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Author Topic: Opposites Attract! [F x F - Various Settings]  (Read 805 times)

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Opposites Attract! [F x F - Various Settings]
« on: January 25, 2016, 03:07:46 pm »

Bridgette LeFou, The Strangest Pokemon Trainer You've Ever Met
Setting: Pokemon
Theme: Love's Vagrant
A young Kalosian pokemon trainer, aged eighteen. Bridgette lost her parents when she was just a baby and was raised instead by her uncle. She started out as a temperamental and reckless child and would often get herself into trouble stealing or committing acts of minor vandalism. That she and her uncle were both desperately poor did not help the situation and Bridgette was sometimes seen in the company of thugs, bullies, and gangsters. Vowing to turn the child around, her uncle, a martial arts instructor by trade, enrolled her in his classes. She took to it like a fish to water and the little Feu found a way to let out all that youthful energy and frustration. She began studying like mad, practicing not only with her uncle, but on her own time as well. She rented (or borrowed or stole) kung-fu movies so that she might watch them and mimic the moves she saw on screen.

Bridgette did not show any interest in pokemon until she turned fifteen. One day she was prowling around her usual back alley haunts when she saw a group of young hooligans berating and abusing a torchic. Imagining herself as some king of Kung Fu Jesus, she lept into the fray to stop the abuse! She found herself soundly overwhelmed and pummeled to the ground. It was not the preferred outcome. The little pokemon, however, was grateful for the noble gesture and the two were inseprable ever since. Athos, as she called him, became Bridgette's best friend. Later came the chimchar Porthos and, finally, Armais, a tepig. Where most trainers would catch a variety of pokemon or expand their team to more than three, Bridgette decided this strange mono-type team of three was good enough. Her 'Three Musketeers'. She has focused exclusively on training them and strengthening their bonds. It's come to a point where the trio of pokemon are fiercely loyal to her and even mime her movements from time-to-time.

Determined to become the best trainer around, Bridgette travels from place to place, besting the fiercest trainers she can find. Rather infamous for her consistently upbeat attitude, silly demeanor, kung-fu obsession, and off-the-wall battle strategies, she is something of a known quantity among other trainers. Some (most) consider her to be a joke - but that's just the people that haven't faced her in battle. Those that she's fought know her as a fierce and unpredictable opponent who uses atypical tactics to win, even when hopelessly outmatched. Even when facing defeat she keeps the smile on her face, considering every battle a lesson, win or lose

Proposal: Coming in to this story, your character is one that takes Pokemon training extremely seriously. She battles with all her heart, just the same as Bridgette, but the two of them are polar opposites in demeanor and style. While Bridgette is very unorthodox and spur-of-the-moment with her tactics, your character is analytical and prefers to have a plan for everything. While not completely cold-hearted, your character has a serious demeanor and can be fairly uptight. They meet and perhaps are rivals at first glance, but end up coming together time and time again and eventually develop first respect and then feelings for each other. Perhaps some grander adventure draws them together, but however they meet, they'll find that they're more together than they were alone.

Lux Lobo, Also Known As La Muerte
Setting: Modern, Superhero
Theme: Ready, Steady, Go!
Lux In Costume

A young latina woman in her early twenties, Lux (which might not even be her real name) has proven to be an up-and-coming heroine worth watching. This agency barely has any information on her, but what we have has been deemed reliable. She was apparently raised in Los Angeles, California. No records of her birth, her family, or her schooling have surfaced so we must assume she has connections to someone who's managed to thoroughly destroy most of her public records. The only thing that has surfaced are a few old fingerprints and a mugshot that matches a young Lux. She was apparently arrested for trespassing and assault and served some jail time. One of our contatcts in the Latin Kings confirms having seen a woman fitting her description in the gang for some time.

She first surfaced as Lux Lobo (and by extension, La Muerte) right after the death of Captain Cosmos scattered his cosmic power across the globe and imbued a number of ordinary citizens with supernatural power. Lux seems to be capable of a wide variety of abilities based around an accelerated healing factor, the control of bone marrow and the cessation of her own bodily functions. When becoming La Muerte she effectively ceases living, her vital signs dropping to an absolute minimum. In this form she can sustain massive injuries without any ill effects and, according to all of this agency's studies, we presume she cannot be killed unless decapitated or destroyed completely. The accelerated healing factor she demonstrates has proven a vital component of her power set, since the bulk of her offensive capability revolves around manipulation of her own bones. Without her numbness to pain and healing factor, this ability would cripple her. La Muerte can make her bones lighter or denser to allow her to strike harder, move faster, or leap great distances. She can also project bones from her skin, using them to craft amazingly tough 'armor' or extremely sharp 'blades'. La Muerte can manipulate the bones of others and not just herself; anything she touches can then be manipulated so long as it is within her line of sight. To this end, she can instantly cripple any normal human with simple skin-to-skin contact.

Lux Lobo is rebellious and brash, a bit of a hothead that might be easily manipulated by taunts and challenges. She is especially sensitive about her short stature. She is somewhat of a sucker for beautiful women. When her powers are active and she becomes La Muerte, she becomes much more serious and single-minded. Weather this is a conscious shift of personality or a result of her powers is unknown.

