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Author Topic: New Plots added. Modern, Supernatural, Fantasy, Horror, Scifi.  (Read 516 times)

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Offline Darling RealityTopic starter

(This is a constant work in progress on formatting, ideas, and updates. Sometimes it will look a little messy. Please forgive me on that.)

So just a couple of things I'd like to say before we delve into this. Please PM if you are interested rather than posting in the thread whether it is to discuss stories or just to chat! My preferences for roleplay are third person, literacy, and creativity. To read more about my On and Off's, and see writing examples please visit .

On the ideas below for the most part I have no preference whether I play the male or female character. Some of these will consist of multiple characters that can either be played or NPC'd. However if I already have a character idea in mind for that story it will be listed. If you have any ideas of your own and would like to discuss some roleplay please don't hesitate to PM.

Title: Monsters Among Us

Potential For: Action, Violence, Romance, Gore as well will be written in for some murder scene setups.

Setting: Modern Day Chicago

Plot: Two Homicide detectives  work together for the first time to solve a string of gruesome murders that lead to one of them being taken hostage.

This has a lot of possibilities that I would like to develop with a writing partner. I would like for there to be one character who is just transferred from an out of state precinct. The why they were transferred can be revealed during play. I have a few ideas for some starting scenarios, so PM if you are interested and let me know if you would like to play Male or Female.

Title: Broken Ties

Potential For: Bondadge, Non Con/Reluctance, Romance, Action, Violence

Setting: Modern Day Miami Florida

Plot: The Italian Mafia and the Irish Mafia together work on a treaty to take on a much bigger competition that is moving into their territory in Miami. With the coast being an easy way of transporting goods both are in jeopardy of having their business diminished. To seal their treaty each mafia family give up one child to marry to bring the families together. The arranged marriage is not something either child wanted. And neither play very well together except in public gatherings where they are forced to put on a show. There are also others within the two families who are displeased at the treaty and will seek any way to destroy it. Also there is of course the outlying conflict of the competition to the two families.

This plot has the potential for a lot of violence considering the elements being dealt with. If you have questions or interest please PM me.

These are various bases for ideas I am always interested in. If you have any ideas please PM me.
  • Crime
  • Mafia
  • Detective
  • Mystery

Title: Condemned

Potential For: Light Bondage, Romance, Rough Sex

Setting: Modern Day Earth

Species: Not Specific to any one species. Can be discussed.

Plot: Breckin Axton is a fallen angel that has been condemned to an eternity on earth hunting down the souls of those who have escaped their judgement and refuse to move on into the after life. His current hunt is Nicolette a damned soul that escaped her judgement and hides by jumping from body to body frequently. And although he is hunting her, she has done a tortuous amount of damage to Breckin by destroying the ones he cares for. It has been a century of a game between the pair he takes from her, she takes from him, and the hatred only grows.

Looking For: Someone to play a female character or potentially male. As for how your character will be slipped into this plot line will be discussed. There are multiple options and if you have one of your own I'd be happy to hear it.

Name: Breckin Axton
Nick Names: Breck, Axton, Cupid(Pisses him Off)
Species: Fallen Angel
Age: Unsure
Height: 6'3
Weight: 230
Eyes: Ochre
 Tattoos: Angelic Runes cover his arms, neck, chest, and back
Scars: A pair on his back where his angel wings were ripped from him
Personality: He's a mold of what he needs to be depending on the situation and what he needs to get his target. Finding hisTrue Personality will be Difficult
 Skills: Tracking, Torture, Interrogation, Archery, Combat Training, Weapons Training, Soul Capture
 Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow

Title: A Kiss of Hell's Fire (Idea not fully developed, open for Brainstorming)

Potential For: Action, Non Con/Reluctance, Romance, Violence, a mix of light and dark

Setting: Modern day earth.

Species: This can be discussed whether its all species, all human, or angels and demons

Plot: I would really like this story to have elements of light and dark to it. My general idea of the story is that she would be on earth searching for someone to cause a little trouble for. While doing this some darker elements are thrown into the story for the two main characters. Maybe even to the point that she gets revealed for who she really is.

Also another option is Lucifer is being undeniably corrupt, or taking someone who is on the edge and giving them the push they need.

Character: For this I would like to play a female version of Lucifer. Personality wise she would be dark, cunning, conniving, seductive, devious, and really likes to stir up trouble for her own benefit and amusement.

