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August 12, 2022, 04:42:48 am

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Author Topic: The League (A smut-filled Hentai story)  (Read 912 times)

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The League (A smut-filled Hentai story)
« on: February 04, 2016, 10:48:44 am »
There is a rumor in Tokyo, about a special website. It's membership is given only to certain people. The website itself is home to  'The League'. The League itself is a competition, a very unique one. A sex competition between the most sensual young men and women of Tokyo. The competition is simple, the first person to make their partner climax wins and is rewarded points. In the end of every year, the person with the most points is declared the winner. Each of the 'matches' must be streamed via webcam or at least recorded to be considered legal and the videos can be viewed in the website. This is the story of everyday men and women with above average sexual prowess and their days in The League. They can be anyone, highschoolers, office workers, celebrities but they are generally young and attractive.

-Rules of the League-

1.All Sex must be consensual
2.Any fettish is fair game as long as it is done with consent
3.1 climax to a finish
4.Each member of the league must have at least 1 match a month
5.Minimum age is 16 maximum is 40

-What I'm looking for-
This is practically an excuse for me to have as many smutty roleplays as possible on YM or MSN, but i do like to have some backstory and i do prefer playing opposite characters with a well thought out background, which is why  i would appreciate it if my partners put some thought and unique details into their characters instead of just inserting themselves into the rp.

-Who i will play-
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Shan Chi was the first winner of the league, she won it almost 10 years ago when she was a young college student. Now in her mid 30s, Shan is a housewife with a 6 year old boy who is the very image of the perfect motherly wife, though she retained her incredible figure and is a true definition of a MILF. She has long since put her wild days behind her..Or so she thought. With her husband out of town for bussiness alot lately, the lovely Shan began craving a man's cock, not just any cock but something special. Her husband is quite reserved in bed and was never able to truly satisfy her though being the loyal wife she is, she never brought it up.  One day, she ran into an old friend, a league player who she battled for her championship title. It didn't take long for her to get him in bed while her son is in school and Chiyo soon remembered how good sex can be. It is from this friend that Shan learned that the new generation of League players are very talented and that she is still a very popular legendary figure among the players.

Shan made up her mind, she was going to join the league again. She may not win the championship but she sure will enjoy the ride.

-Who i want you to play-
I want you to play a league player who Shan plays against, if you had an OC you like for a modern setting, especially in a Japanese setting, i'd be delighted to have him fuck Shan Please try to make some background for the character, who he is, what he does for a living or what he studies, why he joined the league etc.

One thing i found out most often in these games is that a character made for pure smut is almost always some kind of perfect-sex god. I dont want that, i want the competition to be somewhat even and every character to be unique in the way they have sex. Some might be skilled, some might be vigorous and others might just be mouth wateringly  attractive. As a guideline, use this system.

-Sexual Prowess-

You have 25 points to divide amongst these categories with 1 being abysmall 5 being average and 10 being godlike.

Stamina:How long can he last?
Skill:How good is he at making a woman cum?
Endowment:How big is he where it counts?
Sexiness: How attractive is your character?

Pick one area of sex where he's the best at. Perhaps he is incredible in fingering, or is an expert on anal. Does he work best when the girl is on top? Or is he better when fucking in exotic positions?

Pick your character's biggest fettish, his weakness. It should be something that turned him on so much that it can cause him to cum sooner. It can be many things, costumes for example or perhaps Oral sex. Either way, he loves it above all else.

That's pretty much it, hopefully you'll be interested in playing with me. Contact me at nanakieve@yahoo/ with a character ready and we'll have fun. Thanks for reading all the way

Here is an example of the kind of character sheet i'd like you to send me when you contact me.

-Shan's Character sheet-

Stamina 5
Technique 10
Endowment 3
Attractiveness 7

Specialty (oral sex): Shan's deepthroat is the stuff of legends. There was one match where she finished off her opponent within just half a minute with her mouth. She is so good that alot of her opponents skip foreplay just so they don't have to endure her famed tongue. many however thinks that it's worth losing the match just to experience the incredible pleasure.

Weakness (Size queen): Shan likes it big, no two ways about it. She likes sucking big cocks, she loves riding them and she goes crazy when a well endowed man shows her the true meaning of deep penetration. After years of being with her less-than-huge husband has left this craving even stronger than before. Any man with an endowment score of 6 or higher has a better chance of beating her if they perform vaginal or anal sex.

Age: 34
Bust size: 34b
Race: Asian
Height: 174 cm
Weight:100 lbs
Occupation: Housewife
Likes: Her son, sex, wine
Dislikes: Fast food, lazy people

Shan was the former champion of the first ever season of the League, her videos are watched still today by many league players who voted her as number 1 in the list of who they want to fuck from previous leagues. A very calm and elegant woman at home, Shan turns into a cockhungry slut once in bed. She secretly is afraid that her son might find out what a slut she is, but can't seem to stay away from the league and the pleasures it brings her.