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Intimate Ink

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Whoever you are!! How are you here?  This is supposed to just be a quick behind-the-scenes place to fix this up before I post it!  Pshh, walking into my messy house...

Seriously, though, mind the mess because this is just a place I am using to work on my post. It's old enough I didn't expect anyone to look here, but if you see something still feel free to reach out.

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. After over two years of basically being off this board because of heavy involvement in a group game, I have once again found my way here. I would love to hear what you have been up to (whoever you are,) and all about you. Please, in turn, take a moment to review my own Ons and Offs before contacting me. It's got a lot of basic information about me that I would be putting in this thread if I didn't know was easily accessible there. In return, I will certainly read any similar posts that you have featured in your own tags if you contact me.

I have tried to categorize these ideas by things I find people most often try to identify here: commitment, genre, roles, and an estimated smut level. None of these are set in stone, please speak up if you see something you like but would like to adjust it.

Commitment Level: Medium to Long-Term

Genres / Keywords: Urban Fantasy, Adventure, Real-World Locations, Episodic, Magic / Supernatural Abilities
Roles: World-building (either myself or shared), Mutually shared GM and Player Responsibilities OR GM/NPCs (Me) x Player Character (You)
Sexualities: Any, or multiple (with multiple characters)
Smut Level: Entirely Optional, though given situations if it is absent, some fade-to -black moments may be necessary for character development.

The Midway
Belonging to everywhere and nowhere, a mysterious carnival appears throughout time and space, drawing those from nearby towns to have a good time, spend an evening with their loved ones, or maybe just to make fun of the freaks. There are those that find their home unexpectedly in the carnival, who find a place where they thought they had none: Maybe it is the dissatisfied housewife who finds her hidden calling as the bearded lady and lover to a trapeze artist, or maybe the teenage runaway finds a new diversion in being a shill to a handsome game-master and thief. Wherever and whenever the carnival appears, adventures will both come to it while the carnies, in turn, bring their own spice to the towns they visit. There are, of course, curious questions that a thoughtful mind may ask: What is the purpose of the carnival? Where did it come from? What of the strange magical abilities that the carnies gain? What of the strange shadow-like creatures sometimes viewed, passing images in a mirror?

Commitment Level: Short to Medium-Term
Genres / Keywords: Contemporary Life, Smut-Heavy, Pop Music, Opposites Attract, Turbulent Relations
Roles: Player Character x Player Character (Shared worldbuilding / NPCs as needed)
Sexualities: Male x Male in mind, though feel free to pitch me an alternative
Smut Level: Medium to High

Top 40 Closets
From TikTok videos on a guitar, to selling out concerts, one of them has the pretty face and pop-music aesthetic that keeps teenagers screaming for more, even if more seasoned music tastes tend to fail to see the appeal. The other is a hapless audience member not there for any engagement, but dragged by the whim of their sister or best friend. When thy disengaged audience member gets targeted by the singer and asked to be his night's recreation for a fat payment, he eventually agrees. What neither of them know is it's the first night in a series of nights of paid relations.... And then something more. The closeted performer is faced with his own choices and what he's lost by being loyal to the whims of his contract and label, while the sex-for-pay audience member has to consider the path he's on, how he feels about his choices, and the pop star that's dragged him along on this journey.

Commitment Level: Medium to Long-Term

Genres / Keywords: Urban Fantasy, Adventure, Real-World Locations, World-of-Darkness Inspired, Werewolves, Werecrows
Roles: World-building / GM / NPCs (One Player) and PC (One Player -Limited NPCs and Worldbuilding still when pertinent)
Sexualities: Any
Smut Level: I feel sex is a present element in this story, but whether it is fade-to-black, a mild amount, or moderate amount is open

A Bird's Eye View: A Game inspired by Werewolf: The Apocalypse
The world's ending and the werewolves still think they are in charge. Maybe it's a human's world's first, but it still is a wolf's world second. The werecrows, werecats, and werecoyotes are a distant third to that. Just forget about anything else; they're not even a footnote. The idea is a story-present sandbox where the wily, spy-prone, and comparatively weak Corax (were-raven) steps outside his boundaries and does what Corax do best - spy and interfere in the business of others. Help or profit, fight or flight (hyuck), and wage war or seek peace... maybe the glory renown will always be largely reserved for the big guys, but this is the story of how one shifter makes their way among them.

Commitment Level: Medium
Genres / Keywords: Horror/Thriller, Extreme Themes, Murder, Cult-like figure, Small Towns
Roles: Shared world-building and NC/NPCSs or World-building / GM / NPCs and PC / Secondary world-building with some possible npc involvement
Sexualities: Any
Smut Level: Highly variable, though I feel it should be present. Kink-friendly is likely a must.

Returning home after graduating college and facing a narrow job-market and ever-escalating cost-of-living, a character questions their choices and the once confident-feeling of success. They set about exploring the too-quiet ocean town that they had planed to escape from: back living with their aging parents and facing the people that they grew up with, most of which they were happy to never hear from again. Enter a confident and mysterious stranger that ignites both sexual interests and creativity. The stranger convinces the returning character and possibly others to join a secret club to learn to enjoy life and break the rules of society; however, that club becomes increasingly dangerous not just to its members but to the town around it. As the 'club' activities become increasingly deadly, the student loses their grip on their own identity and sanity begin to slip away. They must ultimately question what is most important: their humanity, or the unhinged freedom that the stranger has unlocked within them.

Commitment Level: Highly Variable
Genres / Keywords: Historical (1940s), High Smut, Hollywood, Organized Crime, Semi-Sandbox
Roles: Shared world-building and NC/NPCSs or World-building / GM / NPCs and PC / Secondary world-building with some possible npc involvement
Sexualities: Male x Male
Smut Level: Medium to High

Full Service
Taking inspiration from the recently publicized-in-film Hollywood gas station of the 1940s that was actually a brothel, the story will revolve around the recruitment of a character into an all-male brothel in either Las Vegas or Hollywood at a similar time. Interactions will include the exchange of services with the rich, famous, and well-connected. Movie stars and mafia men can surface as the character negotiates the tricky waters of trying to make a future for themselves, all while serving (and servicing) those around who may see them fall.

Less Structured Idea Seeds
- Recruited into the magical 'Old Ways' that have been repressed by current supernatural regimes (witches, faerie, werewolves, etc.)
- Character-driven anonymous hook-up one-offs (it should be nothing and everything about the sex; tell a story of someone as the sex or attempted sex happens, interruptions and unplanned unpleasantness welcome, urban fantasy/mythological characters welcome)
- Olympic Village stories or a fantasy-world equivalent
- Male x Male magical realism story, possibly in a magical realism version of NYC?

Intimate Ink

Character Archives (Here for my personal use, but feel free to snoop around!)

Rajmund Król: The Garden

Rajmund Król

Player Username: Intimate Ink
Player Preferences: I play, and play opposite of, characters within a wide range of genders and sexualities.   As a player, I very much welcome any player/character configuration you can imagine.  That being said -- my character will not always share my views.

Just the facts, please. . .
Full Character Name: Rajmund Gerek Król
Alias and Nicknames: Ray, Raymond (Anglicized versions.  He usually identifies himself as "Raymond" if he is not dealing with individuals who are obviously Polish in mother tongue.)
Age and Birthdate: 39, December 16, 1976
Identified Gender: CIS-Male, though he would never think to use 'CIS-'
Country of Origin: New York native born to Polish immigrants.
Occupation: Employee of Adlai Keaton Tracey - extortion, wetwork, duties as needed, etc.

Look in the Mirror. . .
Height: 6'1" / 1.854 m
Hair: Dark brown, buzz-cut, usually with multiple clipper-lengths.  Occasionally wears a hat.  Often maintains a scruffy "five o'clock shadow" appearance.
Eyes: Russet Brown
Body Type: Sturdy, often imposing body type.  Athletic with an emphasis on Muscular; angular/rectangular build-shape.
Piercings or Tattoos? Yes; he has a tattoo of Orion on his left pectoral muscle. 
Other Physical Characteristics: Ray has a scar from a tattoo removal on his left medial tricep.  He additionally has a scars from altercations on the right side of his jawline, proximal to his chin, and along his left abdomen, distal to his naval. I have replaced Jon Bernthal's actual tattoo with the Orion tattoo indicating his allegiance to Adlai Keaton Tracey.
Faceclaim: Jon Bernthal


Dig a little Deeper. . .
Personality Rajmund likes to think of himself as a simple guy with simple -- albeit expensive -- tastes.  As such, he has a notably low threshold for what he's willing to do if the price is right.  Money trumps everything, but he'll be swayed by sex and power in a pinch.  His saving grace to such a lack of ethical code is an intense need to have allegiance and loyalty to some one or some thing.  Since politics and influence do not interest him, he is much happier acting as a hand to another's mind.  That is not to imply Rajmund is not intelligent -- quite the opposite, which leads to a notable selectivity in who earns his allegiance.

Despite Rajmund's exposure to diversity, he is ultimately largely xenophobic, and prefers the comfort of structured, expected ideals and life-styles.  He is determined and violent, though manages to be charming when appropriate in a rugged, austere sort of way.  His ability to fight, react, and stay strong is everything to him, and he devotes countless hours of his life towards those goals.  Not coincidentally, he is not facing his fast-approaching 40's gracefully.  Given his natural penchant for fast cars, expensive baubles, and adrenaline-rushes, however, it would be near-impossible to separate evidence of a mid-life crises from his normal behavior.

His arrogance and cocky attitude has lead him to violence before, and surely will once again unless kept in check by his taste for structure and hierarchy.  It is unlikely he will ever be found without at least two to three weapons on his person or within immediate reach.

History: Rajmund Król was born in 1976 at St. Mary's Hospital in Brooklyn, New York.  His mother, Lilijana, and his father, Valentyn, emigrated from Poland during Edward Gierek's relaxed political regime and settled in the neighborhood of Greenpoint like many of their contemporaries.  Rajmund was the oldest of three siblings; his sister Aleska was born in 1978, and his brother Nathan in 1981.  Life in the Król household at the time of Rajmund's birth was an endless strain between the appreciation the Król's had for the liberties they saw America providing them, and their view that much of the country was sick with decadent excess.  This excess, according to them, only lead to immorality and ultimately nihilism.  Rajmund had yet to reach his teens when he came to the conclusion that, while he respected his parent's opinions, the road of excess was more than worth the corrupt baggage that might be collected along the way.

No church celebrated the glory of this excess better than that of Wall Street, a short city bus ride away for the youth.  He was instantly captivated by the wealthy men -- their suits, watches, and other trappings of power.  He, too, wanted these trappings.  Rajmund, however, lacked both the ambition and aptitude to claw his way up into the higher echelons of schooling -- not that there was much of a chance that a boy among a sea of other poor Polish immigrant children would receive much academic recognition, anyway.  Rajmund did manage another sort of recognition as teenage years took hold -- that of a gifted, if hot-headed and unfocused athlete, whom was also known among his peers as an abhorrent bully.

It was a friend and confident of Valentyn's that eventually suggested that they reign in their eldest boy with military schooling.  The often xenophobic Króls took to the idea surprisingly well, secretly hoping that it would cull their boy's growing materialism in addition to his behavioral issues.  While it was a strain financially, Rajmund's mother ultimately chose to work as a waitress to support the tuition, following Rajmund suspension for beating up a smaller, intellectually gifted boy in his class.

The military boarding academy, New York Military Academy at Cornwell-on-Hudson, was a full hour away from from the boy's home, as well as his beloved Wall Street.  Between the distance and strict rule enforcement, Rajmund eventually did become proficient in academics, and demonstrated remarkable gifts for athletics, particularly boxing.  Within a matter of years he had moved from largely being considered a black sheep of the family, to being a subject of noble pride.  A school record once seemingly irrecoverably blemished with aggressive, arrogant behavior was replaced with a wall full of boxing trophies and a transcript full of high marks.

Despite his change of heart, there still was a little surprise within the family when Rajmund announced his post-graduation plans of moving to Georgia in order to prepare for an application to the Army Ranger School.  While his parents were more than a little hesitant, he ultimately won their approval by stating his belief that, only by immersing himself in a world of strength and survival, would he be able to continue winning the war against his more destructive and greed-influenced impulses.  The decision ultimately proved fruitful, and between intense physical training and accumulating some noteworthy college credit, Rajmund was admitted to the school, proceeded through the various phases, and finally graduated.

In the years following his induction,  Rajmund would become a proud Ranger, going so far as to tattoo their tab design on his left medial tricep.  He married a native Hawaiian girl he met overseas,  named Lani, though from the start the relationship was fraught with fiery conflict and adulterous indiscretions on both sides.

In 2001, Rajmund's unit was instrumental in Operation Rhino, a Taliban-focused strike that was considered a strong victory for the United States during the early phases of the Afghanistan War.  Despite his successful and decorated early career, Rajmund choose to become largely estranged from both his wife and blood-family,  viewing them as distractions to his true calling.  When his mother, Lilijana, was diagnosed and eventually succumbed to an aggressive form of breast cancer, Rajmund's familial rifts became foreseeably permanent due to his choice to return to New York only briefly for the funeral.

Rajmund continued to serve for nearly a decade until a sleepless, agitated technician by the name of Jamie Cameron approached the GI Rights Network with drafts of both a personal resignation in lieu of elimination letter, as well as an Article 138 complaint accusing Rajmund of sexual assault.  While overseas, Jamie had developed an underground reputation for being a willing and enthusiastic outlet for sexual tension.  While he initially welcomed Rajmund's encounters, they grew increasingly violent, filled with verbal character assassination, and eventually graduated to Rajmund forcing himself on Jamie anally, an act that he never solicited or condoned.

It was Rajmund's insistence on being candid about the situation that eventually lead the committee to dishonorably discharge him of his station.  Despite informal advice otherwise, he freely admitted to making advances on Jamie, claiming that despite lack of formal consent, it was clearly welcomed.  Rajmund's superiors did not see things in similar terms.  In the aftermath of the discharge, Rajmund's already failing marriage was completely dissolved.  Not wanting to return to Georgia as a civilian. Rajmund returned to his childhood neighborhood of Greenpoint, despite his now tense and fraught family relations.

Being unable to find easy employment due to his highly particular skill set and dark record, Rajmund eventually began to act as a security guard, which often found him work at the New Jersey casinos.  Like a child returning home, he instantly was once more enthralled with shows of excess -- the finely tailored suits, bejeweled golden cuff links, the scent of leather, and the casual confidence the elite had.  He both hated them for having access to revenue that he did not, and idolized them as representations of power and perfection.  It was that dark hunger that eventually caught the eye of some of his more unsavory employers. Soon, the salary of the security guard began to rise exponentially... along with the number of bruises, gashes, and arsenal of weapons located on Rajmund's person at any time.

He developed the reputation as a confident, deadly contractor whom would do anything for the right price.  It was during the apex of this reputation that he eventually began to work for a man known as Rigel Reid through a variety of networks.  Rajmund began to be more and more impressed with Rigel's understated organizational elegance, brutality, yet also his means of discretion for vitality's sake.  Eventually, hungering for the structure, hierarchy, and fiscal dependability that his ranger life once provided him, Rajmund determined that he would earn a more permanent position with Reid... or, at least one that would less likely end with his own employer considering him "loose ends" that needed tying.

Rajmund saw his opportunity to once again have the comfort of a position among rank and file in the form of the Twell's group attacks on June 25, 2015.  He had heard the attack and recovery of Reid was swift -- so swift that there was unfinished business in the form of living, breathing attackers to tend to.  While it burned some of his other contacts to locate them, Rajmund was determined to deliver New York's brand of punishing justice to the group.

He approached the man he knew closest to Reid sometime later, several bags nearby of tarp, gore, and heads of those who had thus far managed to flee Reid's iron grasp. With his disarmingly coy, almost charming smirk and long-lost, yet swiftly returning Brooklyn accent, Rajmund simply stated.  "Hey, do me a solid: contact your boss, tell him I have... well, let's call it a "résumé'" with me I want him to look over."

Kiss and tell. . .
Sexuality: Complicated -- aren't they all?  He has had relationships and sexual encounters with, what he has always believed to be, CIS-Women before.  He has had sexual encounters with, what he has always believed to be, CIS-Men before.  Sex with the CIS-women have been more varied in terms of setting and emotions.  With CIS-Men power has always been intrinsically linked to the pleasure of it (or, at least so Rajmund liked to believe;) the thrill is in the domination and over-powering of other men.
Role Preference: Rajmund has not bottomed, nor simply taken the submissive role, to another man in a sexual setting before.  He is definitely more dominant with women as well, but has let them take charge in a sort of "humoring them", only-in-the-bedroom sort of manner before.
Sexual On's: Rajmund is neither particularly inventive in the bedroom, nor is he a particularly gentle or generous lover.  He likes getting head -- a lot.  If it ends in a facial, even better.  Rough sex is a definite, often times even if his partner is hoping for something a bit more subdued.  Vaginal and giving anal are also, obviously, very welcome as far as he is concerned.  He enjoys pulling long hair, face-slapping, and general degradation.  Bonus points if it already started 'cheap' before the degrading sex even happens -- a one night stand, a prostitute, a club pick-up in the back alley, etc. 
Sexual Off's: The expectation that he is going to reciprocate oral, man or woman.  Too much romance or emotion in sex.  He does not respond well to most gestures of gender fluidity or ambiguity.  He definitely is not currently fond of the idea of anything (including a finger,) going up his ass.  Doing so might, in fact, provoke violence on his part.

Are you willing to allow your character to participate in non-consensual acts? I consent to my character either receiving or instigating non-consensual acts, provided that it is deemed "true to his character" for him to be making any action that he is a part of.
Are you willing to allow your character to participate in acts outside of their comfort zone? I am definitely willing for my character to participate in an act outside of his comfort zone.  He does have a maddeningly narrow scope of sexuality, after all.  It should be noted he does have a history of an aggressive and violent temperament, so talking to me out of character before-hand may be advisable so we can work out how the following actions will unfold.

Anything Else?  Native Languages: English, Polish.  He knows enough Russian to get by in a pinch.  Rajmund has two siblings, a sister living in Greenpoint with his Father, and a brother in Washington, DC.  He is currently estranged from his family.

Developing Relationships. . .
Adlai Keaton Tracey - Rajmund has been quite taken with the man known on the streets as Rigel Reid.  He is actively courting a business relationship with him, longing for a more reliable, hierarchical structure than his employment currently provides.

Clifton Ellis: The Garden

Clifton Ellis

Player Username: Intimate Ink
Player Preferences: I play, and play opposite of, characters within a wide range of genders and sexualities.   As a player, I very much welcome any player/character configuration you can imagine.

Just the facts, please. . .
Full Character Name: Clifton Lyon Ellis
Alias and Nicknames: Cliff
Age and Birthdate: September 20, 1975
Identified Gender: CIS-Male
Country of Origin: Clifton was born in Cardiff, UK and maintains dual citizenship in the US and UK.
Occupation: Clifton is an artist.  His favored mediums are photography and paint, though he has recently begun experimenting with markers.  He maintains an adjunct faculty position at NYU.

Look in the Mirror. . .
Height: 6'3" / 1.905 m
Hair: Generally a slightly graying dark brown, though he has been known to dye it both brown and blonde.  He generally maintains a faint outline of scruff over his neck and chin.
Eyes: Sea Foam Green
Body Type: Fit, trimmed, toned, slightly lanky.
Piercings or Tattoos? No
Other Physical Characteristics: Cliff is prone to wearing Green Irish Tweed, a pricey niche fragrance from the London house, Creed.  It is traditionally masculine, with notes of verbena, violets, sandalwood, and iris. 
Faceclaim: James D'Arcy


Dig a little Deeper. . .
Upon first encountering Cliff on an average day, most people will think he is a reserved, bookish sort.  This is both close, and very far, from the truth.  Cliff is far more emotive-centered than intellectual, though he does so in a very reserved way that he himself would define as "dignified".  His still passions run deep, and just need to be appropriately prodded for him to show a wealth of opinions, beliefs, and convictions.  He has a true artistic personality -- captivated by what he finds beautiful, horrified by what he finds wretched, and intensely curious about the world he lives in.  He can be a bit overly-mannered, which comes both from his up-bringing and as a way of coping with social anxiety.  Some times this can come across as being pretentious or stuffy, but few people who know him well would use those words to describe his personality.  He values pleasantness, cordialness, yet also self-expression.