Title: Chained

Potential For: Violence, Action, Bondage, Romance, Non Con/Reluctance, Pack War

Setting: Modern day

Species: Werewolf and other Shifter Species

Plot: Revel is a latent wolf. Despite the fact she is a dominant Alpha female she does not have the ability to shift into wolf form. This is considered a weakness among wolves. She does have the ability to partially shift such as growing claws or fangs. However it won't go past that. She has the strength, speed, and healing capabilities of a shifter, but her wolf lives beneath the surface always pushing to escape.

Her father is Alpha of her current pack, however he looks on her as if she is worthless to him due to her latency. She has to fight to gain respect of other shifters in her pack. To gain alliances her father is trying to marry her off to an Alpha of another pack. I would like to evolve the idea from there with a writing partner. There are different routes this story can take, she can run away to another pack, be forced into a mating with the Alpha of another pack these are just examples. If interested please message.

Name: Revel Saunders
Species: Latent Wolf
Tattoos: Raven on her right shoulder
 Scars: Various scars from fights with other shifters
Personality: Fiesty, Smart Ass, Intelligent, Cunning
Skills: Hand to Hand Combat, Knife Throwing, Pack Healer

Title: A Voice that Beckons (Idea not fully developed, open for Brainstorming)

Potential For: Bondage, Romance, Rough Sex, Seduction, Violence, Action

Setting: Modern Day or Fantasy

Species: All Species

Plot: Isabel is a siren. Her voice is liquid seduction and she has the power to lure men and women to do whatever she wants. After turning down a crime lord when he asks to pay for her to use her gift he hires a contract hunter to seek her. The hunter is immune to her gifts, he is supposed to bring her back to the crime lord for a very large sum of money. This has a lot of possibilities of which way things could go.


Title: Blood Moon on the High Tide

Potential For: Action, Conflict, Rivalry, Violence, Bondage, Rough Sex, Non Con/Reluctance, Adventure, Romance, Conflict

Setting: Medieval Fantasy

Plot: Two Pirate Captains(strangers or old rivals) are forced to join together to seek out the High Priestess of the Blood Moon Temple and steal the Blood Moon ruby. The reward is high for whoever can fetch this gem and put it in the hands of the King. It's not said what his intent is for the Ruby, therefore any morals can be somewhat put aside. The journey is treacherous as the Blood Moon Temple is heavily guarded deep within the Hollow Woods where most who enter become tales of the horrors the woods has to offer.

This will be a darker story with some of things encountered. If you are not good with dark you may want to choose a different idea.

Title: No Good Deed

Potential For: Action, Adventure, Violence, Romance, Rough Sex, Non Con/Reluctance, Bondage, Magic, Monsters

Species: Humans, Drow, Elves, Orcs, Trolls, Dwarves, Fae, Witches, Sirens, Mermaids, Pixies, and other species that I just make up.

Setting: Medieval Fantasy

Plot: Queen Iciepine using a glamor has disguised herself among the people of Sarindale. With the help of a few still loyal to the Queen she has sent out invitations to those who have made a name for themselves among thieves and criminals. With a large sum reward she is sending out small groups to find the rune keys which will one at a time release a darkness back into the world until with the fifth key Archeron is released to bring about the Dark times. Those going after the rune keys do no know what bringing back the keys will mean. Some of which may figure it out along the way. Finding the rune keys will be anything but easy. They are hidden in remote places that will require treacherous passage to reach them. This story can take a lot of dark twisted turns and offer a lot in the way of character development.

Below is the history that will give some explanation to the plot.


Three hundred years before the rule of King William and Queen Iciephine, even before the creation of Sarindale there was a great evil in the world, fueled by a Dark Sorcerer named Archeron. It was unknown to the High Council of Aesir the true darkness that had corrupted Archeron who had once been one of the most revered on the High Council.

