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Started by ErisXfrost, February 04, 2016, 06:33:49 PM

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Hello, my name is Eris!

I would like to say, first and foremost, thank you for checking out my thread. Inside of this area will be little stories and tales-- some of which can be shaped into fantastic worlds, and incredible universes!

Before we get to plots and ideas, I would like to give a little information about myself.

General Information

  • I consider myself a casual-lit player-- I don't hold minor errors against somebody, and can understand some mistakes.
  • I'm naturally a switch. My characters generally are fluid, and their bedroom roles have little affect on their personality.
  • My posts, at minimum, are about 300+ words-- about 3 paragraphs. I prefer meatier posts, and tend to write more myself-- with that being said, I will generally mirror the lengths of my partners.
  • All of my roleplays will be MxM.
  • I prefer story over smut. That's not to say that there won't be any smut-- I just would prefer that the main focus would be on the story.
  • All characters MUST be 18+.

If there is anything else you want to know, that wasn't placed in this section, please drop me a PM!


~Plots are generally small, and are here to be a 'base' for crafting with a partner. Because of this, they are subject to morphing and change.~

Angel's Song :
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Their light lingers in our world, and will guide us through our darkest days. Some trigger inspiration, faith, and offer a healing hand; others guard, protect, and exact divine judgment against evil. These creatures are immortal, but even they get tired of their 'endless duty', and their blessed life. An angel descends from heaven, and sheds his wings to hide with mortals. He tries everything that the mortals have to offer, and eventually falls for a 'mortal'. This is taboo-- as a punishment for the angel, the human is thrown into the pits of hell. Here his soul is mangled, tortured, and corrupted into a demonic entity.

The angel, with no way to save his lover, retreats back to heaven. Here he sings an elegy-- a mourning song for all of those who lost their lover. Many years pass, and the angel is sent on a mission back to the Earth. He is to fight against a demon setting up a base in a mortal world-- but, as he starts his task, he is confronted with a demon from his own past. What will happen?

Release Me :
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A man falls onto hard times, and ends up falling into prostitution. He becomes numb, apathetic, and cold towards the world around him. His mind gradually breaks, but eventually a light comes to his life. Somebody orders him for one of their 'friends', but the client doesn't seem to be interested in sex. Instead, he looks upon the prostitute with such sympathetic eyes, and though the prostitute doesn't seem to care, he still tries to soothe the sorrow that stains the prostitute's hues.

Hit and Run :
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An assassin is content in his life, and actually takes pleasure in the 'jobs' that he does. Still, he finds himself growing bored with his seclusion. He ends up going on a job, and finds a man being attacked by his 'marks'. Normally, he would just kill the stranger, too, but something about him made the Assassin rescue him. The Assassin takes the other male under his wing, and they develop a strange relationship built upon the dark 'highs' of the job.

Worship Me :
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A god is trapped in a modern world. His 'golden age' of worship has been long gone, and he misses the wild parties and adoration that came from loyal subjects. He decides to join the mortal coil, and places himself in a position of worship-- a place as a 'star' among men. Unfortunately, he seems to have stumbled into another god's territory. Will the conflict bring the city to ruin, or will the 'gods' find what they truly need in each other?

Enigmatic Words :
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A male witch has been around for centuries. His task is unclear, but there is a peculiar look of worry that seems to line his face. He seems to be effortlessly searching for something, seeking something, but never being to obtain it-- until he stumbles upon a mythical creature who could help him. The witch, with very peculiar words, enlists the creature to help him. What will come of their journey? It is an epic tale of battles, magic, and possibly the end of the magical world.

Santuary :
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Lovers lived in a prejudice town. Neither one of them planned on falling in love, but it was as if fate pushed them together-- after they crossed that line, they knew that they could never be apart. Unfortunately, they were well aware of the risk of their relationship. They watched friends, family, and even stranger's lives be destroyed over something as simple as 'love'. Good people were ran out with nothing, and the ones who got it the worst, lost their lives to the bigotry of the men and women within the town. They knew that they had to stay hidden for their love to survive, and though they were trapped in their small-world, they were at least happy.

But, what would happen if their love their was found out? Would the lovers be able to survive, or would their world crumble before them.

This is a bit of a darker RP, but something i've been craving for a while. I would love to plan out the struggle, the fear, the sacrifice, and the will to survive together. I want lots of emotion poured into this.~

~More to come~


~Pairings are here to create a story from scratch~

HumanXsupernatural creature
AddictXOld Friend

~More to come~

Thank you, for taking the time to read my thread. If you are interested in a pairing, a plot, or just general conversation-- drop me a pm! ♥