Clifton "Cliff" Ellis was born in Cardiff to his American-born mother, Theresa Ellis, and his British-born Father, Charles Ellis in 1975.  At the time, his parents both had faculty positions at what is now known as Cardiff University, but at the time was still one of the three branches of the University of Wales.  Theresa had met Charles Ellis while traveling overseas doing research on her dissertation.  The two bonded over a love of history, architecture, and a particular fondness for classical European literature and music.  This fondness they passed on to their only child, Cliff, at an early age, which helped establish him as an exceptionally bright, well-adjusted, if somewhat precocious child.

When Cliff was six, Theresa's mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.  So that Theresa could be with her and act as a caregiver, the family moved to Philadelphia soon thereafter.  Cliff's mother transitioned largely out of academics, maintaining an adjunct faculty position at the University of Pennsylvania to guest lecture and teach an occasional class.  Cliff's father was given a tenure-track position in the history department; while considered a slightly stuffy and difficult teacher, he was a well-respected writer and researcher.  Despite his parents reasonably easy transitions, Cliff had a very difficult time adjusting to his new surroundings.  He missed his friends and the familiar UK weather; despite his young age, he exhibited a certain rigidness to adjusting to his new identity, thus began to feel a bit like an outcast.

This feeling was exacerbated by a series of unresolved tensions between young Cliff and his mother.  Young Cliff found it difficult to disassociate his unhappiness with the move with his grandmother's sickness.  Furthermore, since prior to that time Theresa had spent a great deal of effort educating and interacting with her boy, Cliff often acted out from feeling neglected.  As an adult, Cliff would carry a burden of guilt for the feelings and actions of his very young self, especially since even after his grandmother eventually succumbed to the illness, his relationship with his mother never quite recovered,

As a boy, Cliff was often mocked, avoided, and bullied for having such a different background and values than his American-born peers.  His lanky form that he had yet to gain full control over only contributed to the ostracization, in the form of awkward out-of-body clumsiness.  This lead him to retreat more and more into an introverted personality, as he turned his social time into a time for books, singing, imagination, and other activities that he was not dependent on the opinion of others for.   He secretly longed to return to Wales, but given the fact his family had long grown tired of hearing his unhappiness with Pennsylvania, he started trying to find more internal methods of expressing and exploring emotions.

By the time he was in his pre-teens, this need to internalize and express his feelings in a way that was not dependent on other people became near-ubiquitous with a canvas in front of him.  Cliff was fortunate to have progressive and supportive parents who were willing to pay for both lessons and supplies for their boy.  Cliff's early works were largely based in realism, consisting largely of idealized memories of the land he was born in, even though he had now spent the majority of his life in Pennsylvania.  His parents opted for Montessorri-styling schooling for him at the nearby Gladwyne private school, which complemented his natural independence and curiosity.

Things began to sour once more for Cliff when he reached his teen years.  While it can be a rough transition for many Montessorri students once the program is over, and they are expected to attend a traditional high school, life conspired to make it even more difficult for the sensitive youth.  His mother was diagnosed with the same aggressive breast cancer as her mother before her, and the entire family's focus and resources shifted to fighting it.  This meant that instead of the cushy, individualized private school's that many of Cliff's Montessori peers went to, he entered the public school system for the first time.  Between helping face his mother's health struggles, Cliff's sensitive temperament, and the lack of common ground that he shared with his new peers, tumultuous times were an inevitability.

While Cliff struggled with teenage angst, bullying, and dealing with an ailing mother, his recourse was his art.  His teenage years were instrumental in him finding his voice, straying away from the realistic style he had relied on as a child.  Instead he began studying and borrowing from both post-impressionism and expressionism, dwelling less on his internal turmoil, and instead relying on that turmoil to express his view.  As a young artist his works, particularly those surrounding his mother and his childhood home, were considered quite advanced for his age.  When art was not concerned, however, Cliff struggled with alternatively being angry at, then feeling that he was disappointing, his parents.  This extended to his school performance, social difficulties, and, when he began noticing that he was drawn towards the male form, his sexuality.

By the time Cliff graduated high school, it was only by the virtue of his parents dogged insistence and many connections to the University of Pennsylvania that he got admitted.  Fortunately, with the more flexible atmosphere his scholastic abilities once again flourished, but not near as much as his artistic interests and talents.  With so much focus still on Cliff's mother's recurrent Cancer, he found motivation to excel so that he would earn grants to study abroad at Paris and Padua.  It was during his semester in Padua that Clint's mother passed away suddenly of a aneurysm, a result of the unidentified metastasis of her disease.  In many ways the Junior fought against grieving in a more traditional way, instead become more and more focused on  his work.

Cliff would continue on with his education, earning an MFA through the University of Pennsylvania, and would eventually make the controversial decision of leaving his depressed, now-widowed Father behind in the states to once more return to the United Kingdom for a doctorate in art history.  His time at Cambridge would be defined by both exploration and tragedy.  The tragedy would come in the suicide of Cliff's Father, which served to isolate him from the remaining parts of his blood-line; Cliff himself began to refer to himself as an "adult orphan".  Exploration would come in the form of a man -- and body -- named Richard Wright. 

Richard was an aspiring cellist, and five years Cliff's junior.  In many ways they had the romanticized European relationship of exploring each other's bodies at nights while spending rainy weekend mornings together arguing about philosophy, modern vs. classical art, and the proper technique to make a perfect poached egg.  They had epic fights; Richard would find release in a string of not-so-secret affairs, while Cliff would hole-up in his studio for days at a time, splitting his time between dogged class-work and furious, passionate paintings. 

It was not until the final draft of Cliff's thesis was approved that Richard finally announced to Cliff that he had found a life partner that suited him better.  Cliff was heart-broken and directionless.  The tension in his work seemed to wane, and with it, so did the positive criticism and buyers.  The land that Cliff once considered his long-lost home simply seemed grey and bleak.  Even his most loyal patrons began to accuse him of a sloppy, wet sort of navel-gazing that no longer was inspired by edge.  It did not help that Richard's career had begun to take off, and there were occasional pictures of him to be found, advertising performances.

No longer able to support himself and sick of his surroundings, Cliff began to fall back on his Art History background as a more stable source of income.  He welcomed the chance to leave behind his memories when New York University recruited him.  England, and yes, even his beloved Wales, would always be there if he was ready to return.  Cliff spent several years at New York University avoiding his own art, instead falling into the routine of teaching graduates.  Not exactly having the salary for a Manhattan residence, he opted for the edgier, more independent artist-friendly neighborhood of St. George, Staten Island to call home.

It was only in the last three years that Cliff began to pull away from academics, and once again focus on his own artistic expression.  He began supplementing his painting with marker drawings and, more extensively, photography.  He'd once again found enough distance from his own emotions to filter it through the expression of other subjects.  Once his work began to be picked up by galleries -- and the occasional buyer -- once more, he determined to distance himself from teaching.  He opted to stay on as faculty in a more intellectual capacity, teaching the few classes that he must at New York University, but instead trading in part of the intellectual rights of his art for the more secure, humble salary of a University professor.

At the time of entering the game Cliff is enjoying a particularly successful series photographing faces on the streets of New York, digitally enhancing them with computer imagery and shading.

Kiss and tell. . .
Sexuality: As much as Cliff intellectually holds by the ideology that people, not genders, are attractive, there is little denying his desire has been attached to culturally-defined male bodies.  When it comes with what he wants to do with those bodies, however, he is often left rather clueless.  He enjoys pleasure, and giving his lover's pleasure, though is uncomfortable with the power relations that often are attached to those acts.  He is particularly leery of penetration, having found the sensation painful, and as such is not sure why he would want to give that sensation to someone he cares about.  While he certainly had a few moments of exploration in his youth, Cliff finds the idea of casual, no-strings-attached sex rather discomforting, and can't see why letting a stranger into such personal space would be pleasurable.
Role Preference: He does not have one at this time.  While that might change, the nature of those changes are not going to surface without first playing him.   
Sexual On's: Sensuality, touch, romance, kissing, blindfolds, sensory play (hot/cold/soft/etc.)
Sexual Off's: Hook-ups and other casual encounters, pain

Are you willing to allow your character to participate in non-consensual acts? I am willing to allow this character to participate in non-consensual acts as both an instigator and recipient, provided it is deemed within character to do so.  However, at this time I can't imagine a scenario where I would believe it within his character to be an instigator, so I'd need the sales-pitch of a life time as to why this would be his decision.
Are you willing to allow your character to participate in acts outside of their comfort zone? Yes, I am willing (and somewhat expect) to have this character participate acts outside of his comfort zone.

Anything Else?
Cliff is near-native fluent in French due to growing up in a household that insisted on teaching their child multiple languages.  He is semi-fluent in Italian -- while he is quite good at comprehending Italian in both visual and aural forms, he fumbles quite a bit while speaking.

Axel Loewe: Pandemonium

Pandemonium Character Sheet

Character Name: Axel Loewe
Nickname: N/A
Nature: Unrooted Artist
Demeanor: Disaffected Vagrant   
Gender: Male   
Race: Imori
Sexuality: Homosexual

Occupation: Tattoo Artist   
Education: GED – High school Drop Out – Trade School   
Wealth Level: I think I have some spare change between the sofa cushions… oh wait, I don’t own a sofa.
Languages Known: English, German, Dutch (limited)

Age: 20
Height: 5’6” (1.67 m)
Weight: 135 (61 kg)
Hair Color: Ash Blonde   
Eye Color: Lavender
Ethnicity: American born to German immigrant
Face Claim: Norman Theuerkorn

Physical Description: In spite of, or more accurately because of his diminutive, lithe form Axel has a firm-footed presence.  He has a soft tenor voice that he rarely raises, but a solid stance.  His heritage as an Imori is easily identifiable on examination – not the least of which, due to his lavender eyes.  Axel typically wears form-fitting, yet casual attire, the large majority of which shows some fray from prolonged use.  Axel keeps his light ash blonde hair buzz-cut.
Of particular note to Axel’s appearance are the many tattoos and piercings over his body.  They lend him an alternative appearance, and it would take quite a bit of preparation for him to not stick out in more conservative and less youth-friendly social circles.  To a discriminating eye most of his tattoos are quite well made, and touched-up frequently.

Personality: While those who first meet Axel in normal circumstances might be left with the impression that he is overly wry and uncongenial, many of those who know him would attest that is the furthest from the truth.  Axel is introspective, even shy, though he would never own the term.  He is regularly taken to flights of fancy and other mental daydreams.  While he may lack a degree of formal education he is intelligent, even philosophical in his own way.  He often struggles with anxiety, but rarely shows it in a conventional manner.

Axel needs time with his thoughts and art to be truly happy.  He avoids large crowds when possible, While some may see these artistic tendencies as wishy-washy, that is hardly the case.  Axel is quite resolute to his own internal philosophies and moral code, and exhibits a large degree of willful stubbornness if expected to cross them.  He has a heavy distrust and distaste for conventional forms of authority, and will rarely obey them if the instruction is contrary to his internal sense of justice.

History: Just over twenty years ago now, Axel was born to a notably young, beautiful German immigrant by the name of Adala Loewe.  If Adala knew who Axel’s biological father was, she never offered that information.  Over the years when he would ask, even as he got older, she would go on about some obviously fairy-tale inspired scenario where either he was plucked up by her among the finest in the melon patch, or how she placed a special request for “a little angel” to raise prior to his delivery.

Lacking in both money and many employable skills, Adala would often take whatever odd jobs that she could find in order to care for herself and for Axel.  While he did not realize it at the time, in later years Axel would suspect that she would often supplement that income as a sex-worker due to her tendency to leave him alone some nights.  These long nights of feeling trapped alone, not knowing when another would return, would feature prominently in Axel’s recurrent nightmares, which are a hallmark of his race.

Axel was a sullen, often withdrawn child.  In addition to his uneven home life, Axel was often the target of young bullies.  Between his unusual features and diminutive stature, which was part of his Imori heritage, he was often the perfect target.  Axel's moodiness as a youngster was compounded by the fact that between Adala's own unmet emotional needs, and a belief that love might lead to greater financial stability, his mother became a bit of a serial dater.  She regularly attempted to "get serious" and move in with men who were initially captivated by her beauty, but truly unready for a committed relationship. Axel had a near revolving door of men who tried to imprint their own rules, aspirations, and interests on him.  It did not take long for him to grow tired of the flux in expectations and boundaries, so that he would have none of it.

Axel reacted by turning his focus inward, and in the process found a burgeoning, gifted artistic sensibility.  He turned to sketching, and, when his potential as an artist was picked up by Adala and his teacher’s, later painting.  Axel found his notebook and canvas a place where he could alternatively agree and rebel with the things asked of him, a place he could express discontent with his slight body and delicate constitution, and ultimately portray his emotions without firm hands trying to either fix or reprimand him.

Axel’s coping strategies would be severely compromised due to a man by the name of Michael Schmidt.  Michael was a twice married, twice divorced account over a decade Adala’s senior whom she had met a speed dating event.  Michael was conservative and paternalizing; more notably, he had a hot temper and abusive, angry streak.  Once Axel realized the source of his mother’s bruises were not a clumsy fall, he confronted Michael about them, only to leave with several of his own.

While in other times Adala would have opted for the physical safety of her son, Michael’s temperament flared at its worse about the time Atlantis resurfaced.  Fearing that being with Michael was the lesser evil compared to her and Axel fending for each other in the tumultuous and violent environment, Adala ultimately turned a blind eye to the problem.  Axel felt betrayed and reacted out in a combination of rage and introversion, dedicating every waking moment he could to expressing his turmoil through art.

It was poor fate when Michael ended up coming home early on one of the several days Axel had chosen to sexually experiment with a local internet-found University student.  Michael fell into a rage when he discovered Axel in his compromised position.  He accused “people like Axel” being responsible for a once-benevolent creator abandoning the universe, and causing the tragedies following Atlantis’ fall to happen.  Axel fought back with word and action despite his much smaller, delicate frame.

The cost was a radial fracture that severely compromised Axel’s ability to draw.  When Adala still refused to leave, Axel quietly packed up his things in the night.  He wished a quiet blessing to his sleeping mother, hoping for her safety, and to one day be reunited to with her.  At that, Axel ran off into the night with what money and resources he could find.

Axel would find himself organizing a life in Chicago, even as in the backdrop ATLAS was reorganizing to place a governmental branch within the city. Thanks to the kindness of some volunteer medical staff and shelter workers, he was able to regain full use of his dominant hand; however, he would abandon artwork for the moment.

Axel’s focus would now be on survival for himself in the heavily urbanized world.  This largely meant making use of his existing lithe and lean frame and practice pick-pocketing and other acts of thieving with fellow young homeless.  He would also learn to turn to survival sex, soliciting homosexual acts with men interested in his youth and small frame.  Despite the hardships and dangers, Axel adjusted to the environment, developed a network of relationships, and ultimately did not regret his choice to leave.

Just past his eighteenth birthday, Axel accompanied one of his acquaintances, Jack Maresh, to a downtown tattoo shop, intending to go only for moral support.  Jack, however, voiced increasing anxiety and unhappiness with the pre-fabricated tattoos that were offered, yet with tight funding, did not want to consult with an advanced artist for a custom piece.  Before he realized he was beginning to sketch for the first time since the incident, Axel quickly started drawing out what Jack said he wanted, so that it could be proposed to the tattooist. 

Soon Jack told his friends about Axel’s aptitude and the parlor’s willingness to work with him, and those friends then told their own.  Eventually the owner of parlor, Joanne Cameron, would use her business sense and genuine altruism to bring Axel on staff to help with designing in a revenue-positive way.  Axel’s interest, aptitude, and participation in creating his own body art eventually spurned Joanne to allow Axel to live with her platonically – she felt she was his older, wiser sister; she eventually pushed him into getting formal tattoo licensure.

Prior to adding to Axel’s already oppressive sense of vulnerability during sleep being exacerbated due to his seizure, he had begun to enjoy some small amount of prestige as an up-and-coming tattoo artist in the alternative community.  The revelations and experiments at the Whiteout facility only strengthened Axel’s resolve and feelings and feelings against distrust conventional and prominent figures of authority.

Still, while many seek revenge and search for answers to their captivity, Axel simply longs to return to his hard-fought-for home.

Likes: Artistic Expression, Alternative Culture, Classic Punk Music, Physical Contact (both friendly and sexual,) One-on-One Interactions, A Sense of Security, Coffee Drinks
Dislikes: Large Crowds, Domestic Abusers, Conventional Leadership, Traditional Religion, (Perceived) Emotional Histrionics
Strengths: Determined, Artistic, Empathetic, Streetwise, Stealthy, Reflective, Intelligent
Weaknesses: Lacks Physical Fighting and Defensive Skills, Belligerent, Prone to Day-Dreaming/Lacks Focus, Somewhat Limited Formal Education (High School Drop Out w/ GED), Shy
Fear: Paralysis – As a side-effect of the nightmares Inori experience, Axel often experiences sleep paralysis.  He is terrified of this state, associating it with a life of unable to produce art or other forms of artistic expression.  He is particularly guarded with his hands since they were injured during his teenage years.  On a less primal level, Axel is fearful that he will one day hear that his mother, whom he ran away from, has passed away.
Compulsion: Axel struggles with feelings of safety and security, even in downtimes.  He often has to check and re-check locks on doors and windows, as well as ensure that an unknown threat does not exist in a adjoining room/area.
On's & Off's: Other than having established that he is sexually attracted to male bodies, Stephen is largely unsure of his sexual preferences.  While he has sexual contact it has largely revolved around survival sex, which has naturally been focused on pleasing the tastes of his partners.
Real World Skills: Tattoo Artistry, Drawing/Painting, Street Survival Skills, Stealth & Evasion Techniques, Thieving Techniques (Pick Pocketing, Lock Picking)


Powers & Abilities
  • ASTRAL CONNECTION - (1) - (ENH):  In order for Axel to perform any magic at this time, he must first inscribe an artistic symbol upon a person or place (currently this can be no larger than a large living room, around 700 square feet.)  In the case of a person, this ideally takes the form of intricately designed henna tattoos; with a space, it often involves the drawing of intricate casting circles upon the floor.

    Once the connection is established, Axel’s normal Inori ability of Astral Projection is tethered intrinsically to that symbol; to return to his body or walk about freely in the astral realm will splinter that connection.  Like any other feat of Astral Projection, Axel is unaware of his physical body and its surroundings at the time he is away. 

    Due to Astral Connection, however, Axel’s Astral Projection differs in two discreet ways:  The first is that his racial ‘Danger Sense’ ability extends to the bearer or location of that symbol.  Secondly, and more importantly, it allows Axel to perform his other magic powers.  Currently this is the only method for him to perform magic; without first establishing and working through an astral connection he is effectively powerless. 

    While Axel may return his consciousness and movement to his body at any moment, his connection to the person or site is lost, and a new symbol must be drawn once more.

  • HEARTHFIRE - (1) - (SPT): Axel is now able to imbue his symbols with the power of the hearth.  If inscribed upon an area, natural (non-magical) elements and weather phenomenon mysteriously leave the area unaffected.  Whether surrounded by cardboard or brick, damp rain does not have an effect on the inside.  Chill winds, drafts, and other signs of structural flaw are noticeably absent.  Regardless of the temperature outside and the presence of technology to promote it, the interior space remains temperate whether in the sweltering desert or a northern blizzard.  If Axel’s symbol has been scribed upon a person, they will find themselves with an unusual level of mental clarity and comfort despite hostile weather conditions, wind seeming to avoid them, and their body remaining comparatively cool in the midst of intense heat.[/b]

  • ASTRAL ANGEL - (3) - (UTL): Axel may now attempt to nullify and prevent magic spells in the immediate vicinity of his inscribed symbol.  With his current training, it is only effective against magic that is level three or lower.  Due to the protective nature of this spell, it is particularly effective towards spells of the Evocation school.

  • RADIANT HEALTH - (3) - (SPT): Axel now may imbue his symbol with healing magic.  If drawn upon an individual, then over time that person’s wounds will heal and physical function from injury will be restored.  While this effect is largely diluted when inscribed upon an area, people within the symbol will notice some accelerated healing, and a resistance towards infection and other complications of injury.  Please note:  At this time Axel’s magic is not powerful enough to regain limbs or other regenerative abilities.

Atlantean Soul Character Sheet

Character Name: Eon Stalkron
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan-Sexual

Title / Occupation: Privileged Son / Author / Cult Leader

Age: 118
Height: 6’4” (1.93 m)
Weight: 210 lbs (95 kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Sage Green

Physical Description: (Note: Eon’s face-claim is Leon Nieuwodt)  Eon stood at a strong, well-muscled 6’4”.  His noble heritage was generally quite obvious in his articulate speech, poised manner, and fine dress.  He was still quite young by Atlantean standards, which was recognizable in his tan, often blemish-free, skin.  Eon often intensely focused – even stared – at a person or object he was particularly fixated on.  In latter times, there was rarely a moment that several of his devoted “followers” were not at hand.

