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Author Topic: Some Ideas That I have [mul]  (Read 919 times)

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Some Ideas That I have [mul]
« on: November 22, 2008, 11:22:59 AM »
Well, I'm a beggar *grins*  I'm looking to get more involved, make some friends out here, and with the threat of the mommy finger *cowers from the waggling finger of doom*
So here are my ideas and desires, looking for anyone who wants to fulfill them :]
And this isn't my limits, this is the bare beginning, feel free to contact me and see if we can get something going that fits your specs!

Fandoms I like to play with:
MVP- The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives (if you’ve seen the show, I looove Damon Trebuchet)
Stargate Atlantis
The Nines (movie)

Original :
Plain Ol’ Humanoids

1Bayou Moon.

   Kayleigh Cabbot is a lead nature photographer for an exhibition magazine.  On a mission to the overgrown bayous of Louisiana, she finds the trip of a lifetime.  She dances in the clubs of New Orleans, sleeps in one of the most comfortable beds she’s ever felt in a high class hotel, and around the corner comes Mardi Gras. 
   But the overgrown bayous aren’t as easily navigated as she’d thought.  Nights spent in her car trunk in the tundras of Alaska, or the thick redwood forests of California never prepared her for the disorienting, hot steamy noon of the Louisiana day.  She’s packed light, and before long, she’s out of water and off the beaten path.  Worst of all, the sounds of howls are coming in twilight.  The stories of Louisiana werewolves are just legends right?

((Possible Werewolf/Human romance or less than simple encounter.  Looking for a dominant male

2.  Heart Shaped Skuriken

   Dr. Kestrel  ‘Gus’ Augustine is a bit over-qualified for her job as a mechanic.  Thankfully, it’s only her day job.  She really shines when she puts her engineering degree to work, and starts making weapons for an underground organization of Vampire and wolf slayers. Returning to college and getting her doctorate in Cryptozoology was no easy feat, but neither is designing handheld killing machines for her Kevlar-clad posse. 
   An accident formulated a hate for the wolf that not even her slayer friends can reason.  She builds sadistic weapons against the other kin races, weapons that cause burning, painful slow deaths. She saves humans, and kills her hates.
   But being the inventor of weapons does not mean you’re always safe.  An ambush of headquarters gets her kidnapped by some nasty blood sucking characters.  They know what she’s built, and they aren’t too happy.  They know all too much about her, and in the dungeon of the coven, she’s thrown into a cell with her greatest enemy:  a virile male werewolf.
   There are few ways this  could end up.  He could kill her, she could kill herself, or they could work together and save each other.  Personally, she doesn’t see the latter happening.

((Werewolf/human…looking for a very dominant…very angry werewolf))

3.  Pixie dust

   The hills of Ireland are famous for clovers and shamrocks.  The ragged rocky coast and the  lore of the land.  Leprechauns and pixies are all good and fun for the pub drinker, but not for the man who’s somehow snared the heart of a girl no more than 3 inches tall. 
   Mushroom rings, gardens of butterflies, visits of jays and a healthy garden harvest are the only connection Nyx can make to her skeptic love interest.  Wish she may, wish she might, she’s no Tinkerbelle, and he’s no Peter Pan. 
   So when she learns of a talent to change size and become visible to him, she can only jump at the chance.  But lying to try and hide what she is, constant deceit is hard.  What’s more, her past won’t leave her alone, and she soon learns of warlocks, who’s target is none other than the Irish man with her heart.  To get to her, their key is the strapping lad who’s she’s closest to.
   But really, right now, all Nyx is worried about is falling asleep with him, and him waking to see a 3 inch faerie on his pillow.

4. Ice and Kids
   She’s not too old, but she’s seen enough to say she’s not too young. A top NHL prospect, she was just that good.  When you’re on top of the world, you never think of career ending injuries.  She was drafted to the Hartford Whalers and played 3 stellar seasons.   
   The world of hockey had other plans for Kyrian Nike.   A career ending injury was bad luck.  A hyper extended knee and two torn ligaments.  Her friends in New England were calling her Tom Brady to try and boost her spirits.
   At 26, She can’t get off the ice.  Even with a knee that won’t allow her to play again, she plays sledge hockey, but most of all…she teaches kids.  The famed Hartford whaler has been asked to join boarding schools and camps to teach hockey.  She’s turned down all, because she loves her own team.
   But when NHL dads start sending their kids her way, things start changing.  She’s getting closer to people who she used to admire and hate. The more she hangs out with the fathers, the NHL stars, the more she’s relating to them.  She’s missing the ice, she’s missing the people, but most of all…She’s seeing what she never saw before.
   These guys are hot!

