The Borderlands - An Arranged Marriage (Consensial/Non-Con/Extreme)

Started by Jester, February 03, 2016, 03:04:04 AM

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You are the third daughter of the King and Queen. Spending your life at the Capitol Palace since birth you are used to the heights of luxury, refined company, the latest fashions, grand balls and dances and delicaste flirting with the Lords and Ladies of the City. You would have stayed there your entire life if you could.

But as the third daughter it is your duty to marry and to marry well. And your father the King has rewarded his most controversial Duke with your hand.

I will play Duke Bran. Lord of the Borderlands and of Castle Black. Defender of the Realm and the toughest most brutal Lord in the Kingdom. The borderlands are always at war against the King's enemies and the borderlands are are a dark, miserable place compared to the idyllic life at the Palace. Bran is known to be merciless, uneducated, uncouth and mean. He is also famed for his strength, bravery and warcraft. Standing at 6'4 he is a beast of a man. You are terrified and the journey to the Borderlands is long.

I see the story going in one of the followng ways:

1. Consensual and Romantic - Arriving at Castle Black and the City of White you find that the stories of Duke Bran are exagerated. He is mean and uncouth but the beautiful Princess slowly melts his heart and she soon becomes a warrior and leader and fights bravely by his side.

2. Non Consensual - As soon as you arrive at Castle Black you realise that the stories of Duke Bran are all true. He will take what he wants with or without your consent and now he has a Princess of the Realm he begins to make plans to take the entire kingdom and destroy the weak Lords at the Capitol.

3. Extreme - Miles from civilisation Lord Bran rules with an iron fist. His desires are broard and often disgusting and extreme.... But maybe the Princess will share some of those desires?