Personality: Eon was largely considered charismatic, intelligent, seductive, and dangerous.  A philosopher one minute and a lothario the next, more than one Atlantean had accused him of being capable of selling “salt water to the ocean”.  He had a magnetic personality that thrived alternatively on questioning and leadership, and he was very comfortable in positions of power.\

Eon could be quite calculating; despite accusations otherwise, though, he was far from truly evil and never cruel.  He simply had accepted that his views of the world were considered deviant by many, and rather than conforming to society, sought to have society conform to him.  With that worldview, obviously, there was a degree of privilege and arrogance, which was tempered by his sensitivity and ultimate passivist-heavy worldview.

History: Eon Stalkron was born amidst a world of alternating privileged and discipline.  His father, Joeri, was a highly decorated war hero and prominent general in the Atlantean army.  As such, Eon had all the riches and opportunities that could be offered to an Atlantean in his childhood.  Joeri's rigid worldview often demanded for an organized, efficient household, however, which left little time for affection and play in Eon's early life.  As Eon's mother died within childbirth, he did not have her guidance to soften his father's stiff perspectives.

As Eon grew, the inevitable call for him to follow the footsteps of his father often beckoned.  Just as his father, he proved to be both a skilled warrior and diplomat, capable of wielding a sharp dagger and even sharper tongue.  Eon, however, would ferociously rebel against his father and the ideals the man held close.  By the conclusion of Eon's adolescence he was less considered his father's successor, and more a black sheep born, unfortunately, as an only child.

These conflicts would come to a head when, unbeknownst to his family or the Atlantean government, Eon had a treatise of his well-traveled experiences and philosophies published.  At the crux of much of the work was his view that the Atlanteans were a barbaric and backwards people for their war-mongering ways.  Eon advocated an alternate path of shared worldly pleasure, passivism, and a simple, unfettered hedonism.  Eon decried the power-gathering philosophies that were often held among Atlantean elite, and called for a more simple, yet provocative existence.

Before the government, or Eon's own father, could fully comprehend what was happening, Eon had developed a small, yet dedicated group of followers who hung on to his words like he was a prophet.  Eventually, Eon and his fans settled in a large compound on the outskirts of Atlantis.  Immediately rumors surfaced of elaborate drug-infused orgies, deliberate acts to de-purify and mix races through inter-breeding, and strange magic-heavy meditation rituals.  To Eon's credit, only the large majority of those rumors were true.

It was largely believed that Eon's time remaining secure in the compound was coming to an end.  Allegations had surfaced that the group was covertly playing a role in providing an alternative to the Pandemonium invaders, and were secretly assisting them in spreading their biological code through the gene pool of earth's races.  The truth, and resulting effects of these rumors would seem to remain a mystery however: Before action could be taken, or proof obtained, the great city sank into the depths of the sea.  With it, of course, sank Eon and his most dedicated followers, whom were among the few who could speak the truth to  those allegations for certain.

Intimate Ink

Vince Sciarra: Ascendant

Ascendant Character Sheet[/font]

Ascendant Character Sheet

Character Name: Vincenzo “Vincent” Sciarra
Nickname: Goes by Vincent or Vince; does not take kindly to being called Vinny.
Gender: Male   
Sexuality: Bisexual

Languages Known: English, Italian, Some Greek

Age: 19
Height: 6’3” (190.50 cm)
Weight: 195 lbs (88.45 kg)
Hair Color: Espresso brown
Eye Color: Chocolate brown
Nationality: Italian-American / Greek-American (culturally-speaking, an Italian-American)
Face Claim: Alessio Pozzi

Physical Description: At 6’3” with a muscular, yet trim frame Vincent can cut an imposing figure when he wants.  His Italian heritage is easily recognizable from his swarthy appearance, along with his dark eyes and hair.  He has a noticeable scar across his right cheek.  His stance is typically confident, which accompanies a slightly aggressive and dominant demeanor.

Personality: Vincent’s personality is often quite contradictory.  He can be swaggering and full of machismo in one moment, while sullen and introspective the next.  He can be quite tenacious yet sensitive, both forceful and gentle.  He is sensitive to slights against his masculinity, particularly in regards to his bisexuality, and can shift from peaceful to enraged with little provocation.  He is an impulsive, brash decision maker, and often has a self-awareness that he is being torn between what is morally right and what his reckless id demands.

Vincenzo “Vincent” Sciarra was born in Providence, Rhode Island, which also would be his childhood home.  His Father, Gerardo, was a high ranking member in what many considered to be a waning institution – the Italian mafia.  His mother, Phoebe, was a second-generation Greek immigrant.  While there was some friction among the Sciarra family about Gerardo’s choice of a Greek wife, Gerardo insisted that there was no woman so beautiful… or, one so dedicated to raising his children as an Italian American.

While the plan had been for Vincent to be the first of many children, he would turn out to be an only child.  After many heated fights and some misplaced blame, Gerardo would be found to have an ever-growing number of anti-bodies that made it difficult for him to conceive.  The fact Vincent was born was considered lucky in itself.  As such, Vincent was afforded many opportunities when growing up, and often guarded like an irreplaceable prize.

Vincent’s earliest life was marked with ignorance about his father’s activities; he was raised and Italian Roman Catholic boy in an upper-middle class household, and did not question many of the dealings he saw.  He attended a Roman Catholic primary school, St. Augustine.  He was an active, athletic boy from the start and was often the type to be easily distracted; many of the school’s faculty believed he may have attention-deficit disorder, but given his father’s history of brash outrages, they were reluctant to bring it up.

In his youth, Vince was both a natural athlete and a bully.  His strong constitution and strength was with him from an early age, and he would be regularly doled out punishment for roughhousing and aggressiveness towards his fellow students.  This was, in all likelihood, partially influenced by his watchful perception of his father, whom was known to be hot-tempered and vengeful.

As it turns out Vincent would learn of his families’ long history of activities during these school yard fights.  Having heard talk of it from their parents, one of Vincent’s bullying victims once retorted with accusing him of being ‘evil’ like the rest of his family.  While in earlier times these accusations would have little merit, due to the use of Google Vincent was able to easily enough access his family tree's long line of crime, incarcerations, and often violent deaths.

When he confronted his parents with his knowledge, Phoebe was horrified, while Gerardo was both angry at the early revelation, but also intrigued.  From his perspective, Vincent was bound to find out some time, and it was now his duty to see that his boy was proud of his heritage and not ashamed by it.  Thus began a gradual, yet increasingly steep, introduction of Vincent into dealings of the Sciarra family.  Much to his mother’s disapproval Vincent would see the more modern workings of organized crime, which often took the form of online gambling and dark web drug trade, in addition to a smattering of more classical extortion and theft rings.

Vincent was in turn horrified, but strangely seduced into the world.  His Father was skilled at convincing the boy at the “helpful” ways the activities benefited people in need of services.  Through Vincent’s middle school years he became quite proud of his heritage, and often glorified and defended criminal activities.  He took an interest in improving his fighting skills, and would often ask to be a witness to his father’s dealings.

Phoebe, whom had never particularly been proud of her life and choices, was secretly horrified.  She saw the path her only son was walking down highly immoral and dangerous; from her perspective she already was breathless at the prospect of Vincent’s father being incarcerated or found dead.  She did not like the idea of her boy doing the same.

It was with no little degree of pleading and manipulation that she finally convinced Gerardo that, under the guise of Vincent needing extra help for his attention issues, it would be best if he was enrolled in the prestigious Portsmouth Abbey Catholic boarding school.  Vincent, predictably, was furious at the idea, but in the end Phoebe had won over his father, so he found he ultimately had little say in the matter.

Life and schooling in Portsmouth, RI had the predicted and desired result of softening Vincent’s edges and causing his attention and idealization of an organized crime lifestyle to stray.  While he would likely never be a truly scholarly type, Vincent’s academic performance improved.  He thrived and showed great promise in the athletic program, particularly in the soccer program. Perhaps most promising of all in Phoebe’s mind was the long-suppressed sensitivity that began to be surfacing; Vincent found a great love in volunteering at local animal shelters.  He also found another love by the name of Hannah Martin.

Vincent had met Hannah while doing volunteer work at the Potter League for Animals.  While he was always a helpless flirt, and had no problem with that flirting landing him on top of a fair number of girls and the occasional boy, Hannah felt different from the start for him.  She was neither impressed, nor horrified by his family legacy, and dealt with Vincent in frank, honest terms.  At the same time she was definitely a kind girl, and her sweetness seemed to ground Vincent more and more into a mind-frame that pushed away his father.

By seventeen the two were only anxiously awaiting graduation and legal age for marriage.  Hannah’s family lived in Miami, so they had agreed that they would move there after graduation.  Part of that process was applying for early admittance to the Miami Coast Academy together there, which despite its world-famous reputation, due to Portsmouth Abbey’s own prestige, they managed to get in without a significant hitch.

Everything, in essence, was on track for Vincent to abandon his early life entirely and become a different man than his father, just as Phoebe had secretly planned.  That was, of course, until Hannah went missing in between leaving her boarding room at Portsmouth and going to classes one day.  That was, of course, when her body was found several days later, both bruised and violated.

Vincent sank into a blinding rage that consumed most everyone who offered to help him.  He was inconsolable, and his grief took the form of a bitter, dark anger directed towards the world.  When the authorities were not moving the case fast enough, against the pleas of his friends, he turned to his father.

Some might say that the response Gerardo and Vincent’s extended family made had been disturbingly quick for his plea for help.  Then again, they would only reply that they truly cared for Vincent and had been working in the boy’s best interest long before he admitted needing their aid.  Regardless of the scenario, Vincent was absent from his own graduation from Portsmouth Abbey, instead using brass knuckles to beat the man to death whom his father had captured, and assured his boy that he was responsible for his beloved’s rape and murder.  Whether or not there was truth in that allegation remains a mystery.

As if no time at all had passed, Vincent got flung back into his father’s world-view.  After his graduation he spent every waking minute with his extended family, obsessing over their business in the way he used to – it kept his mind off of other, more unpleasant images like his dead wife-to-be and the man that he rendered a corpse with his own hands. 

While he had decided to abandon the Miami Coast Academy entirely, Phoebe secretly worked with the admissions department to simply delay his enrollment, using Vincent’s grief as a cover.  She had hoped Vincent would come around.  When, instead, she saw her only son come home beaten and bleeding one day, with a mark on his cheek from a knife cut, she knew if she did not intercede he would only fall deeper until his life, spirit, or both were lost to the void.
It was a difficult talk for Vincent and Phoebe both after so many years of her silently disapproving and plotting against that life for Vincent from the shadows.  He had already come to idealize his father once more.  In the end, tentatively, Vincent agreed to go to the Miami Coast Academy on the basis that was what Hannah would have wanted for him, though made no promises to severe ties with his extended family like he had once done, and like Phoebe had hoped.

Vincent’s time in the Miami Coast Academy thus far has felt like he has had one foot in the light and the other in the dark.  On one hand, he has resumed older, softer habits like volunteering at the Born Free Pet Shelter.  He has tried to channel some of his aggression into sanctioned activities like soccer and playful sparring once more.  On the other hand, the grip from his father is often felt with phone calls and urges for him to come home.  He is haunted with images both of Hannah’s death, and of his own act of spitefully taking a life. 

He is currently undeclared, though is secretly considering a path of veterinary medicine; however, he himself doubts about whether he has the concentration and aptitude for such a thing.  He is reluctant to share this aspiration with anyone, fearing they will confirm his lack of fit.

Likes: Soccer (non-American football), loud music, expensive clothes, endurance challenges, sparring / rough-housing, domesticated animals, being a flirt, crime movies
Dislikes: Clingy personalities, auditory/lecture-style learning, passive-aggressive behavior, opera singing, signs of weakness
Strengths: Physically Fit, Natural Athlete & Fighter, Brave, Witty, Charismatic/Seductive, Independent
Weaknesses: Impulsive, Proud, Uncontrolled Machismo, Short Attention Span (ADD), Morally Impressionable / Uncertain Belief System, Self-Doubting
On's & Off's: Vincent is protective of his masculinity and has a strong current of natural machismo in his personality.  As such, he generally is fond of activities in the bedroom that leave him feeling empowered, masculine, and in control.  Similarly, he is quite defensive about feelings that leave him weak or submissive, as he has a tendency to associate that with being "feminized".  While there is a directly contradictory submissive urge in him due to his impressionable behavior that often seeks out role-models for better or worse, he has yet to face this aspect of him as a whole, and certainly has not permitted it in sexual context.

Weapon: Katar

Powers & Abilities

As a planetary representative of featureless darkness, Vincent carries a part of it with him wherever he goes.  The natural scents and sounds (eg footsteps, breathing noises) that would generally interrupt a stealthy presence are virtually absent on Vincent.  Even his footprints have a strange way of smudging out of existence once his feet leave the ground.  Please note, at this level Vincent is still entirely detectable by electronic means, such as security cameras or pressure plates. When combined with his racial ability Invisibility, this often renders him virtually undetectable by mortal means in stealthy situations, however.

A fissure of pure darkness forms in Vincent’s line of sight, enveloping an area in a haze of shadow.  As an orchestrator of the darkness, Vincent can bend the rules of space itself to a moderate degree in the area, which has now been touched by the void. A scream that should be heard in the next room can get lost in a mysterious expanse, as if miles away.  A fleeing enemy may find themselves running down the same small hallway for five minutes, or may suffer a critical blow as Vincent’s Katar stabs into the blackness, hitting a victim from across the room.  While these combat situations are the most obvious use of this power, it has other, subtler uses, such as concealing a large item in a pocket or jewelry box when there should not be space.  At this point in Vincent’s development he may not create any field larger than five hundred feet.  He is additionally currently limited to either expending or contracting the rules of space by a factor of twenty at this time – for example, a cubic foot of space may be expanded to no larger than 20 cubic feet, or no smaller than 1/20th of a cubic foot.  While Vincent may have multiple fields open at once, each one acts as a passive power and limits his magic pool accordingly while it is open. 

Important Note:  At this time, any space warping Vincent does is a two-way street.  For instance, if he warps space so he can stab a victim, for as long as the void remains opens they can just as easily return the blow.  As his power develops an ability to establish a one-way act , which would be an entirely new skill tree entitled "Void Punch" is tentatively planned.

A thick cloud of impenetrable darkness roughly the size of a man coalesces in Vincent’s line of sight.  As Vincent mentally controls the cloud, those unfortunate enough to get caught up in its field suffer chill alien winds, and the scratching, biting, clawing, and pecking of the void’s indefinable and unwelcome denizens.  At this level of Vincent’s development, no void creatures may physically pass through, and the harm done is far from fatal to an otherwise healthy and unscathed opponent.  It does, however, have the potential to provide added damage, distraction, and fear in an unpleasant and oppositional situation. 


Transformation Inspirations & Images

Jordan DeSantis: We Could Be Heroes

NAME: Jordan DeSantis

AGE: 25
SEX: Male

APPEARANCE: Portrayed by Clint Mauro

Additional Reference Images

Parent-Teacher Conference
Casual Friday
Chaperoning the Prom
One-on-One Time
Mentally Undressing the Teacher



TYPE: "The New Teacher" - Journalism & Writing, Photography Club Mentor

POWER THEME: Probability Manipulation - Blessing & Jinx focused.

Current Level: Powerless (Level may not be altered without GM approval)

Power levels not currently attained will be kept in this spoiler in order to prevent confusion.

Quick Reference Chart

Level            People            Objects            Places            Hex/Blessing Level        Duration            Themed Effect Specification            Multiple Fields?
NeonateYesYes (no larger than a baseball)NoMinor5 minutesNoneNo
AmateurYesYes (no larger than a baseball bat)No Larger Than a Classroom / 4 PeopleModerate30 minutes50% AccuracyNo
PracticedYesYes (no larger than a desk)No Larger Than a School Auditorium / 8 PeopleMorderate2 hours75% AccuracyYes
SeasonedYesYes (no larger than a bleacher)No Larger Than a School Auditorium / 12 PeopleMajor8 hours90% AccuracyYes

Requires: An event of power.

Making My Own News - Due to the in-game even Jordan may manipulate probabilities around a person or thing to create minor fields of either fortune or misfortune that last around five minutes per use.  In order to do so, Jordan must first have a photograph featuring the face of the individual, or the object within his possession.  At this level Jordan may not specify the blessing or curse. Deletion or destruction of the photograph instantly destroys the effects of the blessing or curse.  During the duration of the field, the contents of the photograph slowly fades, whether online or a physical copy, and may no longer be used for future ability attempts.  Jordan may only have one blessing and one hex field open at any time.

Requires: Neonate Level + Around one in-game month of regular practice,  or (another) unexpected event of power.

Newsworthy (Unreliable Passive)  - Jordan is intrinsically tied now to the fates and fortunes of those around him.  He often can simply sense disruptions to the normal field of probability that surrounds a person, place, or object.  Furthermore, he may get an unreliable sense of ways an individual's probabilities are affected by their surroundings.  (For example, he might be quicker than most to realize that a student has a high chance of slipping as they walk across a freshly washed floor.)  This ability is completely unreliable and should never be treated so powerfully as a form of precognition; it is an ability to quickly pick up on the possible cause and effect relationships within the surroundings, nothing more arcane.  In practice, this is largely simply intended to allow Jordan a general idea of how to better aim his blessings and hexes in order to work with current probabilities rather than against them.

Making My Own News (Improvement) - Jordan may now manipulate probabilities around places in addition to people and things to create moderate fields of either fortune or misfortune that last around a half hour per use.  In order to do so, Jordan must first have a photograph featuring the face of the individual, the item, or featuring the location within his possession.  While he may attempt to focus the probability around a single theme, such as 'physical trauma' or  "financial gain' the 'good aim' it is unreliable at around a fifty percent success rate.  Deletion or destruction of the photograph instantly destroys the effects of the blessing or jinx.  During the duration of the field, the contents of the photograph slowly fades, whether online or a physical copy, and may no longer be used for future ability attempts.  Location-based probability fields my not exceed the size of an average classroom.  Jordan may only have one blessing and one hex field open at any time.  When a blessing or hex effects more than one individual, effects are limited to minor level.

Requires: Neonate Level + Six in-game months of regular practice, or (another) unexpected event of power.

Making My Own News (Improvement II) - Jordan may now manipulate probabilities around people, places, and things to create moderate fields of either fortune or misfortune that last around two hours per use.  In order to do so, Jordan must first have a photograph featuring the face of the individual, the item, or featuring the location within his possession.  While he may attempt to focus the probability around a single theme, such as 'physical trauma' or  "financial gain' the 'good aim' it is slightly unreliable at around a seventy-five percent success rate.  Deletion or destruction of the photograph instantly destroys the effects of the blessing or jinx.  During the duration of the field, the contents of the photograph slowly fades, whether online or a physical copy, and may no longer be used for future ability attempts.  Location-based probability fields my not exceed the size of an average school auditorium.  When a blessing or hex effects more than one individual, effects are limited to moderate level.

Requires: Neonate Level + A year of in game-time regular practice, or (another) unexpected event of power.

Making My Own News (Improvement III) - Jordan may now manipulate probabilities around people, places, and things to create major fields of either fortune or misfortune that last around eight hours per use.  In order to do so, Jordan must first have a photograph featuring the face of the individual, the item, or featuring the location within his possession.  While he may attempt to focus the probability around a single theme, such as 'physical trauma' or  "financial gain' the 'good aim' it is quite reliable at around a ninety percent success rate.  Deletion or destruction of the photograph instantly destroys the effects of the blessing or jinx.  During the duration of the field, the contents of the photograph slowly fades, whether online or a physical copy, and may no longer be used for future ability attempts.  Location-based probability fields my not exceed the size of an average school building.  When a blessing or hex effects more than one individual, effects are limited to moderate level.

(While I certainly do not expect the in-game calendar to push further than this, the possibility of future upgrades will be handled via conversation with the game-master if that ever becomes necessary.)


