, a single jab and it would be done...but his knowing had given the Sith pause. If it took throwing his pride to the side and grovelling at the feet of his former target, then so be it. No sense in dying, not when he could squirm his way out of it...even if it did mean playing lapdog!

Saiyan Brutality

Verse: DBZ/Dragon Ball
Theme: Action/Intimacy
Characters Involved: OC X OC (Various side characters) M/M

Plot: Set before the destruction of Planet Vegeta at the hands of the evil tyrant, Frieza, a low class Saiyan finds himself in the bothersome position of being re-evaulated for his power level. Used to the more barbaric and mindless violence of a lower class squadron, the Saiyan is forced to obey the commands of a tighter and more disciplined group. Strategy above violence and teamwork againse senseless destruction. Despite his unruly ways, the group commander deems his power level to be sufficently high enough to merit a First Class rank with supervision.

Shortly after, the Saiyan and his commander are bith dispatched on their first offical mission together. Supply routes within Frieza's galactic empire have recently been disrupted by a band of space pirates that have been growing in power. The two are dispatched to take care of the problem, however the mission swiftly goes awry...

Fused Minds

Verse: DBZ/Dragon Ball
Theme: Fluff/Intimacy
Characters Involved: Gogeta X Vegetto

Plot: When Fusion is first performed, an entirely new being is brought into existence. A powerful figure bringing out the latent energy and potential of the two hosts and combined into one incredible entity. Fusions, sadly, are short lived creations however and eventually the one will become two again...but what happens to that single being? Do they simply vanish from all existence, until next they're needed?

No. A seperate dimension, which the denizens simply name the Fusion Realm, exists solely for these beings. A seemingly never ending chasm of white that can conjure whatever they may need, the fused beings exist in this realm. Gogeta himself remains displeased with this existence and seeks to escape, not content with being a simply product of Goku and Vegeta. Yet, his plans of escape are thwarted by the unexpected arrival of a spiky haired other Fusion, one who seems far more interested in playing than escaping...

Snake and the Synth

Verse: Fallout
Theme: Crime/Romance
Characters Involved: Butch X Harkness

Plot: The world wasn't a nice place. After the bombs fell, it became a lot worse. With Rivet City, people were given a little bit of comfort in a world that was out to get them, with Captain Harkness ensuring they were as safe as they possibly could be. Humanity was productive, trying to fix the world, the oceans, the tree's. All in all, life was as pretty good as it could be, for a Synth.

Until Butch DeLoria came along. Little upstart punk. Of all the problems he'd encountered out in the Capital Wasteland, Butch DeLoria had to easily be the worst. Thief, fighter, breaker of the peace. The only thing the self annointed "Tunnel Snake" hadn't done was killed and damn did the kid have a way of getting under his skin!

Duty Before Romance

Verse: Original
Theme: War/Romance
Characters Involved: Male OC X Male OC

Plot: World War Two rages on across Europe, the Allied Nations in constant battles with the Axis Powers. With the inclusion of American forces in the War, the tide is slowly but surely turning, with more and more ground being retaken from Nazi forces. France has been liberated and with this victory, the Allies turn their focus to Nazi occupied Holland with the intent on obtaining a way into the Fatherland.

Private Vincent had been present during the liberation of France, one of the first to sign up once America announced it's involvement. Despite the horrors and tragedies  to befall his company during the assault, he is one of the few that has managed to keep an optimistic approach and is often a strong support for morale in his division. However, the assault will be far from the victories they have experienced. The true horror of war is about to hit the division.

This roleplay will be very much story focused. I would prefer that Private Vincent has a strong and stable relationship with the other player. The initial romantic attraction will be there, however neither will truly understand it, simply thinking it to be a brothers in arms bond. Eventually the pair will be isolated from the rest of their division where their psyche's will be stretched to the limits and they find solace in one another's company.

Makes a Good Cheerleader

Verse: Original
Theme: Transformation
Characters Involved: M>F/M

Plot: It's an old story. In college, you've got nerds and you've got jocks. More often than not, they don't exactly get along. Only, this time round, one jock actualy gets along with most of them. He's a nice guy, pretty damn popular among the entire school body. He likes his sports, maybe a little too much, enough that the rest of his grades are starting to suffer. So, best to get himself a tutor and who better than the bookworms he'd always stuck up for, when his pals and teammates starting getting a little high and mighty?

Problem is, those nerds have a little something else in mind. They think he's great, an awesome guy. Perfect, actually. He'd probably make the perfect woman as well! So, with a little concoction they've whipped up, they plan to do just that. Turn the school's stud quarterback into the school's bombshell babe. He'll not have a clue what hit him! And what a chick he'll make...

Solaris Corp