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Started by Usani, January 12, 2016, 12:40:18 AM

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So, these are all the MxF ideas of mine.  I will be adding more over time I'm sure.  There will be a few of FxF versions over at the same sex request thread as well! the next post below are all the requests.  This is just a post to learn what kind of writer I am before messaging me. :)

Rules: 1.) PLEASE, PLEASE if at all possible PLEASE no one line replies if it can be helped.  There are times where it's acceptable but not every, single post!

2.) When messaging me for a rp please put the name of the plot in the title and if there's a section with more then one idea it'll say 1.), b.), etc. also put in the subject line which plot from that section by letter if its there.  ALSO please read my kink page and if theres ones youre not sure of and dont see just ask!

3.) I will NOT take people who tell me they want to write with me then never reply again after one message back or a reply once! So, if you are for POSITIVE you want to write with me please PM me.  Otherwise pass on, I'm here to find committed writers, not people who think its funny to get peoples hopes up!

4.) I prefer to write with someone who posts numerous times a day and OR possibly at night.  I'm at home all the time and I'm sure I'm not the only one and so I tend to get bored easily and love to write with people when the writing bug bites...which is often! :P

5.) If you wanna drop a story PLEASE tell me!  I promise I don't bite, I understand real life comes first.  I can't tell yall how many times people have agreed to a story then dropped me after a few posts then never message me about it and just flat out ignore me.  It's worse when I give that someone more then one chance and they do it AGAIN and AGAIN!  I won't do that to you so please give me the same courtesy!

6.) In real life I AM a lesbian but am comfortable with writing M/F stories as well as F/F.  But, please note I ONLY write as sub females.  I've tried playing males and dominant characters but it just felt weird to me.  I am willing to play vanilla if someone requests it, otherwise I want a female or male who plays dominant.

7.) I only rp in forums.  MAYBE PMs, depends on the story.  But otherwise I do not rp over email or messenger.

8.) I love to use play by photos for characters.  I usually have photos I wanna use for the character that my partner is playing even if it's not in the request thread.  So, please if there is a photo you wanna use for MY character feel free to choose!  It's only fair after all! :D

UPDATE: Okay just to clarify so I dont cause confusion because its already happened!  The reason why I prefer photos to be shown for characters is because to me personally it brings more to the imagination and I can put myself into the story and my character more.  ALSO, I would prefer to choose the look for my partners character since my character would be sleeping with them and I wanna find them attractive so I stayed interested.  Which is also why I want my writing partner to choose what MY character will look like, what they think is attractive so it draws them into the story more.  I hope that makes sense.

9.) Have fun!  These may be my ideas BUT it doesn't mean  they have to be followed to an exact detail.  I want you to enjoy yourselves as well.  So, if there's something you wanna add or change just ask!  I love talking to people outside of rp's so don't be afraid to speak up! <3 :)


1.) Driver!  Brittany Mae job as a female Chauffeur brings her into contact with a rich and powerful man, one who decides that her position and her flesh are all that he needs for a perfect bit of fun on the side. After having her drive somewhere secluded and taking full advantage of her, he hires her on a permanent basis. Sometimes he simply has her drive him about, on other occasions he takes the opportunity to ravage her flesh. Expensive trips, secret rendezvous, he can't be seen to be with her as a partner, yet cannot resist her body. Who is this man... a celebrity, politician, Prince? We decide.

Female character look is up to you but for the male character I would prefer one of these two. a.)


2.) Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover-

Brittany Lee is 18 and has been living in LA for the past year since she started attending her first year at an art school as an artist.  She draws and paints and her dream is to have her own gallery.  Her parents eventually grew to accept her decision as an artist and actually started to compliment some of her work.  She has somewhat conservative parents and they dont wanna see her end up with the "wrong type".

She is always proud of her work and always finds inspiration wherever she goes.

Well, one night she stops in for a drink at a night club that is known for having shows every weekend.  And that night was when she met...Alex.  The first time she saw him and heard his  music she was hooked.  For a while she's too shy to introduce herself after his shows but eventually he goes to her because he notices her every time he's there.

What happens when they fall for each other...can she tell her parents about her tattooed romeo?  He's very sweet, romantic and just knows how to treat a woman.  Also, once he finds the right woman he also has a bit of a kinky Dom side but is still gentle and loving.  ;)

(Actual music from him):

3.) I'll Show You What A Man Can Really Do: (Dusting off some old plots from last year!)