Fickle Fate - No matter how hard you seek to master fate, it will always remain elusive.  About five percent of the time, Jordan's abilities will simply not work.  Furthermore, any attempt to push destiny towards a similar end within one week of the attempt is considered an automatic fail.  (For example, if Jordan is trying to earn money for himself and he fails at a blackjack table, he may not simply move over to a roulette table and try again.  Any supernatural attempt on his part to address the same underlying intention (get money,) automatically fails during this period.  There will occasionally be the rare instance, where no matter what Jordan does, his powers are unable to affect the fortune of a situation.  This is to account for both the fact that sometimes destiny refuses to change, while other times destiny is able to change... but only when it is good and ready to.

Karma -Jordan must always balance a blessing with a hex or vice-versa.  Once a field opens, Jordan must apply the opposing degree and spectrum of fortune onto another target before that field dissipates.  If he does not, Jordan himself becomes the target of the opposing field.  He has no control over how this new field will behave, and unlike his intentional power, even 'so-called' lucky fields may be subject to certain monkey-paw style effects (ie inheriting money to pay a debt... through the passing of a loved one.)

Headaches - Jordan's superpowers are grounded in his mental abilities; as such use of them requires a degree of mental fortitude, and over-use of them results in mental exhaustion.  Due to his natural propensity towards migraines, this is the natural effect of this exhaustion.  The intensity and duration of the migraines are directly in proportional to both the power of the hex he is applying, the number of people or objects affected, and the number of other probability fields he has created in the recent past.  Overuse will result in debilitating effects that will prevent him from concentrating enough to further use his power.

Photographic Evidence - For all blessings and curses, Jordan requires a photo that shows the face of the target he wishes to affect.  Once the ability is over, the photo is ruined and can not been used to produce further effects.  While digital images may be used, 'copies' of a used image may not be utilized.  (Please note:  I realize in the age of Facebook this may not be a huge restraint... but that is why I have other ones.  This is more about personal color that I want to add more than anything.)

Too Old to be a Student, Too Young to be a Teacher -  Jordan's comparative youth to most faculty puts him in a tricky space in between the division of student and teacher.  As an alum, only too many faculty are used to seeing his face on the other side of the classroom.  That enables them to feel both empowered over him, and prevents him from always being treated as one of their equals.  Similarly, while he may have an easier time than many faculty befriending students due to his close age gap, it also means he is not always granted the authority of a teacher. in their eyes.  Some students are more likely to push limits and break rules in his classroom than those in other periods.  If there is an out of control class that can be heard from down the hall, there is a good chance it is Jordan's.  If that was not bad enough, many of their parents see him as little older than their children, which costs him a level of respect.
Previous Modeling Work -  Everyone has to pay the bills, and in Jordan's case that meant doing some low-profile modeling along with an array of other odd-jobs.  While there was nothing too high profile or revealing, the photographers still clearly are portraying him as a sex symbol.  If any old images of his modeling experiences surface despite a low-profile and pseudonyms, it could create another layer of tension between Jordan and the school staff, faculty, students, and their parents.

BIOGRAPHY:  Jordan DeSantis was born the eldest of three boys to an upper middle class family in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.  His mother and father were University of Chicago faculty members within the Economics Department and Art History Department respectively,  and were strong proponents of raising their children in a way that exposed them to the full scope of the world as much,  and as early,  as possible.  This included early international trips, regular visits to arts and cultural centers, and advocating for their children's involvement in a variety of physical and social activities   

From an early age,  it was evident that Jordan was to be the most quiet and serious of the three siblings.   He favored reading and writing over more visual-oriented activities, he preferred running and swimming to team sports,  and responded strongly to stories where injustice and advocacy were central themes.   In part due to their own natural inclinations, and in part due to Jordan's blossoming personality,  his parents opted to enroll him in the Chicago Montessori Academy.  Jordan was a very natural fit for the inquisitive and creative-based curriculum and thrived in the setting.  Despite only two years difference between himself and Joshua, his first younger brother, Jordan lacked the gregarious personality and open nature that won Joshua quick friends.  In many ways Jordan became the classic 'third parent' to Joshua, and then later his brother Kyle.  Consequently school often became a happy place where Jordan could be alone to explore what he wanted without the interruption of his less ponderous siblings.  Swimming and writing would eventually win out as his two biggest passions as a boy, and through those years Jordan would show a natural talent in both.

Jordan's first major obstacles in life would occur at the age of 12, when the Chicago Montessori academy ended and he was expected to integrate into a normal school setting.  Jordan's parents did not foresee the level of difficulty with this transition; however, while academically Jordan ranked very highly in his development, socially he was much less prepared.  Due to his introverted, soft-spoken nature, tendency to self-isolate, and lack of experience with standard education, Jordan was quickly the target of multiple flavors of bullying.  Rather than defend him, his more extroverted, younger siblings often made the situation worse with their own taunting.  Soon, not only were Jordan's grades slipping, but he was sinking into a heavy adolescent depression and the many negative thoughts and actions that accompanied it.

Eventually it would be Jordan's maternal grandfather, Sal Moretti, whom would see the boy's and the parents' struggle, and suggest that he move to his home in New York State for awhile and try a school that was generating quite the positive press lately, Malcolm Wheeler High.  While Jordan's parents were reluctant to try public schooling, especially after his growing emotional instability and failure in private school, but they eventually conceded to Sal's reoccurring suggestion out of desperation.  It would prove to be a life-changing, positive move for Jordan.  Between escaping the taunts of his schoolmates and own brothers, and the lucky support he found in both his grandfather and a faculty member within the writing department, Jordan would eventually thrive.  Sal's retired past-time was photography, and soon Jordan was combining his writing with visual mediums online in the forms of journal posts and zines.  He overcome his social awkwardness by becoming a strong, solid voice in the campus community through the written word.  Eventually that awkwardness would likely fall away, as Jordan would find himself advocating for fellow students who were emotionally troubled.

The faculty member in the writing department -- Dr. Micah Tinch -- had taken personal interest in Jordan due to his promise as a writer, and consequently helped support him through these many changes.  Jordan, in turn, was both inspired by his instructor and harbored more than a few secrets affections for him as his teenage sexuality began to flourish.  Jordan's interests would eventually coalesce into a growing passion and dedication towards journalism; he had oft-lofty ideals of changing the discipline that was already struggling for identity in the Information Age.  He soon declared it his life ambition; among his other high school accomplishments he would be declared head of the school paper, win several writing awards, and eventually gain a full scholarship to Princeton on his academic and social merits.  It was only as he was leaving his life behind to attend the school that he shared an awkward and somewhat late first kiss that he promised would never be spoken of again... namely, with his high school teacher whom he had shared such private crushes with.

While this sexuality came somewhat late, Micah continued his serious focus and demeanor while becoming somewhat of a heart-breaker in his time at Princeton.  The awkward and introverted boy had become a charismatic -- if rather 'sweet' -- young man with quite a handsome countenance; if he was not avid about putting his future as a journalist above all else, he might have even been quite the loyal boyfriend.  Work and advancement always came first, however, which lead to a string of rocky relationships with both sexes.  True to his goals, Jordan would maintain his focus, and even travel abroad to both South America and China in his college career to study there, and write a number of portfolio pieces reflective of his natural talent and dedication.

Graduation was difficult and saw Jordan working odd jobs, including some modeling and waiting tables, looking for his big break.  He finally found it in the form of a dream job position as a writer at one of a major New York City paper.  It would be a short-lived victory though since, despite getting acclaim from his contribution to several stories, the paper would dissolve his position due to the decline of consumers using paper news sources.  Determined, Jordan would try again though would soon find that journalist jobs were a struggling animal throughout the United States.  In the end, the only long-term position he would be able to secure would have him covering popular culture and celebrity news... a position that he likely did not even get due to his credentials, but rather his attractive, camera-friendly appearance for blog entries and the occasional television spot.

While it was a position that paid the bills -and relatively well for a young graduate -- within a year Jordan had sunk into a dark depression.  His relationship was on the rocks and he was edging closer and closer to the despair feelings that he felt as a teenager; Jordan was forgetting how to become happy.  His fate changed once more when he returned to New York state to attend his grandfather Sal's funeral after a difficult battle with lung cancer.  Jordan's intentions were to visit Micah Tinch, his old instructor, and simply thank him for the hope he once had and apologize that his  youthful feelings ended up making a future mentor relationship too awkward to pursue.  In the end it would be Micah that would convince Jordan that he was looking for happiness in the wrong places, and that he should return to Malcolm Wheeler High School since it once was, in many ways, a source of salvation for him.

Micah took Jordan on as an assistant and guest lecturer while Micah pursued emergency teaching credentials with a secretly hesitant heart.  Jordan questioned whether he truly able to teach disciplines that he often felt had turned their back on him when he needed them the most. Still, Jordan found his passions again slowly as he found himself  being able to talk about subjects he wanted to; in turn many of Malcolm Wheeler's students responded strongly to his youthful perspective, easy charisma, and thoughtful disposition.

Jordan would be the most surprised out of everyone after he finished his teaching credentials that Micah revealed that he had been planning on leaving the school for awhile now, wishing to return to the West Coast to be with aging parents.  Before Jordan himself knew what was happening Micah was advocating for him to take the soon-open position on the writing faculty, and encouraging students to speak out in support for the now newly credentialed teacher.  Ultimately, Jordan would be hired, feeling more than a little overwhelmed at the sudden shift in his life.  Still, he determined to press onward, and embrace a new life with new goals.


  • Jordan is an alumni of Malcolm Wheeler, and headed the school paper as a junior and senior.  He was also within the photography club and on the school swim team.
  • Jordan is a Princeton alum, and is willing to pull connections for the right student looking for college admission.
  • Jordan is still an avid swimmer.
  • Jordan is a somewhat unexpected enthusiast of 1970s punk music.
  • Jordan has moderate fluency in both Spanish and Mandarin due to his strong education.
  • Jordan owns a somewhat rare dog breed, an Entlebucher Mountain Dog, which he can be found running with.
  • While he has learned to be quite charismatic and good at public speaking due to necessity, Jordan is a thoughtful introvert at heart.
  • Jordan plays the Spanish Folk Guitar... very poorly.
  • Jordan was involved in a relationship upon moving back to teach at the high school, but it is known much more than he would like that they ended things while he was chaperoning a school prom.
  • Jordan is currently in the position that was held by his own high school mentor, which he still corresponds with via handwritten letter, despite other quicker, more tech-savvy avenues.
  • Jordan is an amateur photographer, and has quite the collection of prints he has collected through his various experiences and travels.
  • Jordan is a long-time sufferer of migraines, which will worsen once he gets his powers.

THEME SONG: "Get Better" by Frank Turner

Writing Promt #3 (Freeform

Name: Jordan DeSantis
Position: Teaching Assistant, Writing & Journalism
Time: Previous School Year, Senior Prom
Location: Gymnasium
Tagging: Kate Cameron

“You do realize that this is the closest thing we’ve come to a night out together in ages…”

Jordan felt creeping warmth reach up from his core and take hold of his cheeks.  This was happening.  He knew it was going to happen soon.  He was starting to even suspect that it was going to happen tonight.  But why did it have to happen here?

…perhaps, an even more interesting question: Why did he always feel strangely complacent when faced with the poor twists in life that he foresaw in his mind, and yet why did he still get so physically ill once they actually unfolded before him?

He looked down at his hands.  Were they so different than when he had walked these very halls, had practice in this very gymnasium, a decade before now?  He felt wretched then; bh didn’t know how to talk to others or make friends.  This place had turned him into something better; it turned that awkward boy into a gifted young man with a golden tongue and award-winning smile.  He walked out of these doors at eighteen feeling like he was a super hero.

Now, at twenty four, Jordan once more felt like that awkward and aimless youth. 

“… it’s just time for me to go back to the city… when plans change, people change… it’s best to admit it…"

Jordan sucked in his breath.  No, he was going to remain firm jawed and stoic here; his students deserved at least that from their still-young mentor.  This was the night for them to fall in love, or for them[/i[ fall to pieces only to be put back together by the faculty into something greater.  Jordan’s time for those transformations had come and went, hadn’t they? 

He wasn’t sure where he made a mistake along his path, but he must have made one.  Otherwise he wouldn’t be here now.  Maybe in the next generation he’d be able to at leas

Intimate Ink

Jasper Locke: New Fablegrove

Name: Jasper Locke
Face Claim/Play-By: Nyle DiMarco
Alias/Nick name's: Jabberwock, The Jabberwocky, kcowrebbaJ, ykcowrebbaJ ehT
Age: Jasper Appears to Be In his Mid-Late 20's
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Ethnicity: Jasper appears to look largely Italian with some Western European Influence.  His accent and lexicon is as malleable as it is broad, and he seems wholly at ease flitting between British and American slang, along with a peppering of terms that seem wholly alien, if not outright nonsense.
Sexuality: Fluid.  If bedding you will serve an objective for him, sexual or otherwise, consider him attracted.  After a shared learning of what is between and behind your legs and what is between and behind his own legs, Jasper will be quite sure something mutually advantageous can be worked out.
Occupation: Self-Appointed right-hand of Absolem, apprentice tonic-maker, manager of Untold Tales
Affiliation: The Brewers' Market

Life in Fablegrove for the Jabberwock was more than a bit of an adjustment.  Sure, everyone had their issues; while some were just having to cope with the fact that their palaces were replaced with paltry mansion estates, though, Jasper had deeper adjustment issues.  Back through the looking glass he was fear, he was legend.  You didn't discipline the Jabberwock, you didn't even imprison him.  Especially after that sassy brat Alice Liddel took off to distant lands with the one known weapon that could even kill him (The Vorpal Blade,) everyone had the Jabberwock to fear... and the Jabberwock had nothing to fear at all.  Let the silly Queens and Kings fight over who was the rightful nobility of Looking-Glass land.  The Jabberwock didn't need to be nobility.  The title of King was below him: The Jabberwock was a rightly feared God.

That, of course, all changed as he and many of his favored chew-toys got pulled into Fablegrove, though.  It took no magical blade any more to cause Jasper to bleed; his razor-sharp teeth were replaced with the mere blunt instrument of a mortal man's... even his beloved wings capable of blocking out the light of the sun itself were no more.  Worst of all, though, was the absence of screaming terror whenever he entered a room.  Jabberwock reacted swiftly and viciously to his new guise, and with what limited power he had, he tried to bully, bludgeon, and smash his way back into the Throne of Fear that he had grown so accustomed to.  Instead, after repeated charges of assault, Jabberwock instead found himself within the confines of the Bedlam Penitentiary.

Unlike some of his antagonist ilk who chose to rot away in cells post-cataclysm, though, Jabberwock proved to be far more resilient.  It started out as a lark, really.  How could you not stop and pay attention, even laugh, at the rumors that the high-princess of propriety herself, Alice Liddel, was getting pulled into the burgeoning underbelly of New Fablegrove?  Especially over black-market potions and false promises to return her to "Underland".

Jabberwock's experience in tonics was originally intended to be a mere dalliance, really.  There was a growing number of cellmates within the Bedlam Penitentiary that were addicts, thieves, and dealers of such things; how could he resist stopping and asking them about something that was proving to be precious Alice's downfall?  Soon it became something else entirely, though: Fellow inmates agreed to trade him favors and goods if he provided distractions while deals were made, while his uncanny skills of manipulation helped to earn both the business and favors of crooked guards.  Within a year, the thuggish, fists-are-the-only-true-power brute that had crossed the cataclysm had been sublimated into something far more subtle, though no less sinister.

By the time Jabberwock's reviewal comittee was in session, he was a new man:  in many ways, quite literally.  He had chosen to abandon his fanciful name that had once earned him terror, in the place of a more refined and New Fablegrove-integrated moniker of Jasper Locke.  He had fooled over half of the Bedlam Penitentiary corrections with his new, nearly altruistic appearance:  the  majority of the other half were so deeply indebted to him and under his thumb that he had no need to fool them.  In short, the whole procession started to sound much less like a formal review of charges as much as a social debutante party, as the legacy of the Jabberwock fell from people's minds, and the name of the reformed and promising Jasper Locke rooted in place.

Still, Jasper's bloodlust was far from quelled, and no sooner was he released than he determined that he would either bring Alice Liddel to a long-deserved end, or die himself trying.  He tracked her down to The Rabbit Hole with every intention of taking her out in the shadows, but what he was met with was quite the sight indeed.  Gone was the fierce and charmed young girl who had once left his Looking-glass self to die of his wounds; in her place was a drugged-out and depressed sort.  Death, even by an old enemies' hands, would only be a mercy to the girl now.  Jasper Locke abandoned his desire to see her meet a violent end at that moment, and instead became much more determined to ensure that the girl would simply be kept in a steady stream of mind-altering tonics and false hopes so that the same idealism in her that once won over the Looking-glass realm would now drive her into a permanent  state of delirium and insanity.

It would be a series of short connections from that point on for Jasper to look around and realize the fugue state that the tonics and dreams of grand magic had on many of the denizens of New Fablegrove; it turned the already weak into mewling kittens, and those in power were put into quite precarious situations indeed when they needed a less-than-legal magical favor.  They showed to be ever so grateful when such a thing could happen discreetly enough.  Never needing the subtlety of such things as magic in his previous life, Jasper knew he could not get a foothold in this new potential of power without an ally, even a teacher.  There was, of course, only one fit for the job:  Absolem, The Caterpillar.

The question, of course, was how you made an audience with someone who made it to be their business never to be truly seen?  Dropping a few requests got Jasper nowhere fast, so he instead had to resort to more... influential methods.  Over the next year he took it upon himself to act as Absolem's hand, even though it was never asked of him: dealers of his wares were trained, more than a fair share of noble and commoner alike got the taste of potions, and even some of the Lost Boys that had made a habit of terrorizing Absolem's workers and clientele alike found themselves taken too far over the town's boundary line.  Jasper made himself loyal and valuable, so that the next time he discreetly let it be known that he had business with Absolem, the few who knew how to reach the Caterpillar would listen.

Thus began an arrangement of sorts:  Jasper would earn a place at Absolem's right hand (as the Cataclysm transformations had the unfortunate effect of ensuring the many other right hands of Absolem were no more!)  For the first time he would take the role of royal pup:  Absolem had the skill, after all, though Jasper had vision.  Jasper saw networks of front businesses,tonic distribution, and a networks of favors that would bind New Fablegrove to the thrall of rare and fleeting magic.  Jasper would be the social face that Absolem could not be, and in return, Jasper's life in New Fablegrove would be plush, and after extended loyalty, he, himself, would be taken in by Absolem to learn how to craft tonic's himself.  While the time and effectiveness of the tonic's yet reached Absolem's level, Jasper was indeed learning, and he eventually assumed the place of the likely successor to the secretive ringleader of the Brewers' Market.

Jasper and Absolem quietly flourished in their own way in new Fablegrove.  True to Jasper's word (a word of the Jabberwock could never be taken at first blush, after all,) he saw fit that Absolem got a steady supply of customers, supplies, and potential clients while staying completely out of the public eye.  In turn, Absolem gradually allowed Jasper more freedom, and eventually a level of trust in teaching him to make some of his sought-after tonics.

In more recent years, in consultation with Absolem, Jasper has begun to manage a small escort agency that compromised several rooms and a garden area.  Contrary to simple dates, however, the service was designed to give the common class and once-noble outcasts a chance to play a prince or princess, if only by the hour.  You wanedt to be a prince saved by a noble from a dragon?  Done.  Simply long for the days of strolling a garden in wonderland, complete with hedges higher than the eye can see?  Done.  Ever want to be feel noble in the eyes of a lady, as you dance with her in a private ball?  Done.   Perhaps the brilliance of the business was that the authorities all scrutinized the records for the obvious prostitution angle, though the truth is that under Jasper's command there was no sex service to be had.  No, instead the business operated as a convenient way to launder coin since many clientele would rightfully not wish to come forward with their hidden desires in a financially traceable way.  Perhaps even more lucrative in the long run, though, was that the business provided a steady flow of potential new tonic-addicted citizens as they through the doors, willing to reveal their disillusionment with their current lot with fairy tale life.  No to mention tha the Wonderland-inspired gardens supplied a modest ,if discreet, place to grow tonic reagents that might otherwise be difficult to obtain.

"To think that I once believed that being the creature of people's nightmares was the route to ultimate power.  They are all far more willing lambs to the slaughter when you make their dreams your wares..."  Jasper to Absolem, A Hushed and Private Conversation

Special Qualities:

"With jaws that bite..." -- Jasper is no stranger to shows of brute force and intimidation.  While gone are the days that he terrorized Looking-glass land to the point whereeven the dreaded Fruminous Bandersnatch quaked at the mere sound of his leaden footsteps, he's still a worthy adversary, particularly when matters of sheer brute physical strength and stamina are involved.

