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June 25, 2018, 03:26:18 AM

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Author Topic: Population Crisis. F/F/F Threeway, incest, extreme, need DOMINANT female Player  (Read 359 times)

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Offline ChrystalTopic starter

The Setting:

It is twenty years from now. The world's population has continued to grow exponentially. Because of this, although there is enough food to go around (except in the poorer parts of the world) there just aren't enough jobs, and because of that, there is not enough money.

The USA finally takes drastic action, closing and fortifying it's border with Mexico, introducing far stricter rules for immigration, and introducing a draconian policy of compulsory family planning. But it does not introduce compulsory birth control or compulsory abortions. Instead, it simply states that it is illegal for a woman to become pregnant more than once. Should such an event happen, any children born from a second or subsequent pregnancy will be taken from the parent(s) and raised by the state in state run institutions, and when they are of age, they will be sold as slaves.

Parents who already have more than one child at the time the law goes into effect are unaffected, however if a woman becomes pregnant after the law comes into effect, and it can subsequently be proven that she has already been pregnant, then any children from this pregnancy will be forfeit.

Multiple births from a single pregnancy count as one, of course.

And there is another rider added to the law to deal with a particular and rare set of circumstances, where a woman becomes pregnant after the law is in effect, but had a previous child, born before the law, who was given up for adoption, shall be allowed to raise her child to the age of maturity, but then must either hand the child over to the authorities, or reduce the child to the status of her own household slave.

The law is administered by the Population Control Agency (PCA) who have in effect become a sort of secret police force.

The Scenario:

Well, as you might have guessed, the main dominant character is a mother who, a few years before the law was passed, gave birth to a child. She was too young to raise it at the time and so gave it up for adoption. A few years later, after the law was passed, she met the man of her dreams, married, got pregnant and gave birth to two beautiful bouncing twin baby girls. Sadly, shortly thereafter, her husband vanished. Whether he left her, was killed, or what, is not really important.

Sixteen/Eighteen years go by (see below) , and suddenly the mother gets a letter from the PCA, telling her that she must either hand over her daughters or make them her own personal slaves. Not wanting to split the family up, and having heard the sort of things that happen to adults who are taken by the PCA, she chooses the latter option.

The PCA provide her with everything she needs to make her twin girls into slaves, and this is where our story begins.

Note: Some players are uncomfortable with sub characters under 18, some are fine. So it is the choice of the dominant player how old the girls are.

The Characters:

The twins, either 16 or 18 (see above),  will be played by myself and BeckyAnnn. Both girls will be submissive but will have different reactions to their new status.

The mother will be the dominant character, and this is the character Becky and I are looking for a player for, please?


You must be female, (either lady or liege), be dominant, be into mother daughter twincest, non-consensual bondage and whatever other extreme kinks you happen to find on mine and Becky's ons and offs pages. You must be willing to lead the story forward, within the framework I have provided, be creative and detailed with descriptions, willing to post at least three decent length paragraphs at a time (a minimum length of post being about what is in the "Setting" section, above), able to use a spell checker, have a reasonable command of English, and preferably know the difference between "then" and "than"!

If you are interested, please send a PM to myself AND BeckyAnnn at the same time, putting the words "Population Crisis" in the title. Failure to do this correctly WILL automatically disqualify you!