4.) ***(BDSM D/s ) The Actor/Fan: A girl meets her favorite actor at Comic Con in New York and gets to talk with him and everything.  MC tells him she loves his work and it's amazing how he portrays this tough badass but he's really just this soft hearted guy.  For some reason that gets to him and he wants to prove a point that he's not as innocent as he looks.  He finds her room that she's staying at and decides to have a little fun with her.
Kinks: Blindfolds, Tying Up, Orgasm Control, Sex Toys , Spanking, Biting, Collar and Leash

5.) (BDSM D/s Sir/pet) The nagging wife: YC is a business man and is very hard worker sometimes even too much.  Sometimes his considered a workaholic because he wants to give his wife everything.  Yet, even with all he does for her she still bitches at him for the dumbest things and calls him lazy and that he doesn't help around the house since she works too and really he does help a lot!  One night he is just fed up with it and decides to take matters into his own hands and show her who is in charge.
Kinks: Blindfolds, Tying Up, Orgasm Control, Sex Toys, Spanking, Collar and Leash, flogging

Please PM me if interested and please put in the subject line which story.  Also, I will do both of these stories at least twice!  Please read O/O in my signature before PMing me!

6.) Hetalia: The only pairing I want is my female OC and someone to play Turkey (Sadik).

I have two ideas in mind.  a.) First one is a Hetalia AU and the story is Phantom of the Opera.  I've always wanted to do something like this but never had the guts to post about...dunno why! XD

b.) Second idea is that my character Rina is a simple poor girl who is left on the streets.  Her parents had sold her to a merchant when she was 16 then when she turned 18 the owner threw her out.  It's been a year and she is still on the streets, cold and hungry.  She always stays in hiding though so no one sees her and points and laughs.  But, what happens when one day when Sadik finds her?  People who have never known him personally believe is evil and mean but in all honesty he has a kind heart towards those who deserve and need it most.

7.) Help me Not Be Afraid (MxF version): My character Brittany is 23 years old and she in a loving relationship with her Master/.  Their Master/ knows everything about their beautiful sub, including their fear of the dark and thunderstorms.  So they decide to help their pet get passed their fears.  So they decide to blindfold her, place her in a chair and tied just her hands down gently.  So the Master or Mistress will do things like talking sweetly in her ear because they know their sub loves the sound of their voice and likes having her ear nibbled or the feeling of them gently blowing on it.  They would touch certain spot softly like her shoulders, neck, her hands and also scratch the top of her head.  Also, they would wear her favorite fragrance of theirs so she could remember the scent whenever she was alone during a storm and or if it was dark and she was alone.

I really would like to play this out so I would love someone to play the Master.  Please check out my kink list and then PM me if interested.

8.) My Professor Is A Demon (MxF version):
Looking for Male for this character:

Chelsea Brightly is majoring in English and her dream is to become an author.  She knows that doesn't come easy but she plans to work her butt off to get to that dream. 
Her Professor has definitely been a huge help and motivator for her.  She had told her professor about how she has always love writing since she was little and wrote til her hearts content.  And now the young 18 year old, in her first year of College wants to make her stories known!  She writes everything from fiction mixed with non fiction and fantasy! 

9.) Red Riding Hood: I wanna do a rp based of the 2011 movie.  And I want it to be the characters Valerie and Cesaire so which means it would be an incest plot.  Valerie finds out her father is the wolf and decides to run away and try to escape from him.  But, of course he ends up finding her and convinces her to come live with him.  Help her understand that she too is a werewolf, it's in her blood.    I would like this to be a D/s story.

10.) Is This Normal: Rachel just turned 21 and she has been moved out of her parents house since she was 18.  She lives a rather normal life, she goes to College and is studying to be a writer.  She lives on her own, pays her own bills and grocery shops just like any adult.  But Rachel has a secret that no one knows about...when she's at home she sucks on a pacifier and snuggles a teddy bear when she's scared or nervous.  She hasn't been in a relationship in a long time because she hasn't been able to be herself around anyone.
But what happens when her neighbor who she is very close friends with and about 30 knows exactly what she's going through.  He's had an issue with relationships because he cant find a woman to fulfill his needs with him as a Daddy Dom.

11.) He Brings The Evil Out In Me: for any of you the watch Youtube and know of the Youtuber Markiplier then you know of his alter ego Darkiplier.