"... and claws that snatch." -- The monster has merely evolved to his new surroundings; he has never gone away.  Jasper is a shrewd manipulator, and whether through intimidation, seduction, or merely well-placed social pleasantries he is gifted at talking himself out of trouble, even while he talks others very much into it.  Obviously, this is well within non-magical limits; he isn't going to talk anyone out of believing a nearly proven truth, nor cause them to break with their existing personality and character.

Would you like to bring a small business into the game? Y

List name of business: Untold Tales - Jasper is the manager of a discreet by-the-hour escort service in the Wonder District that specializes in letting a New Fablegrove citizen feel like someone else for the day.  In many cases this is a commoner who wishes to feel like the royalty they have spent their life looking up to, or a noble disenchanted with their newer, less lauded station in New Fablegrove life.  Other patrons simply wish to have a moment to recall what a noble ball felt like, or at stroll around the Wonderland gardens one last time.  Despite the escort-like nature of the busines,s sexual services are not provided on any official basis, and any potential violation of the policy would have to occur between the client and the workers that have been assigned.  This would be a matter to be done away from Jasper's eyes, as the consequences for a violation would be a termination of both the employee and client relationship.

In spirit of the story so far..

What's your characters opinion on...

Important Note:  These are Jasper's actual feelings and very likely not what he would have told your character.  Please don't treat it as such.  Also do remember that the feelings and terms used to express them here are reflective of a character, and not the typist playing them.  Thank you!

"Cinderella": Are we really going there again?  I swear, if I hear of that spoiled little so-called rags-to-riches girl one more time I'm going to scream loud enough that even a Dirkenblaught would give pause to approach.  Still, as much as this continued outpouring of grief sickens me I have to hand it to the minx.  You don't get from where she started to where she ended up without twisting a few knives and performing some dirty favors along the way.   The fact that she did it while still maintaining the illusion of being lily-white is a feat even I am willing to be impressed with.  Still, every contract has a due date, and it looks like she finally made an obligation she wasn't able to timely fulfill. 

"Prince Charming": Whipped.  Sure, we can go with "it's always the husband" theory, but I'd eat my right shoe if he had enough spine left in him to do the act himself.  If he hired someone else to do it?  Well, surely I would have heard about it, seeing it likely would have been myself or a business associate that did the deed.  I suppose you could argue that he could have gone to one of The Lost Boys, but the fact that it was done professionally and correctly tells me that wasn't the case at all.  I guess I should feel bad for the guy: even among princesses it's gonna be hard for him to find some lass as happy as Elle was to have a thoroughbred puppy spend his days licking the ground she walks on.

"Anastasia Red (Red Queen)": Ohh, good ol' Annie-the-Nanny!  Someone's got to keep us mischief-makers in line, right?  I'd rather it be someone with questionable moral character like herself, whom isn't opposed to a little mutual back-scratching.  I mean, the alternative is some high-horsed goodie-goodie, am I right?   For the most part, stay off her radar so that she never is forced to deal you a punishing hand, yet also don't be afraid to see a secret or favor lands her way on occasion, so that she stays lenient on her allies.  She is well-aware that she has some within the shadows.

Nate Bauer: Mosswood

Player Character

Name: Nathan Bauer

Alias: Nate

Age: 20

Height: 6'1"

Personality: Amiable | Easily Distracted | Guilt-Ridden | Haunted | Kind-Hearted | Nature-Savvy | Prone to Escapism | Loyal | Social Chameleon | Survival-Focused | Untapped Potential

Occupation: Nathan is a work-study student on campus, and has occupied a string of various positions to qualify, most currently a position as a dishwasher in a dorm cafeteria.  He is not the most reliable student so has rarely kept any work-study job for long.  While he longs for positions in a more natural setting to match his interests, his lack of reliability often causes him to be looked over.

Fears: Nathan is regularly haunted by feeling responsible for the likely death of his younger brother.  He fears, in his own words, "being proven that he is just as much of a fuck-up as he already thinks that he is", and being responsible for more pain.  This translates to a general anxiety and fear of being responsible for the well-being of others after feelings of past failure.  Due to similar reasons, he is particularly disturbed and afraid of being a burden to others.  Nathan has a tendency to push away his feelings, and hates the idea of being in a spotlight where he has to share them.  On a less abstract level, being a natural outdoorsman, Nathan has strong negative reactions to cramped spaces, feeling constrained, and over-stimulating crowds.

Strengths: Nathan has a level of survival skills equal to an individual who has spent their life most at home in environments of hiking, camping, and outdoor activity.  He has participated avidly in the Oregon Outdoor School program as well as Boy Scouts of America.  With this comes a physicality and athleticism that is fit for outdoor environments due to a life of hiking, climbing, and exploring caverns.  He has a general common-sense when it comes to wilderness situations.  Nathan additionally is able to put on an amiable, easy-to-get-along with front even in situations of inner-turmoil; while he may not be celebrity material he can blend in with crowds easily enough and will get along in most peer situations.

Weaknesses: Nathan has a tendency towards introversion which often leads to escapism.  He has a tendency to "shut down" in times of emotional stress and not deal with problems as directly as he should.  This includes sometimes trying to mentally escape through marijuana use or simply spending time alone, preferably in a natural setting.  This often translates into looking like a general lack of drive, though the dynamic is more complicated than that -- Nathan is not a lazy or slothful sort by any definition.  Additionally, Nathan's concentration is not always the best, as he has a tendency to be attracted to whatever stimuli is most prominent in any given situation.  This is somewhat dampened if he is under the influence of marijuana, however that obviously comes with itss own perceptive consequences.

Bio: Nathan Bauer was born to a lower middle-class family in Woodburn, Oregon.  He was the oldest of three siblings with a sister, Rachel, two years his junior and a brother, Braden, five years his junior.  His mother, Lori, often was a caring enough, if wistful presence in his youth.  His father, Donald, had an uneven temperament and would often disappear for weeks or months, sometimes leaving the family uncertain if he would return at all. 

Nathan was a precocious, if overly-engaged child in his early years.  While several of his teachers voiced their suspicions that the boy had attention-deficit disorder, it was never formally diagnosed, nor dismissed.  Regardless, Nathan was both bright and energetic, seemingly always a string of questions on his lips, yet always far too interested in running to see what was beyond his eyesight to wait for answers.  While athletic, with some minor interest in little league baseball, he was particularly taken with the outdoor beauty the Oregon wilderness provided.  He was a natural boy-scout, and often relied on the guidance of troop-leaders since his biological parents were often overly worked or otherwise disengaged.

As Nathan grew older, he had a markedly tumultuous relationship with his father.  He would often bait both the man's anger and his tendency to disappear, calling him out on abandoning his family.  His relationship with his mother likewise suffered, whom he often attacked for being too weak for not standing up for herself and leaving Donald.  This rage would often put him at odds with his siblings as well, whom were sometimes too young to understand why their brother was so hostile to their parents; other times, they were simply resentful since he often became the authority figure in the absence of traditional parental figures.  Lori, for her part, was too lost in her own demons and busy working multiple low-income restaurant jobs to properly tend to her son, let alone answer his increasingly demanding questions.  While she tried to be understanding, he was clearly yet another factor that was disturbing the delicate peace that so rarely occurred in the family, and thus she herself felt some frustration over this.

During middle-school Nathan was often considered promising, though several of his 'nuisance behaviors' such as talking in class, daydreaming, and the occasional burst of unfocused anger kept him from ever being among the most favored to succeed.  He was liked enough by his peers, occupying that neutral space between being popular and athletic enough to blend in well with the more socially aware kids, while being humble and approachable enough to be welcome among the outsiders.  Due to his families' low income he occasionally was targeted for, or otherwise felt penalized because of, the lack of money available.  This extended beyond simple things like being a known student on the school lunch program.  For instance, Nathan often forgo team sports due to the money involved in gear and transportation to practices, while the same circumstances led him to opt against participating in extra-curricular field trips.  Fortunately, there was plenty of free state parks in the area to whet his interest, and he'd happily hike, swim, or simply linger beneath the tall Oregon trees for hours.

He fell into the eldest sibling role perhaps a little too well, often helping his younger sister and brother with their homework, dinner, assigning chores, and seeing them off to bed.  Due to his tendency to diminish his responsibilities and feelings in front of teachers and peers, much of the weight that he felt from the responsibilities was lost to the potential observation of others.  This came to an unfortunate and critical head when he was sixteen, and being responsible for his brother Braden at the time, opted to take him on one of the frequent hikes that he visited.  Nathan was not in the best of spaces due to his recurrent rage in living conditions, and as he was quickly cutting through trails, at some point during the trip he lost track of Braden, whom he had believed was still directly behind him.  Distraught, Nathan spent hours searching for the boy, and days after that with his parents and formal search parties.  While Braden was never located, it was hypothesized that he had gotten too close to a swift-moving and deceptively deep river that was near his last known location, and that his body was caught somewhere beneath the network of underwater caverns it lead to.

Nathan, and his entire family for that matter, was devastated.  An already completely broken family dynamic fractured into splinters:  Donald's presence became even less reliable, until one day he vanished altogether.  Lori became coldly distant from her remaining son, while overly protective of her daughter, though still left Nathan in charge during her unexpected periods of disassociation and near-catatonia.  Nathan's shaky performance in school suffered all the more, and his tendency to cover up his problems and be non-expressive only increased.  His middle-of-the-road allegiance in school began to waver and he found himself more and more fitting in with the crowd of outcasts and delinquents, opting himself to skip school whenever possible, and experiment with alcohol and marijuana. 

Somewhat ironically, the tragedy combined with Nathan's evident substance abuse and growing pattern of delinquency finally attracted attention to the fact that the boy had a long history of internalizing behaviors.  It was, ultimately, one of the instructors of the Oregon Outdoor School program that finally had both the perceptions and means to adequately reach out to him.  John Dawson, or Mr. Dawson as Nathan thought of him as, was an earth science teacher that took note of Nathan's natural tendencies to gravitate towards the outdoors.  By way of scholarships through the Outdoor School Program he was able to mentor Nathan somewhat, and while he may never have been able to have some literary-defined important breakthrough with the boy, he was able to help Nathan vent some of his frustration and curtail some of his worse habits.  It was John Dawson who acted as a guiding presence that ultimately got Nathan through his final years of high-school, and applied his influence on both Nathan and the Mossdale Academy to accept him as a student.

Nathan's tenure at Mossdale Academy has not always been an easy one.  He's often felt split between taking care of his own needs at the school, and tending to a family back in Woodburn that has complex feelings towards him; he particularly feels compelled to help his little sister, Rachel, though often does not know how best to do that.  He has tried to be a good -- or at least adequate -- student, though his tendencies towards distraction, internalizing behaviors, and escapism do not make that an easy hill to climb.  He now avoids all drugs, save some continued use of marijuana for relaxation and social purposes; after experimenting once with more hard-core drugs and having a terrifying vision of his likely dead brother, he feels safe saying that he has sworn off experimentation of new substances for good.  Nathan's strengths as a student are, unsurprisingly, the earth sciences including geology and astronomy.  Literature and creative writing make him uncomfortable since he finds instructors often find they want him to dwell on his past and feelings.

While he has not always been the most social student, he took the local-celebrity-style student up on their invitation since it was an opportunity to be with his peers in a more natural setting, which seemed a more comfortable situation for him than many of the more suburban house-style parties and gatherings.

Inventory: Trekking Poles Suitable for Swampland, Headlamp

!Disclaimer! By filling this character template out you are giving consent to take part in a role-play where your character will not always win. You accept this and the consequences that come with your characters actions and decision. No one character in this role-play is immune to death. If you happen to leave the RP, please keep in mind your character becomes ours to control, if not killed off. Please provide your E-RP username at the end of your application with the words “Sincerely”.

Intimate Ink

Intimate Ink

Adrian Reyes

Name: Adrián Reyes

Alias: N/A, however accepts "Adrian" as an appropriate alternative spelling of his name.

Age: 22

Height: 5'7"

Personality: Social | Flirtatious | Sensate | Intelligent (though not always apparent) | Sensitive (though not always apparent) | Vain | Sheltered

Occupation: Student

Side Note: Adrián's parents are the founders of a successful outdoor sporting goods company, Al Fresco (comparable to REI)

Fears: Hospitals "Too many people go in there for routine shit and don't come out; that, or they pick up some nasty-ass flesh-eating super-virus" | Being "Alone" | Being "Ugly" | Growing "Old"

Strengths: Socially Adept (limited to Western upper- and middle-class situations) | Endurance Athlete (Cyclist) | Multi-lingual (English, French, Spanish, and some Portuguese) | Economic and Social Capital | Empathetic (on the rare occasion he allows and trusts himself to be) | Artistic Talent (Painting, not particularly practiced.)

Weaknesses: Impulsive | Naive | "Sheltered" | Susceptible to Peer Pressures | Self-Doubting | Self-Serving | Tends to "hide" positive qualities to blend in with the status quo | Weak abstract thinking

Bio: Adrián Reyes was born in Barcelona, Spain to Alvaro and Julia Reyes.  He was their first and remains their only child.  As is typical, the personality of Adrián’s parents largely determined his early life.  Alvaro was instilled with many more traditional ideas and notions than his modern trappings might have suggested; contrasting that, Julia was very much an independent spirit who was motivated by career and advancement.  This typically translated into Adrián’s development to largely rest on the shoulders of nannies and other hired help, since that to care for domestic matters – including their own child – in some ways was a symbol to the tumultuous couple that they were ‘giving in’ to the other ones values.

While the boy’s emotional needs may have been unmet at times, his physical and financial needs were certainly not.  While far from the internationally known brand that it currently is, already his parent’s outdoor enthusiast company, Al Fresco, was seeing enough to keep the family comfortable.  This also provided Adrián the early advantage of being exposed to a variety of settings around the world as his parents grew their business; his exposure to different languages, culture, customs, and food helped form his abilities to socially adapt to a variety of carousing and etiquette-influential situations.
Adrián received schooling in the Montessori method, though developed precious few deep peer contacts due to his parents’ tendency to move around.  Friendships were a bit of a fleeting phenomenon for the boy, and while he struggled with this initially in his development, he eventually learned to accept it as natural.  From an early age Adrián was an active, kinetic-based child; he was far more interested in the world around him than grand concepts or ideas.  His intellectual development remained strong, however, though he excelled at disciplines like science where he was able to observe and interact with concepts that he was to learn.  He additionally exhibited, (and continues to exhibit,) some talent in drawing and painting, particularly in portraiture and still-life settings.

When Adrián turned eight, after several years of heated debates, his parents finally moved to Portland, Oregon in order to better expand their business in the United States.  Adrián was initially quite upset with the move, having developed a fondness for the more European surroundings he was in.  Furthermore, with the move he was removed from Montessori and placed in a more traditional private-schooling environment.

He was initially quite bullied for his differences, such as accent and mannerisms, though it was through these experiences Adrián learned to blend with his peers.  These skills were a proverbial double-edged sword, however, as he traded popularity and acceptance for some of his more unique perspectives and creativity on the world.  Over the course of his pre-teens, Adrián, in a sense, became quite two-faced: There was the face that he showed the world and used on a daily basis, and then there was his inner world that became more and more disconnected with his demeanor.
By his teenage years, Adrián himself had become quite the bully.  While he never was the brutish kind, he was more than happy to cut people down on social media, while using his parent’s financial status to invite and exclude people to various events they hosted.  Unsurprisingly, given his parents business, he became an accomplished outdoorsman and had some miscellaneous skill in everything from spelunking to skiing.  Adrián most took to off-road and BMX biking, however, and while it was not a particularly popular sport at the States at the time, he managed to find some fellow enthusiasts in between the Portland and Seattle areas.

In the absence of strong parental eyes, he additionally drifted into both the party-drug scene and notably high sexual activity by his later high-school years.  Due to the boy’s tendency to fold to peer-pressure, and his struggle with more abstract concepts, his schooling record took a notable hit that earned him some parental ire.  At that point, neither Julia or Alvaro had much in the way of a relationship with their son to foster, so instead they used financial incentives to keep him somewhat in line.  This did work to a point, however, Adrián continued many of his illicit activities… he was simply more careful about getting caught.
Adrián opted for the academy at Laguna Falls due to the proximity and close location.  He used his family clout to get into the more popular social circles that were available at the school, including joining a fraternity.  He continues a somewhat sheltered life whose primary goal is to stay enough in the blessings of his parents so he can reap the benefits of their business and subsequently inherit it.  His internal goals are notably lacking, and he is far more concerned with his own popularity, having fun, and maintaining face.
Adrián continues to BMX and off-road bike quite publicly and has shown quite some promise with it and has participated and been decorated in a number of USA BMX sanctioned competitions.  He also continues to paint privately, though the skill has developed much slower due to his lack of comfort in openly sharing or practicing it.

Inventory: Cell-Phone | Wallet w/ Cash & Credit | Clothes & Toiletries | Absinthe | Sparkling Wine | MDMA

!Disclaimer! By filling this character template out you are giving consent to take part in a role-play where your character will not always win. You accept this and the consequences that come with your characters actions and decision. No one character in this role-play is immune to death. If you happen to leave the RP, please keep in mind your character becomes ours to control, if not killed off. Please provide your E-RP username at the end of your application with the words “Sincerely”.

Intimate Ink

Julian Keller

-End Crisis Character Sheet-
General Information
Character Name: Julian Keller
Alias: Hellion
Status: Rookie
Class: 3

Age: 24
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eye Color: Darkest Brown / Black
Hair Color: Blue

Birthday: July 26, 2003
Hometown: Beverly Hills, California

Faceclaim:  Harvey Newton Hayden

Personal Information
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Hobbies: Carousing | Martial Arts (Moderate) | Surfing | Competitive Sports

Julian was born to a rich, affluent family.  It is as traditional as it can be under the extreme nature of the setting.  Please do note that those familiar with the canon character will definitely see changes due to player-made choices on how to incorporate the setting.
  • Elizabeth Keller | Status: Presumably Deceased Presumably died in the 2019 desolation.
  • William Keller | Status: Presumably Deceased Presumably died in the 2019 desolation; had an incredibly successful (too successful?) pre-business life prior to that.
  • James Keller | Status: Alive Julian's only living family member; after the death of parents became a fanatic survivalist, hiding himself within the properties of the once-flourishing Keller brand.

Personality: Brash | Arrogant | Non-Repentant | Decisive | Leadership Potential | Rabble-Rouser | Rakish | Hyper-Competitive | Passionate | Extrovert | Angry | Domineering | Determined

History: Julian Keller was born to a highly affluent family in Beverly Hills California prior to the desolation.  While always somewhat labeled the "problem child" due to his short temper and strong convictions, his outcast status became cemented at the discovery off his powers.  While not seeing him as a pariah for them per se, his family wished him to keep them a secret and not practice them.  Julian defied this wish whole-heartily, an act that ultimately got him both disinherited and treated no longer as family.

Julian was away in New York when this ultimately ended in the Obsidian Throne's carnage where his parents were presumably killed among so many others as collateral damage.  Julian reacted to the news with anger, believing that if they had accepted him and his powers they would have lived.  He made a small but fruitless attempt at mending fences with his now-reclusive brother

Julian has depended on other mutants, believing that they are the only ones with the power to resist and survive in the harsh world.  Laura Kinney has been particularly instrumental in this, however he was one of the first to reach out to those whose mutant-centric ideologies were heavily scrutinized in more peaceful times.

Julian alternates between a frenzied and defiant passion in the face of such opposition, and a more hedonistic-fueled philosophy that the world has ended anyway, so restraint of many sorts should die with it.

Power Information
Fighting: 3
Power: 4
Willpower: 2

  • Telekinesis: Julian is considered to have great promise with telekinetic energy, but lacks training and focus.  He struggles particularly with fine motor telekinetics and keeping his powers from manifesting themselves uncontrolled.  Julian's telekinetic powers often are accompanied by a green good astound him, his hands, eyes, and/or the object being manipulated.  Julian ha manifested his telekinesis to do some side feats including creating a telekinetic shield, flight, and creating telekinetic ' platforms' that can be walked on.

Abilities: Moderate martial arts, surfing, competitive sporting, intimidation tactics, carousing.
Equipment: Pending GM discussion

Intimate Ink

Gio Selvaggio

Character Sheet:

The Basics

Full Name: Giuseppe "Gio" Selvaggio

Nickname: Gio (never goes by Giuseppe)

Birthday/Age: August 3rd/23

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

Hometown: Bronx (Belmont), New York

School Alumni | Year Graduated:  Salem {Danvers} | 2018

Profession: Professional Quodpot League | Greensboro Wolves | Attacker

Faction: None | Open to recruitment by MACUSA or Scourers

Wand: Red Oak | Wampus Cat Hair | 13 Inches | Resolute

Patronus: Yes, in the form of a Wampus.

