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December 18, 2018, 11:21:49 PM

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Author Topic: The Mermaid  (Read 985 times)

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Online SerenityTopic starter

The Mermaid
« on: January 25, 2016, 05:58:33 PM »
Just something I had written a long time ago.

It was a beautiful sunny day. Birds were singing softly in the trees of a nearby island and the water was nice and calm. It was a perfect day to go out swimming.

Beneath the water was a wonderful city spread out. It was the home to many of the merfolk that lived in the ocean. There was one in particular that always was so curious about the other parts of the water that surrounded the city, a young blonde and blue haired mermaid name Kira. It was against the rules to travel out though. Her parents have said it was dangerous. But she didn't want to believe that.

So one day Kira ventured out of her home and swam to the southern end of the city. She made sure not to be seen however, for she'd be in a bit of trouble if she was caught. Luckily enough there weren't too many merfolk around at this time of day, so she didn't have too much of a problem with it.

"I can't wait to see what else is out there." she told herself with a smile, the blue scales of her tail shimmering in the water as she swam out of the city. It was quite exciting.

It was her first time on her own, and she swam around rocks, seeing different types of fish swim by. It all seemed wonderful. She didn't see what was so dangerous about the open seas.

At least not until a large shadow appeared over her.

She glanced up, and what she saw was unfamiliar to her. It was a large thing, made out of wood. Only being able to see the bottom of it, she wasn't sure what it was. So she swam away just slightly to a place where she can eventually get somewhat closer.

Kira peeked her head up out of the water, keeping a distance at first. She was able to see what it was now. Her mother used to tell her stories about them. The humans called it a boat. She was always told that they were to be avoided, that it wasn't safe for her kind to get too close. It was said that pirates were the ones on these boats, and that they traveled the seas in search of things.

Tilting her head a little to the side, she couldn't see what was so dangerous about it. She went back under the water, after hearing voices coming from the boat. She swam a bit closer, but as she was doing that, nets were suddenly cast down. The fish around her were trapped, and before she knew it, so was she. Tangled in the net, unable to figure out how get free, she was suddenly feeling quite scared. There was another net being cast down, catching even more fish.

Kira watched as they seemed to struggle, trying to get themselves free but to little success. She pulled at the net but couldn't seem to get it to budge. She looked around, seeing a rock just below  that seemed to have a sharp point to it.

"If only I could get closer. ." she said but wasn't sure how to go about it. But if she could at least cut the rope of the net, all the weight should be able to get it to break, at least she hoped.

Looking around at the fish, she eventually started to try and swim, to move them to the pointed edge. At first it seemed like it wouldn't work, but the fish around started to move with her, helping her. They were able to move the net down and even the boat had started to tip slightly.

Kira was able to get the small hole in the next over the sharp point, and tried to move it at best she could against the rock. It took what seemed like a long time but eventually the rock started to cut through the rope.

Just a little more. That's all it needed.

The rope soon gave way, and the whole was bigger than more. She made them moved now more, and she was able to cut another. She had managed to make three more cuts, and almost instantly the fish started swimming out. Kira followed after, not wanting to be even more caught in that net as it had resurfaced when it emptied out.

She swam away as fast as her tail would let her, returning to her home in the city. She understood what her mother had told her now. And knew she would never again go against her mother's words.