The High Council of Aesir had been put into place to bring together five races who held a great deal of power. The Elves, Fae, Dragons, Dwarves, and the Humans. Bringing together a great peace. Races ruled alongside each other for decades without war or famine. Archeron did not agree with the peace in the land. What the High Council was unaware of was that the peace that Archeron helped to create was simply a rouse. And while the lands were peaceful Archeron was building a dark army, building his powers, and biding his time to unleash it all upon the world, so that he could rule a world in his image. Archeron succeeded. Banishing the High Council to the outlands, when in truth he would have been better off killing them. Darkness washed over the land, and anyone who would not lay loyalty to the Dark King was killed. Utilizing Orcs, Goblins, Giants, and Drow Archeron had an unstoppable army that took control Kingdom by Kingdom. Races were driven underground to escape him, and to being their own uprising to fight against Archeron. In the end his greed for power and control was his downfall. When the army rose up to battle against Archeron the High Council fought with them. Archeron’s source of power was destroyed, and Dark King was banished to another realm. The door was sealed with a powerful magic and five Rune Keys were created. The Orcs, the Goblins, The drow, and the Giants were all driven out, if not all together destroyed.

There was a price in the power used to keep the Dark King locked away, in each rune there was a darkness, a beacon to draw the dark races back to their King. The keys were scattered, and the portal to the Dark King was entombed and hidden. The races took back their kingdoms, refusing to live under the rule of the High Council. With that the High Council dissolved, going their separate ways.


King William sat on the throne of Sarindale at the age of 19 after his father died from an illness that seized his mind. He was young, but ready to rule over Sarindale and took as his wife Althea, his childhood friend. Together they ruled over Sarindale for five years, Althea 9 months with child died trying to give birth to William's son. William was told that his son did not survive. After the death of his first wife and child King William took Princess Iciephine from one of the Northern kingdoms as his wife a couple of years later. He had loved his first wife Althea, and some would say that he never loved his new Queen Iciephine with the same deep love he held for Althea. Iciephine's love for her King few deeper with each passing day. And after three years being married she came with child, but with this pregnancy an illness settled over William, and the kingdom prayed to the Gods for their King to strengthen again. Some would say he grew sick over the thought of losing another child and another wife, but before Iciephine could even give birth to their child the King died. Iciephine in her sorrow turned towards a craft she had not used since she had left her homeland. Only instead of turning toward the white magic that she knew, she took to practicing the ancient dark magic of her people in hopes to bring her husband back before the city of Sarindale discovered his death. Unbeknownst to her the price of what she was going to do Iciephine brought her husband back from the dead, but with his return she paid a grave price losing her child in the process. King William when finding out what Iciephine had done in the life she had sacrificed to bring him back from death killed himself in his grief at losing yet another child.

Iciephine had now not only lost her husband but her child. With her sorrow she drowned in the darkness and pain of everything she had lost. What she did not realize when she had opened that door into dark magic was that she had reached the Dark King who began dragging Iciephine further into the world of dark magic fueling her anger and her hatred for the world around her. The council began to notice the change in the Queen. The magic she had delved into began corrupting her heart, and her soul. It affected the decisions she was making for Sarindale, for the people, and for those who found themselves in the dungeon. Ten dismal years under the Queens rule finally brought about the rebellion to overthrow the Queen. But what had not been expected was the army she had created, that she had fueled with dark magic to battle the rebellion. After five years Sarindale finally won their freedom from Queen Iciephine, but just before her execution she vanished from her prison cell and was no where to be found.


Its been one years since the Rebellion and the vanishing of Queen Iciephine. Sarindale is getting back to a normal pace as the darkness of the uprising fades away and people get back to their lives. It is unknown at this time who will occupy the throne of Sarindale, but in the mean time the Council has taken control over the Kingdom to bring it back to order. There are executions almost daily of Queen Iciephine's followers who tried to help her destroy Sarindale. Many of Iciephine's followers that escaped prosecution have vanished and are yet to be found. Man hunts though fewer than when she first escaped still search for the Queen, but she has yet to be found.

Title: Kingdom of Bones (Would like to continue developing with a partner)

Potential For: Violence, Action, Non Con/Reluctance, Rough Sex, Bondage, Seduction, Romance,

Plot: The Kingdom of Merisan finds itself recently invaded by a new Ruler who has brutally slain the soldiers of Merisan with his army and dethroned the King to increase his territory, and for access to the Blood Wood. The King was slain in front of his people as a symbol to the end of his reign as well to show the people how ruthless the New King can be if he so chooses. The King's daughter rather than  be murdered has been locked away in the dungeon.

This is where I would like to start the story. It needs some fleshing out, but I have ideas pertaining to the Blood Wood and the overall plot. The ideas would just vary based on who takes the role of the King and who takes the role of the Princess. My preference would be to have a male or female willing to play a dominant role as the King. But I'm not opposed to doing it.