Apparation License [y/n] y

Wand License [y/n] y

Boggart: A frail and weak, feeble version of himself, mirroring his perception of how his father, Anthony, currently is.  (Possible riddikulus: The image reversing back in time a la Benjamin Button until it is a dancing Quodpot-playing baby in Gucci-branded diapers.)

Physical Appearance

Description: Gio stands at 6'2" with a sturdy, athletic oriented frame with bulky but lean-cut muscles.  His brown eyes, black hair, and golden-hued skin are easy markers of his families' Italian heritage.  When not in his silver and black Wolves' uniform he can generally be seen wearing well-groomed but tight fitting 'prep-letic' style clothing.  Gio has a propensity for aquatic-citrusy style colognes, and has been known to over-wear them at given times.  He tends to be vain, and unless in the middle of a game will rarely let too much time go by without a quick mirror check to ensure he's looking properly composed.

Distinguishing Features:   Gio's vanity rarely allows for anything that could be potentially considered a flaw if enough magic or money exists that he can address it.  He does have a small scar running lateral to his jawline from an adolescent fight, as well as a wampus cat tattooed along his right thigh.

Delving Deeper

Personality: Confident | Driven | Focused | Charismatic | Resolute || Brash | Corruptible | Disloyal (Self-Serving) | Prideful | Vain

History: Giuseppe “Gio” Selvaggio was born the youngest of three siblings, and the only boy, to a pureblood family in the Belmont neighborhood of The Bronx, New York.  Given the rather rapid gentrification of the area it was fair to say that Gio’s experience of the Bronx was a far cry from even the experience of a boy who lived half a century earlier; nonetheless, that never stopped him from taking a certain bullish pride in the origins despite his upper-middle class background.

His mother, Angela, was a gifted horticulturist who was often consulted in matters of the magic arts.  His Father, Anthony, was all concrete business and organizational structure, and considered a master of finance in both the magic and nomaj worlds.  Being the youngest of three, and the only boy had it’s perks and trials for young Gio; his early and innate-seeming pride often put him at odds with the familial urge to coddle and control him, all the while he gratefully lapped in the attention that being the ‘baby in the family’ and the only son allowed.  He had a casual, if somewhat distant relationship with his sisters Emily and Rosa, tending to adopt Anthony as his sole role model when possible.

Gio proved to be a hot-headed if gifted young man, often subtly goaded by his father, while disciplined into some semblance of humility by his mother.  He was athletic and spry, quick-witted and passionate; temperance, perception, and empathy were things he more often lacked, however.  This made him a promising athlete, an uneven but gifted young scholar to magic, and a downright beast of a young bully.  His confidence exceeded his ability often enough, which often lead to him taking a thrashing from a bigger kid pushed too far, or even harshly disciplined by a well-meaning instructor at the end of their rope from his behavioral antics.

It was an intention to focus this energy which caused Anthony to push Gio to sports for structure and an outlet; given the pureblood nature of the family it seemed only natural for a mystical sport to be a positive choice.  When given a choice, Gio quickly gravitated towards Quodpot, drawn to the high level of popularity (and thus praise,) it afforded in the United States, as well as the flashy, explosive reactions that it garnered.

It was, perhaps, auspicious that Gio likewise began to show a natural aptitude and passion for the obscure discipline of Occlumency, wishing to hide his strategies from the opposing team.  True, on some deeper and unacknowledged level his interest likewise stretched far beyond merely team strategy; as a somewhat coarse and power-seeking youth often scolded to temper his pride with empathy and sensitivity, the discipline of Occlumency represented a beautiful shield with which he could keep his thoughts, emotions, and motivations his own.  Perhaps he lacked the ability to fully address his so-called weaknesses; however Occlumency did provide a way to hide it.  That would be good enough… perhaps better.

Gio thus flourished in his own way, trading in bullying and aggression for athleticism, quick-witted reactions, and interest in mathematics in terms of nomaj school disciplines.  His magical training was theatrical by nature, the boy developing a bold and brash, flamboyant style that rested counter-intuitively on his interest in Occlumency; like a director setting up the big show, he preferred to keep his set-up to himself, while sacrificing any promise of blossoming refinement and taste for bluster and razzle-dazzle.

It was in his early adolescence that Gio first took a strong affinity to the wampus cat, conjuring illusions of them, and drawing pictures of them across his notebooks.  For a time he went so far as to tell people who did not know any better that he went to school at Ilvermony so he could claim them as the patron beast of his house; while his temperament and physique well enough indicated there was a good chance that he would have been sorted as thus, those in his patron school at Salem could also chuckle well enough reasoning how his compulsion to obfuscate his own origins was so Danvers.

As Gio reached puberty, what was once meant as a way to focus his brasher tendencies became an ambition in and of itself:  Gio showed great training as a Quodpot player, particularly when it came to the confident, quick-thinking, and burst-strength abilities of an attacker.  Gio – not to mention his father, Anthony – soon had dreams of him playing for the New York Hippogriffs.  As a proud native New Yorker, Gio saw the legacy of the Hippogriffs as his own, and aspired to it with resolve.

Quodpot training became the youth’s life due to his natural talent and the fact that it fed his need to be recognized, even admired.  Gio quickly took his place among Salem as among the most popular of kids, feeding off the adoration.  His already distant relationship with his siblings increased as the boy took the route of social capital while they maintained more individual and quiet personas.  While he was disciplined and trained enough that his bullying tendencies were largely subverted, Gio still had a reputation of being a somewhat cold, ‘player’ type throughout his mid-adolescence.

When Gio was eighteen he was given a mixed blessing – he was, in fact, recruited for the reserves of a national Quodpot team, however it was not the New York Hippogriffs as he had always planned.  Instead, the offer came in the form of a place among the Greensboro Wolves; a team he secretly had little connection or affinity for.  He eventually relented with a somewhat burdened spirit, training in Greensboro, though taking advantage of the quick travel magic afforded him to still spend time with his family. 

Gio proved to be an asset to the still-fledgling team, through practices and opportunities being identified as a promising young star.  Just prior to his twentieth birthday he was offered a position as one of the teams attackers; however, within a month, Anthony was diagnosed with an alzheimer’s -like disease that neither the magic or nomaj world possessed the ability to deal with.  Wishing him to spend more time with his father, given their special relationship, Angela urged Gio to speak with the Hippogriffs; given his demonstrated dedication and talent, surely they would now consider adding him to their reserves?

Gio, however, refused… an act that cost him strong relations with his family, which may never recover.  While on the outside it looked well enough that he was choosing Quodpot over his father, in actuality his decision lied somewhere uncomfortable and deeper.  The truth was seeing his Father in the state he was deeply distressed Gio, not to mention came far too close to reminding Gio of his mortality and inability to be young and able-bodied forever. 

Over the next few years, Gio’s fame grew more and more, while his visits to New York became less and less.  He sent money but not his presence; while, perhaps, on some level it would be tempting to say that the adoration of fans and the glory of the game was not enough for him… the truth is, that was far from the truth.  Gio loved being and making spectacle, he loved feeling the best and being at the top of his game both literally and figuratively.  If only he could escape moments where that was not all there was, perhaps he truly would find contentment.

Missing the big city of New York, but not wanting to interact with his family, about a year ago in 2019 he purchased a condo in Chicago to live in when he was not training or on the road with the team.  While on-paper he may have three homes:  one in Greensboro, one in Chicago, and one in New York… the one in New York is never dwelled in any more, the now-man infamously cagey about even mentions of his family and personal life when in the public eye.

Anthony Selvaggio| Former Investment Broker | Father | Pure-blood
Angela Uccello Selvaggio | Horticulturist, Magical Consultant | Mother | Pure-blood
Rosa Selvaggio | Professor of Healing Arts at Ilvermony | Sister | Pure-blood
Emily Selvaggio | Magizoologist & Veterinarian | Sister | Pure-Blood
Lucy Selvaggio | Deceased Home-maker | Paternal Grandmother | Pure-Blood
Giuseppe Selvaggio | Retired Arithmancer | Paternal Grandfather | Pure-Blood | Gio's Name-Sake
Valeria Llano Ucello | Author of Magical Texts | Maternal Grandmother | Pure-Blood
Vincenzo Uccello | Deceased Seer | Maternal Grandfather | Pure-blood

A Little More

Likes: Quodpot | Mathematics | Sprinting | Loud Music (Rap, Rock, Hip Hop) |  Action Films | New York Pizza

Dislikes: Indie Films and Movies | Country Life | Endurance Trials | Empaths | Modern Art | Chicago Pizza

Habits | Mannerisms: Selfie-Addict | Fidgets in Prolonged Quiet | Works Out Emotions/Anxiety Physically

Strengths: Magical: Quick Caster, Directly Offensive Magic, Occlumency  | Mundane: Athletic,  Determined, Quick-Thinking, Fast-Twitch Muscles (Strong bursts of speed and strength, less capacity for endurance)

Weaknesses: Magical: Flashy/Easy-To-Notice Effects, Underdeveloped Seer Abilities, Poor Empath and Healer Aptitudes  | Mundane: Corruptible, Self-Centered, Status Conscious, Fast-Twitch Muscles (Strong bursts of speed and strength, less capacity for endurance), Unable to Laugh at Self/Accept Short-Comings

Fears: Being "Average" | Being Forgotten | Looking Foolish | Not Being Admired | Loss of Youth, Beauty, Wealth, Status, and Power |Irrelevancy


Character Goals: Become Captain of a National Quodpot Team | Increased Celebrity and (Physical, Magical, Political?) Power | Avoid Pain/Discomfort

Family Name: Selvaggio

Created By: Intimate Ink

Motto: Legacy must be made manifest through through Excellence, Labor, and Valor.

Located: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

Originated From: Italy

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

Heritage: Like most families whose origins lie within Italy, the Selvaggio line is primarily Indo-European with early ancestors among the Etruscans, Romans, Greeks, Latini, and other tribes that once flourished in the Mediterranean regions of Europe.

History: With earliest identified members residing primarily in Northern Italy along the base of the Alps, the Selvaggio family takes pride in having identified a large number of signores -- that is, ruling officials in the age.  As was the case with much of Italy, leadership tended to take on a more financial and cultural form than the more Northern brands of feudalism and monarcy.  As an aggregate, the early Selvaggio line was filled with merchants financiers and opportunists.  It was, perhaps, these early influences that shaped the more modern Selvaggio family into a clan alternatively labeled as pragmatic or ruthless, and self-serving or simply noble survivors.

In magic and muggle circles alike (and later no-maj within the new world,) the Selvaggio's developed a reputation of being rarely loyal to anyone but their own family and interests; politics and social causes were adopted as a means to an end (more often than not, wealth or power,) and were just as easily dismissed.  While lacking the extensive network of crime that the more Southern Italian families were (sometimes wrongly) infamous for, there were certainly robber-barons and deal-makers to go around within the family tree. Still, in the face of more contemporary and sensitive social critics there is plenty enough evidence to show that unlike some of their contemporaries the Selvaggio family knew how to both survive and thrive in the ever-changing political and social climates of the larger continent... and later, the global market.

The Selvaggio's became an American force during the mass-wave of Italian immigration from Europe around the turn of the twentieth century.  Among the most prominent was Tito Selvaggio, an investor both labeled wise and ruthless who managed to thrive during and after the great depression in the acquisition and reselling of capital goods for profit.  The Selvaggio's stronghold in New England financial matters only was strengthened with the economic boom that came from the upcoming war.  The contemporary members of the blood-line have shown a continued astuteness, no-nonsense aggression in both business and life, and a tendency to lean slightly towards conservative ideals in both social and economic policy.

Common Family Traits: The Selvaggio's exhibit common Italian heritage with typically dark hair and eyes, swarthy skin, and full-shaped features.  Their bodies often seem made to contain their expansive personalities, with males often either coming off as particularly strong, formidable, and athletic or alternatively with a robust body and noticeable paunch.  Females typically are more slender but still shapely with typical hour-glass style figures.  Rarely are there shy Selvaggio's in the line; the family tends to spawn lovers of life and work with deep, expressive voices, passionate libidos, and traits marking them as rugged individuals.  There is a strong sense of loyalty within in the family, which is notable given a certain devil-may-care ruthlessness they have been accused of in larger circles.

Worldview and Politics: Most noble families will happily say that a Selvaggio will happily profess to be a member of the winning side, up until that side is no longer winning.  While these generalities can oversimplify history, there is some truth that the family has tended to stay the line on most political issues both magic and no-maj.  Due to this they often tend to lean slightly towards conservative in agenda, seeming to always have a plan in place for the world as it is, while consciously remaining just flexible enough for unexpected change.

Traditions: The Selvaggio's tend to be tightly knit, with strong ties to their family.  Rarely do American's in the line not return home to Italy on regular occasion, where elaborate family gatherings are often held.  Marriage into the family can often be a chore of multiple trials, and more than one hopeful bride-or-groom to be has found themselves cast aside after the family cast disapproving eyes.  The Selvaggio's speak pridefully of their achievements, and often engage in contests both informal and formal, measuring success and achievement.

Immediate Family and Adoptables:

Giuseppe Selvaggio | Retired Arithmancer
Lucy Selvaggio | Deceased Home-maker
Offspring: Anthony Salvaggio, Stefano, "Stephan" Selvaggio, Paola Selvaggio

Anthony Selvaggio| Former Investment Broker
Angela Uccello Selvaggio | Horticulturist, Magical Consultant
Offspring: Rosa Selvaggio, Emily Selvaggio, Giuseppe "Gio" Selvaggio

Rosa Selvaggio | Professor of Healing Arts at Ilvermony 
Emily Selvaggio | Magizoologist & Veterinarian
Giuseppe "Gio" Selvaggio | Professional Quodpot Player

Raphaël Freitas

Character Sheet:

The Basics

Full Name: Raphaël Freitas

Nickname: Raph

Birthday/Age:November 1st, 1995/25

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Hometown: Florianópolis, Santa Catarina | Brazil

School Alumni | Year Graduated:  Hogwart's {Slytherin} | 2014

Profession: Curse-Breaker, Gringott's Second Colonial Bank

Faction: Council of Black

Wand: Wood | Core | Length  Black Limba | Basilisk Skin Core | 9.5 Inches | Spiraled

Patronus: Yes, appears as an Occamy

Apparation License [y/n] y

Wand License [y/n] y

Boggart: A swirling, pulsing blackness that sweeps across and around him, countered by a Riddikulus of a giant light-switch that he can flip on that turns on the lights while confetti falls from the sky in celebration.

Physical Appearance

Description: Raphaël Freitas stands at six feet and one inches tall with a lean, muscular frame.  His Brazilian heritage -- a common mix of Portuguese and Tupi -- is evident enough in his swarthy appearance, dark brown eyes and light brown hair.  It is a notable occurrence indeed to catch him without ample facial hair in the form of a beard and moustache, which he keeps tidy and trimmed.  He most typically wears his hair at a medium to longer length in current days, terminating around his neckline, but with enough bangs to sweep to the side or pull back.  He speaks in a thoughtful and rich baritone voice that is easily heard, though he might always initially share it much in crowded settings.    Due to a life of living around a variety of languages and places is accent is unique and belongs wholly to nowhere, influenced by his many living situations in the past.

Distinguishing Features: Raphaël's most notable distinguishing feature is the network of tattoos that are visible above his left pectoral, extending over his upper arm.  They depict images reflecting his South American, specifically Tupi, heritage and include a stylized sun and mythological bestiary.

Delving Deeper

Personality: Intelligent, Resilient, Controlled, Daring, Independent, Introverted, Harshly Critical of Both Self and Others

History: Raphaël Freitas was born on the Santa Catarina Island within its' major city, Florianópolis.  His father, Danilo, was a Portuguese-born Professor of Magizoology at Hogwart's University; due to the resources and like-minded colleagues he often made both sabbaticals and student-accompanied trips to Castelobruxo.  Due to the unique island eco-system that Santa Catarina provided glimpses into, it was always a favorite studying spot for many of the Castelobruxo faculty and students.  As it happened, though, the so-called overly disciplined and noble-borne Danilo Freitas would meet and fall in love with a no-maj (or, perhaps more accurately 'muggle' given Danilo's European nationality) Anthropologist by the name of Maria Santos on that very island.  The product of that love and union would be Raphaël.

It is, perhaps, sadly, needless to say that news of Raphaël's birth was not universally received in good tidings.  The noble -- and frankly quite haughty, Freitas family urged Danilo to cease the foolish affair at once; and to let the family handle the clean-up of a relationship and child that was seen as tarnish to their family name.  Danilo, however, revolted and ultimately turned his back on his family and his former life.  He married Maria and took up residence in Castelobruxo, claiming it was always where he was happiest being anyway.  Needless to say, many were furious, but for a few precious moments Maria, Danilo, and the newly born Raphaël enjoyed the luxury of having each other and being a united family of their own.

Any magi-scientist can tell you, however, that happiness itself is a form of stasis, which is a state that the world rarely tolerates for long.  Danilo would become obsessed with his work in Castelobruxo, stating he was on the verge of discovering something truly amazing as he spent longer and longer hours, days, and then months away from his students, peers, and faculty.  Because in the intervening time he became quite secretive about his research and work, not to mention suffered a dour change in attitude, rumors began to surface that Danilo had stumbled across some truly dark creatures or artifacts, and that they were consuming his passionate, but good-hearted nature. 

The day Castelobruxo put Danilo on forced sabbatical was also the last day that Raphaël would see his Father.  Though it took some time to put together the facts afterwards, it seemed Danilo had taken up his journals and equipment feeling that means and writings would be soon taken from him.  From there Danilo apparently went into the forests and wild coves of West Santa Catarina Islands and was not heard from again.  Many of his personal academic journals were found in rugged disrepair, along with torn clothes and blood scattered about the area.  It was determined that something had caused the famed Magizoologist to meet his end, and he was presumed dead.

Poets might say that Maria died of a broken heart soon thereafter, though her very real and tragic cancerous infliction should not be understated.  She died on almost a year to the day of Danilo’s disappearance, leaving young Raph orphaned.  Since, in his blossoming, it seemed that he had inherited magic from his father, it was initially presumed that Castelobruxo would care for him, but several of the administrators frowned upon such an arrangement.  Whether, as they had stated, they were truly concerned for the boy hearing the constant whispers that his father had turned to the dark arts, or simply wanted to metaphorically wash their hands of the matter, was open for debate.

Thus, under notable pressure from the magic community, the Freitas family was forced to acknowledge the half-blooded child that they would have been happy to forget existed… especially since even the son they were once proud of had been rumored to have turned to darkness.  With only a small bag of things, his father’s wand, and a degree of innocence in matters that soon would be challenged, young Raphaël was ushered across the world to a place he neither knew, nor one that in many ways knew him.

Raphaël's early days with the Freitas family, and subsequently his time at Hogwart’s, could not have gone much worse.  Sure, there were those understanding – even caring – faculty members, but Raph had traded the notorious suspected legacy of his father for a host of other problems.  This was, perhaps, most exacerbated when due to some dismay and surprise that the boy was sorted into Slytherin by the famed hat; given his half-blood nature this was quite distressing for a house that valued the tradition of purebloods so very much.  When the boy was revealed as a parselmouth, he was only condemned further due to the poor history of such things, particularly in Slytherin.

The Freitas family, in turn, did little for him; keeping him at school whenever possible, and hiring his care and communication out to servants when the need arose.  Young Raphaël was bullied and picked on by his peers constantly, both for what he was and fear of what he might become.  This was, of course, tragedy in the sense that within the boy seemed to dwell a good, if somewhat brooding and stubborn heart.  That was nothing to say of a cunning, intellectually-oriented mind that clearly had picked up the penchant for academics and a passion to learn from his parents.  Raph quickly joined the ever-growing list of half- and mud-bloods that challenged the notion that their magic and dedication was any less potent; he took particularly well to both charms and the defense of the dark arts, and earned some favor with the faculty because of such things.

Through his adolescence, however, Raph would remain a pariah to the majority of his peers as well as his blood family.  He took to solitary activities and sports – reading, swimming, hiking, and surfing.  Despite often feeling lonely he wrapped himself in the cloak of an introvert, admittedly growing somewhat bitter towards the elitism and mistrust that ensured his adolescence would be an awkward and solitary one.

