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June 29, 2022, 05:14:44 pm

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Author Topic: Time & Unforeseen Occurances...Medieval fantasy Idea (F for M, advanced writing)  (Read 889 times)

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It is a dark medieval fantasy setting, a world called Pveth ruled by a bloodthirsty family known as the DeAlmeidas, who are known for always going at each other’s throats, deep in their personal greed and corruption. The late King abused his three children, two sons and a daughter, in order to prepare them, harden them for the rule to last in this dark country. The Queen is terrified by her husband, and after bearing him an heir, simply hides in their dark castle from the wild man, knowing to stay alive was to go unnoticed.

The oldest son, Holon, is the heir to the throne and was defiantly exactly what his father wants him to be; a complete bastard. The man is cocky, overly ambitious, barbaric, and unruly. He takes what he wants; women, taxes, lives. He is the epitome of how the DeAlmeidas have ruled over their subjects for centuries, with an iron fist, smothering ruthlessly all protests and rises against their rulership and killing to instill fear in the hearts of everyone beneath them. The peasantry is impoverished from working hard on the land and having to give all profit to the nobility, who have grown fat from their own greed.

The second child was a female who was named Tasia. She is a beautiful witch, the only one of them that received the gene of divination from their fey great-grandmother. But she too is hardened from the abuse given to her from their crazed father and has grown into a vindictive bitch. Examples of her cruelty include, but are not limited to, authorizing the assassination of one of their cousins in a desire to gain the man’s wealth for herself, and another of a noblewoman because she lusted after her husband. Tasia is quiet, sly, sneaky, but could explode into anger at a moments notice.

The youngest son is the character I would want you to play. Being the youngest and viewed as the weakest, the man had the harshest childhood, and has a thick jagged scar down his right eye from one of his father’s harsh “lessons” that partially blinded him. He is, probably, the most dangerous because he has felt like he has needed something to prove in his entire life. Placed in charge of the army, he is the one who leads the royal guard and cavalry to squash anything working against his family. He has survived against any and all assassinations against him through his intelligence and wit. The man is dark, dangerous, and deadly.

It is the year of Our Lord 1492, and the youngest son is finally coming home from a long and extremely bloody campaign concerning the newly conquered Ajbatharians, the dark skinned exotics from the east. He is returning home with the small elite army of Pvethian soldiers.

On the way back to the Capital city, they camp near a small and impoverished town to spend the night. There he sees a gypsy (me) serving the patrons and helping the poor citizens of the small town. She is well loved and respected despite the high suspicion against magic in Pveth, and the prejudice against foreign blood.

You see, she is of both worlds; a woman of Pveth from her father, and her dark mother of Ajbathar who was raped and thus conceived her; the striking female of caramel skin and chocolate curls.

My idea is that the Dark Prince wants her, takes her, and pulls her into the dangerous world and family of being a DeAlmeida.  At first she fights against her new life, but she has no choice because he is a Prince of the deadliest family in history, and she has to work with him to survive against everyone who works against them, including surviving the family itself, especially Holon, who always gets what he wants…and he wants his brother’s gypsy.

This is a story with perhaps a little bit of magic and fantasy, a story of survival, and of an innocent woman penetrating the sinister world of royalty and how she survives, how the relationship grows between her and the young dark prince, how they travel, how they survive with each other, and what they accomplish against the corruption of his family.

My only preference with my potential partner is a male, and the posts are 3 paragraphs or more. I enjoy writing paragraphs with lots of detail, use of pictures, and character development.

PM me with interest.