Human Form:

Demon Form (face only, full description below):
Well, in this idea my character Zelena has always been kinda of a quiet young woman but with a dark past that she tries her best to forget.  She was raped by her father when she was 16 then 3 years later raped and beaten by her now ex boyfriend.  So, she struggles with nightmares still after all these years and refuses to get close to anyone.  She works from home and doesn't leave her house much unless necessary. 

What happens when she bumps into a young man (first photo) and something all of a sudden clicks and they start talking.  Which is not of the norm for her since usually she shy's away.  He's secretly been watching her for quite a while and knows of her past because of what he really is.  He wants to help her get revenge but in order to do so she has to give up her soul to him?  Will she do it?  His demon form:  Just look the second photo when he eventually shows his true form he has black eyes, sharp pointy teeth.  Also, has black wings, his skin his grey and pale and he has horns as well as claws.

14.) The Rockstar and The Pianist:  What happens when a 17 year old Junior is asked out by a 19 year old Sophomore in College?  Chelsea Springs has been in love with Classical music since she was 9 years old.  The first time she saw a piano she begged her parents to let her play and ever since then it's been her only dream to play Classical music in an Orchestra.  Her parents are former rockers themselves and they honestly thought their rocker genes would pass onto her but they were strangely surprised.  But, the grew to love their daughters music and was just happy she got their love for music and talents as well.

A guy named _______ (your character) sees his best friend playing at the school recital (his friend is a Senior) and when he saw Chelsea come out and play her set he couldn't get her off his mind ever since.  So, the following week he meets his best friend for lunch at the school and he overhears her playing in the music room and asks about her to his friend.  When she sees he's watching she instantly freezes and thinks he's probably thinking she's a loser or something but he walks in with a smile and introduces himself.

(Thats the gyst of the story!) This story will eventually involve bondage, a D/s loving relationship.

12.) Markiplier (Youtuber) Plots: a.) I was thinking maybe my character is on Omegle and Markiplier is doing one of Surprise fan Omegle videos.  She finds him and freaks out with excitement and then actually start talking.  She starts talking about what got her into his videos and explained how she was going to Vidcon next month and looked forward to meeting him and when she actually goes they are practically inseparable.  My character has major anxiety so being in large crowds gets to her after a while so usually she's off in a smaller area doing her own thing.  During Vidcon after they met the first time Mark keeps looking for her, he can't get her off his mind.  He eventually finds her hiding in a small room that no one is using and she's drawing, he sits down next to her and asks if she's okay....goes from there.

b.) Alyson and Mark have been best friends since high school and now that he's a huge Youtube star they haven't seen each other in quite some time.  Although they both live in LA it's still tough cause of his work and hers as an artist, but they still talk as much as they can of course.  And she watches his videos, she was his first subscriber from his first channel.  Alyson has been in a relationship with someone for a year now but she has kept one secret from Mark about the guy...he abuses her.  But, there's one night where Mark starts seeing signs while they are skype chatting, like some of the bruises on her neck and even how quiet she has been lately and how jumpy she is...which is not really normal for her.

Besides the paragraph rule the only rule I have (I'd be surprised if anyone actually reads this cause they never do!) PLEASE if you wanna drop MESSAGE me!1 Don't leave me in the dark for weeks and a month then when I message you completely ignore me!!  I swear I don't bite and if you wanna drop that's fine, I won't be offended lol.

b.) He's As Kinky As I Thought!: Brittany has been best friends with Mark for years and still is to this day even after his fame.  She moved in with him a year before he started Youtube.  Her parents moved to another state but she didn't want to leave so he asked her to be roommates with him and its been that way ever since.  But for the past few years Brittany's feelings for Mark have been getting stronger and stronger so now it's getting harder to be around him at times.  What happens when Mark notices how different shes been acting and finally decides to not let her get away with telling him, just a simple severe yet warm look and a dominate tone is all it would take...what happens after??  (This one is a BIG craving!)

c.) My character is the nurse at the hospital Mark was brought into and she is a huge fan of his.  She has a little pink warfstache pin on her badge and his a Tiny Box Tim plush in her locker that she hugs for good luck before every shift.  Well, she ends up getting out onto his case for the night shifts.  So, she gets to help take care of him and eventually they both become really close.

13. Danny Sexbang (Avidan) x Female OC (My character): (MAJOR CRAVING!!) I get a chance to go to Vidcon and meet The Game Grumps and somehow I draw Danny's attention.  A girl in a wheelchair, really? Me? Seems crazy but I didn't mind.  I wasn't sure why he liked me, maybe it's because I didn't throw myself at him instantly like most of the girls did, my shyness, who the hell knows?!