He would eventually graduate with high marks as a gifted scholar and promising mage, though other than the small group of friends and sympathetic faculty members, celebration would be Raph’s own to have.  Much like his father once did, with little warning or fanfare Rafe would leave England shortly after graduation and move back to Brazil.

He spent the following years as a semi-nomad, largely traveling around Santa Catarina and more general areas of Brazil and the Amazon.  During that time he developed – though certainly did not perfect – some of his lacking social skills due to increased contact with the no-maj community, whom was less exclusive to him due to the the multiple factors the magic community had historically questioned him over.  Raph developed his endurance abilities through surfing and hiking this time, as well as his intellectual abilities through the speaking of languages, and further exploring of architecture and artifacts both magical and no-maj.

Raph’s choice to leave Brazil was largely a financial one, knowing his nomadic and sometimes hobo-esque life was no long-term goal.  Gringott’s actively recruited him when they learned of his skill-set: after all, his parsel-tongue abilities, penchant for archeology, and gifts with charms and dark arts defense perfect recruitment points.  He succeeded wildly at the job of curse-breaker because of these things, even lacking many of the familial and social ties that made him willing to put his life in quite precarious positions at times.

Refusing to live in their London headquarters after such bad memories of the country, Raph initially moved to New York, where he was an easy target for the Council of Black due to his strong animosity against purebloods judging him.  Nonetheless he kept a low profile in the organization, and has been a fairly neutral voice due to a lack of interest or ability in social carousing or political ambitions.

It is only in the month of May 2020, just prior to the game starting, that Raph has moved to Chicago, having requested a transfer from Gringott’s due to longing for a more quiet, casual home-life than the rhythm of New York City typically allows.

Danilo Freitas | Presumed Deceased Former Magizoology Professor for Castelobruxo | Father | Pure-Blood | Danilo was respected for his talents with bestiary but some feared his involvement in Dark Arts
Maria Santos Freitas | Deceased Former Anthropologist for Federal University of Santa Catarina | Mother | No-Maj

Osvaldo Freitas | Retired Auror | Paternal Grandfather | Pure-Blood | Does not openly acknowledge Raph as family
Ines Da Luz Freitas | Retired Oblivator | Paternal Grandmother | Pure-Blood | Does not openly acknowledge Raph as family

Érico Santos | Deceased Capitão-de-mar-e-guerra (Colonel) for Marinha do Brasil | Maternal Grandfather | No-Maj
Marcella Nora Santos | Deceased Author and Home-Maker | Maternal Grandmother | No-Maj

A Little More

Likes: Archaeology/Ancient History | Surfing | Hiking | Studying / Reading | Logic Problems | Classical Music

Dislikes: Pureblood Elitism | Pop Culture (Music, Movies, Sports) | Crowded Spaces | Sweet Drinks | Anglophiles

Habits | Mannerisms: Becomes a 'Wallflower' in Stressful Social Situations, Especially Magic 'High-Society' | Tends to go quiet when deliberating on answers and solutions to questions or problems, leading some people to believe he isn't listening | Tends towards compulsive and ritualistic behavior, such as repeatedly checking door locks and fastidious washing of his hands

Strengths: Magical: Parselmouth, Curse-Breaking, Curses, Charms, Defense Against The Dark Arts | Mundane: Outdoor Survival (esp. in Jungle and island/water-heavy settings), Endurance Athleticism (Hiking, Cycling), Archaeological Knowledge (esp. Ancient Runes/Hieroglyphics), Linguistics (Spanish, Portuguese, English, Gobbledegook)

Weaknesses: Magical Legillimency, High technology-savvy magic | Mundane: Lack of team sports knowledge (playing or fan-knowledge), poor carousing/blending skills (often comes off as shy, serious, or 'up to something'), Holds on to grudges

Fears: Learning his father was evil / corrupted | Being evil / becoming corrupted | Dying alone / no 'family' | Failing Intellectually


Character Goals: Continued self-improvement | Furthering the Cause of Half-Bloods / Council of Black | Being Seen as Legitimate and Trust-worthy

Intimate Ink

Admin/Personal Stuff

Hello, hello, welcome one and all to my idea thread.  I'm brand new to Elliquiy (though definitely not to role-playing,) so please mind the dust.  Apologies if everything is not the most complete or sleekest looking as I work to get everything in place.  I'm always welcome to answer inquiries through message if you are having trouble finding answers to a question.

So, let's get the basics out of the way so we can get to the ideas, shall we?

  • I welcome any gender or sexuality to play with me.  I play a variety of them myself.  I admit that, due to the way my mind and desire is wired, most of the characters I will be looking for are going to be male.  Please push back on me, though, if you like an idea but don't want to play a male character.  I'll only welcome the proposal, promise.
  • Please, before asking to play a character with me read my O/O's.
    I promise I will do the same for all of you.  While it may take extra time to do, it's not going to take near as much time if we go through a lot of set-up only to figure out we aren't compatible on some basic levels.
  • Please be aware I have a tendency towards longer responses at a relaxed rate.  More on that is in my ons/offs, but it deserves repeating
  • Please be aware nothing in my ideas are set in stone.  I am trying very hard to walk the line between providing enough information to inspire a prospective partner, while still allowing them complete artistic control over their character.  If I have failed in doing that: call me out on it, and change what you'd like!
  • Finally, if you don't see anything on here to your liking, but still think you'd like me, please propose something; I am open to playing other genders, if wanted.

Original Ideas - Serious Leaning

(Picture is for inspiration only; pick your own character face.  I will mine.)
Working Title: Translations
Imagined Pairing: M / M
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Brief Description: A more open, Western-influenced (UK or US?) soldier is stationed in Pakistan or Afghanistan and begins working with a Pashtun soldier, whom is helping as a translator and fighter.   When the soldier's unit withdraws, the village turns against the Pashtun for working so closely with Western influences, and he ultimately is granted a Visa to the soldier's home country.  (Yes, this happens.) Not knowing whom to rely on in a new country, he turns to the soldier he worked with for friendship... maybe more. Cultural struggles commence, particularly due to Pashtun culture allowing for men to enjoy other men's bodies for pleasure, yet romantic and attached feelings are strictly forbidden.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Since it has been asked of me before, I will not delve into the culture of some Pashtuns having sex with young boys.  No exceptions; not my jam,, sorry.
Themes I See That May Occur: Cultural Differences/Strain, Fidelity to Family/Country, Romance,  Top/Bottom role strain - maybe the Pashtun enjoys the sensations of being on bottom more... yet sees it as more degrading, Forbidden Love
Role I Will Play:  Either
Anticipated Length:  Long-Term

Working Title: Tolerance
Imagined Pairings: M/M
Genre: Horror/Gothic, Contemporary Fiction, (Possibly) Romance
Brief Description: 5 - 10 years ago, Character A was involved in a gay bullying stunt of Character B that ultimately turned deadly by accident.  After years of being away, Character A moves back to the town with his new wife.  Character B begins to manifest as a ghost, causing trauma and harm.  While this will ultimately be up to who takes on Character B's role, I initially envisioned a non-consensual scene directed on Character A during the first night the wife is away.  Will Character B simply remain prey?  Or will an understanding and forgiveness develops that unites the two in unexpected ways...
Role I Will Play: Either
Anticipated Length: Really depends on the partner and story with this one... maybe most likely medium-term?

Original Ideas - Smut/Campy/Fun Leaning

Working Title: Unleashed
Imagined Pairings: M/F
Genre: Supernatural Horror
Brief Description: A fairly young, committed couple are in a stagnant marriage.  The man is quiet, awkward.  The woman has been cheating on him for some time, primarily with young, more aggressive, types.  When she is belittling her husband at the bar she usually cheats at, a stranger makes her a deal.  He has a (magical) way of lifting her husbands inhibitions, breaking down that quiet wall that keeps him from being the primal and possessive male she claims that she wants.  He does warn her, though, that you can't suppress Pandora's box.  Once you break those walls, you must deal with whatever comes out.
Role I Will Play:  Either
Anticipated Length:  Short-Term; I suspect they will somehow end up destroying themselves before it goes too far.

Working Title: Rivaly
Imagined Pairings: M/M
Genre: Pointless Smut, Romance, Contemporary Fiction
Brief Description:  In sort of a slight twist on the oft-thrown around jock/nerd romance, I'd like to explore the relationship between an athlete of a popular, well-funded collegiate sport like hockey or football (either meaning of that last one, take your pick,) and an equally hard-working athlete of a less-funded sport like diving.  My imagined set-up is that the well-funded athlete is in danger of losing his full-ride scholarship for blowing off classes.  The less-funded athlete is working as a tutor just to make enough money to get by, and to continue training in the sport he loves while managing school.  Personalities and viewpoints clash... and, just maybe something smutty happens from it.
Role I Will Play:  Either, with slight preference to the low-funded athlete since this is a role-play I tried once before and my partner bailed on me.... so, I already have a character ready to go if I took that role.
Anticipated Length: Probably Short to Medium-Length depending on the partner and direction.

Pre-Existing Content aka FanDoms

  • Please do not be offended if I am a bit picky about who I write fan-fiction role play with.  For a very long time I flat-out refused writing fan-fiction but an excellent partner once proved to me how enjoyable it can be, if it is done in a way I am comfortable with.  That pretty much means giving the same amount of thought, detail, and writing attention to a fandom character as any other character.   If  you like fandoms because they are 'shortcuts' through the world-building and character generation process, i'm probably not ther ight fandom partner for you.
  • I will not play a Canon character paired with an OC.

I have no fleshed-out ideas for pairings at this time, but will use this space when I do.  Please feel free to approach me with suggestions, or simply interest, and we can see what might work. 

Some fandom words that would definitely get my attention

1) Daredevil (Marvel)
2) Rey (The Force Awakens)
3) Klaus & Tyler (TVD, Originals)
4) Frank, Connor, Ollie, or Asher (HTGAWM)
5) Seth Gecko (Dusk Till Dawn - TV)

The Huntsman and the Wolf
Proposed Pairing: M/F, M/M, or M/Other
Primary Role(s) I Am Willing to Play: Any/Either
Possible Tones: Campy, Light-Hearted, Sexy, Seductive, Fairy-Tale Inspired, Romantic, Primal
Snap-Shot: Once upon a time there was a great hunter that did much to save the great nobles of the land.  Many of his tales were captured in stories.  The time had come for the Prince of the land to bestow upon him a long-overdue title, and for the Huntsman to take a noble bride as his wife.  Even as preparations were being made for a lavish ball intended for the soon-to-be-noble man to find his bride, the Huntsman still struggled each night with his own dark secret, however.  The fact that he could not quite stop thinking of a certain foul (were) wolf...

Romain Vennet[/float]

Alex Collet
C:\Data Center\Details
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Body Type: Athletic/Toned
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Light Green
Age: 21
Date of Birth: December 16, 1996
Nationality: American
Hometown: Camden, New Jersey

C:\Data Center\Details\Personal
Relationship Status: Seeing someone... multiple someones... he may or may not remember all their names... actually, definitely not.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Occupation: EM DJ | Odd-Jobs to Get By (Hopefully none that require waking up too early...)
Financial Status: His bank account is his couch cushions, and they are currently tapped at the moment.
Public Fame: Familiar face DJ at clubs; some of his work is well-known in the Philly EDM scene, however it was ghost-produced so is not associated with him.
Aliases (Nicknames): Alopex (DJ Name)

Angela Spann | Mother | Alive | Administrative Assistant in Camden, NJ
Lyle Colett | Father | Unemployed in Camden, NJ
James Colett | Half-Brother (Estranged) | Auto Mechanic in Camden, NJ

Personality Traits: Friendly | Charismatic | Creative | Empathetic | Sly | Extroverted | Hedonistic | Optimistic | Curious | Self-Centered | Short-Sighted | Impulsive

C:\Data Center\Details\Information
Pre-Awakening History:

Though not technically Philadelphia-born, Alex Collet was born only across the Delaware River in Camden, New Jersey.  His mother, Angela, had intentions of being a stay-at-home mother at the time, while his Father, Lyle, worked in the ailing steel industry at Camden Yard Steel.  Though Alex had a half-brother through Lyle’s previous marriage, there was no strong relationship between the now-existing families, so for most intents and purposes he was wholly an only child.

Lyle was a proud and stubborn man, whom at the best of times had a warm charisma and unique perceptive abilities of the world, though he was also prone to mental illness and depression when under stress and conflict.  This would, unfortunately, already become quite the case before Alex even celebrated his second birthday:  Angela found herself trying to care her son while trying to take odd jobs as Lyle would often simply disappear for days, then weeks, at a time.  Camden Yard Steel would often call Angela with little more knowledge of Lyle’s whereabouts then his wife, which would eventually lead to his eventual termination.

When Lyle’s attitude became more hostile and abusive, Angela eventually filed for divorce, choosing to raise her son herself.  It was a difficult, somewhat tense time for mother and child the next few years.  Angela had long since burnt her former job prospects prior to marriage, so instead worked on supporting her and Alex through a series of odd-jobs and house-cleaning work.  Consequently, Alex’s early life was a time of upheaval and uncertainty; he was too young to fully comprehend everything that had occurred.   He proved to be a curious, engaged, and tactile-learning boy with much kinetic energy to spare… a trait that sometimes vexed his overworked mother, but was ultimately accepted.

Despite -- or perhaps because of -- the difficult home-life, as Alex reached school age he proved to be quite the social, enthusiastic boy.  His learning development was on-point, even strong, though he was often called out for talking in class, humming, wandering off, and similar activities.  While the school often suspected, and stressed for, an attention-deficit disorder diagnosis, those kinds of diagnostics well exceeded his mother's means to provide.  Still, there were some instructors that definitely pushed that Alex was simply the type of child who liked a lot of engagement and stimuli, and diagnosis and drugs were not the proper answer, anyway.  Due to his mother's long work hours, Alex often was with babysitters and other make-shift caretakers growing up; while extended family did help occasionally, Angela's roots were in southern Washington State, so it required planned and costly visits.

By his early adolescence/pre-teens, Alex had developed a strong rebellious streak, often times unhappy with the constraints of his life.  He proved to be musically inclined, often wanting to play instruments, though never developed a noteworthy affinity with any of them due to both the cost of lessons and his inability to focus his interests for very long.  Due to having a computer provided to him by school programs, and a fairly strong natural inclination towards technology from an early age, Alex became mixing and remixing music tracks: not only collecting tracks he liked, and experimenting with various audiophile programs.  In essence, it provided him an outlet for his musical interests, despite not having the discipline or easy means for playing a traditional instrument.  His school performance was a strange hodge-podge mix due to a sketchy attendance record and a tendency to disengage on one hand, while on the other becoming quite passionate and intellectually cunning about subjects he had a true interest in.  As a whole he tended to do quite well in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, while falling behind somewhat in the hard sciences and mathematics.  Though he idolized his father at times, this was quickly cut-down due to visits with Lyle that were characterized either by the man being engaged with Alex but too psychologically troubled to connect with him, or those times when he simply shrugged Alex off as another unwelcome obligation.

From the start of his teenage years Alex had discovered two things that made him very happy, even though they did not particularly make those trying to be guardians around him happy at all:  namely, amateur EM DJing and sex.  It would seem he wasted no time nose-diving into either pursuit, often to the detriment of his schooling, and some experiences of 'growing up too soon'.  Though he also began to play with drug use, perhaps surprisingly -- and blessedly in the eyes of adults around him -- he tended to be recoiled at the loss of sensation and awareness the experiences caused him.  By sixteen he had dropped out of school and was at odds with his parents and extended family more often than not; his sneaking out often reminded Angela and her side of the family too much of Lyle's own behavior.  When Alex's father was around, he simply found dealing with 'teenage troubles' "far too much to deal with".  Alex became quite savvy at this time with his music, which was often an escape for him for the troubles around him, whether it be parents, bullies, or dealing with tough experiences that he dug himself into.

Dropping out did ultimately prove to have an ironic, if somewhat calming effect on him and his behaviors.  Stuck with a static-feeling situation, Alex began to develop a bit more discipline and behavior-management, realizing that it was his best way of having a better life and escaping the dilapidated and often crime-ridden neighborhood of his in Camden.  This resulted in him studying and successfully getting his GED, falling into a self-care routine that helped curb some of his frenetic energy through sports, and developing waiting and retail skills to better provide for himself.  Through it all he continued to play with various music through electronic mediums, laying the groundwork for future mixes and tracks.

By eighteen, Alex had discovered the virtue of fake ID's and getting into the dance clubs his own music style gravitated towards.  Though he certainly had some fun being a participant on the floor -- not to mention participating at a few raves -- he ultimately was called more towards paying attention to the professional DJs working there.  Though they were perhaps local celebrity at best, the boy was enamored with the local EM DJ scene stars such as E//M, Noah Breakfast, and Telequanta.  Wanting to be closer to them he eventually got a server job at The Golden Gates, due to their full restaurant service, it being one of the few DJ-friendly clubs in town that did not scrutinize his young age too closely in the hiring process. 

Alex proved to be a hard worker despite his propensities towards distraction, proving even to himself that he possessed more focus than he once believed he could muster.  Alex thought he finally founds his 'break' by befriending a local DJ duo, Die-Late; they voiced approval for the tracks he showed them, provided him tips to improve, and eventually offered to make him a ghost-producer in return for financial compensation and helping to get him a DJ presence in the city.  Alex quickly agreed, not thinking too much about how he would feel about his music being put out under another person's name, instead focused upon the fact it meant he finally had a foothold in the industry.

While Die-Late did fulfill their part of the contractual bargain, and even got Alex a few low-profile and off-time DJ jobs at Philadelphia clubs he normally would not have had access to, it proved to not be enough.  The tracks that Alex had laid down for the duo were among their most successful work, and while Alex's influence was pushed slightly up, he was forced to watch their own local fame soar on his creative efforts.  This would prove a truly bitter, even disastrous, turn of events:  while he was initially stoked to be finally working at one of the most popular clubs in the city, District N9NE, he was soon heckled into playing one of his tracks, Resist, that was published under Die-Late's name.  As he watched the club-goers dance and tried to resist taking unprove-able credit for the track (all the while breaking contract), the lights began to flicker while sound distorted.  At first Alex believed it must be some surprise stunts by the club, but as the music began to get louder, reaching a squealing pitch and the lights strobed rapidly he began to realize they would not do something so dangerous.  At once he felt connected with the waves of sound and light in the room, and in a singular moment of horror he realized that the shifts were somehow coming from him, even as sonic ripples shot out and began to deafen the club members.  The more anxious he got, the worse the scene became, with the lights reaching impossible intensities: soon club members trying to leave in a flurry while trying to cover their already damaged eyes and ears.  Several deaths ultimately occurred that night due to trampling, not to mention countless accounts of both temporary and permanent blindness and deafness.

Alex fled from the scene, terrified, holing up in his somewhat dilapidated studio rental in Mantua.

Recent History:

When Malcolm approached Alex after news of the very unexpected and unfortunate awakening spread through the mage community, Alex was atypically insular and scared.  He had barely acted, let alone gone in public, since the event, not knowing if the deaths and injuries could be linked to him in some way.  More critically -- he feared that he might unwillingly do the same thing again.  It was both a conversation and process on Malcolm's part to get the youth to relax enough to understand the basics of what had happened to him. 

While Alex is still very much in the process of recovering and understanding, his exuberant nature has lent him the resilience necessary to accept, even practice some of his new double-edged abilities.  While he has not returned to the DJ scene as of yet, he still has aspirations to.  However, he has also taken the turn of looking into attending some classes at the Community College of Philadelphia in order to better understand some of his own reality-shaping abilities.  He continues to reside in his one-bedroom apartment in Mantua, and has resumed his waiter job at The Golden Gate in order to pay bills.  He now is working to get integrated with the mage community, while also trying to take the mental steps necessary to resume more mundane goals and aspirations within his life.

C:\Data Center\Details\Magical

Discipline:  Prime   (3)   
Discipline:  Matter  (2)   
Discipline:  Life      (1)   
Focus:  Forces  (3)   
Specialty:  Shadow & Light   (1)   
Specialty:  Evocation   (1)   
Specialty:  Antimagic   (1)   
Specialty:  Technology (2)   
Specialty:  Shaping     (1)   
Specialty:  Nature      (1)   

Arete: 4
Resonance: Vibrokinetic (7)

C:\Data Center\Details\Misc


Character Name: Alex Collet
Face Claim: Romain Vennat
Discipline | Focus: Prime | Forces

Basic Concept: Unfocused, young EDM DJ (Pulling some inspire from Martin Garrix, turned Awakened Mage

Pre-Awakening: Inspirations for background pulled from EMD DJs such as Martin Garrix and Steve Martinez.  Delinquent youth type from a somewhat broken home life; largely aimless and goal-less until he found passion in music and DJing.  Found some modest success but is largely unknown/uncredited due to ghost producing for others thanks to his young age and lack of a name.
Awakening: Disastrous.  While working at a club he heard people talking up a track that he ghost produced.  Feeling scorned and uncredited, his sense of pride triggered an awakening that amplified the frequency of the sound and light waves, leaving many of the club goers permanently blind, deaf, or simply dead.
Post-Awakening: Malcolm (and perhaps other affiliated mages) were aware of the unintended slaughter soon enough, and swooped in for damage control.  Alex has agreed to study under Malcolm in hope the incident will not reoccur.