Title: Home

Potential For: Action, Adventure, Violence, Monsters, Romance, Conflict

Setting: Solar System

Species: Alien Species, Humans

Plot: After earth became an uninhabitable planet people were taken to 13 different colonies. These 13 space stations sent out crews to find habitable planets for the human race to make their new home. I would like this story to involve one small crew, so yes there will be NPC's or potential for multiple characters. The story will revolve around this crew and their hunt for a habitable planet. This holds a world of possibilities in who they come into contact with, the dangers they may find on other planets, and the potential for finding a new earth and the difficulties that would follow in trying to create a home there.

I love the science fiction setting if you have an idea please hit me up. Always happy to hear something out!

Title: A World Undone

Potential For: Violence, Action, Adventure, Gore, Horror, Romance, Non Con/Reluctance, Rough Sex, Bondage

Setting: After the Apocalypse Earth 2021

Plot: The storyline is set 5 years into the future 2021. Long enough for the infection to have widely spread and for the creatures to have started mutations as well as for new creations to develop.

With this storyline I'm wiling to play it with more than one person due to their being a lot of opportunity in this setting and it being perfectly reasonable to have more than one group within this world. If you would like to play please PM me. I'd love to discuss some ideas.

How it Happened:

Frontix Industries was a household name ten years ago. A good, family run company that led in the field of bioengineering and developing revolutionary new medicines based just outside of Atlanta. They were on track for creating a vaccine for possibly curing HIV, though they never got the chance to finish that because of the disaster that changed the world…

June 14th 2015. Frontix waste management teams failed to properly dispose of chemical waste that managed to leak from their containers. Frontix ensured to keep the spillage quiet, but after further investigation discovered that the leak had not been successfully contained. After testing the sewers and local water supply, they found traces of the chemical in both places.

June 26th 2015. Frontix Industries issue a formal warning to the public detailing the nature of the chemical spill. They express concern over the chemical managing to leak into the locality’s water supply and the high chance of human consumption. At this stage, there are no side effects from the chemical and so people are not so concerned. Frontix promise to clean up the spillage as best as they can.

June 28th 2015. The first slew of casualties appeared at local hospital ERs where patients displayed severe flu like symptoms including fever, nausea, migraines, vomiting and diarrhoea. It became apparent very quickly after tests of patient blood, urine and their home water supply that they had all ingested the Frontix chemicals.

July 4th 2015. Independence Day doesn’t feel like one celebrating. Over half of the population are either hospitalised or housebound due to sickness. After almost a week’s silence from Frontix, the company finally issued a statement following the discoveries that the casualties were indeed caused by the chemical leak. They issue a formal apology, followed up by the promise of a vaccine that can help patients recover.

July 9th 2015. Strange occurrences have started to be noted by those healthy enough to witness it. Pets like dogs and cats that had drunk the water seemed to be acting strangely. They weren’t unwell like the people who had consumed the chemical, but they were acting more aggressive towards people. One man is bitten by his dog, who was known to be a friendly animal. The dog is put down before he can do further harm.

July 11th 2015. People have begun to die following the severity of the fever caused by the chemical spill, despite the best efforts of doctors and nurses. Several household pets have had to be euthanized following vicious attacks on people. Frontix put forward that their vaccine is ready for public distribution.

July 12th – July 22nd 2015. A huge portion of the infected population step up to be vaccinated. The effects seemed to be varied, some still sadly died from their fevers. However, some seemed to get better and improve, going back to normal health. For others, the results were catastrophic. On the final day of the distribution, a group of twenty people attacked the main point of where people went to be vaccinated. They were behaving oddly, not even attacking in a ‘stop the vaccines!’ behaviour. They were hurting everyone who got in their way. They bit and clawed at people, ripped hair and flesh alike without remorse. The people scattered in fear and confusion. Frontix shut down the vaccination units across the area and retreated.

July 16th 2015 onwards. People are turning on each other, stray dogs and cats are joining the fray as well. Those with their minds still intact are terrified and take to hiding as best they can. Some are successful in hiding, others are not. The people who are infected are dubbed as ‘Hollows’ for their hollow, non-human behaviour. News reports surface about similar behaviour being exhibited in people in towns and cities further afield. Eventually news that neighbouring states have declared a state of emergency following the wide spread attacks that have begun.

