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Author Topic: Vampires, werewolves and bondage oh my (f looking for m)  (Read 888 times)

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Vampires, werewolves and bondage oh my (f looking for m)
« on: January 26, 2016, 09:19:04 AM »
Hello fellow roleplayers! Welcome to my thread. After quite a long time away, I have returned.

Below are rps that currently strike my fancy, pictures to inspire plots, and kinks. Feel free to check out my f-list and on/off thread in the side link or signature. If a plot doesn't strike your fancy but I do send me a pm and maybe we can come up with something!

I prefer posting anywhere between one to three paragraphs. I don't want to write a novel, but I also like some detail. Please take the one liners elsewhere. I will engage in roleplays over the forums or email.

A side note: I'm here for positive experiences. Meaning no abusing, torturing or degrading my character. Yes I like force, yes I like some really kinky things and yes I know some people describe the fore mentioned things as fun. I like some pain, but the scales should definitely be in favor of pleasure. Positive reinforcement over negative if we do a master x slave rp, for example.

Anyways those are just some things to know before the fun stuff, but now that its out of the way onto the plots! (craving in red)

The Haunted Mansion
Every town has that house, the one they tell stories about. The house where things go bump in the night, somebody was killed years ago, or the owner never shows his face and just seems strange. Well, in this town, the mansion on the hill has been dark and shuttered for years. Weeds grow with abandon, and nobody dares enter. However, the tales that do drift out of that house are a little unusual from the normal lot... stories of a ghost that likes to grope and tease any woman that enters the house, or the room in the basement filled not with torture devices persay... but old time items of bondage and pleasure. One story tells of an old doctor from the 1800s that used to live there, who worked to cure female 'hysteria' back when the solution was bringing them to orgasm. Yes, very strange stories indeed... but are any true? My character decides one night on a dare to go up there and find out.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?
An Alice in Wonderland spin off-

I was thinking that Alice could have visited wonderland as a child, as the story goes... but when she visits again as a young woman wonderland is quite different from what she recalled. Not in that it is darker and more dangerous, though that is true as well... but that it is also much more sexualized. Perhaps wonderland is really just a reflection of her, and as she matured wonderland did too. Either way gone are the innocent tea parties and cakes- replaced instead with wild orgies and aphrodisiacs. What happens to Alice this time as she wanders through Wonderland? Will she even want to get home after experiencing the pleasures and freedoms this new world has to offer?

This roleplay can just follow her adventures with different characters being played by my partner, or we can roleplay a relationship between Alice and the hatter, who I figure in this grown up world of wonderland might be into some pretty kinky stuff while still being rather crazy.

Chosen by the Gods
This roleplay can be set in modern, fantasy or medieval times. Basically, you get to play a god. He could be the god of lust and love, picking a new plaything, the god of the hunt, taking interest in a woman who enters his domain, or a darker god, set on corrupting an innocent virgin. We can decide the details together, or you can set out to surprise me. Either way, I see this god seducing my character into a night she will never forget. When the next day rolls around, he decides to take her away to be his new plaything, introducing her to a new life in the realm of the gods... not that it's terrible, after all sex with a god should be pretty fantastic.
twist: Instead of play a god from a pantheon, you play a high level demon and wisk her off to the underworld.

That Doesn't Belong to You
On a cold winter's night, my character decides to steal from the biggest estate around. She's in trouble with all sorts of people, and needs the cash. After watching the man leave for a new years party down the road, she breaks into his home. However, things go wrong and she's caught. How will she get out of being sent to prison?

Behind Closed Doors- An Aristocracy rp
In this rp modern America never broke from British rule. That gave the society a strong aristocratic structure through to the modern day. However, American aristocracy took a different turn from their British counterparts. On the outside, they seem stuffy and prudish, but behind closed doors they love letting loose and engaging in various hedonistic desires. Parties that turn into orgies are commonplace in the higher echelons, and most aristocrats love displays of exhibition or voyeurism.
Of course, this is a well kept secret.... so when a handsome aristocrat takes an interest in my character, a young middle class woman at his university, she's in for quite a surprise when he introduces her to his world.

After the Battle
It was a long, grueling war. She was a commander of hundreds of fighters. She had to keep them alive, had to win the day... romance? Friendship? There was no time for these things.  But now, suddenly, the war is over, and she must return to civilian life. I'm interested in rping more of a romance here, where a guy wins over this tough commander and shows her what it's like to relax and enjoy herself, and show her that she doesn't always have to be the one in charge.
Is he interested in her for who she is, or what she has done? Is he just using her for fame, or is he maybe a former comrade who always cared about her? Pretty much open to many directions for this one. Also open to any level of kinkery here.

Craving these Kinks/themes:
Toys/ machines
aphrodisiacs/ drugs/ heat
Any one shot with a vampire, demon or other supernatural being
Playing an anthro/neko/ pokegirl

NSFW office pic
NSFW Bedroom
NSFW School image
NSFW Riding
NSFW party
NSFW bound
NSFW toys
NSFW numerous restraints

If any kinks or images inspire you we can come up with a plot around them.
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Re: Rayne is BACK! (f looking for m)
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2016, 07:24:59 PM »
Added a plot, removed a plot.

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Re: Rayne is BACK! (f looking for m)
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2016, 10:23:28 PM »
two new plots, haunted mansion and the front.

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Re: Rayne is BACK! (f looking for m)
« Reply #3 on: February 15, 2016, 07:36:08 PM »
Thief story is out, aristocrat story is in. Once again up for a few stories.