5.  Tryptophan and Anesthesia
   She hates her parents, she has no boyfriend and her friends are scattered across the country.  It sounds like the perfect TV-Boxed Christmas. Yeah, Kaya Mentir thinks so too, that’s why she picked the holiday shift at the hospital.  It’s funny how a cirrhosic liver looks just like uncle Tony’s homemade cranberry sauce (and is the exact reason she’d always opt for the canned delicacy).  It’s a wonder that the liver ISN’T uncle Tony’s to begin with.
   The white meat is tendons and the red wine is blood, and double shifting the Pathology Lab and Trauma Center is just the kind of night that Rudolph is lighting up.  Santa got stuck in the chimney?  Santa got roasted in the chimney?!  Well, you better see Kaya about that.
   But being alone with so many broken, insane Christmas cases wears a girl down.  And sometimes, you just wish to curl up beside the fire with someone other than Chocolate Chip and Cookie Dough.  It helps to know what she’s not alone on the terrible families top 100...there’s her new co-worker…the original Trauma Center Guy….or TCG for short.   Maybe it’s not to be such a hellish Christmas after all.  Santa may have gotten roasted in the chimney, but maybe a Christmas wish of not being alone isn’t impossible.

6. The Olympian
   Boys and men love to discover, it’s the power of excitement that pulls them to the ends of the world, and sometimes, just beyond.
   Greek Mythology major Rowan Tedress is a bight of a family outcast.  Far from her rural home life, she’s studying ‘heathen arts’ and living with the big city scum that her family hates so much.  But there’s  a pull to this study, that she can’t deny.  She doesn’t talk about her studies with family, for certain, the fact that  Zeus boinks everything that moves, the studies wouldn’t just be ‘heathen arts’ but…more like ‘dirty rotten incestuous hellfire heathen arts’.
   And then, just any guy on the street, bumps into her.  By the strangest flow of kindness, she offers him her couch to sleep on.  He’s such a strange man, and he’s so in love with the world around him. 
   The gods and goddesses had a son.
   He just couldn’t stay on Olympus.
   (forbidden relationship, god and human)

7. Dreams are Blades
   “Who needs a blade smith anyway?”
   For whatever reason, that’s what Nikki Anderson wanted to do when she grew up.  Working a meal by paycheck life, forging steel into deadly blades of all different types, katanas, Sabres, Klaymores and even the Frankenstein offspring of all styles, she does it, somehow she does it.
   Her studies on styles and cuts of blades never ends, and she’s constantly reading into ancient texts, to see how the ancestors managed with their weapons.   But then, her dreams start sending her places.
   And when she wakes up, she’s not face down at the kitchen table, using textbooks as pillows.  No, does this place even HAVE pillows?  Medieval France, her jeans and sweater don’t exactly match the attire…or are strong enough for the battle field?!
   Of course, in medieval tales there’s always a ‘white knight’.  Well…to be honest…he’s not really white.  He might be, under the thick layer of grime…he smells awful too.  But…he threw her over the horse’s back and dragged her out of hellfire.  She thinks he might be handsome, under the grime…he sure is nice.
   She’s now in a dreamland, falling in love with a white night, and soon, making him armor and swords…until she wakes up, and it’s all gone.  When she dreams, she goes back there…but she can’t sleep forever.
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Re: Some Ideas That I have [mul]
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2009, 03:48:35 PM »
8.  Lord (ess) of War

There was a time when Vitaly Orlov only knew how to fuck and blow. That was before a near-death experience in Sierra Leone got him in physical therapy for 3 years.  With a peppering of bullets like he got, it was impossible for there to not be damage.  He walks with a limp now…his left leg is numb to feeling and motionless.

After his brush with death, things changed, most importantly his relationship with his brother.  The gun toting Yuri Orlov mourned for his brother’s injury, and even paid all the bills.  But he didn’t stop making gun deals.  Under the table arms trade never ends, he found that out the hard way.

‘Taly started a new life, doing what nearly got him killed, trying to stop war lords, trying to stop massacres.  He dresses in a suit now, he works with the UN and NGO’s trying to negotiate deals.  He’s all over the world.

And everyone wants him dead.

It’s one of those countries you never hear the name of, and you know is shrouded in war and poverty.  It’s unpronounceable and unmappable.  It’s borders are always changing.  One thing that give’s it fame. The dictator’s a chick.  One who can’t seem to die.

Karden McShanna is the daughter of a wealthy Scottish immigrant who moved to Africa for gold and diamonds.  The country came second, but it came with the riches.  In the midst of drunken talks over much too hot lager (blast the desert heat) The country kind of  fell into their laps.  And Karden’s love for all things extreme turned her into a philanthropist’s worst nightmare.  In time, the country was hers, her father bought some island out in Dubai and left her to play house.

How many times have US special forces tried to kill her and have the bullet just graze her head?  Way too many.  It could be the fact that she wears way-too-little for any dictator, and totes an ak-47, just for fun. She makes a great distraction.

‘Taly’s trying to save her ass, and her country’s.  She’s meddling on the borders again and making some very unfriendly neighbors.  When ‘Taly finds out that he’s working against his brother, who’s selling her arms cheep.  Things get a little more personal.

(It’s a spin off and alternate ending to the movie Lord of War- Looking for someone to play Vitaly.  )