August 2015. Military action fails to contain the outbreak. Frontix offer no comment, no statements and appear to have gone dark. Other drug companies try to create their own vaccine and start to distribute, but to no avail. The US closes its borders.

Late August 2015. Aptitude Incorporated, a rival company to Frontix Industries, offer their own vaccine that is claimed to be a ‘miracle’ cure that will not only counteract the effects of those infected, but also prevent people from getting infected in the first place. People across the country flock to be vaccinated.

September 2015. Those who were vaccinated by Aptitude either died, or have mutated beyond human recognition. The outbreak has still not been contained. Hollows and other mutated creatures like Lickers are common and frequent occurrences. Infrastructure begins to collapse.

March 2016. The winter was some small reprieve from the outbreak, but during this time attempts to further contain the infection from spreading have failed. The United States of America have fallen, with reports in Mexico and Canada suffering similar fates. Those who survive are left alone with no military, government or foreign support. The survivors are left to fend for themselves.

The Monsters: Hollows and Clickers are the only two creatures that can infect and cause someone to turn. The rest of the Monsters listed below have the ability to inflict damage in different ways all on their own.


Hollows were the original infected. After the chemical spills the Hollows were created when they started taking the vaccine offered for those in contaminated areas. However once they became infected they earned their names for their soulless, lifeless forms. Hollow of compassion, of any emotion. After the Hollows manifested they began attacking the living. Feeding on flesh and in turn infecting the corpses they fed upon, creating more Hollows. After 10 years the Hollows have become slower, some could even say more docile. However if provoked Hollows can become frenzied attacking anything that moves or makes to much noise. To kill you can shoot or sever the head. The key is the spinal cord detachment.

As with all creatures evolution is inevitable with time. Clickers are Hollows that have mutated and evolved over the years growing that shell of a head that takes away their sight. They communicate by making a clicking sound. Their hearing is impeccable. They are sensitive to light so Clickers tend to move around mostly in the darkness of night or in the shadows of the underground and old abandoned buildings. Unlike the Hollows, Clickers heads must be severed or the bodies burned. Bullets, except extremely high caliber cannot break through the shell. If one is quiet enough they can sneak up on a clicker and sever the spinal cord. Clickers tend to travel in packs, so be wary that with one comes many. Their saliva or blood from a bite or getting into an orifice can trigger the infection.


Crawlers are more underground based. Subway tunnels, mines, sewers. If its underground Crawlers will dwell there, they take a particular liking to water. They are fast as they use all four limbs to move, they sense everything like serpents with their tongue. They have keen sense of smell, but our blind and deaf. They can be killed by severing the head, or shooting in the head. Shooting in the heart. Their claws are etched in poison that a scratch deep enough will kill someone slowly and painfully. Minor scratches and cuts will lead to being very ill and nasty scars where the wound festers.


Lickers are the hell hounds of the Apocalypse. Mutations from dogs who feed on the Hollows. Their sight is taken but their sense of smell and hearing are well intact. There is nothing about this creature that isn't dangerous from the burns one can get if they get their tongue around you, to their sharp claws and gnashing teeth. If you see this thing, run and hope you get away before it gets you. You can cause major damage by severing the tongue. They can be shot in the head, but you have to find the soft spot in the skull. Severing the head will also kill the creature.


Rats are the bottom feeders of the world, and due to that fact when the rats ran out of food they began feeding on dead flesh and mutated tissue. This in turn mutated the rats. They can't turn you, but their bite is irritating as hell causing red itching rashes, that if scratched enough could lead to infections. Rats can be killed as easily as stomping them under your boot. They are more of a nuisance than anything.


This creature is more rare. There is no identification into how it was created. Its around the size of a full grown grizzly bear. Its large, fast, and has heightened senses. Luckily it is even more rare for these things to travel in pairs. There is no defined name for the creature because usually no one lives long enough to survive it. "Fuck that" and "Fuck this shit" are common enough terms. These creatures are found more often in highly populated cities, but have begun tracking out of the cities into rural areas. They don't care if you are living human flesh or a Hollow they will eat whatever they want. It'll take more than a few shots to the head to take out this creature, it is extremely hard to kill, but its torso is narrow if you can get close enough to cause enough damage to the exposed region or sever the spine. And manage not to get ripped to shreds in the process.
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Re: New Plots added. Modern, Supernatural, Fantasy, horror, Scifi.
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Updated with new plots. PM if interested.