Back after a long break and looking for a(n extremely) kinky beauty. (m for f)

Started by JohnTheGreat, January 27, 2016, 06:43:18 AM

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Hi there.

As the title suggests this post is me sticking my nose back in here on E for the first time in quite a while, and I'm looking for a female partner.

I've been feeling the itch for long, detailed posts again recently. Quality is more important than quantity but I'd still like to flex some creative muscles and try something in the 500+ words per post region.

I'm searching (mostly) for some very extreme kinks. I enjoy things like bestiality, watersports and snuff on top of the more common things like pain, slavery, rape, and all those fun things. Having said that I do love it when the girls are willing and eager for whatever horrible thing is about to happen to them too.
I enjoy women helping too, there isn't much hotter than a rapist with his girlfriend as an accomplice, or a mother teaching her daughter how to suck daddy's cock.
Scat and older women (mother x son) don't appeal to me, but other than that I'm pretty open.

I'm hoping more to discuss an idea with someone than to simply present a scenario or three here so I'll give some basics and if you're interested I'd love to you PM me and we can flesh it out together.

  * A small group of women (a family, a small busload, etc) finding themselves in a situation where there is no escape at the mercy of their captors.

  * A woman being bought at a slave auction to be trained to please her new owner.

  * A casual sex world were a teacher fucking his student is not creepy and wrong but rather the way the school expects him to motivate a failing student. Or daddy slipping into his daughter's room at midnight is considered a pleasant surprise, nor cause for the cops and child protective services to get involved.

  * If I were to play anything fantasy based rather than modern/pseudo-modern it's be in Azeroth. I love me both blood elves and draenei.

  * If you know what Dolcett is I'd love to play anything in that setting.

Anyway, if you read this far I owe you an internet cookie, and I hope to get a PM from you soon ;D