Proposal: In this setting, your character would be more 'traditional'. More like Superman or Wonder Woman to Lux's Bataman. It could go a few ways from there. Your character could be a young hero as well and the two of them are inducted into a 'Teen Titans'-like institution for young superheroes, where they consistantly butt heads on missions but back at the HQ can't deny a mutual attraction. Going the other way, your character could be a bit older and set up to mentor Lux, a young new hero. Your character finds it hard to reconcile her strict views of justice with this young woman's 'loose' view of right and wrong. In a third scenario, we could see two loner-type heroes, yours and mine, forced to work together to take down some greater evil.

Detective Mona Temple Has Had Enough Of Your Sh*t
Setting: Modern, Crime Drama
Theme: Maybe Tomorrow Is A Better Day

Mona Temple is a 30 year old homicide detective renowned for her street smarts and the dogged nature with which she persues criminals. Mona and her sister April were orphaned at a young age when their parents died in a car accident. April, at that point still very much young and innocent, was more despondant and terrified at having to live in an orphanage. Mona, on the other hand, was angry. As far as she was concerned nothing and no one would take the place of her mother and father. She lashed out at the nuns that ran the orphanage and they, in turn, struck back. Subjected to daily punishment and the occasional beating, Mona was one of the reasons no one ever came to adopt her and April. Eventually, she realized this. Still a child, she did something impossibly rash and ran away. The nuns, sick of Mona, did not try overmuch to find her.

Eventually, April was adopted. Meanwhile, Mona lived much of her teens on the streets as a vagrant. She fell in with a gang called The Kings and they became sort of a second family to her.

The Kings, as far as gangs go, were mostly harmless. Drugs, vandalism, grand theft auto, one or two small protection rackets. Things went south when they finally grew some balls and planned their first (and last, it would turn out) bank robbery. It was not as easy as it seemed from TV and the movies. Things went south in a hurry and The Kings fled, leaving Mona behind. She was furious. Also arrested, but mostly furious. Seeing her anger, the police made a deal; wear a wire, pretend like she'd evaded capture, get the gang to talk about the crime. Mona agreed, but when shit starts to roll downhill momentum can take it pretty far. The wire was soon discovered and a shootout followed. Mona versus The Kings. Somewhere in the midst of the shootout, a fire started. Again, Mona was the only survivor. The police were happy with the results. They had scum off the streets and could easily blame it on 'gang-on-gang violence'. At sixteen Mona had lost another family and she'd pulled the trigger.

But at least she was free.

Two years later, the police contacted her again. This time, no wires.

"Gang-on-gang violence. It's all over the news. It would be a shame if.."

And so when the War on Drugs started, Mona Temple became a frontline soldier. She'd spent much of her life on the streets at that point, had connections, had the look, knew the lingo, had proven she could kill. Dirty cops paid her good money to do terrible things to criminals. "Bounty Hunter" was her prefered terminology, but there were nastier words for it. Hitwoman. Trigger woman. Assassin. Traitor. Bitch. Mona started raking in money and living a life of excess; expensive cars, alcoholism, a penthouse apartment. A paper trail left by a careless kid spending ill-gotten gains. But when you kill enough low-level drug pushers, the men higher up the chain start to notice. Three crime families took the saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" to heart and banded together with one goal in mind; kill Mona Temple.


The note had been succinct. It contained an address to a dockside warehouse. There she met three men; Jack Lupino, mob enforcer. Sergei Radinov, Russian mob drug kingpin. Xiao Xiao Long, leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys triad. There were no terms to discuss. Lupino had April and he had a gun to her head. They told Mona not to do anything stupid, to put her hands up.

She did something stupid.

She won't talk about the mistake that got April killed, but Lupino put a bullet in her head and then one in Mona's eye. The trio left both for dead. April passed but Mona, driven by seething primal fury, managed to survive a gunshot to the head and crawled until she passed out. She awoke in the hospital missing an eye and, without spending much time in recovery, did another stupid thing; she ran away. Just like the orphanage all over again. She'd hurt April again and it was her fault. Again. What followed was a violent rampage that took place over the course of three days. She stalked and killed the wolf, pulled him bodily through a car window and did to the animal what he'd done to April. The bear was coked up when she caught him. He fought hard, but a long fall put him into premanent hibernation. The dragon caught wind of the hunter and tried to flee during the calamity created on Chinese New Year. Fireworks framed the sky as the dragon was consumed by fire on his own boat.

Just gang-on-gang violence. Nobody would look into it too hard.

At home, Mona picked up a pistol and put it to her head. She closed her eye. She put her finger on the trigger. Something stopped her. She couldn't. Wouldn't. What happened to April couldn't be allowed to happen again. Mona vowed to atone for the mistakes she'd made. She'd take her troubled life and turn it around. She cashed in favors with her dirty cop friends and soon became an official officer of the law. She rose through the ranks to homicide detective and these days she's got a lengthy career behind her.

Proposal: Mona is Riggs, you're Murtaugh. Lethal Weapon comparison abounds. Mona was raised on the street and she's an asshole because of it. The department has numerous reasons to hate her, but she gets the job done, catches criminals others can't even get close to. Your character is the opposite; by-the-books, plays by every rule, never even makes a spelling error on paperwork. Yet your character is hated by the department, too. She's too good. She's the Nicholas Angel (Hot Fuzz) of the PD. She makes almost everyone else look bad by comparison. Jealous co-workers slap your character with mine, hoping that they'll drive each other crazy.