Character Goals:   Control over Powers | Recognition/Fame | Stability | Independence
Player Goals: Explore the Modified System | Character Development -- Particular Depth in Goals and Finding a "Larger Purpose" | Enjoying the Welcome Break the System Provides From Always Equating Best Mages w/ 'Smart, Bookish' Type | Potential Character 'Redemption'

Player Limitations: Hrm.. I'm pretty relaxed about sex/violence/gory descriptions and plot-lines, which it sounds like where this question is aiming.  Urrr.  I do usually quietly excuse myself with inter-generational incest themes (ie mother/son, father/son, father/daughter, etc.)?
Posting Rate: You know me, you know it varies sometimes with little control from me.  I never promise more than a minimum of once every five days or so due to the fact my work days are usually blocked together.  I generally favor longer than that if it's more open-world style like Ascendant that encourages side-threads and world exploring on one's own terms.  If it's more stream-lined/mission-based shorter posting rates seem to work better.  I can say for at least the next month I'm likely going to be a quick poster Mon - Thurs and a virtual unknown on here Friday - Sunday due to the way my upcoming work schedule is currently structured.
Questions & Comments: Thank you, as always, for the time and effort you spend.  I feel sometimes there is a disconnect between your knowledge of appreciation and the actual appreciation out there, but I'm not sure how to always fix that.

Intimate Ink

Name: Milo Posselt
Nicknames: Zeeslang, Samengedrukte zeeslang (named after a poisonous sea snake found off the South African Coast, due to his professional specializations.)
Aliases: Luuk van der Meer, Ryan Sommer

Age: 34
Date of Birth: The 5th of June.
Bloodtype: AB (Rh-)
Country of Origin: South Africa
Current Citizenship: South African (Milo is currently a registered resident living in San Diego county, just outside Camp Pendleton with Gabriel Matías Rodríguez.)
Height: 6'2" (1,78m)
Hair: Black (Darkest Brown), cut short as pictured, slight greying
Eyes: Hazel
Body Type: Milo has a typically masculine athletic build with broader shoulders and a narrower, tapered waist ratio.  He is physically fit by military standards with lean body mass and visible musculature.  Like most aquatic athletic types his greatest muscle strength is in his core, particularly his latimus dorsi.

Distinguishing Features: Milo possesses faint, mild scarring along his right thigh and arms from diving-related injuries over the years.

Primary Presentation: Watcher
Secondary Presentation: Shifter
Power Analysis:  Though Milo may technically be a notably strong Watcher,  in practice he rarely has the opportunity to utilize the full potential of his powers due to being unable to maintain a daily existence without some level of Baseline suppression.  His hearing,  touch,  and sight specifically are enhanced and help serve him well in his reconnaissance specialty.   This includes such feats as having the visual acuity to more likely notice small details like trip wires and lasers typically outside the visual spectrum,  the ability to hear voices from afar and the hum of machines,  and on his peak days gain some spatial sense of a three-dimensional structure based on hearing and feeling the airflow and related currents moving around and through it.  He is rarely able to maintain a peak state of little to no baseline in his system for long,  though, as it renders him overwhelmed and eventually crippled with stimuli.  Milo additionally manifests some minor powers in the form of audio and visual illusions.   These are usually simple mechanics that can last less than fifteen minutes at their peak currently.  Some examples of this might be creating an illusion-based fog, causing a blank piece of paper to look like a badge,  or causing a sound of an alarm where there is none.   Milo has had some inconsistent luck in temporarily adjusting a feature on someone's face,  but thus far lacks the ability to ensure consistency or make any larger change.

Education: BMil, Technology & Defense Management | MMil, Military Geography | Stellenbosch University - Faculty of Military Science | Saldanha, South Africa
Employment History: Milo joined the SANDF (South Africa National Defense Force) as an act of self-described rebellion against his family, many of whom were still clinging to many apartheid ideals despite its dissolution.  His mundane talents, Empowered abilities and personality that was often typified as "level-headed" to "coldly rational" earned him recognition in the force.  Being among the somewhat infrequent colonial descent member in an army that was finally policy-wise unified was not without its controversies, especially when Milo began to be singled out by his talents.  He eventually shifted his service to a student position at Stellenbosch University under the Faculty of Military Science.  It was during this time he worked to hone his skills and specialties at military diving, combining his natural inclination for the activity while making use of his unusual abilities.  After graduation, Milo continued in SANDF as one of the fledgling members of the newly formed Operational Diving Division.  In the last five years however, like many of his original peers, Milo found his original idealism somewhat tainted with the difficult realities of SANDF including its limited budget, political controversies, lack of representation in Parliamentary decisions, and dwindling membership.  As the country seemed to turn its faith to independent security contractors and mercenary groups, Milo did the same, seeking much more lucrative employment in top firms in the area including Mustek Limited and Security Professional Services.  Due to increasingly being sent abroad by these countries  due to lucrative offers tailored to his skill-set, Milo eventually began paying attention to firms with headquarters outside his home.  Merriweather proved to be the favored of these due to its high profile and appealing fiscal benefits.
Special Skills: Milo's specialty role in military operations typically revolve around his background and skill-set as a reconnaissance military diver.  In combat situations this generally involves missions prior to large squadron deployment in order to confirm and identify  points of interest behind enemy lines including man- and fire-power, potential barriers, choke points, people of interest, geographical anomalies,  security systems,  and other relevant information prior to an attack. In less direct combat situations his skills are utilized in examining and repairing underwater vehicles, clearing and recovering salvage, and gathering observations and specimens under the guidance of marine and climate scientists..  As with most military divers,  Milo has received instruction in amphibious combat and use of related vehicles and technology. 
Languages: Afrikaans (mother tongue), English (fluent), Zulu (mostly fluent), Dutch (limited), German (limited), Xhosa (very limited), Spanish (picking up bits and pieces from Gabriel Matías Rodríguez.)

Hobbies & Interests: Milo's passion is the ocean, whether it is at work or play.  He is an avid surfer, and also enjoys scuba diving and underwater photography when not going beneath the surface for work-related purposes.  He has a bit of a dare-devil side and enjoys high adrenaline activities such as BMX biking, sky diving, and spelunking.  Though he will deny it if outright asked, he maintains some bits of the political idealism of his youth, and will subtly but closely follow social justice issues that resonate with him.  In more recent years Milo has learned to enjoy the lucrative lifestyle that being a mercenary allows, and has dabbled in the somewhat unusual dual purchases of men's fashion and higher-end firearms.

Motivation: Milo turned to mercenary work in general as SANDF became more and more marginalized both fiscally and politically in his home country.  Like many of his comrades, he had little identity (nor desire to form more of one,) outside of being a soldier.  Milo's got expensive tastes and has little shame in saying that he is loyal to whoever can offer him the highest paycheck.  That being said, careful observation of his background does reveal a level of discernment that he isn't vocal about.  Milo has limits and ideals, he's just not forward with them.  Adding to his loyalty to Merriweather is Gabriel Matías Rodríguez' involvement:  given that Milo comes from a background where mercenary companies often have competing interests, having the same allegiances keeps things from being overly complicated.

Personality: Milo generally is considered to make a good impression, typified as both sociable and charming.  He's socially versatile, having been raised in a fairly upper-class background, yet also having spent much of his life in close-quarters with a bunch of surly  soldier-types.  He's proven himself intellectually capable with various real-world issues and mechanics, however lacks the interest  (and possibly the outright aptitude) for larger, more philosophical and theoretical academic pursuits.  Simply put, if he can't see it, examine it, take it a part, and otherwise sense it he often has a difficult time conceptualizing it, and likely outright believing in its existence.  This results in his tendency to push against both religion as well as more pop-culture related talk, whether it is talk of spirits or the latest fad-cure for cancer.

Milo is very much a thinking type.  Though he has emotions, he has more than once been accused of being the last one to know them in the room.  Under times of stress he tends to default to a somewhat cool-headed (some might say outright cold,,) and rational approach to issues.  This is, of course, not to say that he lacks strong emotions.  Milo is simply poor with their expression and even processing them, so will likely stuff them aside.  Failing that he will more than likely dull them with Baseline or engage in escapism in the form of strenuous physical activity, photography, or sexual intercourse.

Milo is physically fit and tall, though lacking in bulk muscle power-house that some of his fellow mercenaries have.  He maintains a diver's physique, so tends to need to rely more on dexterity, quick wit, and being a good shot to get out of situations.

His psychological profiles reveal someone who puts effort into first impressions, occasionally has murky values, and is likely at moderate to high risk for post-traumatic stress disorders.  While he is not the type to submit for that kind of psychological testing due to a belief it shows weakness, he very well likely may already be considered on the spectrum.

Due to his inability to maintain a normal life with the full extent of his enhanced senses, Milo has developed a moderate Baseline dependency, which is not helped by his tendency to use for both escapism and suppressing nightmares.

Relationship Status: Milo is currently in a relationship with another mercenary, Gabriel Matías Rodríguez.  While he will frankly and openly talk about the relationship, he tends to not be notably low-key about it when not asked directly.  If pressed he simply explains at work his priority is to be a good soldier, so his focus has to be on Gabriel as a sniper and squadron member rather than their roles off-duty together.
Sexuality: Though Milo claims to be pansexual, his taste for rugged and more masculine-leaning sexual partners isn't too difficult to note given his history.  No squadron mates or friends would be able to identify a cis-female that they could confidently say he has had relations with.  If Milo is asked, he likely will simply chuckle and note that a "gentleman doesn't kiss and tell".  Those who refer to him as a bottom due to his relationship with top-identifying Gabriel Matías Rodríguez are given a stern, defensive glance and verbal correction to his versatile identity.
Developed Relationships: Use this space in the future to keep track of the connections your character establishes with other characters.

Additional Images
Player Name: Intimate Ink
Face Claim: Josh Kloss

Intimate Ink

Name: Thierry Soule
Face Claim/Play-By: Cyril Giustiniani
Alias/Nicknames: Professor Soule
Age: 28
Height: 6'1"
Ethnicity: Thierry is a French-Creole and speaks with the corresponding accent.
Gender: (Cis-)Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Kinks: Rough sex (full-on bruising and blood, not just 'pretend' rough), competitive dom/sub situations, switching, 'bare' sex, biting, outdoors, breath-play, 3 ways / orgies

University Affiliation: Faculty
Strength: Intimidation tactics, interrogation tactics, close-quarters/dirty fighting, aquatic skills (swimming, sailing, etc.), survival.
Weaknesses: Short attention span, poor concentration (ADD), poor ability to learn Path of Mind, low temptation resistance willpower, multiple compulsions (smoking, finger tapping, drinking, etc.)

Mark: Greed
Paths: Path of Animalism = 5 (Preferred Animal: Nile Crocodile) | Path of Destruction = 3 
Mana: 10
Rites: Rite of the Crocodile Tears | The Rite begins by Thierry gathering salt water from its source in a glass vial; if the liquid has been separated from the body of water that it was pulled from for more than a full day, it is rendered useless.  Once collected, Thierry must hold the vial over an open flame, whispering incantations, at which time it will dissolve into flecks of residual salt.  Thierry then pinches at the salt, rubbing a bit each into the corner of his eyes.  After doing so, Thierry may call upon the magic until the next midnight in order to provide a near-perfect emotional and bio-chemical ruse to a stimuli of his chioce; for instance, he may come across as deeply upset at the death of a friend, or appear genuinely thrilled about an enemies' good fortune.  This is in no way mind control; instead, it simply allows for a great performance of the emotions in question.  Mundane attempts to trace his motives and emotions, such as polygraphs and similar devices, likewise can be fooled.

Rite of Scratch's Binding Due | Rumored to be the Rite that earned Thierry a place among the faculty at Penn Hall, the Rite of Scratch's Binding Due allows him to act as a supernatural broker between two other parties.  Each night for twelve days, Thierry must provide a clipping of his hair, fingernail, spit and blood upon an altar dedicated to Mammon.  On the thirteenth day a piece of strange, leathery papyrus will appear in the altar's place, a gift that can be recreated until the existing piece is either used or destroyed.  Upon the sheet of paper, two parties (neither of which may be Thierry,) each write out their name and a deed that they must perform; this can be any number of things including an act, such as a theft, a transfer of property, or even a promise.  Each party must then place a willful drop of blood upon the parchment to seal the agreement; blood extracted by force or by an unknowing party does not count and renders the ritual void.  Thierry must then burn the papyrus, at which time a three-day clock is set into motion.  Once the clock has struck the third midnight since starting the deal, the rite is negated if both or neither party has fulfilled their bargains.  If, however, one party has fulfilled their promise and the other has not, the individual in violation's will is sundered for the next 72 hours and at the mercy of the party who fulfilled their bargain.  The individual in violation of the contract is compelled to obey their former business partner in true mind-control fashion.  These orders can be communicated across distances of space.  Freedom in almost all cases only ends at the end of the 72 hour thrall period, however particularly powerful protective magic may at least temporarily dampen the effects.  Thierry himself seems wholly unable to stop the mechanisms of the contract once set in motion, fanning rumors and unsupported speculation that something else assumes enforcement of the contracts once they are burnt entirely.

Rite of Souvenirs en Fumée | Do you mind if I smoke?  Adapted from a rite popular among faculty at Penn Hall, yet made his own, Thierry uses this rite to help clean up the memories of Mundanes who may have seen too much.  He must begin my inscribing arcane symbols upon the burning paper of a cigarette, roughly an hour long process.  He may only create one of these at a time; creating a duplicate renders the previously created one powerless.  Thierry then fills and rolls the cigarette with any material of his choosing.  When complete, he must light the hand-rolled cigarette in front of Mundanes and interview them about a certain event or occurrence.  If it is an event multiple Mundane's experienced, he may perform the rite on up to three at once; however, the occurrence must be the same, and interview must be simultaneous.  As the cigarette burns through the questioning and listening, Mundanes will find their recollection of the events that they are talking about hazier and hazier.  As the cigarette burns to a close, likewise will the Mundanes' memories of the event being talked about will simply vanish entirely.  The rite has no effect on Casters regardless of their power level, and a Mundane who is resistant to the effect is likely a Caster who has not yet shown their power.

Rite of Focused Wrath | The Rite is performed by Thierry shattering glass at his feet while focusing on the anger inside of him.  He must accumulate enough glass to provide no less than a five foot spans in front of him, at which point he must run barefoot across it giving a loud cry (or growl if he is in an animal form.)  As he traverses the broken glass Thierry may concentrate his rage either into physical strength or magical prowess.  In system terms, this allows him to temporarily transmute points from his Ferocity pool into his Lust of Flesh pool or vice-versa.  While he may transmute as many points he wants, reversing this effect can not happen by his will.  Instead, points deteriorate towards their natural state at the rate of one point every four hours.  During this interim state of recovery, Thierry may not perform the rite again.

Mundane Stats

Lust of Flesh: 4
Lust of Eyes: 2
Pride of Life: 1

Caster Stats

Ferocity: 4
Fanaticism: 3
Discernment: 3

Please Note:  Player's may opt to replace the background questions with a standard biography narrative if they so choose; simply delete the application beyond this point and write away.  The narrative should demonstrate that they have considered the answers to the following questions when writing it.

Background Questions
What is your character's hometown?: Pascagoula, MS
Please describe your character's early childhood life; whom were they raised by?  Do they have any siblings?: Thierry was born in a French-Catholic family and was the youngest of five siblings, as well as the only boy.  His father was a commercial fisherman working for a larger company; for most of his life, Thierry's mother was a stay-at-home parent, though financial times often had her picking up odd jobs such as Mary Kay and Amway sales  To some extent, Thierry was both immediately considered a black sheep in the family, yet also given a certain degree of latitude as the only boy.  Though he often felt pressure to do well in school and be a good role model for his sisters, he tended to push away from authority, exhibit a short temper, and experiment with forms of bullying and delinquency early in life.  He often showed signs of fearlessness, taking on boys much older and larger than him at school, even if it typically ended up with him on the losing side with broken bones and black eyes.

Thierry was a natural outdoors-man, and took quickly to the bayous, swamps, and vegetation that defines southern Mississippi and Louisiana.  He found peace alone in nature, and several times during his younger years would "run away from home" by fleeing into the woods, content to feel free of societal obligation by being there.

When and how did your character first learn of their nature as a Caster?  Who helped them to understand?: At the age of fifteen, Thierry was expelled from school following a string of offenses against his classmates, including selling them marijuana and extorting money and favors from others in exchange for not bullying them.  Though he was set to begin special schooling at the start of the following year, his life changed over the summer after meeting Marcus Harrison.  Though Thierry did not realize it at the time, Marcus was a Caster and alumnus of Arach University's Penn Hall.  Marcus was far from a neutral figure in Thierry's life, however; in truth he often took advantage of Thierry's blossoming powers and aggression to use him as an enforcer of his own dealings.  Learning magic for Thierry was a lesson taught alongside learning about organized crime, intimidation tactics, and extracting information from those who might not be particularly willing to share it.

Theirry's relationship with Marcus pulled him away both from formal schooling and his relationship with his family.  He was branded a shame, a hurt that stuck with Thierry, but one he could not quite change from.  This was due both to the adrenaline rush he got from his extortion, as well as the lucrative payments he began seeing from Marcus and his business associates for it.  Thierry felt like more a success than his working-class family ever was, and ultimately was willing to turn his back on the values of his Catholic upbringing to continue it.

Provide an example of how your character has once strengthened their powers or avoided an undoing.: When Thierry was nineteen years old, he was asked by Marcus to forsake his family and continue his training, presumably at Penn Hall.  Thierry had hesitated, knowing that the act would divide him from his family, likely forever.  He returned as the one and prodigal son, seeking grace from his family.  He stayed there for two weeks away from his life and the influence of Marcus, though quickly grew weak.  It was at the family's Sunday church service where he was expected to be re-baptized that Thierry ran away once again, feeling his powers return to him, though in the process realizing he would be considered disowned and a lost soul by those who once called him son and brother.
Briefly describe your character's experience coming into their own as a Caster.  What were they like when they were the age of their students?: Thierry was initially an over-whelmed and insecure student.  This was largely because of his lack of an academic background, and feeling out of place in the New York culture.  He slowly gained confidence over his tenure there, realizing that while he may never be the most academic Caster, that did not stand in his way of great power.  He, bluntly, found he was happy being the fist; leave ivory tower and academics and haut-couture to those who needed such crutches.
What roles does your faculty member fulfill in Penn Hall?  Do they focus more on Protection, Research, or Education?  How are they viewed by other faculty and students?: Thierry acts strongly in the realm of Protection as a faculty member, called often when force, powers of forgetfulness, or a criminal mind is needed to clean up a issue within the Mundane world.  Though he avoids the more archaic and academic history and theory behind Caster magic, Thierry is nonetheless considered a valuable interest to those Casters who want a more forceful, intimidating style of Rite or magic.  Thierry's reputation among the students often varies; for those wanting polished and well-read academics, such as one might find in a Mundane University, he can come across as vulgar and somewhat ill-informed.  To others, of course, his gruffer and no-nonsense ways is a good reminder that being a good caster and having a traditional studious personality is not synonymous.
What other things might be interesting to a fellow player who is looking to make connections with your character? Thierry manages, and possibly owns (rumors unconfirmed... he states that he did not,) a Westhampton Dunes beach house that he makes available to faculty and staff at from time to time as a responsible free rental.  Those interested may speak with him.  Thierry has contacts with the dying, and sometimes archaic New York mafia scene, and usually is also passably familiar with local gangs in the area.

(Optional) Additional Character Information, Stories, Link, or Images

Connections:  Due roughly after 10 days following approval.  It's not a hard deadline, but at least know when you'll start being annoyed to complete it.

Please provide the name of at least three other player-run characters, how your character has met them, and their impression/opinion of the character.

(Character Name) - (Opinion/Background)